Crean talks Hollowell, Fischer, shooting on radio show

Indiana coach Tom Crean was asked on his radio show Monday night what the Hoosiers need to do to get Jeremy Hollowell going.

Crean’s response was simple.

“Stick with him,” Crean said. “Stick with him.”

There has been growing dismay among fans with the play of the sophomore forward from Lawrence Central. The former Indiana All-Star and the No. 41 recruit in the class of 2012 has started all but one game so far this season and is playing 23.3 minutes per game. The Hoosiers haven’t gotten much return on that playing time investment so far.

The 6-foot-8, 219-pounder was heralded out of high school for his versatility. He could score off the dribble, out of post-ups and from beyond the 3-point arc. This season, however, he hasn’t scored from much of anywhere, averaging just 7.7 points per game while shooting 36.4 percent from the field (36-for-104) and just 22.2 percent (6-for-27) from beyond the 3-point arc. He’s been excellent at the free throw line (80.9 percent) and useful around the rim (4.3 rebounds per game, 13 blocked shots), but he’s turned the ball over 34 times with just 23 assists. Sophomore point guard Yogi Ferrell (60 assists, 46 turnovers) is the only player who has been charged with more giveaways, and that’s a bit more inherent to his position. 

Hollowell has had it particularly rough in his last three games. He’s played at least 21 minutes in all three but scored a combined six points in the three games. He was 1-for-14 from the field and 0-for-5 from beyond the arc.

Crean acknowledged that Hollowell must improve his level of play, but said he’s done enough outside of games to earn some benefit of the doubt.

“The one thing that fans don’t see, they don’t see the work ethic of this kid,” Crean said. “… This is not just a guy that works hard in practice or fights through things in practice. He’s a guy that’s in here constantly working on his game. He wants it very badly. I’ve always been a supporter of Jeremy. I’m never going to not be unless he gives me a reason not to be. He’s never given me a reason not to be.”

But he has given Crean a lot of reason to want more from him. How long he’ll be willing to wait for it while still using Hollowell as a starter was unclear, but Crean had a list of issues he’d like to see fixed.

“There’s no question he has to play better,” Crean said. “He has to play a little tougher. He has to play with a little more urgency. He has to be stronger with the ball. He’s gotta be ready to shoot. He can get better. He’s going to get better. But as far as his work ethic and as far as wanting it, those things are there. Now we just have to make sure that we help him understand what he’s capable of, what’s important in the game.”

Talking about Fischer

Crean was asked again but for the first time on the radio show about the transfer of freshman center Luke Fischer, who announced Sunday morning that he will be going to Marquette. He was asked specifically if Fischer was homesick, which has been the most pervasive rumor about Fischer’s reasoning.

Crean all but confirmed that, even though he never actually used the word “homesick” or implied that being six hours away from home had been tough on him.

“He chose to go to Marquette, which we saw yesterday, which is close to his home,” Crean said. “He’s closer to home. I don’t think any of us had any doubt when (Fischer and his family) walked out last week that he wasn’t going to go very far from his house.”

Fischer played 10 minutes per game in his 13 appearances with the Hoosiers, averaging 2.8 points and 2.1 rebounds per game.

“He did a good job here,” Crean said. “He had very good future potential. There’s no question the injury set him back a little bit early on here, and he probably never quite got maybe where he wanted to be, but he was improving. We felt really good about his future. But you know what, we’re going to feel pretty good about someone else’s future here when we sign someone. It’s just the way it is. I have no ill will with him. Great family, great young man.”

Shots starting to fall

Indiana remains one of the worst 3-point shooting teams in the Big Ten conference, making just 33.6 percent of their shots from beyond the arc. However, the Hoosiers actually saw evidence of improvement in that regard in their first two conference games.

Indiana made 10 of 22 threes against Illinois and five of 10 against Michigan State. That combined 15-for-32 mark puts them at 46.9 percent, which is actually the best mark of any team in the Big Ten in the young conference season.

“We’re not consistent yet,” Crean said. “We’re not close to consistent yet, and I get that. But we’re going to keep working for those things, and we shoot the ball every day.”

That’s part of what Crean says is a constant emphasis on fundamentals in practice that he admits isn’t entirely evident yet in games.

“We’ve got to continue to build confidence in those skills that get them to understand that confidence does come from doing the hard things right,” Crean said. “From setting the screens and from reversing the basketball quickly and from pass faking and shot faking. Yesterday, we spent 14 minutes on shot fakes alone. And you don’t see a lot of shot fakes in our game just yet, because it’s not ingrained yet. But it will. It will come.”



  1. While I’m all for a hard work ethic in practice, but, if a players stats in game are extremely poor game after game, I’m guessing it’s time to sit him, just sayin!!!!!

    Creans statements: Crean acknowledged that Hollowell must improve his level of play, but said he’s done enough outside of games to earn some benefit of the doubt.

    “The one thing that fans don’t see, they don’t see the work ethic of this kid,” Crean said. “… This is not just a guy that works hard in practice or fights through things in practice.

  2. I agree with Larry. Everyone can see Jeremy has all the talent in the world and we need to stick with him in the games. At some point, he’s going to get into a rhythm and it will just click. When he gets the Victor’s confidence and swagger on the court, look out B1G.

  3. Aruss, on that tract, I think Jeremy’s improvement path is very similar to Vic. Freshman and Sophomore Vic played too fast and he shot selection was poor. Vic eventually found his game when he dialed it back a notch and improved his shot selection dramatically.

    If Jeremy’s work ethic is anything like Vic’s, he’ll learn.

    Same with Troy.

  4. A kid can do everything in the world, in practice, and still earn pine time when he doesn’t produce in a game. Hollowell’s best game this year came after he was removed from the starting rotation.

    I watched this kid play numerous times in high school and after he played BHSS his senior year I told Dustin that I thought he was soft and overrated and could not see what Crean seen in him. That so far is what he is, he plays soft and lazy. His stature with fans is he has been delegated to be VJ3 – 2.0; but to me he is a lazier, possibly less talented Christian Watford. I want to see him succeed, his success means the program is having success, and that is what any of us really want, a successful, dominate program.

    I’m fine with a player being rewarded with in game opportunists for their hard work in practice and in the training room, but if he fails to produce in game, SIT HIM DOWN! They are already 0-2 in the B1G.

  5. Mike P., I hear you loud and clear. I saw Jeremy play 3-4 times in AAU ball. The 1st 2 times I thought how smooth he was. Later observations lead me to believe he was nonchalant with his attitude towards “his” game. He never added to his game and ran on talent. I think his nonchalant approach to BB now against college competition is stifling his expected improvement. It may take another whole year to learn to focus on improving. If Coach Crean has that long to wait. My optimism at this point is lukewarm.

  6. I am more frustrated with Coach Crean than with Jeremy Hollowell. He coaches like an elementary school coach rather than a college coach. It’s obvious he really likes this kid but when there is more talent sitting on the bench than what is out on the floor it makes no sense. How can a group of players gel if he is constantly rotating players in and out? Perhaps this is part of the reason there have been so many turnovers this season. Crean also has a habit of taking a player out right after he scores, steals, or makes an assist. Why would you take a “hot” player out and sub him with a player that has barely played? There is too much talent on this team to be playing the way that they have been. Hoosier Nation is getting impatient.

  7. “If Coach Crean has that long to wait.”

    HC – what do you mean by that? Are you saying CTC is getting fired? Or are you saying Jeremy will transfer at the end of the year? Your speculation is going beyond irresponsible.

  8. Frustrated Hoosier, Coach Crean’s pattern of substitutions has been causing Frustrated Hoosiers for 6 seasons.

  9. Aruss, If it is truly irresponsible on my part there is no reason for me to tell you what I meant.

  10. Aruss, you know you have already lost the bet you made at the start of the season. This team has failed to eclipse last years team as you predicted, you should already be done posting here.

  11. Just asking you to honor your bet. The bet said that they would exceed last years team in every way. Last years squad lost 1 game before conference play, this team lost 3, right there they failed to eclipse last years team. There is 0 chance of them spending the most time at #1 in the poles at this point, failure to eclipse. No matter how you want to slice it, the bet is a loss.

  12. Like someone else said “its nice that Coach Crean has brought Indiana Basketball back” but its now time to step it up and go.

  13. I don’t recall the terms of the wager being so granular as pre conference, etc. The terms are better record and deeper run in the NCAA.

    And even if they don’t meet this criteria, I doubt Dustin will make me stick to the terms of the wager since I’m the only source or rational and quality content related to men’s basketball on this site.

  14. Aruss,
    Without even bothering to address the ridiculousness of your last sentence, it’s not on me to enforce the terms of the wager because 1) I didn’t have anything to do with it and 2) I’m pretty sure Mike P. can handle this on his own and if you’re stupid enough to welch on a bet with Mike P., then you’re even more of a knucklehead than I already realized.

  15. Aruss, you are right. You be the hoops swami. But when it comes to Men’s Field Hockey, you don’t know your arse from a hole in the ground.

  16. I don’t have time to search each post for the original terms of the bet, so I will give you a break and give you until they lose their 7th game. That should be 2 weeks from today @ MSU.

    As for rational and quality, you are 1 step above a Parrot for CTC.

  17. IU has two types of fans:
    1) “Hoosier Faithful” aka people who root hard, support and defend nearly entirely because somewhere along the way they went “all in” on deciding that the one NCAA team with Indiana on its jersey was “their squad”…this type of fan is great for buying apparel, tickets and cheering loudly
    ….however the fans who actually make “Indiana basketball” what it is nationally, the reason many claim Indiana (the state, not the uni) is the hot bed for hoops…fall into this category below
    #2) true fans of the game of basketball, the sport of basketball- these people have been around the game their whole lives, they’ve played it, coached it, watched it and talked about it. They see the sport of basketball and the great game it is instead of just seeing the school name on the uniform. They understand that sure, sometimes struggling programs have valid reasons for poor play, but more often many of the reasons are actually just excuses. Because they understand that basketball is not an overly complicated game. They aren’t afraid to critique teams and coaches, they aren’t afraid of a name on a uniform. They aren’t afraid to think.
    Simply if Crean was at any other program having the identical career and exact same up and down results as he has here not one fan at IU would look over at his career and say “see him, see this Crean guy, he can really coach, he’s great, I respect his style, I wish he was at IU” but since IU has so many of the fans I described firstly above we get a lot of blind supporters who in turn force skeptics and critical thinkers into becoming negative voices over time.
    I’ve never been a Crean fan or a Crean hater. He has definitely, by what he chooses to highlight as his themes, played the majority of the fanbase by creating angles for himself to use as buffers for critics. Politician-esque in that regard. Appeases the simpletons; frustrates and patronizes the critical thinkers. Beyond all that the biggest beef I have is 2 things: change/improvement- he talks a good game, comments on what he should change, how he should grow as a coach, etc etc. but he simply hasn’t changed or improved in any aspect while here. He does the exact same stuff he did all along, does not change. Same problems have always been problems, same hurdles have always been hurdles, same coaches have always owned him. Biggest negative though is that he’s invented about 5-10 false anxieties that he filters into his “coach speak” to help fans believe that basketball is too hard, too difficult, not easy, very confusing, puzzling, nearly impossible to build a program. Basketball fans balk at that, while IU Lifers sip his koolaid. Not hard to look around NCAA bball and see that it is full of positive programs, positive coaches, great fan bases and winning teams. But Crean wants us to believe that generally isn’t possible. (Somebody will bring up that ‘even Duke has down yrs’ yeah ok that’s fine, Crean is the next coach k….lol) Crean has what it takes but focuses on the wrong things, isn’t willing to change his approach, thinks he knows more than he does and is afraid to be great, he’s afraid to fail. That’s why he hung so closely to what IU did accomplish last yr instead of the massive underachieving it also did. He purposefully lowered the bar, which in turn lowered expectations. Ultimately Crean will remain at IU because, simply, he’s “good enough” he’ll get recruits and win occasionally. IU is no longer a stud program, evident in that it’s best team in years looked terrible on many occasions last year and vastly underperformed even with 2 future nba top 4 picks and a ton of experience, the same experience die hards now claim Crean needs support/time to develop, how did that go last year? They barely won bigten(in a down yr in a conference that hasn’t won ncaa’ship since msu Mateen Cleeves) and they barely beat Temple to “save their season” and opportunity to get embarassed by Syra. That’s what he did with experienced talent. So while other legit programs go on winning and losing but remaining ranked and relevant, IU suffers through 9 minute stretches of 0 made field goals, 23 turnovers in 1 game. 1-5 record vs true D1 opponents. Recruits will get here, big name recruits like Jurkin, Perea, Hollowell. You don’t need a coach if you can recruit guys like that…….oh wait. IU is 1-5. 1 win: Washington, 5 losses: Syra, ND, MSU, Illini, Uconn.

    1. Fab5,
      You had an interesting post going there, until you lost all credibility by saying IU won the Big Ten in a down year. Last year might have been the best the Big Ten has been in the last 20 years, and Michigan did make the NCAA championship game.

  18. This is where Scoop loses its credibility…e.g. When journalists interfere with discussions to give personal opinions about a poster losing “all” credibility. It shows a real inherent defense mechanism for Crean and drives home some of the “blind support” points Fab5 was making. When Crean has the journalists of the town wrapped around his little finger, there’s obviously more to this than basketball(which is something this commenter has long known).

    1. Harvard,
      Where in there did I defend Crean? I think Fab5 makes valid points, but I don’t know how you can claim to be an objective basketball fan and say last year was down in the conference. You had top five matchups never before seen at Assembly Hall and the Breslin Center. I’m guessing John Beilein or Bo Ryan wouldn’t say it was a down year. I feel like in making that statement about the Big Ten he revealed a bit of his agenda.

  19. I wouldn’t say loses all credibility, though I would question his thoughts on the B1G last year.

  20. Jeremy- thanks for responding, I said what I said because I’ve watched 90% of IUs big ten games since the mid 90s and likely 70% of all B1G bball in general over the same period. I used my own brain to determine that I didn’t think last year was the conferences best year. Luckily for me I don’t rely on you or yours to tell me what to think in a column, I watch the real stuff, I don’t hear ESPN/media repeat “best it’s ever been” and fall in line. But I know my post was thoughtful, balanced and sane, for that- you’re welcome.

    1. Fab,
      I think perhaps we’re taking two different tacks here. If I understand you, and the notion of being a basketball fan, you feel the quality of basketball is not up to par. On that front, I don’t know that I disagree. Basketball is definitely a different game than it was even 15 years ago. I’m not a big fan of all the ball screen, dribble drive stuff, but it’s not going away.

      I would still say the Big Ten was the best it’s been in 20 years in competitive terms of depth and breadth on both a national and internal landscape. I didn’t say “best it’s ever been.”

      Perhaps the term “all credibility” was not my best choice. I apologize, though I do request more paragraph breaks in future posts.

  21. Your response seemed awfully quick, Jeremy. The post by Fab5 was not very flattering toward Crean and the boom you drop your insult aimed at a commenter. To say someone has lost “all” creditability does sound like an insult..No? Yes? This place is like a police state. I was also just simply amazed at how you must be in constant watch mode. I don’t know…maybe you don’t have an agenda, but you sure seemed quick on the gun with the use of “all.”

    Maybe it gives a glimpse to some of things Tsao use to say…You just seem to want to guide the discussions and have more control then necessary. It’s not that we don’t value your opinions..I just sorta getting more and more NSA-like…

    1. Harvard,
      I just happened to be on here, getting info together for a post.

      I responded the way I did, because it seems the number of people with agendas (you might call some of them trolls) continues to rise. I like good, honest dialogue, and I think most of Fab’s post was just that. Then it seemed to veer toward a certain slant that struck me as a bit odd.

      This place is nothing like a police state, or it wouldn’t look anything like it does. I am on watch a lot, because I feel a burden of responsibility for this place, much as I do for the content of the paper product. This is public portal representing The Herald-Times, one where it behooves myself and the company for it to feel inviting for anybody who wants to pop in and join the discussion. I occasionally overreact, but the intentions are usually better than the execution.

  22. No problem…There was a “slant.” It could also be easily argued that the complete reluctance to find fault in Crean is also heavily “slanted.” Trolls is a rather cop out term now frequently being used to slam anyone that finds the walls around Crean as unreasonable and increasingly protective for reasons beyond basketball. Does Doug Mallory afford such protections? Maybe you should begin to examine the reasons for those different fan evaluations when it comes to job qualifications.

  23. And the reasons for some of the recent strengthening of the Big 10 has been OSU, MSU, and Michigan plucking some of the top Indiana high school talent while Crean focused on Cody’s AAU “Movement” friends(basically very Indy-centric) and his pipeline to the East. Dawson, Harris, Robinson, McGary, Thomas(OSU), Randolph….to name a few.

  24. Again thanks, apology accepted. I agree and spent quite a bit of last year believing the B1G was loaded, but the more I looked back and thought of all the great teams, players and coaches the B1G has had recently I really thought it was an injustice to say it was better that particular year than others.
    My main beef is a lot of IU (or Crean) fans sit on the laurels of “well we won it outright last year”, that’s fine but little positive has occurred since that moment in AA. If that is the biggest hook we’re hanging our hat on then we are really not being objective to how closely they came(mich roll out) to sharing it with 3-4 others. If ppl use the B1G outright title as the lens they view Crean through I think they are wearing the wrong glasses. Also what does it really mean to win in a balanced and solid year? So some of the teams traditionally down were a bit more legit, so what? That doesn’t mean IU would’ve won the conference with the same squad and verses the likes of Mattas best OSU squads, Izzos Spartans, Selfs loaded Illini. I personally don’t believe Crean/IU wins it vs them, therefore that makes it hard for me to say “oh yeah for sure IU won it during the conferences toughest stage in 20+ yrs” that can’t be proven so why sit back and rest on that unprovable “truth.” Of course the B1G in general pumped that idea (it promotes enthusiasm and viewership), doesn’t mean Izzo, Beilien, Matta, Ryan really believe Creans best beats their best.
    All that is rendered useless anyway when I get back to my core value: good basketball, I’ve long said to my IU circle that I could care less about wins and losses. Losing to wisc and losing to Syra is not what broke iu fans’ hearts, it was how terrible they looked doing it that had basketball fans up in arms. Aaand not going to get back into that again… moving on to the present: not about wins and losses: it’s how you play and IU has played losing basketball for much of the time Crean has been at IU and especially much of the time since the moment after clinching the end all be all outright title that really meant everything to Crean apparently. I am a fan of IU but as a bigger fan of sport and basketball in general (teacher, coach, student, player) I have not been disappointed to see Crean or IU struggle mightily because he simply, in my opinion, doesn’t follow through with the very improvements and changes he claims he will. Changes that would give them a chance for improved play. He knows what they are, but hasn’t adjusted or truly swallowed pride. Same approach, same results, refusal to grow/change….I can’t support that fixed mindset in a world that rewards a growth mindset.

  25. Fab5

    I think you’ll find that Crean apologists, haters and everyone in the middle are all extremely disappointed with the the big dump IU took in the Sweet 16 last year.

    1. I’ll let you folks sort out where you stand on all this, but I’ll just say this is why we’ve said this season is truly the start of the Crean era, because he’s not starting with an empty cupboard anymore. This year is sort of a reboot into building what IU basketball looks like with Crean as the head coach for the foreseeable future. OK, have at it.

  26. Jeremy, Since you are the sportswriter/moderator/expert, your words carry much more authority here than do the words of the general commenters. From that position of authority, you don’t even have to mention Crean in order to be DEFENDING him. That seems to have happened with your comment to Fab5 when you write that he has “lost ALL credibility” based on one opinion out of the many “interesting” opinions he offered.

    That one statement of yours, Jeremy, written from your position of authority, basically invalidated any legitimacy due Fab5’s entire comment. By calling Fab5 out as a person with ZERO CREDIBLITY, you in fact have DEFENDED Tom Crean against all the fairly accurate negatives Fab5 listed about CTC.

    I personally have learned, thru several years of informal commenting, that I must be careful to use absolute modifiers like ALL, EVERY, TOTALLY, etc. only in the most extreme cases, where an absolute is absolutely merited.

    I see a lot of the Crean supporters use the same type of discrediting against those commenters who have a lower opinion of Crean. For instance, even though no one opinion about why Luke Fischer left is currently definitive, those opinions which are positive to Crean, ( like “he was homesick” or “something wrong with the kid, Wisconsin didn’t recruit him” ) stand mostly unchallenged and thus considered likely, while most negative opinions result in the commenter being reminded there is no basis for their opinion. It is a pretty unfair way to invalidate both the commenter AND opinion.

    Fortunately, the critical mass of public perception and opinion about Crean is slowly but steadily moving away from the extremely positive, toward a more accurate view of mediocre at best, or incompetent at worst. That leaves room for hope that IU might some day put the Crean era behind them, too.

  27. For what it’s worth I didn’t feel like Jeremy was hurtful in his response to my post. I found it bold of him cause generally I find him to be agreeable in chats, on the videos, etc but I like Jeremy, (although Dopirak is my favorite!) for the most part.
    I used to post on here quite a bit back a year or two ago but when I saw that most, if not all, the comments were really just a repeating cycle based around stuff ppl already said and things that had already been argued I found it pointless to see the emotional cycle all the posts generally revolved through. Even in my time away I no doubt bet that some kind soul has already said 95% of what I just wrote this afternoon.
    I do not envy what Dustin or Jeremy do, at all.

  28. Just curious to everyone’s opinion on this thought.

    I understand that analysis and evaluation around the Head Coach is very important. College basketball is like World War II: it’s all about the Generals.

    However, at the same time from my point of view, it seems that the discussions are almost always about the coach. I feel like there is a lot of other aspects of the team that we can talk about, but everything always reverts back to what side you are on with the head coach.

    This isn’t designed to provide cover for Crean. There are some seriously legitimate criticisms that SHOULD be discussed. However, the original post was about Hollowell and how he might get out of his rut and start contributing at a level that we expect him to do so. I know they were Crean’s comments, but I also think we’re leaving a lot of interesting discussion on the table by only talking about Crean.

    I dunno. Most of you think I have my head up my pooper anyway. So take this post just consider this another sample for the scatologist to sort out.

  29. Guess I should not read the Indy Star before The Scoop.
    Saw this headline and first thought- who was the target in the Hollowell / Fischer shooting. Or were they shooting at each other. Be a good reason to transfer.

  30. I agree with Jeremy’s assessment that Fab5’s post lacks credibility and is therefore worthless.

    Everyone needs to think about this – if I lose my bet to Mike P and self ban, you’ll be left with posts from the likes of Fab5 and H4H littering the Scoop until next football season.

  31. Ok here are my thoughts about Jeremy Hollowell, he is a young man who is realizing his dream (nba life) is probably not gonna happen, he sees his peers: Yogi, Gary, Mitch, D’Vauntes excelling. He is realizing that something which always came easy to him, basketball, is now extremely difficult. It’s not always fun, it is… work. Work, appears to be something Jeremy H does not enjoy doing. If he does he certainly doesn’t like anyone to know he cares or has passion(body language.) he doesn’t want you to know he does care and try, so he acts like he doesn’t. Either that or he legit doesn’t and he only sees mins because he’s on a very bad (1-5) basketball team. I fully believe he plays because Crean knows he’s a sensitive kid who will “quit” not physically, but emotionally, the moment he’s no longer given 18 mins. Elston is someone who realized soon after being at IU he wasn’t gonna sniff the NBA, he never let that change his approach or demeanor. Instead he embraced IU like it would be his biggest stage. Hollowell seems terrified that IU might be his biggest stage and that there may not ever be a promotion, he seems unsettled at this reality and although I pulled for him last yr I’ve stopped making that mistake this season. He is not someone in the Oladipo or Hulls work ethic mode I don’t care what Crean says publicly. His name was never brought up as a “gym rat” by team leaders last yr or this summer by Yogi/Shee. His game hasn’t changed. If Hollo was at a truly deep “program” he’d be the Copeland(Pacers reference) of his squad, talented but unneeded. Young squad, inexperienced is no valid excuse for guys like Perea, Etherington or Hollowell…they practiced with/against the “best” team in the country daily all of last yr. what more preparation and competition do u need?

  32. Aruss are you the same person who said Austin Etherington was gonna be a stud at IU? I watched him play in HS and knew then he’d never play at IU and I was right. Was busted on here though for saying it. You can say “Hollowell will click someday” all you want. The fact IU has time to wait for him to do so illuminates the reality of the low talent level currently there. If some random penn state forward ends up being usable by the time he’s a jr or sr that doesn’t make him a talented player. It makes him a good player on a crap team. Hollowell plays cause he’s a D1 athlete on a 1-5 bball team. Hollowell would be getting Jeff Howard mins at any top-threat B1G school right now. What were the parameters of your guarantee you made reference to above? Curious as to how many wins right now you think IU will have by seasons end……

  33. NoMendacity-

    Very accurate. And to say the Crean era has just begun is complete BS. Are you kidding me? When did “everything hinges on Zeller” end? The man walked on water when he landed Cody and the subsequent “Movement.” Now he suddenly needs a new robe, sandals, four more years to make up for the bumps and grinds of transfers(and should we really cry in his beer after so many oversigns?)that all coaches experience.
    There is a wall of protection around the man and it has absolutely zilch to do with basketball.

  34. Hollowell appears to be a stubborn sort of young man. He could be a problem to convert. If you’re solely looking for poor play on the court, you can take aim at just about everyone. Hollowell does not deserve the crap he’s getting…Again, it like has zilch to do with basketball. Those in the locker rooms know what’s going on. Certain players regress and get singled out as the bad seed bringing down the entire team. Crean went through the motions to defend Hollowell, but I ain’t feelin’ the love. Something else is dragging the young man’s attitude and confidence down. It also happened with Remy.

  35. It’s simply human nature to find someone to blame. Crean is untouchable to most that want to believe he was some sort of godsend after Sampson(as if no other high quality coach would get near the program). So, no conspiracy. It simply find a villain on the roster. Last year it alternated between Hulls and Watford. This season it’s Hollowell. It will never be Crean. He’ll just keep doing what he’s doing..Sweet 16’s…Good kids. Faith more injected into our Hoosier sports more than anything I can ever remember..Athletes with decent grades. I guess we are acting a bit demanding to think we should have Bob Knight’s brain to go along with the rest the great image he’s putting on the program. It’s one hell of good gig, Tom. Barring any huge recruiting violations or scandal, he’s here for the very long haul. Stuffy and pious is here to stay. Dodgy is here to stay. Long wind without talking of anything strategy or approach is here to stay. Deflecting all lack of team growth on the individual deficiencies players “that just don’t get it yet” is here to stay. Crean likes to speak of the importance of “deflections”…Crean is the epitome of the term. He deflects everything. He was deflecting to Jeff Meyer when his team should have been the only thing deflecting the limelight off himself. So, at the end of the day, I don’t believe we’ll ever see a team play above their individual talent components…Will never see the whole stronger than the parts. That’s my opinion. Sue me for thinkin’ it. A few guys wake up along the way and don’t want the “sell” over “substance.” As long as they get their PT and NBA ticket, who the hell cares? Me world. Banners don’t mean crap to most these kids anymore…So why in the hell do they care if their coach is the sharpest tool in the shed? Get their exposure and get out of town. Make the bucks at the next level. No conspiracy. It is what it is. That’s what the Caddyshack Committee brought to Bloomington. …They were asking a kid on the golf team for input into the next basketball coach. This is what you get.

  36. And I’ve changed my position.

    Jeremy was right. The Fab5 dude has no credibility. Just another butt-kisser with zero stones.

  37. Harvard your memory is terrible, I’ve been on here for stretches throughout past 2-3 years. You have done the exact same thing you did today each time, start off supportive and then back to bashing. I was waiting to get back on your bad side, never wanted to be an ally of someone drowning in negativity because they don’t have the fearlessness to learn to swim. You have a talent with words too might I add, you have the ability to write so much without saying anything of value.

  38. I don’t feel to hurt. I’ve seen many an athlete light a match to their own locker room farts. And here we obsess over them. Don’t give yourself too much credit for your “value”…

  39. Anybody just hear Izzo say, “yeah he played like a man, but some of our guys played like little boys.” And that was after a tough win against a top 5 team…. Love it.

  40. This is the exact reason I took The Scoop off my favorites, and dedicated myself to Inside The Hall. Some people call ITH too strict, but when you have people like Harved running around like he is chasing Jeff Myer, someone has too stop it. Obviously, HT refuses too do so. The man has been banned more times then I remember, but yet they let him back. If they banned Harvard, I’m quite confident This place would get along much better, and would save you from the following rehash:

    1. Kelvin Sampson
    2. Crean chasing Jeff Myer
    3. Crean “Walks on Water”
    4. Joyce Myer

    I just summed up Harved in four examples. This place will comtinie to be a trash heap, until Dustin and Jeremy are strictly serious about cleaning this place up. I bet Harvard has been banned by ITH, Peegs, among others. Luck for us, we get the lazy leftovers, or I should so you all do.

    Will I occasionally lurk around, like today? Probably. I long gave up though on honest, great dailog here. Too bad. Bloggers like HC, Tsao, Podunker, Davis, DD, Southportt and Chet are all excellent, well rounded bloggers. As usual, it takes a catastrophe to cause change, and that is what will happen here. Maybe Dustin and Jeremy’s replacements will control the reigns better. Who knows. Until a log in procedure, Christian bashing, focused monitoring, and the taking down of posts of people who are here just for the sake of arguments, this place will continue to be overrun by serpents.

  41. I want to pile on Jeremy while the getting is good. he has deleted my posts/jokes before. I don’t need some kid who is half as intelligent as me editing what I write. either he doesn’t believe in the first amendment, except when cashing his paycheck, or he’s another example of pc run amuck. Jeremy, who haven’t been in this world long enough to edit anybody.

  42. I don’t think the 1st amendment applies everywhere. Such as public forums, forums that are the webmasters of the site, especially when it comes to foul language, bashing others personally, etc, etc.

    I couldn’t tell my supervisor to go ef himself without repercussions from the supervisor. While it’s against company policy, I can’t be arrested for it.

    Too many idiots get freedom of speech mixed up with what is legal and what is simply against company policy.

    Too many examples from news anchors on tv voicing their personal opinions….such as Don Imus calling the Rutger girls bb team nappy headed whores. Certainly he could not be arrested, but it clearly is against company policy.

    So, for the idiots that think they can call some of what they believe is freedom of speech should do some research on what is & isn’t considered under the 1st amendment, especially concerning the workplace, public forums, etc.

    And if Jeremy or Dustin ban you, please do get a lawyer, love to hear exactly what he has to say……lol

  43. Ben-

    You’ve hijacked my name on this blog. You’re the last person that should be talking trash and suggesting banning. All resemblance of fair interpretation and responses to comments denigrates when posters are allowed to slither around while stealing another blogger’s(contributor’s)name. I understand that you were sorry for the action…But it shows a real weakness for temptations. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? ….

  44. That’s your problem Harvard. I admitted my failure. I apologized. Case closed. Time and time again though you bring up old wounds and rehash, again, and again, and again. Like a repeater. New material please. You’re ratings are plummeting.

  45. How about another side of College athletics. Check out CNN story “Athletes who can’t read”. One study indicates players of profit-generating sports – 60% read at 4th-8th grade level. 10% at 3rd grade level or below. Somehow, the NCAA never spoke to a person responsable to help academically challenged BB players at UNC. Hence, a slap on the wrist for UNC.

    Thanks to IU Amnistration and coaches for having some ethics in recruitment.

    Than we get to listen to the Rodman babble.

  46. If you’ve seen the schools, living situations, lack of teacher support, lack of quality learning materials in the places of our country where the majority of these athletes come from you’d realize the athlete/reader and the college that takes them in, aren’t to blame.

  47. By the way, have we been able to confirm yet that Cody’s decision to leave early for the NFL was due to IU’s half court offense, and Crean’s biblical references? It’s been a couple days, and I’m shocked I haven’t seen this theory floated yet.

  48. Bullseye Fab5, which is why we need to continue to cut school spending, defund athletics in our school systems, and wipe out the food stamps program… We are are giving these kids too many opportunities to succeed… I mean they can’t read and they can still get into college. If we can just eliminate the (figurative) carrot that keeps them in class, and the (literal) carrot that keeps them just strong enough to study or play, then we won’t have have to worry about this blight on our university systems.

  49. These low-academic achievers (parading around as athletes… scoff) need to be where they belong – in dirty streets (dirt streets if possible) with exposed ribs and flies parading on their eyeballs… Not in our finest institutions of higher learning. Then, once we see the need is real, we can step in with our private charity and give .45¢/day to provide warms meals and clean water in return for a postcard every Xmas.

    I simply cannot understand why we haven’t figured this out yet and aren’t further down this path…

    Sincerely Signed,

    Pissed at our entrance standards in Maine

  50. As long as we allow the teachers unions and government bureaucrats call the shots for our formal education system we will only receive what they do not waste and steal. We cannot make up what is lacking in some home situations but our schools should be run under rules and guidelines set up locally by us. Indianapolis and Washington DC cannot know what nuances, persuasions and idiosyncrasies are present or needed for every classroom. We and our neighbors read and deplore the poor reading accomplishments by our most recent students because we fail to engage to make it change for the better. Our only engagement is to agree to spend more $ aimlessly. I am always amazed at the high success rate achieved with home schooling with such a small amount of $ spent. Even with building and teachers costs considered. We simply need to do more w/o substituting $ in place of personal involvement. Have at it.

  51. (Here we go, non-basketball-related comment… please stop reading if uninterested)

    HC – I partially agree with you, however… Need a solution from your perspective:

    We lose 1000’s of talented, well-intentioned, young people from the teaching profession every year because they cannot afford to pay their bills on basically minimum wage. $20-26k starting salary doesn’t pay school loans, rent, transportation, and food, much less “luxuries” like a cell phone or cable. If you want to get a Masters and jump up a track, then your raise won’t even cover the additional debt you’ve just incurred.

    I taught HS my first year out of college, and between my salary and 3 coaching stipends it was diddly… And that was at a wealthy suburban district. I went into sales and tripled my teaching salary in 2 years, quadrupled it in 4… My father has been in primary education for 30+ years, has 2 Masters degrees, is incredibly caring of his students, and makes half what I do. My step-mother ha 2 Masters and was Art Educator of the Year last year after 30+ years… Just a wonderful, caring teacher. She probably makes a 3rd of what I do.

    What I’m doing right now is about 1/10th as important as their jobs…

    So how do you attract young, caring talent into the teaching profession if you cannot compensate them adequately?

  52. Jeff Meyer again…when will it ever end?

    One thing about the Scoop….you will never see viewpoints in the middle …seems that everyone either loves ctc or hates him…no middle ground.

  53. I’m a teacher and I love my job and I could care less about more money for me. If they want to lessen the amount of workload and therefore keep young teachers from bolting they can add more teachers, at our same rates, and reduce classroom sizes. If I taught 14 students instead of 28 the students would learn even more. The teachers would have time to care and show even more specific attention. Students would feel the extra attention and remain more involved: less would drop out. Less talented young teachers would leave the profession because the workload of huge class sizes would drop. The reward of seeing your positive impact as an educator would rise. That alone would motivate. The way we educate in this country is a joke. 30+ kids all the same age sitting behind identical desks staring blankly at a whiteboard is an invitation for cracks to form for students to slip right through. If someone wants to pay me $80,000 instead of $40,000 I’d tell them to hire another young guy exactly like me and split my $80k in half and my class size too…Anyone who talks negatively about youth and the students in our buildings simply doesn’t see how hard most of them work everyday to improve their own lives. And they are kids, it’s inspiring. I don’t need more $.

  54. Geoff, The solution(and not just from my perspective)was in my very 1st sentence in post 69. Calculate the $ it takes to run the Maine Department of Education and also the federal Department of Education. Close them. They are not needed and are an anchor to the goal. Then use those $ on common sense actions as described by Fab5 and we and our neighbors would have the school down the road from our homes functioning as we want. We would soon drive off the bad teachers using their pay to hirer the good 1’s. The bureaucrats talk about the solutions to education in complicated rhetoric. We believe it, making us dumber than they are. Why? Just as in any business make it results driven. We have excellent very well paid trainers, teachers and instructors in business. Our business hallway meetings are mini on the job think tanks, creating 1-2-3 solutions, when they work, carry on, when they do not head for hallway. We’ve allowed it to be difficult to educate our treasure.

  55. Well, HC that sounds interesting. To be fair I don’t have a scooby-doo what the Maine DOE actually does… I know its primary function lately seems to be ways to constrict budgets and limit effectiveness of teachers. Not a very popular organization right now… Not sure how other states’ compare.

  56. Am lovin’ this thread! Much more fluid and truthful here than over at ITH. (Speak thou not against his holiness CTC)

    Keep it up Fab5, H4H, et al.

  57. While we are on the topics of good education by the best teachers, and how that results in much better educational achievements in the students, here is a question I frequently wonder to myself:

    Is Crean himself learning and improving in his coaching mediocrity? If not, WHY?

    He has access to THE BEST of role models, coaches, big time connections, etc. etc. He can get the BEST advice, coaching, training, whatever he needs to learn and grow as a coach. He should be showing noticeable improvements thru time in all areas of his job, coaching. He’d expect noticeable improvement out of a 6th year player.

    But is there any noticeable improvement that anyone can identify? Like what?

    If not, what’s up with that? Shouldn’t he be graded on improved skills, too, as is everybody else?

    I haven’t heard much talk on that topic

    Personally, I don’t think he is improving, but I’m not basketball knowlegable as most commenter on here, so my opinion is not that worthwhile. But some of the more sophisticated pundits could give some interesting opinions, which will then help basketball naïve me, NM, to form a somewhat “informed” opinion.

    These comment boards DO influence what people think, as in my case. And it all adds to the cultural opinion.
    Its important work!

  58. “If you’ve seen the schools, living situations, lack of teacher support, lack of quality learning materials in the places of our country where the majority of these athletes come from you’d realize the athlete/reader and the college that takes them in, aren’t to blame…” said, Kelvin Sampson. Jamarcus then went back to take a shower in his car.

    WE HAD 19 F’s!!!! Fred Glass was one of them…And then you had Fred Flintstone…He had 2 F’s! but we’ll give him a break and count it as one…and Finkelmeier…Hell of a nice kid..He fixed my front toof last Friday…and Lawrence Funderburke…I saw a picture of him in Ohio..I made a wrong right turn onto 3rd street after eating a Wendy’s chicken sandwich…and Don Fischer…Blowbags….and Luke Fischer…Follow the yellow brick road back to mommies front porch…BABY…and Foster Quad…and Fernando Valenzuela…..I saw him at an In ‘n’ Out in San Jose…and Fergie Jenkins……Frank Gifford….Could you Hoda Kotb while I go get some cream? Five Easy Pieces…I love Nicholson…and Fruit of the Loom …and Forever Young….and Fried Chicken…and that fish…? Falapia?….Joyce emailed a recipe..Yum. and Flip Wilson…and Felix Rodriguez…Francis Tarkenton…I’m the rambler..and he’s the scrambler…and the Foreman Grill!!!!! Was that 19? Ford Torino! Go ahead, make my day. Flatulence of the esophagus….I’m currently taking medication for it. Any other questions, Dustin?

  59. Well, tell you what. Don’t care how nice Funderburke is, he’s not getting any where near my front toof.

  60. NoMendacity-

    His entire career is built on savior recruits. Then again, the history of the Bible is built on one savior recruit. Stay patient. He will soon turn the flowing campus waters of the IU Jordan into MJ. But in a rather shocking turn of events, he will not be resurrected as Bobby Knight…He’ll come back as Bobby Vinton.

  61. NoMendacity – don’t let me off the hook on this one… I want to give it a thoughtful and appropriate response. I will try to do so tonight after my grandfather heads to bed. (Currently enjoying the record-lows in NC, while my wife is enjoying 50 degree weather back in Maine)

  62. NoMendacity-

    It’s a “bridge year”….That’s Geoff’s hook…a bridge of toothpicks weighed down by 10,000 bags of cash paid on Crean’s latest contract extension. With Cody Zeller, your grandma could have coached the Hoosiers to a Sweet 16. If she’d knitted a sweater during the game against Syracuse, we’d be looking up at the sixth banner….You don’t give Crean enough credit…He does not only pretend to coach, he sabotages victory.

    Leave NoMendacity alone, Geoff. She only came to this blog because she’s a huge Harvard fan. Pander to your own fan base…..I’d do lunch with NoMendacity…Maybe even dinner and a movie.

  63. First: Let’s assume Scoop is a city.

    Before Harvard, there was No Men in da city…..

    Yes, that was LiveChat material. I think Dustin hands out Trojan Horse gift certificates for that sort of top material during the live game chats.

  64. Geoff

    I have previously speculated that cody left early for the “NFL” because of coaching. obviously he is really into the jesus thing. I have twice heard cody in nba interviews say in so many words that he was not allowed to shoot 3’s at Indiana. wouldn’t surprise me if fischer quickly realized his high school coach knew more about the game than crean. that would also mean fischer knew more than crean. that would be a very good reason to transfer.

  65. Cody had no business shooting 3-pointers at IU. His shot was ugly. He needed post move development…He needed to learn not to lunge at the basket. He needed better footwork…He needed passing skills and fronting up skills to rival a Mitch McGary…He needed all kinds of work to his game and he will go down as the most overrated NBA draft pick in history to come out of IU. Dipo is playing on a very crappy team…I wouldn’t put too much stock in his early numbers. Eric Gordon was averaging well over 20 pts/game in his first NBA season and there were very few people on these blogs that were very impressed. If they played for Crean, they’re always going to be viewed as superstars(though the reality is a low level NBA draft pool last season and the hype surrounding IU’s regular season success/rankings). Can’t blame Zeller for taking advantage of the media inflation of his game that he likely realized was being way oversold.

    Unlike Zeller, Vonleh actually has a stroke that cries for more possibility to bring him out to the 3-point line.

  66. Dipo 29.4 3Pt% He’s settling back into reality. It’s the problem with nearly all Crean’s pipeline recruits…Most with a motor too fast and they can’t shoot the ball. It’s likely why other top programs avoid them(or casually recruit without putting in the real strong push)… Though there is oodles of athleticism, shooting the ball is an art that most cannot add to their canvas.

  67. Cody is as good(bad) as he wants to be. If he wasn’t a “good home grown kid from a nice Indiana family” there would be a lot more folks willing to admit that no one other than Cody is to blame for his flat lined game/skills.

  68. Fab5-

    To a degree. I still believe a lot of skills are god-given and no amount of work will turn him into Shaq. He’ll likely end up a much wealthier Uwe Blab.

    Uwe actually played on an Elite 8 Hoosier team that also won the Big 10 crown….Went 17th in the draft(about where Cody should have been) and spent five years in the NBA.

  69. And I do think Cody regressed with each day at IU…Playing next to another one of Crean’s “singular sensation” wasn’t actually the ideal compliment on the floor. Probably effected his mental state…He was recruited to be “the man” on campus. But Dipo’s rocketing media attention, highlight reel dunks, and rap artist personality sorta stole the show…and maybe a bit of Zeller’s heart. He saved Crean’s a$$ only to really be the extra to the Dipo show and the Dipo going home parties.

  70. Cody is not to blame for his “flatline skills” near as much as the lack of adequate coaching,during the game AND in the privacy of their locker room. Cody was an 18 year old kid, right on the verge of developing top level playing, and it didn’t happen while at IU.
    He was very smart to leave, even if it did make HFH very bitter about it.
    IMHO, he still has time to recover from his IU experience and become a top tier NBA player. Time will tell.
    We need to still consider Cody a KID who could be a great player under the right leadership. Cody’s only a couple of years wasted without strong development behind where he was when he came to IU, so he can make that up easily if he wants to work at it.
    Unless, he has ended up in another incompatible coaching/playing situation where he is now playing…….It can happen to a guy more than once,you know.

  71. Finding excuses at every turn doesn’t change the fact that he’s 21 yrs old (not a kid) and the world is full of self made superstars who didn’t need every single thing to be about them in-order for them to develop into the best professional they could be at whatever chosen profession they aspire. Ask Cody if he has a dominant fire deep inside him where he is driven to win because of his hatred for losing, he would laugh and make a fart joke.

  72. I’m more bitter at the system that drowns these kids heads with delusions of grandeur….The cash rarely equates the perceptions in the mirror that any innocent sponge would likely soak up. The bank account makes him able to return to IU as the ‘man on campus’ when it would have been so beautiful to see more art in his game. And there can’t be any feeling in the world than to walk onto McCracken many years after graduation and stare up to a championship banner that you gambled your fortunes….Not in front of 15,000 fans, but simply a moment alone with an empty Hall filling your heart with pride. Cody had a chance to make so many more college memories…I’m not bitter at the young man at all. I’m bitter at the dimwits that pump minds full of things that far less eternal to the heart. I’m more sad than anything else.

  73. I think there’s a difference…Some NBA talents never lose the fear of life without….without family…without a father…without a mother…without a feeling of knowing you were going to get your next meal…without quiet and safe streets….without being loved….without a roof over head. You can write big checks while never draining the desire for the fear of ‘without’ is always chasing close behind. Does Cody have that fear? Can he find a motivation without that fear? Does faith alone stand in place such fears?

  74. H4H = LOL

    “Dipo 29.4 3Pt% He’s settling back into reality.” LOL. Nothing to do with the fact that NBA line is 3 feet farther out. Oladipo is settling into the reality of being the front runner for rookie of the year…H4H is settling back into his role of resident bile-spewer. LOL and enjoy his tales of the fantasy world he lives in.

    “It’s the problem with nearly all Crean’s pipeline recruits…Most with a motor too fast and they can’t shoot the ball. It’s likely why other top programs avoid them (or casually recruit without putting in the real strong push)” LOL. Robert Johnson is, by all accounts, one of the best shooters in his class of recruits nationally. Other than Oladipo and RJ how many other “pipeline recruits are there”? Maybe you are referring to Troy WIlliams and Stanford Robinson. Lots of judgment to pass on two freshmen. And Robinson’s shot looks OK to me.

    I’m glad to get your insight that the other coaches at top programs are only “casually” recruiting the players and not putting in a “real strong push” LOL.


    How many great athletic outside shooters have been great shooters at IU as freshmen? Ever?

    Tell us more about your fantasy land.


  75. I’m not a Crean-backer, I just think it’s laughable to blame Crean here. Now, if Cody was tearing up the nba and handling the ball, hitting pull ups, rebounding with rage, learning a post move- then you could maybe say “Crean held him back!” But it’s actually the opposite and so far his greatest accomplishment is being selected 4th so maybe Crean can be thanked for covering for Zellers huge deficiencies mainly which is the demeanor and lack of effort he gives, he plays like someone who’d rather be playing B league intramurals with old church pals instead of fighting for respect among the worlds best. If you read his “cons” from non IUheads heading into the draft you’d see that not all believed he was as good as many Indiana folks thought. Zeller, on a really bad team- 5 pts, 4 Rebs, 37%. From espn under the category for most disappointing rookie—“point out that Charlotte’s rookie has failed to deliver on hopes that included ROY contention. Zeller is shooting 2-for-20 over his past four games, and he hasn’t come close to showing he can deal with the speed of the NBA game”

  76. Rookie of the Year or Snooki of the Year. He’s on a crap team. He’s never going to be a elite NBA player.

  77. “playing B league intramurals with old church pals”…?

    Would that include Etherington and Marlin?

  78. Ugh, I want to make an honest attempt at answering NoMendacity’s post #80, but Harvard’s endless drivel is really making me pause. I have to stop reading this crap. Plus I know that he will have 4 responses that simply fall into his agenda and won’t address things that get brought up… Even though much of my reply will not be in support of Crean. This is kind of depressing.

  79. Harvard is just mad that Cody made Mitch McGary his gimp to win the Big Ten in Ann Arbor last year. Cody with 19 pts 10 reb to Old Man McGary’s 8 pts on just one FG.

    Rumor has it that Cody even let McGary keep the red choke ball and the black leather suit after the game.

  80. McGary played so phenomenally during the tournament that people tend to forget he was a freshman…In the Big 10 season, he was struggling for PT and struggling to get his body rid of 20 excess pounds. By March, he literally stole the hearts of a nation captivated by his poise in a tournament of heroic performances. Just an ordinary kid that once delivered newspapers while riding a unicycle in a small forgotten Indiana town. He didn’t make the covers of magazines at the beginning of the year…He gave hope to a ton of young ballers. He proved that the experts don’t know the heart of those they decide not important enough to follow. He proved that there is an intangible element in all of us that can still make for one’s own destiny. Is there a final chapter? We might all care to be cynics as many write him off to be the fool for not taking his gold waiting at the end of the rainbow his short-lived fame. But he proved again he is his motivated by things outside the shallows our boring world of expected forks taken to the roads of greed, limelight, and happiness. How refreshing to see a young man that just doesn’t care about the sure things in life. He is solely about his moment and his own definitions to seize a stage.

  81. ” Dipo is playing on a very crappy team…I wouldn’t put too much stock in his early numbers.” I wasn’t going to comment until you started in on Victor. I have watched every NBA game he has played in either in person or on TV. The Magic are bad and they are experimenting with him, which is frustrating at times for those of us that want him to succeed! They are also in “tank mode” and their rotations are crazy! In spite of this, he is putting up very good numbers that are getting better as he gets a feel for the changes in the game. He continues to play defense with the best of the NBA, for example, last night against Lillard. As the Magic get better, Victor will get better and will be a solid NBA player for many years to come.

  82. Heart of a lion, gut of a midwestern, middle-aged housewife?

    Cody’s first charity work has been to visit Mitch in hospital as part of his new initiative of sharing his hard earned millions with broken Wolverines. Mitch was in tears when Cody signed the gimp outfit he gave him after their last head to head meeting.

  83. Florida Hoosier Girl,

    I think those that are trying to short Victor’s stock at this stage are going to be in for a rude awakening. His skill, work ethic and mental approach to the game are elite. I saw him play against the Clips last week and he look really good when he got a rhythm going.

    But this isn’t about Vic, for these folks. He played for Crean, so he’s being torn down by proxy for their war on going war.

  84. So the CNN story yesterday re; reading levels. UNC “we never received the study”. Followed by oh, OK, we do have it -need to read it. Woman who did the research and published the study now receiving death threats.

    Again – thank you IU and coaches.

  85. Fab5 – just had some time and finally read all of your long posts #21 & 36… I actually thought they were high quality. Not sure I agree that B1G had a down year last year, but also agree that Crean’s best doesn’t beat those other coaches’ best teams. Anyway, not that I thought you were a numbskull before, but did just gain some real respect for your basketball mentality.

    Probably doesn’t matter to you one way or the other, but I thought I’d let you know.

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