Fischer posts on Twitter that he will not consider a Big Ten school

Former Indiana center Luke Fischer posted on his Twitter account for the first time Wednesday since his withdrawal from school on Monday. He said he will not consider transferring to a Big Ten school, squelching concerns that he might end up at Wisconsin, his home state school.

“I want to thank coach (Tom) Crean and the rest of the staff, Indiana University, and their fans for the opportunity they provided me,” Fischer said. “My family and I will be looking at all the options available to me and making a decision on my future plans.¬†Out of respect for Coach Crean and Indiana University I will not be considering any Big 10 schools during this process.”

The 6-foot-11, 230-pound freshman averaged 2.8 points and 2.1 rebounds while shooting .556 from the field in 10.0 minutes per game this season before transferring. He scored 10 points in 19 minutes in his final game against Kennesaw State on Dec. 22. If he transfers to another Division I school, he must sit out a year. However, if he transfers for the spring semester, he would be eligible at the end of the fall semester next year.

Fischer did not return a phone call seeking comment.


  1. Let’s get real here – the only B1G schools that may consider giving Leav’in Luke a scholly would be Penn State and Nebraska. Fischer will be lucky to get another offer from Marquette – this is where he should have signed in the first place. Too bad Luke didn’t quit before Goodluck made his decision to go to UNLV…think IU may have gotten his commitment if he new Luke was a leav’in.

  2. Reading fan criticism of Stanford’s David Shaw tonight reminded me of the ludicrous comments posted here toward CTC following the Illinois game and made me chuckle thinking how we fans can be arrogant in our own stupidity.

  3. Aruss, where did you read the fan criticism of David Shaw? I’d like to read those comments.

    I’m a fan of Shaw, but I must confess that was the worst offensive play calling I’ve seen in many years, especially the plays called during that last possession. MSU had 11 men in the box and were daring Stanford to pass the ball, but Shaw stubbornly refused to do it and continued to try to run it up the middle. He never gave his team a chance to win the game at the end. So all n all, i’d say he deserves to be criticized for that.

    Stanford had a weird season this year. They lost to USC and Utah, but beat Oregon and then ASU in the PAC-12 Championship. Given the senior talent they had on that team, they should have won that Rsoe Bowl game. Shaw got out coached last night.

  4. Yes, Higgi, I’m with you on this subject. I don’t think Crean was losing any sleep over the prospect of Fischer playing for another Big Ten team in the future. As I said, there was a reason he was not being recruited by Wisconsin. Probably a great kid, but he’s soft on the court.

  5. David Shaw is a great coach. Watched Stanford demolish a good Arizona St team here in Tempe last month. Stanford is big up front and seldom has trouble rushing the pigskin. Give the Spartans D credit. It’s not mistake they were an elite group.

  6. It’s yet to be determined if David Shaw is a “great coach.” And his loss in the Rose Bowl raises some doubts about his coaching ability. His play calling in the fourth quarter was terrible, especially the last three plays they ran.

    Remember, that Stanford team was loaded with upperclassmen, all of whom were recruited by Shaw’s predecessor, who now coaches the 49ers. Let’s see how great he is when his first recruiting class are seniors. I’m a fan of Shaw, but I’m not ready to anoint him a “great coach.”

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