Fischer to transfer to Marquette

Former Hoosier Luke Fischer announced his intentions to transfer to Marquette Sunday morning on Twitter.

Indiana announced the 6-foot-10 freshman had left the team last Monday, and the Germantown, Wis., native took less than a week to make a decision on his new school.

“I am excited to say I will be transferring to Marquette University to play for Coach (Buzz) Williams and the Golden Eagles,” Fischer tweeted. “Marquette allows me to be closer to home while playing at the highest level for a great academic institution.”

He also said that he narrowed his list to Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Creighton or Marquette before making a final decision.

Fischer averaged 2.8 points and 2.1 rebounds in 13 games at IU.


  1. Makes sense if he was the least bit homesick and feeling stressed with the distance back home. He’ll do well at Milwaukee for that “clothes horse” Williams.

  2. The folly of youth. “The best thing about freshmen is they become sophomores.” – Al

    The NCAA needs to make transferring more difficult. The player movement is getting out of hand with all these lame excuses. The generation of growing up getting awards just for participating will make it more difficult to keep teams together.

  3. Very happy it worked out for him. Folks forget what it’s like to be 18 years old. NCAA BBALL is big-time money. But these are still kids much closer to being their parents children than the employees of a business money-making machine.

  4. guess we can rule out home sickness as the deciding factor as Creighton is a lot farther from home than Bloomington. that leaves crean’s poor coaching or his bible banging. speaking of which, with crean’s constant bible preaching, doesn’t that eliminate half of the basketball prospects rhat don’t believe in fairy tales? it is a reflection on his intelligence. I can’t imagine real smart kids wanting to play for him.

  5. Coachv, you can say what you believe and CTC can say what he believes that’s what makes the USA such a desirable place to live. As for his coaching, that I agree with. But don’t try to make it out to be about his faith. Those kids are around a lot more partying,sex,drugs, and etc. than they are to his religious beliefs. If you don’t believe in God than that is something you will have to deal with in the end of time, but don’t be angry with someone else who does. That is there right!

  6. I believe in reincarnation….A hibernating squirrel with a long winter’s contract of acorns came back as Tom Crean.

  7. It was Marquette all along – I’m sure LF has a big dose of buyer’s remorse once he stepped on campus and quickly learned that he wasn’t going to be another Cody Zeller. I’m sure Luke contacted Buzz during the winter break, and once Buzz indicated that there would be a spot for him, he immediately decided to leave Bloomington. Unfortunately, Marquette is not any better this year than IU, but they do have a nice recruiting class coming in next season so it could be the perfect fit for Fisch. Now, Luke, I will never speak of you again.

  8. CoachV,
    Marquette is a Catholic school. Fairly certain then, that Crean’s religion was not a factor here. Can’t say for sure whether it has or hasn’t hurt him (or helped him for that matter) with other recruits and players, but I think we can rule that out as an issue here.

  9. Dustin Dopirak, the religious affiliation of the school has nothing to do with the religious views of the coach. Crean is ample proof of that. IU is a secular, actually quite liberal, school. Schools hire coaches to win, not because of or in spite of their religious views, save Liberty or Bob Jones Universities. Don’t know if that was a factor here, but your statement is naive.

  10. Al McGuire and Rick Majerus brought great minds for the game and liberal principles to universities that had strong ties to particular faiths. Once Indiana decided to instruct Crean to remove all prominent basketball photos and IU logos from serving as background for his twitter page, I stopped caring about his ‘my way or highway’ pathways to heaven’s gates.

    The new Pope likely has broader and more liberal perspectives than the tweeting zealot of B-town. After the VCU tournament win, Crean claimed they pray in the locker room before every game….I also pray before every March Madness game. I pray that Crean has a stomach virus and McClain gets to take over.

  11. Crean’s Bible tweeting was likely a big reason in attracting Zeller. Zeller’s old twitter page was blanketed with images of the cross(he’s updated and now it looks more basketball generic).

    Crean may not have a clue on how to run a basketball offense, but he’s plenty astute when it comes to using manipulative tactics and slithery pious tongue. History has plenty of false prophets.

  12. What I’m saying is this. CoachV is suggesting that Fischer might have been turned off by Crean’s religious beliefs, which is a totally presumptive statement considering that as far as I know, Fischer hasn’t said anything public about his religious and/or political beliefs. He isn’t returning my calls and I haven’t seen anything that suggests Crean’s religion had anything to do with his decision. I’m saying that if Fischer “doesn’t believe in the fairtytale” and doesn’t want to be around someone who’s very religious, he probably wouldn’t go to a Catholic school. Because whether Buzz Williams is religious or not, other people he’s around on a day-to-day basis will be.

  13. I’ve had lots of coworkers and good friends that were very religious…What becomes insulting is when someone postures their beliefs to negate and trivialize your own. I worked with a very religious young man in the two years I lived in Bloomington(post graduation). He never spoon-fed his strong beliefs as if nothing else existed. We hit it off great.

    Of course, there is still this on Cody’s twitter page.

    And what kid is going to make a public statement that he was offended by a coach that displays a nauseating level of acting like a religious zealot? Even if it had something to do with his decision to leave, he would likely be reluctant to offer up such statements for fear of a huge public backlash. A man can never be too religious.

  14. I’ve heard paying closer attention to Jonny Marlin’s locker room pep talks can get you more PT.

  15. Where’s Podunker? Who first brought up Crean’s religion on this thread? Guess what, sports fans..? coachv can get away with whatever he wants to say(including uncouth sexist comments) on here because he’s an insider.

    Do you see Jeremy wanting to censor or shut him up for his obvious intolerance? Are coachv’s statements as innocent as goofy Tom Crean filling in for Dana Carvey’s ‘Church Lady?’

    coachv has sure been keeping his feelings under lock and key…Until the losing began, that is. And now it’s just fine with the Scoop journalists. Now we can have conversations and there’s no Podunker around to talk of windmill chasing and bigotry.

  16. believe what you want Hillbilly…i CAN tell you that John Groce recruited Leron Black by Twittering bible verses every morning….so if CTC did or didnt send verses….he isnt the ONLY coach that does or HAS done that. AND if you wonder how a “texan” knows so much about Illinois;my 2nd wife died 6 years ago. I was born in Connersville,raised in Kokomo, military service took me to Illinois…I moved to Texas after my wife’s death

  17. Posting from Haiti.

    What sad life you live coachv. You can believe what you want, but so eddy you will have to make an account for your life. As much as I get on Harvard, at least he has a heart.

    coachv, it’s people like you that rile people up. How about keeping your mouth shut, and not shoot people down who enjoy religious freedoms. Many of your posts are jokes anyway. This is the same person who likes taking shots at my parents, and admits to doping up. Lowlife.

  18. Besides, coachv has said many things to issue a suspension or a banning, but is let go because of being an insider, or hamming it up with Dustin. Again, as much as me and Harvard butt heads, it does seem like a double standard. What gives?

  19. Dustin, you were perfectly clear in your original statement. There should not have been a need to further explain the obvious. Since you can’t say it, I will – John76 isn’t bright.

  20. I’m not a big fan of religion in sports, particularly the “we won because the power of the universe is on our side” types, but absent some evidence of its relevance to Fischer’s departure, the religion angle just seems to me to be what is sometimes referred to as a “red herring,” referencing the old trick of trying to get the dogs off the trail by dragging said item along it.

    If Crean had just now “got religion,” we might have grounds for an argument. But the fact that Crean is and has been well known to be a religious guy (which IMHO is and should be his own business as long as he does it on his own time, doesn’t try to shove it down anyone’s throat or, e.g. discriminate based on it) was well known BEFORE Fischer committed and is certainly known to I.U recruits, particularly a smart kid from a smart family as Fischer clearly is. So why would he leave based on something he has long known?

    Seems pretty clear it’s what’s been reported all along. Fischer wants to be closer to home. The choice of Marquette provides support for that.

    Beat Crean up if you want but find an argument that makes sense.

    And as for Fischer per se, he seemed like a good kid, someone growing in basketball terms and someone who could have had huge impact – and who will be hard to replace. Sorry to see him go!

    Now, onward and upward!

  21. “Beat Crean up if you want but find an argument that makes sense.”

    I’ll give it a whirl…

    Crean constantly needs to prove he can turn “upside” type athletes into D-Wades…He is overly consumed with finding diamonds in the rough and will feel a failure if Hanner doesn’t progress into something that remotely resembles competence to play Division 1 basketball.

    Fischer felt that Perea was simply too much the “teachers experiment” and he would lose some real ground in the next two years by sharing PT with a player that would normally see very little court time on any other high level program/squad.

    When so much effort is put into the development of potential based on athleticism still far behind the developmental curve of college readiness, some players may feel the entire classroom/team is suffering based on unreasonable and disproportionate concerns of getting certain ‘projects’ up to speed.

    Putting some of these unheralded recruits into the NBA(often fueled by Crean’s father-like concerns, faith bonding, and constant push) does more for Crean’s resume than anything his coaching acumen(in terms of tournament/team success and being a solid X’s and O’s coach)could ever evolve. These personal successes with chosen recruits gives Crean a sense of validation amongst his coaching peers. But within that process of turning players into personal missions, Crean loses touch with creating team synergy and also loses out on young men that deserve their time on the court without the “projects” stealing unwarranted minutes and slowing their own growth as developing college talent; talent that was already far more prepared for the game when they arrived on campus.

  22. Vonleh’s time on the court appeared to be a given…McDonald’s All-American that we obviously need on the floor as much as possible. Maybe Fischer saw things in practice that made him feel Crean was just too consumed with making Perea into a legit college player. The cost of this obsession was seen as too detrimental, to his own progression as a freshman big, and the progress of the team as a whole.
    Some local journalists have also clung to the love affair of turning Perea into something close to their original expectations. I often wonder if it rubs off on Crean needing to prove the ‘diamond in the rough’/fairytale ticket to the NBA will someday live up to the unfair(in terms of false hope) and overly manufactured hype.

  23. #24 also could somewhat explain guys like Abell and Creek leaving as well. It’s one thing to compete against your position..It’s another thing to feel your court time and attention in practice is suffering because a coach has certain chosen player development obsessions to turn very raw talent into NBA gold.

  24. In two posts, Harvard bases his “argument” on the deficiencies of player development at Indiana University on zero evidence and pure conjecture. For a poster that’s regularly building straw men, this latest theory is a strawman that could be sent to torched at Burning Man next year. For those connoisseurs of logic, reason and critical thinking, these posts will come across to you as bombastic, pretentious, propagandous and fallacious. In other words, full of gobbledygook.

    Beware emotional language and suggestion. Unsound, weak, biased and prejudiced stories are not arguments. It tells us more about the commenter than what they are supposedly writing about.

    Queue the name-calling, labeling and more conclusions in search of evidence in subsequent follow-ups towards my direction. It is his only recourse, as facts, evidence and logic are in short supply.

  25. And when Thomas Jefferson was taking after midnight strolls to the cabins of his female slaves, it was his logic and critical thinking skills that drove him to make sure there was adequate firewood and blankets during the colder evenings. Let’s just say he was a connoisseur of satisfying a great mind lost in the deeper desires for playing time that was in short supply.

  26. On the high end, I’d say there is about 1% truth in what Harvard hypothesizes… If you’re going to come up with nonsense Harvard, at least make it more entertaining.

  27. I don’t see it as nonsense at all. A kid evaluating his playing time in relation to the development of a project that many have a personal stake in wanting to succeed beyond reasonable expectations and time frame at a premier Big 10 program? I feel it was unreasonable to ever bring in Perea. And I believe it’s unreasonable for a solid big to share in those unreasonable goals.

    It’s a hypothesis, but it’s far from unreasonable to believe young men evaluate their future PT and the potentially influencing factors that causes a coach to give favored status to certain young men.

    If VJ III sucked(as you once claimed), then their was obviously loyalty and other reasons(possibly even VJ’s strongly expressed Christian values)that influenced Crean to not want to bench him.

    Crean had options to play other guards when VJ was a turnover mess. Why is it unreasonable to believe he still has problems with benching certain players when better options are available?

    I’ve seen enough of Perea. And it’s my opinion that he will not be the player in two years that Fischer could have been by the conclusion of this season. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe Fischer felt the same way.

  28. And maybe playing far away from home is easier to digest for a kid when he believes fairness is taking place in PT decisions and evaluation your potential in comparison to others. Who wants to be far away from home and be adopted into a new family that may not have his best interest at heart? The young man left in mid-season. Hard for me to believe it was solely about being homesick. He likely shared what was happening with his family during the holiday break..He opened up about what he likely felt was looking like a wrong decision.

  29. And now Crean can’t cherry pick Fischer’s contribution. Now he has to play Perea. Now we shall see just how much Perea can realize 1/10 the potential that was way oversold…almost tragically oversold(to the point of putting him on the cover of an ESPN piece questioning Crean’s unscrupulous ties to AAU programs to acquire his earth-shattering abilities).

  30. All HFH’s SPECULATIONS about why LF left after 1 semester seem very possible. No one on here knows the actual reason for LF’s quick departure, but homesickness is a lot less probable than most scenarios–after all, he is about 6 hours car drive from home. Not hardly that far away, not California or even Texas distance. It’s doable weekend or holiday distance.

    Of course HFH doesn’t have any actual facts and figures to support what he SPECULATES. To speculate about what might be going in doesn’t require hard evidence. Possible scenarios do have to make sense and be consistant with what facts are known—and these do.

    The very quick departure has to be subsequent to a very SERIOUS DISAPPOINTMENT.Thiskid is paying a pretty heavy penalty by switching schools, and it is doubtful that it was done without much consideration by LF, parents, and other trusted advisors.

    The serious disappointment can only be because of the coach or the entire program. It may be just as simple as an unexpected but unworkable personality conflict between LF and Crean, or a major trust issue, or what was expected and promised was not happening. Or any other number of possible explanations.

    Don’t think the religious thing was a MAJOR factor, unless LF appreciated the Christianity in a coach when he selected IU, and upon arrival became offended about how Christianity was being served vs. used. If that was a factor, it would fall back in the personality conflict category–the kid didn’t like what he saw and experienced.

    All Speculation. What else are these comment boards for?
    The numbers and facts are already in the articles.

  31. FISHER left because he figured it out quickly when CTC moved VONLEH inside putting him playing behind Perra who is totally clueless and HOLLOWELL who has become a liability at both ends of the floor. CTC is not a game coach by any stretch of the imagination ! HE has the sales skills to recruit and sold his soul to the devil to get Zeller. Oladipo was a kid that refused to lose! Zeller doesn’t come to I.U. CTC on his way out by now. CTC needs to hire a great bench coach or start the bus ! If he would take the time to coach Shehey through his funk it would help a lot. I would take Remy,Patterson and Fisher right now. Even in recruiting we offer every big name player in the nation and everyone else continues to sign great Indiana kids and they are winners. The word on CTC is out among the recruits and they take the offers from I.U. and continue to sign with big name schools that win every year and very rarely have down years. The Marquette fans are still thanking Indiana for taking him off their hands. How does Wisconson Ohio State ,MSU. and Michigan compete and win every year?

  32. Except it’s not speculation… It’s predictable, agenda-driven propaganda. Harvard never takes a common sense approach… It doesn’t matter how much evidence or rumor there is to the contrary, he will always take the anti-Crean position.

    Prior to him choosing Marquette every report, and every anonymous team source, and every sign pointed to homesickness. He ended up at a school a half hour from his house. Outcome supports the evidence, not Harvard’s agenda.

    Harvard’s theory holds as much water as Fischer not liking the cafeteria food, so he decided to go to a place that serves more cheese and bratwurst.

  33. NoMendacity, reasoning is based on speculation. Well, it’s more concretely defined as either deductive, inductive or abductive reasoning. In putting together an argument (which can be entirely speculative), reasoning is the process of analyzing what we do know, critically evaluating it together, and completing the arguments as they occur in ordinary language. It’s all rather simple. Logic is just the process for getting there. Building strawmen is just one fallacy where the process for getting there fails (which I pointed out in my previous post).

    In the case above, there are some borderline slanderous claims being made that CTC discriminates developing his players and runs an indoctrination camp. In all honestly, I’m not saying he doesn’t. I don’t know the answer and neither do most people on here. I have no idea why Luke transferred. He didn’t say why and neither is anyone else involved. The reporters, whose job it is to report on this, don’t know either. There are very little facts about what we know and it is no shock to me that the posters being called out on their wild speculation, happen to head down a path that already confirms predetermined conclusions. It reflects more on the posters than on someone that is trying to ultimately understand the truth.

    These kind of baseless speculations gets old. There is nothing to discuss. It isn’t about having dialog, it is yet another hidden way of hating or supporting Tom Crean via proxy. It constantly panders to a sense of outrage amongst the beleaguered CTC haters. It is still actually possible to come to one’s own conclusions about the relative viability of the current status of CTC and his future without being drafted onto a team in this faux war. I have plenty of criticisms, as well as many praises, so I’ll continue to remain unaffiliated in this war.

    I think there is a lot of fascinating basketball to discuss about our team this year. Indeed, this team makes me want to pull out my hair own sometimes, but the fact that they have been such an enigma just adds to the intrigue in the discussion.

    I know this post isn’t going to change anyone’s mind either. I just hope it encourages those that do want to rise above this nonsense to keep at it.

  34. Sure wish all this sound logic was around when the NCAA was dragging Sampson to the gallows over 3-way calling and nearly every fan on the hometown blogging boards was throwing out beyond hateful comments and had no reservations about baseless speculative stretches without facts in accusing anyone that want to play for the man as a drughead, thug, or degenerate.

    And Crean added to the hate camp and added to it last year while rediculously chasing Meyer around in what should have been a celebratory atmosphere.

    So please shut the hell up, you bunch of damn hypocrites.

  35. Guys. Guys, Guys. Need to relax. It’s a game. Somebody wins and sombody loses. No big deal.

    Weird. Seems like you get a different perspective here in Colorado.

  36. And Crean chasing around the events of six years ago certainly does “get old.” The crucifixions get old and the posturing of his own flawless pious perfection gets old…And maybe it gets old to certain kids that don’t see the world as so black and white.

  37. And please stop with the arrogance and condescension as if you’re the 21st century’s Aristotle. That also gets old. Get over yourself.

    And I also heard zero condemnation when there was pure conjecture on here from those making huge leaps and commenting(heaven forbid I refer to them as ‘bloggers’)that Ryan didn’t recruit Fischer because he was soft. Are those facts? Did someone interview Bo Ryan to ascertain those statements of solid truth? So, again, be consistent with your despise for the untruths that pass through this blog from others with no less a tendency to bypass the wholly and reasonably proven than the “blasphemous” Harvard.

    Is that fair, Aristotle of Denmark? Or am I just being too crabby for your thin hypocritical blinders?

  38. Harvard, I wasn’t around here during the Sampson implosion. I’m sure there was probably a ton of emotional responses, so I’ll take your word for it. That wasn’t right either.

    But, yet again, you commit another logical fallacy in your retort called tu quoque. Children do this all the time. This is where you reject someone’s argument because that person is somehow being inconsistent or hypocritical. In short, 5 year olds do this all the time after their caught smearing dog crap all over the walls, saying, “Well Billy did it, too.” Except there still crap on the wall with 5 yr old finger prints all over it. Stick to the issue at hand please.

    The fact that you are telling us all to “shut the hell up” in response just demonstrates to me that you playing rhetorical pool with rope.

  39. I understand perfectly the reasons why you can’t find fault in speculative statements aimed a Fischer being too soft for Ryan. I guess I should be flattered at the obsessions of Aristotle’s deductive..inductive..reproductive…conductive…as they pertain only to my hypotheses and speculations.

    It’s your dung that’s all over your fingers that point only to Harvard as making a mess of unknown facts. Have you ever gone to a LiveChat during games…Try that Aristotle deductive reasoning garbage on that crowd of regular Yacht Club mudslingers.

    My God….If you truly listen to people on this blog. They have reached unheard of delusions. Syracuse is now an unbeatable team. If they’re in our pathway during March Madness, we should immediately remove ourselves from the unrealistic expectations a victory. Hope should immediately fade because 99/100 coaches can’t figure out the Syracuse zone. We should immediately call it bad luck for the flawless one, throw darts at a Jeff Meyer poster over the upcoming summer months, and simply hope we don’t get in a Syracuse bracket next season.

    At least Knight’s faultlessness came by result of hanging three banners in eleven years.

    Nice try, Aristotle.

  40. Harvard, I love it when you get angry. I’m perfectly calm and you’re calling me names and lashing out like a raccoon caught on top of the recycling bin at 3 am. We’ve been through this before. Guess you’re extra crabby because the Bears weren’t playing this weekend.

    I don’t so much despise poor arguments as much as blowhards who use the comments section in almost every post for same emotional meltdowns to peddle the same dreadfully dull nonsense over and over and over and over. You’re so perpetually outraged by others who don’t share your views that it probably seems like normal conversation to you.

    However, if you want to continue taking your frustrations out on me, I’ll gladly take them. I ain’t madatcha, puddin’.

  41. And by the way…Commenting on sports blogs is already a choice activity for grown men stuck at the age of five….along with the obsession of pretending to be experts on sports very few consume at the level the journalists setting up this daycare center for our immature frolicking. It’s not like were saving the world here or figuring out how to bring gas prices down to $1.00/gallon while preserving the environment and ridding the roads of wasteful monster trucks. I’ll be mature enough to already concede that growing up has found a detour when it comes to spreading the genius of my being on Hoosier Scoop. Thank whatever god of choice that I have not completely lost my way in such reflections my own arrogance to play the role of tribal leader as we hunt down the beast only really a paratrooper on this island of fantasy and escape. Welcome to the club, Aristotle.

  42. I actually like you, Double Down. Sometime a bit puzzled by why you care so much about what I think of Jay Cutler or the Bears…Wouldn’t it just go down the same road of foolish emotions without logic? I must have some appeal. And by having such appeal, I guess you’ve lost your way in the strict and tight a$$ of your perfect rational world. Maybe I’ve allowed you to step away from the normal doldrums of the typical and expected.

    My opinion on Jay Cutler…? I assume you’d still like to here it? He’s a pompous dick. He pouts too much. He’s not a leader. He’s signed to big bucks for much the same reason IU clings to Crean…It’s called fear of believing in the collective spirit of a a team. It’s called settling for reasons the alternative can prove to be far worse(as dictated by the past). It’s called cowardly management and the safety of predictable just barely lingering above mediocrity. He’s talented, but I find him horribly uninspiring a totally lacking of just plain and simple fun… Sports should be fun. I find Cutler and Crean far removed from the sarcastic Bobby Knight with quick wit…or the crazy-like-a-fox days of Jim McMahon and a Bears team that was nothing other than a blast to watch. I see nothing of personality from egocentric preachers and deflectors like Cutler and Crean. I like men that play the game with the heart of a child. I’m a sucker for big hearts that aren’t so insecure to be a bit down to earth goofy and lighthearted. I enjoyed the hell out of watching Josh McCown…I’ll happily live with a little less talent.

  43. And I guess that’s why I have such trouble with Crean…I tend to believe the world is heavy enough. I never see anything of ‘fun’ emanating from the man. It’s sad how such seriousness in faith often seems to suck the child out of man’s heart.

    I know I talk too much about Mitch McGary…But was he not having fun last year? Wasn’t it refreshing to see a kid not burdened by expectations and straitjacketed by what other people think or so expertly predict? Don’t you just get sick of all that hogwash about “culture” as if the only “culture” that matters is the one we create? I like McGary more because he was a breath of fresh air..I liked him because he proved that heart can often go further than all the knowledge and the end of all roads of reason. Comfortable in his own skin…In this world of selling perfections of your own mirrors on Facebook, I found the kid refreshing. IU has become so damn stuffy, I feel bloated just to watch. Sorry for such honesty…

  44. Kelvin Sanctions broke the same rule twice at 2 different programs in a short span of time. Near 1/2 his IU team was druggies, degenerates and thugs. They damn sure weren’t “student” athletes. I am most justified using those descriptive terms. Good riddance.

  45. For the same reasons, Harvard, I think that’s why I flip you crap. Your intellect is far above getting trolled by Tom Crean. I know how it feels when someone gets under your skin (Crean) and, maybe I’m being presumptuous, but you feel like he’s ruining something you love. I acknowledge that feeling must suck.

    I’m no super Crean fan, but even at 10-5 this year, I look forward to watching Yogi, Troy, Noah, Stan, Jeremy, Devin, Will, Austin, Jeff, Evan and Hanner grow as the season moves along. Over the years, I’ve managed to find positives in watching IU football and that’s damn near impossible. I think our hard court flag bearers are really fun to watch even if they are maddening at times in this stage of their development.

  46. There is huge potential…And in time they will work through the ups and downs to find an identity and play like brothers. I agree that they all seem like very good kids.

    Perea will likely end up making me eat my every word. I’ve been too critical for what little time he’s really been at this. I played hoops hours upon hours for many years and really never got that good. Perea has made marvelous strides and he is showing glimpses of a comfort level on the court that’s beginning to even pleasantly surprise my negative and crabby ass. I was too hard on him.

  47. Hanner has made great strides from last year, but he is still SUPER raw. Seems like a great kid and I’m really pulling for him. The fact that he is aggressive on the boards and isn’t afraid bang is a good sign. We don’t need him to drop 20 pts. 6 – 8 a night with 5 boards and 0 turnovers would be solid.

  48. Top Ten Offenses Double Dumb Has Been Found Culpable Of:

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    9. Bibo ergo sum.
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    And The Number One Offense Double Down Has Been Found Culpable Of:

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  49. Funny list… Don’t have the patience to translate all of them, but I definitely like 10 better than 1…

    Beard grows, head doesn’t grow wiser.

  50. Top 10 positives Double Down expressed for Perea(most from his post #54) that Tom Crean also uses to describe his opinion of Peter Jurkin:

    10. has made great strides
    9. is aggressive on the boards
    8. isn’t afraid to bang is a good sign
    7. Barba crescit caput nescit(subbing in from post #55)
    6. 6-8 a night
    5. would be solid
    4. We don’t need him to drop
    3. STILL super raw
    2. beginning to even pleasantly surprise my negative and crabby ass(subbing in from Harvard’s post #53)
    1. I’m really pulling for him

  51. In #55 some translations:

    9. I drink therefore I am.
    7. Seize the wine.
    5. Literally in Google translate: Double dumb.
    3. Always wear your underwear on your head.


    1. Honk if you know Latin.

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