Greetings from Poland: Q&A with Jordan Hulls

Good morning everyone, hope all is well back home. The weather is getting colder and colder now, which is really depressing but it’s not much better back at home, so that makes me feel a little bit better. An update on the team: We won our last game which was a huge win for us because we were tied with them in the league standings, so now we are in a much better position and we are looking to improve our position even more this weekend when we play another team who’s right in the middle of the pack with us. I’m starting to play a combination of both the 1 and the 2 guard now as we had some injuries and some other guys getting traded. It allows me to play and show my different attributes on and off the ball along with my shooting ability. Now that you’re updated a little, I will be answering some questions again, enjoy!

“How much Polish lingo have you picked up by now?”
At this point, I’m able to pick up on a lot more things through conversation but I still can’t speak a full sentence consistently. It’s a tough language to learn but I’ve got some basketball lingo down and also able to communicate at the grocery stores somewhat. Also, I’ve been here long enough that the stores I go to know I’m American and are able to find ways to make it easier for me, which is always a plus. Knowing how to be polite is also what I’ve learned because I definitely am already at a disadvantage so I try and make up for it by using “excuse me” and “thank you” all the time.

“How do you think prolonged exposure to another culture has changed you, if any?”
Having this kind of exposure to another culture has definitely given me a different perspective on life in general. I had never lived anywhere but Bloomington so coming to not only a different state but a whole different country for my first job was quite a culture shock. I had no idea what to expect coming into it, but now it’s been a humbling and learning experience to say the least. I’ll for sure look at the little things once I’m back home and not take them for granted. Learning more about myself and about the “real world” throughout this whole process but it’s a good thing.

“Has your professional experience made you rethink basketball in any way?”
Professional basketball is definitely different than college basketball. I’ve always treated basketball like a job, that is just how my dad taught me and raised me, it’s a great opportunity to do what I love for a living. With that being said, it’s a lot different because it is how I make my living now and the actual business side of it has taught me a lot. You always have to do what’s best for you and your family and that’s what I’m trying to do and will continue to do. The playing part is the same for the most part except now there’s even more pressure on performing well and realizing that games don’t just mean something now, they can help or hurt you for the future. So, that’s something I would say is most important, realizing that I’m not just playing for this year but I’ve also got to perform in order to get another job for next year and keep growing my career.

That concludes this week’s Q&A, be sure to tune in next time and also keep questions coming! Until next time, Stay Classy BTown!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your insights about yourself, the culture and playing professional background. I’m sure your transition to Poland was very difficult for you. It’s great that you are open to your new experience, flexible and managing it well. My best wishes to you as you continue to grow and develop both personally as well as with your basketball skills.

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