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A look at potential candidates for the vacant IU defensive coordinator job, a hire that may define Kevin Wilson’s tenure, from Dustin.

The pioneers of IU women’s basketball will be honored at last on Sunday when the current Hoosiers host Minnesota, but the past was anything but easy, Mike wrote.

Riding a two-game losing streak, Indiana women’s basketball travels to struggling Purdue for tonight’s rivalry game, Mike wrote.

Northwestern heads to Bloomington ready to try out its newly discovered blue-collar, defensive identity, Rohan Nadkarni of The Daily Northwestern writes.

Northwestern guard Dave Sobolewski is still day-to-day with a concussion and may not play at Indiana, Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune writes.

Victor Oladipo is still waiting for the Orlando Magic to define his position, although in the meantime he has become the first Magic rookie to score 35 points in a game since Shaquille O’Neal, Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel writes.

Former Hoosier Luke Fischer is feeling right at home with Marquette, Michael Hunt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote.

Class of 2015 power forward Alex Illikainen will visit IU for Saturday’s game, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Indiana’s Noah Vonleh comes in at No. 9 on the NBA Big Board, just ahead of Michigan State’s Gary Harris, Chris Mannix of SI.com writes.

In honor of those early IU women’s basketball teams, here’s Chicago with “Old Days” from New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 1975.


  1. I’d prefer Wilson hire an ambitious man who sees IU’s Defensive Coordinator job as a promotion, not a step sideways or a step down. That would exclude Diaz. I’d also like a Defensive Coordinator who has been on a solid coaching staff for a while and who was developed by a great coach. With little else to go on, that makes MSU’s position coach attractive. Lastly, they need to like living in the Midwest, because this new coach is going to need a few years to get IU’s defense turned in the right direction.

    The young guy from San Diego is probably too young. All of his subordinates on the defensive staff would be older and more experienced that he is, which might be a problem hiring experienced position coaches.

    My guess is that Wilson is finding this a tough sell. The money’s probably not great in relative terms, and of course you risk being the scapegoat if IU does not produce a winning season soon. I hope Wilson does not settle, but takes his time and makes sure he picks a winner. His future as a head coach rests on who he hires.

  2. I’m sure Wilson will pick the right guy. Over and over again, Wilson has displayed the knack for making hard decisions, whether it be kicking a guy off the team, or recent firing of coaches.

    IU can be an attractive job, but it might take some trail and error. However, I refuse to proclaim rumors of Wilson being canned, as I am confident this hire will give it that spark it needs. Many of us agreed Mallory had to go, so let’s see how this fares first.

    According to Peegs, Odom might stay at Memphis, as it seemed we targeted him the hardest. Diaz appears to be very interested, and would accept the position, if given the green light. Littrel is also being wooed by North Carolina. Again, not my sources, but from Peegs. If it’s deemed premium info shouldn’t be shared here, please erase paragraph.

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