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A stingy defense, particularly an effective zone, helped Indiana shut down Illinois for a much-needed win on Sunday, Dustin wrote.

A number of Hoosiers not named Sheehey or Ferrell stepped up to give Indiana the boost it will need the rest of the way, I wrote.

IU freshman Stan Robinson drew the attention and praise of Illinois coach John Groce, Andy wrote.

New Indiana defensive coordinator reaffirmed his commitment to working out of a base 3-4 defense on Sunday, Dustin wrote.

Connor Groce, son of Illinois coach John Groce, celebrated an unhappy birthday at Assembly Hall Sunday, and Illini fans in general feel his pain, Marcus Jackson of the Champaign News-Gazetter wrote.

Tom Crean often gets high-profile visitors at Assembly Hall, the latest Bruce Hornsby, and the Hoosiers showed the way it is in the Big Ten with an avenging victory over Illinois, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

An NCAA Tournament berth isn’t out of the question for Indiana, but it’s no sure thing either, Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Indiana’s Noah Vonleh is humble, hungry and “the golden child” of basketball in his family, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

A breakdown of the good, bad and the ugly in the Hoosiers’ win at Illinois, by Nick Baumgart of Peegs.com (free).

The tale of one Georgia native’s first visit to Assembly Hall for the Wisconsin game, from Loran Smith of the Albany Herald.

How can you not dig up a clip of Eddie Murphy with a “Golden Child” reference?


  1. I like the little ‘free’ reference next to the Peegs link to a b-ball story.

    Yeah, many of these sites are finding out. Demand is dropping and interest quickly fades when the economy tightens and favorite teams aren’t commanding as much interest when not in the top 20.

    And, hopefully, many internet consumers will finally wake up to realize that publications once stood on the quality of their writing to actually be worth an advertiser to spend a buck.

    And maybe it was the prospect of losing some of those advertising dollars that pushed the whole machine to field better teams that once supported the businesses, the local news channels, the restaurants, the hotels, and newspaper guy earning a good salary for his top writing skills and dedication to his craft.

    A successful Hoosier basketball team helped build that old town newspaper…Don’t kid yourself. And know they believe all those profits should never be tapped from the vaults…The internet is the drive-thru window of massively consumed ‘anything’ just for the sake of consuming and purchasing. Nobody has to cook up an really delightful story as a function of true interest and pressure on programs they cover to put out a quality product as the foundational building blocks. It’s empty calories and it’s a sea of bland fast foods..But, guess what, sports fans? It’s now just saturated sports fats everywhere. The fast and easy cheap where that cool monthly automatically renewing membership for a large fry of Hoosier basketball carbs coverage just because it’s there…? Well, it all sounded like a great idea. But the consumer has to stop somewhere. Decisions of wallet have to be made. And maybe when that newspaper was delivered to their doorstep, somehow we felt our dollars were actually helping build a community and fuel interest in something beyond chucking up money just because it’s there….and regurgitated into hundreds of blog sites some genius making a buck off your mediocre teams and mediocre writers pushing out the bag and barely saying “thank you.”

    Yup, it’s ‘free’ today. When those banners were “earned” in Assembly, nobody had to charge.

  2. I know guys like Osterman are part of the old groupie circle of friends…Drinks at Indy bars once shared and Alford bobblehead memories during days a sensational Sampson story of thugs kept our interest more than puritanical boring and stagnant hoops played by the “worst half court offense” in all of college basketball…I get it. Times are tough, I get it.

    But, with all due respect, I think it cheapens you…You’re old school..You’re built and living on the quality. You’re love for the craft shows and it comes through with the thoroughness of free and thoughtful coverage not built on cheeseburgers of greed. In my inconsequential opinion, those links to your buddies feed destruction of your craft into the junk heap pile of the bland ‘PayPal it to me, baby! ….in the anybody can blog a Hoosier story world’ just because you’re hungry..Sorta like that Rally’s commercial…More Hoosier sports!…Because you gotta eat.”

    Gotta keep the Establishment rolling….We don’t need successful teams anymore. We simply need better salesman and connections and networking…and a consuming public that strolls to site and bleachers like zombies forcing down their daily triple cheeseburger.

  3. And for the record, ‘The Toy Department’ went out of business with Burger Chef…Yet, you still have a highway road sign link down in the left corner of Scooptown.

  4. Harvard,
    You know our main site is subscription, right? Also, as I’m sure you know, there are simply less advertising opportunities on any internet website than there are in a newspaper. Hence the reason the internet only sites always had to charge for a subscription. As for us, obviously, newspaper advertising space — regardless of the quality of the content that surrounds it — is less valuable to advertisers now than it was then because fewer people read the physical copy of a newspaper. So we still get advertisers but we basically have to charge less to get them and again, there simply isn’t enough advertising space on any given web page to match the lost revenue.
    The point I’m trying to make is 1) this is happening everywhere and it’s not at all just Indiana media and 2) it doesn’t have that much to do with the quality of the basketball team or the quality of the writing. Those two things do certainly move the needle somewhat and I’m sure our numbers were better across the board last season than they have been this season, but good teams and even good writing aren’t enough to fix a problem that everyone’s dealing with nationwide.

  5. I understand…And it’s your business to feed business to those you have friendships and old relationships.

    I just sorta feel like you have something here that they do not. You are a ‘Jack of all journalism trades’…You do the video ScoopTalks…You do the game LiveChats…You travel with the teams..You do the Thursday chats…You do a large segment of the content for the daily stories…You do the locker room and press room stuff. The industry and all Hoosier fans benefit enormously for all you do here…You should get a huge yearly bonus for all that time and dedication. And the blog/sites where your buddies now hang out shouldn’t be the beneficiaries of your enormous workload by getting a free pitch to their pay sites.

    That’s my opinion. Let them stand on their own merits. You have the advantages of being an arm of paper that still carries some local prestige and credibility in terms of access and objectivity. Again, they can pump any amount of slanted garbage they want while you serve them up some distinction and business based on your own legwork and irreplaceable skills(and I’m talking about all of you..the entire team that makes Scoop possible..Jeremy, Andy, Mike, and yourself).

    You’re supporting the family Hoosier business…You stay in Bloomington. Your life is geographically tied to the town and your career is fully dedicated to almost all things Indiana. I see what they do as the weekend brats of Hoosier coverage that simply come home every few months to suck more money from mom and dad.

    I’m sorry that things are changing…But I appreciate what you do and I hope HT appreciates you.

  6. I nominate Harvard for the Nobel ” piece” Prize not sure for what,maybe for the longest posts or insignifant posts.

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