Indiana blows 16-point lead, falls 60-55 at Nebraska

Terran Petteway scored 18 points to lead Nebraska to a 60-55 win over Indiana on Thursday at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln.

The Hoosiers fall to 13-8, 3-5 in the Big Ten, suffering their third loss in the last four games. The Cornhuskers improved to 11-9, 3-5.

Indiana held a 32-16 lead in the first half and was up 32-19 at the break. The Hoosiers were still up 40-29 with 16:39 at the break, but Nebraska ran of a 10-0 run to cut the deficit to 40-39 with 10:31 to go. The Cornhuskers tied the game at 46 with a 3-pointer by Nathan Hawkins with 7:41 left. They took a lead with two free throws from Shavon Shields shortly after then went up 51-46 with a 3-pointer by forward Walter Pitchford with 6:06 left. Nebraska held on to the lead the rest of the way.

Pitchford and Shields had 11 points each and guard Ray Gallegos added 10. Indiana point guard Yogi Ferrell led the Hoosiers with 14 points. Freshman guard Stanford Robinson and forward Will Sheehey had 12 points each.


  1. Nebraska, really? What an embarrassment. We should have beat that team by at least 15. Nebraska will get killed by all the big ten elite, but I forgot, we are no longer elite. Instead we look timid and turn the ball over as soon as we get any momentum. Coach, please tell Gordon to stop taking shots, he always misses.

  2. JB, well, except by OSU which they have already beaten, Nebraska 68 OSU 62 on Jan. 20th!!! LOL, Nebraska lost to MI 71-70 on Jan 9th

  3. Oh yes Crean will get the youth excuse or something along those lines. You only get it if you are at IU. At Michigan you dont have to use it because you win with YOUTH!

  4. Time to hold Crean’s feet to the fire. A 16 point lead that disappears is MORE than “just a young team”…poor coaching,poor understanding of player strength and weaknesses,inability at this time to “coach” the X’s and O’s….player developement has stalled…Yogi looks lost,Sheehey plays clueless

  5. A few comments: Blowing a 16 pt. lead in the 2nd half in a game where the winning team only scores 60 is ridiculous. I said with the 13 pt. halftime lead it would take 3 mins. to make this a one position game. I was off my 1 min.. I based my opinion on HCTC halftime adjustment ( and overall x and o strategies )abilities.

    Once again NV gets off only 5 shots total. Shooters due to an obvious lack of confidence fail to pull the trigger which makes a horrible stand around half court offense look even worse. What I would have liked to see in this game is NV step out and shoot about 5 3’s. Big men hate to come out and he’s the best shooter we have ( sadly ). I would also like to see this team full court press regularly. I’ll leave it at that. This team is now exactly what an educated eye saw throughout our mild non-conference schedule.

    Two things that kind of stand out to me ( if you’ve closely watched every game – which I have ) concerns WS and YF. WS the “energy” guy – has no energy. YF the gritty hardnosed kid – isn’t so gritty or hardnosed. For instance you go back about 6-7 games you can see a different YF. If you pay attention to when he’s being spoken to by HCTC or an asst. coach – you can read his body language and face and tell there an irritation there. What you should be seeing is an exchange – a head nod – an acknowledgement or agreement – etc.. What you have is a blah blah blah – shut up look with no exchange or discussion. He truly looks irritated and annoyed at whatever is being said to him and he does not have that same passion on the court he started the season with.

    I assume this is a product of A) he’s totally frustrated with the fact this team isn’t very good and he’s mentally checked out B) he feels HCTC and the staff are idiots and don’t know what their doing and maybe do not listen to his input on how to improve C) he got an attitude issue or all of the above and many more I didn’t list.

    A PG and HC need to be on the same page and that surely isn’t the case here. Maybe he’s frustrated he does get any assists because nobody can make a shot. WS energy loss is a mystery. This team is truly dysfunctional to watch and when that occurs you have to look to the HC and staff. If this team was a staff at a work place – you’d be sending them to some type of team building workshop to try and get them to work together and save their jobs.

  6. Crean is an average coach. Glad he is there and hope he can humble himself and learn to be a great coach. Letting assistants like Cheaney leave to lesser programs, not good. Needs to yield to really good assistants for in game adjustments. That is the area where Crean is beyond bad. This would require him to be humble. Is he capable to swallow pride and do so? Does he have such assistants when really good basketball minds leave, like Cheaney? So why am I glad he is there…because he is a good person, has embraced the tradition, and brought the fan base together in tough times. Now he needs to learn to coach when the game changes from one minute to the next. Look, Knight could have hung 10 banners had he have been humble. Only time will tell if Crean is able to practice such virtues that he preaches. Knight never did!

  7. Really tired of comments that Crean can’t coach. I suppose in your book it was just a fluke that we beat Kentucky with far inferior talent. I suppose it was fluke when we beat Michigan and their great coach to win the Big Ten Championship, another fluke. I suppose it was a fluke when he took Marquette to the final four. I suppose that he is just plain lucky.

    This team just is not very good, but it will be, just not this year. Tom Crean is building depth, something that is required to be a consistent great team and our depth was obliterated by Sampson.

    I am firmly in Crean’s corner, I think he has done a great job. In two years Indiana will return to a place in basketball it has not been in twenty years. Think about it, it has been a very long time since Indiana has been a consistent top 10 team.

    But be assured, there will be those of you who think he can’t coach, just like most people thought that Boeheim couldn’t coach. HMMM.

    It has been 27 years since we have won a national championship. When I graduated from IU in 1980 that would have been equivalent to remembering the 1953 championship, it didn’t mean a darn thing to me. Similarly all those banners means little to today’s youth.

    Like it or not, the rebuilding continues and it takes time.

  8. ^ No doubt, rebuilding continues. Absolutely. It is what it is. And you know what else? If F. Glass comes to his senses rebuilding ENDS in 2020!

  9. Chuck you drank the kool-aid. They don.t know how to press,doesn,t recruit shooters. Back to rebuilding,do we do this every two years /

  10. CTC loses too many good veteran players. You can’t replace guys like Creek and Abel with 6 or 7 freshman, unless they are all McDonald’s Americans, and expect to win in High Major Division basketball. Why are walk-on’s and guys with lesser talent playing? You don’t need a rotation of 11 guys. If players are not ready to contribute, don’t play them in conference games. Play your top 8 or 9 guys and stop subbing every two minutes.

  11. Post #10 Chuck…Batman summed up your post. Well you’re certainly entitled to your opinion – you can clearly see you’re a novice fan. Meaning you lack a true understanding of the game. This puts you in the majority. You see the final score and that’s it. You don’t watch and see the missed back cut – the defender going under a screen while guarding a guy who’s just knocked down his 5th 3 pointer – the sub patterns that leave us without an opportunity to score for 5 mins. – etc. – etc..

    However – let me correct a few of your comments. IU “far inferior talent” to UK. Don’t forget UK won in the tourney and based on that (IU’s) same roster was the preseason #1 ranked team in the country the following year – the far inferior comment is ridiculous. We were only 4 point underdogs in the game by the way. That Michigan coach we beat twice was playing in the National Championship game while IU players were back in their dorms watching the rounds 3 thru 6 on TV.

    Winning the B1G Ten title as the number #1 team in the country (preseason and for the majority of the season )is not a huge feather in our cap. You see if you’re the number # 1 team in the country – you are SUPPOSED to win your conference. Pay attention to Arizona or Syracuse this season. They are supposed to win the conferences. Assuming they do – I wonder if their fans will be good with them getting knocked out of the tourney as # 1 seeds. I assure you they will not pass out sweet sixteen rings (another whole issue along with net cutting after a lose).

    I’m not sure who you hang around with that ever said Jim Boehiem can not coach. “MOST people didn’t think Boehiem can coach” – “Most people” – lol. This comment alone is so ridiculous its laughable.

    And as far as Marquette going to the final 4 on the coat tails of the nations best player that year( D-Wade ) – I would consider that exactly the definition of a fluke. One hit wonder.

  12. I oppose Ohio state and Minny and the other teams that have made the Cornhuskers 10-1 at home also have bad coaches. Or Wisc who lost 3-4 straight in this conference. This was to be a rebuilding year not a Ncaa Cham year or did all of u who said those things before the season started really lie about your predictions. It amazes me that when we win it is the players who won and when we lose it is the coach who caused it. NV had 5 count them 5 turnovers. If he hangs onto the ball he gets 2 times as many shots but that also is Crean poor coaching. The kid is only 18 and by all rights should be in High School.
    Before the game Coach told his players give them the ball back 19 times. You can’t blame it on Troy any more he has cleaned his TO’s up over the last 3-4 games so now it is back to the Coach he creates all these turnovers. This team is not good. They must play over and above to have a chance. Look at the conference without Mich and Mich St. everyone is losing the away games and they all have better shooters that we do.

    It’s time for you guys to own up to your predictions about this year’s team! These kids are playing hard but none of our shooters are good. Even Yogi is shooting only average.
    WS has been a bust,,AE with the exception of 1 game also, Hartman can’t play D on anyone, Hollowell has behavior problems, Cody and Vic both left( Cody too soon), our back up center missed Mom and Daddy and left, and Gordon is hot or cold and right now he is cold.

    Stan has been a bright spot but just foul him because he is shooting just 50% form the line. WE CAN NOT SHOOT WELL!!!! We have 6 VO like freshman this year. Filled with TO’s and poor shooting. We will win more games but you guys have to realize we can not shoot and shooting covers over a lot of sins and no one appears to be stepping up to hit 3 balls. Next year will be an entirely different team when we have shooters. Facts are facts and sometimes they hurt. Rally up guys and supports these kids. They need us more than you think. Don’t give up on these kids because they will get better and in 2 years they will be a top 5 team again mark my words. Go Hoosiers kids!!!

  13. the Coach: he creates all these turnovers. This team is not good.

    Oh, the mendacity or it, RonB.

    Who recruited them, RonB? You? One of us? No, it was Crean. When he brings them here he’s The Great Recruiter. Then when he destroys them with his (sometimes utopian, sometimes incompetent, almost always too entropic) substitution patterns and requests (call them “game plans”) it’s their fault.

    Coaching is getting the best of what you have.

    Crean is not a coach by that measure.

  14. I,ve never given up on these kids,it,s the poor coaching they receive ,can,t press , have no offense against a zone not aggresive on defense, and all I hear is we had a good week of practise other teams have a lot of freshmen playing and them seem to do o.k. You need to recruit shooters and forget about if they can jump out of the gym or dunk the ball.

  15. … [of] it. Sorry.

    Two years of Cody and Jordy: one Big Ten banner.

    With Jordy gone, Cody left, here’s where we are.

    Without Jordy Hulls playing his heart out even as a sub for Verdell (Crean’s go to guy for so many years) Crean would have been long gone by now. Not Jordy’s fault.

    It’s as has been said before: these players would play better if Crean was out recruiting when the game is played.

  16. Thanks much RonB for putting the play of a team in perspective. Thanks too for your words of support for our “Hoosier kids.”

    While I too was disappointed with last night’s play, and our up and down season, we seem to have too many reactive,”fair weather” Hoosier fans on this blog who get anxiety-ridden very easily. Unlike you, they fail to see the big picture. Often, they’re quick to dish Coach Crean and players when play, and the game, doesn’t go the way they expect. Such behavior, unfortunately,is counterproductive because it makes it more difficult for CC and staff to recruit more quality players…the very thing they want. After all, who would want to play before such fickle fans.

    Fortunately, the vast majority of IU fans recognize this is a rebuilding year. And you’re one of them. So thanks for sharing your tenacious perspective, “Don’t give up,” and encouragement for our team.

  17. This loss was a punch in the gut. It is how we lost and is made even worse when put in context with losing to Northwestern at home. I get it, these teams are better this year: they went from pitiful to mediocre. We’re better than both teams and should not have lost to either one.

    I’m with Ron. 9 out of every 10 comments after this loss are “Crean is TEH Bad.” It gets old trying to talk hoops with people that are too lazy to break down the actual reasons when they can just blame the Boogie Man.

    There are a myriad of reasons why IU is underperforming this year. Some of them have to do with the head coach, while others do not. This team has major flaws that Crean can shoulder due to recruiting. However, they do play their butts off and while they’ve taken some licks, they keep playing hard. Coach should get love for that. But his substitution pattern definitely deserve scrutiny as they’re puzzling and erratic. However, I’m not convinced it is even one of the top 5 issues with this team.

    Simple fact that if we had one more shooter to spread to floor, we’d have an entirely different team. Remy, Mo, a better Yogi or one of the freshmen emerging would change our team’s dynamic overnight. Crean shoulders some of the blame for this, but not all of it. Geoff is going to hit me for saying this, but I’m still not convinced that Yogi is the elite guy that we expect him to be. That’s on Yogi, not coach.

    I wrote a post yesterday showing how during waning the Knight years, he had 5 Mickey D’s All Americans that were complete busts. Who’s fault is that? I think people believe that player development is like a video game, where if you just press the right buttons and make the right sequence of moves, your player gets the power up button and goes to the next level. It is much more nuanced and complicated than that. Players need the right attitude, confidence, and work ethic to make it work, too. That’s on them. Knight proved himself for 25 years before those kids came through, so he got a pass.

    Going back to an earlier point, as long as our guys keep going out there and putting in max-plus effort, they’ll get better. In the meantime, we’ll all pull our hair out watching them clang any FG attempt beyond 8 ft and lazy people will continue to scream about the Coach because we all look for simple answers when things don’t go our way. It’s all part of the deal.

  18. Walt, good post. However, I will defend those folks that are angry with Crean as being fair weather fans. Most of these guys are rabid Hoosier fans that just want to see us do well. They’re rooting for our boys just as hard as we are during game. They’re frustrated like we are when we lose bad games. They just have a different perspective as to why. I strongly disagree with them and wish they’d develop some more constructive criticisms, but they surely don’t lack pride in Indiana Hoops.

  19. Here’s a tweet by the Nebraska coach, yesterday at halftime:

    Tim Miles @CoachMiles

    They banked in those two threes, and we lost our composure and fractured. We have to regroup and bounce back in the first five minutes.

    And here’s a typical Tom Crean tweet:

    Tom Crean @TomCrean
    “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you.” Mark 10:38. Put everything you have into whatever God chooses for you.

    Which one of them is a basketball coach again?

  20. Although I do love it how Crean tweets Bible verses. The Bible is the only absolute truth out there.

  21. Double Down, I also appreciated your post. Like RonB, I’m glad you both see the big picture. It’s a different perspective than bloggers who tend to be emotionally reactive and less systemic thinkers. It’s why I too would like to see them “develop some more constructive criticisms.”

    As to my phrase, maybe another one was needed, Double Down. But it does seem like an appropriate description for emotionally reactive behavior. In using it, I didn’t imply such persons lacked “pride in Indiana Hoops.” I recognize they have immense pride in IU. I also recognize too they truly care about IU, and are also very intelligent.

    The problem is, at times, they allow their emotions to cloud their thinking, thus preventing a clear view of the big picture. As a result, comments are made which they many not be fully aware of their impact, comments which make it more difficult, if not hurt, Crean and his staff’s effort to recruit more quality players…a goal I’m sure we all share and want for IU.

  22. I think all we really want in a opinionated fan is one of two things: balance, or reasoned passion. If you feel the need to come on here and vent after a brutal loss, so be it. We all need to vent from time to time. If all you ever want to do is rant, do it. But at least have the decency to bring some substance. Please don’t be that guy who only shows up and spouts off when it fits your negative agenda with little more than a jaded one-liner. If you truly believe Crean is the worst coach in the history of Hoosier basketball, can you not give some constructive criticism as to why you feel that way? Are you completely incapable of giving credit when credit is due? Are you too lazy to objectively look at and comment on IU hoops as a whole? Or are you too too jaded and/or narrow minded to recognize any of the positives? Either way, I hope your existence in real life isn’t nearly as sour and empty as it comes across in your infrequent, bitter and/or vacant posts suggest.

  23. Okay. Stepping down from my throne, now.

    After a 24-hour cooling off period, I found last night’s loss to be somewhat freeing. I’m no longer concerned with making the tourney. At this point we’ve seen enough to know who we are. We can be pretty good, and we can be really bad. And we can see both within given stretch of just about any game. We’re not exactly a Cinderella moving forward, but we shouldn’t be expected to win any more than we are to lose. If we go on a miraculous run, I won’t be shocked. And I still have hope. But I’m now liberated from the shackles of expectations. Anything better than an up-and-down finish will be gravy. To dance would be a welcomed, serendipitous surprise. But I’ll continue to cheer on our boys as loudly as anyone as we move forward, regardless of how it turns out. Go Big Red!

  24. So for all of you this is coaching. Right? Does the coach shoot poorly, Does the coach turn the ball over, Does the Coach travel, does the coach make freshman bone head mistakes?
    Sure the Coach has made mistakes when we lose and he is a hero when we win but the bottom line is the Coach does not play on the floor. If you want to blame all the poor play on the Coach since you all seem to hate him OK fine but until we can get someone who can make outside shots we will continue to lose. He recruited them but he never chose for them to leave. The players have to put in more time in cook hall shooting when coach is not there. Just like Vic did. For the last 2 years all I heard was we needed athletic players for defense because Jordy was a slow white kid, but we could sure use his shooting right now. So Coach went and got those players with the hope that guys like Sheehey, Yogi, Hollowell,Austin and Gordon could shoot but they have not produced for many reasons.
    How many of you have coached College Freshman and a young team? How many of you have been to a practice? I have done both. Ask Coach Knight how he coached Freshman? They come in with bad habits and you have to break that down and then build them up into the way they need to play. For some it is easy but for most it is hard.
    You can not judge all freshman using top flight freshman as a standard. It’s not fair to them or their Coach.
    The last thing this team needs is a bunch of know it all arm chair fans brow beating them or their Coach. Get behind the team and push, yell and encourage them. Stop trying to make them something they are not. Coach had several shooters he tried to get but they all did not pan out for this year so he went after them next year and this will be a completely different team next year. Try enjoying these kids for once Do u all think they enjoy losing? Did Ohio State like losing 5 of 6,or Wisc 4 of 5, or Ill. 6 in a row? of course not and you don’t hear their fans wanting the Coaches head! Check out Butler’s record or the Boston team’s record where there last Coach went. The amount of negativity that comes out of some of you could kill a mule. Get over yourselves and back this team and Coach because they are not going away any time soon and all your hateful words are just words by discussed fans that help nothing.

  25. Petteway was sort of a one man wrecking crew..I was discussed in his performance.

    Noah had one of his shakier performances. He gets himself caught too low in the post and it appears one of his real weaknesses is decision making when hands get very active and collapse on him inside.

    And those Cornhusker fans get pretty damn rowdy in the prairie …Much like Bloomington tucked in the limestone of hippie days, there’s probably not a lot to do in Nebraska. Many of those field plowers and cattleman are still living in the 1980’s and the get really excited to play a perennial powerhouse team…They get up for the Hoosier as if it’s always a #1 team just coming of a couple NCAA championships…

    Even with the worst half court offense in all of college basketball, most of our Big 10 family of Midwesterners with rarely a NCAA accomplishment involving championship cloth will always see Hoosiers in rather envious eye…We will always be a punching bag for the successes they have never known. Irregardless of dusty, tattered, and decaying cloth present in those banners hanging in Assembly, when Hoosiers come to town it’s always a Final Four in the fantasies of hostile fans in our road game environments..And there’s always a horse with no name ready to bust out his barn stall and become a giant killer when Indiana comes to town.

    Beating an Indiana basketball team rates higher than your grandma’s homemade churned butter winning a blue ribbon at the state fair.

    Keep the faith…We’ll still go to the Big Dance in March.
    I have confidence in Coach Creanium.

  26. Today’s interesting ‘bridge year’ fact:

    The corpus callosum acts as a bridge between the right and left cerebral hemispheres of the brain. It’s s bunch of connective nerve tissue that acts as a Petteway for nerve activity to cross from one side of the brain to the other.

    There has also been some studies that have found a wider and more fully developed corpus callosum parallels advanced hand coordination and early music ability/training.

  27. Perhaps I should’ve said I’m no longer (consumed) with making the tourney. Still got faith we can, but not necessarily that we will. The difference for me, Harv, is that I no longer have to live and die with every made basket or turnover, wondering what post-season implications they might bring. We’re now an enormous long shot, and I’m at peace with my disappointment.

    Not jumping off the bandwagon. It’s just expectation management in the interest of self-preservation. My sanity depends on it. As I say with my beloved Cubbies every opening day: only 365 days until next year…

  28. I haven,t lived or died with IU basketball since 1994. The expectation are so low now I don,t even get worked up anymore. Of all of basketballs top five programs (Duke, Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas) we have easily gone the longest without winning a tite. It seems most fans are ok with that so I guess I have moved on as well. I doubt we will ever win a title with Crean but lets call it what it is. IU is not an elite program anymore and probably never will be again with such low expectations as the norn.

  29. Can’t wait to beat Michigan. Crean will pull some of his trademark genius happenstance moves and we will win by 1 point. And then let’s see Crean chase Jeff Meyer one more time! (It should become a yearly tradition, at half time, whether here or in Ann Arbor.)


  31. Trying out an alternative to Jeremicky…

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