1. He may be right. It could be a rough B1G season with the turnover issue. I hope the increased playing time for Mosquera- Perea will pay off because Fischer seemed more solid.

  2. Some are accusing Fischer of being “soft.” That would make Perea premium goose down.

    The problem with most projects has nothing to do with being soft or made of steel spine. It’s footwork, anticipation, control, selling contact when none exists, not dropping the shoulder too low on post moves, positioning, boxing out, strong and decisive outlet passing, interior passing, ability to put the ball on the floor, and a multitude of skills Fischer already possessed that Perea may never acquire by graduation day.

    I didn’t see any evidence of Fischer being soft. He looked confident on the floor and there were aspects of his game that could have quickly matured beyond Cody’s skills.

    SIDE OF FRIES: Big positive against Illinois was Vonleh showing the outside range…Probably the least talked about extremely positive and encouraging sign for the future to take away from the heartbreaking loss. Versatility is always the ‘x factor.’

  3. Harvard, I don’t think most of the people are calling him soft for his play on the court… Every voice I’ve heard saying that is because they deem him a quitter. However, if you’d like you can use 2 different criteria to come to the same conclusion…

  4. Am I the only one who is getting tired of the ball staying outside of the arc for the first 20 sec of the possession? Whether it is Yogi’s or Crean’s fault, the ball is flat from all of that dribbling outside of the 3pt arc.

    We need to play through the post with Vonleh. Any possession that Vonleh doesn’t touch ball is a waste of a solid big man. I’m not surprised that Fischer wanted to leave when big men at IU don’t get to work with the ball.

  5. Squink, agreed. But the whole “why don’t we pass the ball to our center more?” is the oldest fan complaint in basketball. It’s not as simple as the coach telling the guards to pass the ball to Noah more. Noah has to get experience in anticipating ball movement, and getting into position to receive the ball in rhythm. Right now, he’s just leaning against his man and putting his arm in the air as if he’s in good position (which he’s not). He’s a smart kid and a hard worker – he’ll start getting more touches – Yogi and Gordon will get him the ball.

  6. It still seems strange to me that Bo Ryan passed on a home grown player. He must have seen something he did not like with Luke’s games soft or not? Also, before his ten point game everyone was saying he could not play defense now that he is leaving fans are like we will miss him on defense. I think this year all we will miss is the extra 5 fouls he gave us at the 5 spot. I liked him but a lot of fans are like the stock market with knee jerk reactions after every game with every player or Coach. I guess that will happen when you go from an upperclass team to Freshmen and your point guard and 6th man have to totally change their input.

  7. 7 out of 12 first and second round exits for Bo Ryan at Wisconsin. Ryan has one Elite 8 appearance.

    There’s plenty of “strange” when it comes to a Wisconsin program that wins when the stakes aren’t so high. It’s not much of a stretch to claim Fischer has a better shot at helping a team play into deeper tournament rounds than if he was stuck in a Badger jersey.

    If anything is “soft,” it’s Ryan’s predictable sinking souffles come March Madness. They rise in the oven of the Big 10 season and then collapse, settle, and cool into a delectable stagnancy of cheesy pretentiousness. Same recipe for success every year.

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