Indiana shoots 25 percent from field in 54-47 loss to Northwestern

WHAT HAPPENED: Indiana followed up its best performance of the season in an upset of No. 3 Wisconsin with arguably its worst on Saturday in a 54-47 loss to Northwestern in front of 17.472 at Assembly Hall.

The Hoosiers fell to 12-6 overall, 2-3 in the Big Ten and suffered their first loss against a team currently ranked outside of the RPI Top 100. Northwestern improved to 9-10, 2-4.

The Hoosiers scored just four points in the first 10 minutes of the game and eight in the first 17, but trailed just 22-19 at halftime, held a 38-35 lead in the second half and faced a 40-40 tie with 3:40 to go. Northwestern guard Tre Demps then scored three straight buckets — a 3-pointer, a driving layup and a fadeaway jumper — to give the Wildcats a 47-40 lead. Indiana rallied back and cut the deficit to 50-47 on a 3-pointer by sophomore guard Yogi Ferrell with 33 seconds to go.

Northwestern left the door open when swingman Drew Crawford missed the first of his two free throws and Indiana got the ball with 31 seconds to go down 51-47. However, Indiana senior guard Evan Gordon missed a step-back 3-pointer with 22 seconds to go. Northwestern center Alex Olah drew a foul and hit two free throws to make it 53-47 with 15 seconds left. IU senior forward Will Sheehey missed a 3-pointer with nine seconds left and Northwestern guard JerShon Cobb hit a free throw for the final tally. 

WHO MADE IT HAPPEN: While everyone else on both sides of the floor was missing shots, Northwestern swingman Drew Crawford was the only one making them. he had six points and seven rebounds in the first half and finished 7-for-15 from the field for 17 points and 12 rebounds. Demps was quiet for almost the entirety of the game and had just two points on 1-for-7 shooting through the games first 33 minutes. However, in the last 6:31 he made all five of his shots and scored 13 points to finish with 15 in the game on 6-for-12 shooting. He had his own personal 7-0 run to give Northwestern the lead for good.

Just as important as the scoring of Demps and Crawford was the defensive presence of the 7-foot Olah, who finished with eight rebounds and six blocked shots. He is the lynchpin of Northwestern’s paint-clogging defense and he basically took the dribble drive out of Indiana’s game plan.

IU freshman forward Noah Vonleh posted his first double-double since Dec. 7 with 17 points and 12 rebounds, but even he was 5-for-15 from the field. No one else on the Indiana roster scored 10 points. Ferrell had nine points on 2-for-14 shooting. Senior guard Evan Gordon was 3-for-12 with seven points. Senior forward Will Sheehey was 1-for-7 with two points. So all told, they were 6-for-33 from the field, 2-for-13 from beyond the arc.

WHY DID IT HAPPEN: According to Indiana coach Tom Crean, this loss came in large part because of complacency. The Hoosiers allowed their egos to get inflated after Tuesday’s loss to Wisconsin. They weren’t focused in practice, Crean said, and that was addressed with them on Friday night and Saturday morning but apparently not corrected.

The Hoosiers did seem to be lacking a little bit of the fire they had on Tuesday night, but more so, they didn’t seem to have a cohesive game plan for how to deal with the Northwestern defense. The Wildcats were basically daring the Hoosiers to take jump shots. They sagged back off their marks and swarmed on anyone who drove the ball to the rim and surrounded them. The 7-foot Olah made that whole plan come together with his six blocks and made it extremely difficult for the Hoosiers to finish once they got in the lane. It helped that the officials were allowing physical play, and Northwestern could have been called for several more fouls. All the same, the Hoosiers were driving right into bodies instead of reversing the ball to move the defense and create more navigable driving lanes, instead trying to take it down the middle.

And when they got frustrated trying to drive the ball, they settled for jump shots. And that really didn’t work. The Hoosiers were 4-for-18 from beyond the 3-point arc with their 6-foot-10 center Noah Vonleh making two of those. They hit just one two-point jump shot outside the paint and they didn’t shoot those at a high percentage either. They made just three of their first 25 shots and were 6-for-31 at the half (19.4 percent). They finished 15-for-60 (25 percent) with a season-low in scoring and field goal percentage.

And, of course, they got burned by Demps in part because of their own defensive mistakes. Sophomore guard Yogi Ferrell went under a screen to allow for the 3-pointer and Demps burned his defender on a dribble drive. Indiana didn’t have a ton of defensive miscues, but those were particularly painful.

ALSO: Crean was asked about sophomore forward Jeremy Hollowell, who sat out his third straight game. He was asked specifically if Hollowell is suspended and what team rules he might have violated to earn that suspension. His answer remained cryptic, although this time, apologetically so.

“You’ll see him when I put him in, and I appreciate you taking the chance to ask that question, but I think that’s where it is, and we’ll put him in when I do. That’s where I’m at. I apologize, but that’s where I’m at.”

WHAT DOES IT MEAN: As much as Tuesday’s win over Wisconsin appeared to suddenly tilt the season in Indiana’s favor, this loss appears to equally tilt it in the opposite direction. The Hoosiers didn’t have a long list of good wins, but they also didn’t have any losses that were disastrous in and of themselves. Everyone else they’d lost to was a top 100 team. Northwestern is not, nor are the Wildcats particularly close. They managed an upset victory over Illinois, but lost to Depaul and lost by double digits to Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Michigan State. The Hoosiers have a lot of work to do to even put themselves in position to reach the NCAA Tournament, and if they are even in the discussion — which is no guarantee — this is a loss that will haunt them.

And perhaps even more so, Crean’s words after Saturday’s game don’t bode well. If Indiana struggles this badly with success and allows it’s collective ego to inflate to this degree, they won’t be able to sustain success. And if the Hoosiers can’t put together a real winning streak in Big Ten play, they might be fortunate to earn an NIT berth let alone a spot in the Big Dance


AUDIO: Tom Crean

AUDIO: Stanford Robinson and Noah Vonleh

AUDIO: Will Sheehey, Yogi Ferrell, Evan Gordon


  1. Dustin, I don’t know if you or anybody else got a look at the replay– BTN didn’t show it– but watching in real time, I thought there should’ve been a whistle on the steal Sheehey almost forced late in the game. I want to say the score was 40-40, and it appeared WS was held as he was about to snatch the ball at half-court with a clear path to the basket. It might have been Cobb’s fifth. Not sure. The ball ended up going out of bounds and a NW shot-clock violation ensued, but after NV followed that up by missing the front end of a 1-and-1, I remember thinking that was a big moment in the game.

    At this point in the night, these plays are all running together and I may have the sequence of events all mixed up. Did anybody see the same thing I thought I saw?

  2. Well, it’s several hours later… I remember the play distinctly, and also thought it was a clear foul, but I thought it happened far earlier in the game.

    1. Just double-checked the play-by-play sheet. That play came less than four minutes into the second half. Add it to the list of not so stellar officiating, but not a factor down the stretch.

  3. Wow. I was way off. I’ll chalk it up to the whole game being one big jumbled gaggle. Thanks anyway, gents.

  4. Let’s not call this an upset. Just like the Wisconsin game wasn’t an upset. As Jeremy and Dustin correctly predicted before the first game, this team is good enough to beat anyone and bad enough to lose to anyone. I will go out on a limb (a very sturdy one) and predict that in the coming weeks this team will: a) lose to either Nebraska or Penn State, or Northwestern (again) and, b) beat either Michigan, Michigan State, or Ohio State. The NCAA selection commitee will have their hands full with these guys.

  5. IU is not very good. One above average post threat: Noah. One above average guard: Yogi. The rest of the roster currently is just A) guys learning how to play B) role players. Coach knows how to use his teams strengths but is currently struggling to find a way to avoid the weaknesses. Yogi is on blast for being a ball hog but he does pass and no one shoots. Where are these “knock down 3 pt shooters” that everyone raved about: Etherington- no. Hartman- no. Marlin- why not? Shooting is easy if you are good at it, just ask Roth and Hulls. IU currently does not have a good team in place, any knowledgeable basketball mind can look at the roster and see that very quickly. So now it comes down to how you play: must play extremely hard, extremely smart and extremely game plan oriented. IU is in trouble @ MSU will be epic blowout in my humblest of opinions.

  6. It is a good team..It’s just a team that needs to develop and mature. They could do little wrong against Penn State..They played inspired against Wisconsin. They can find that again.

    All teams have ups and downs. Young teams have them with greater frequency and severity/polarity.

    The MSU game may be much closer than some are anticipating.

  7. We will not be good enough to even be considered for an NCAA bid so get over the commitee will have its hands full. NIT is about the best we can expect with this group. Interesting how Michigan can win with three sops and two freshman as the top five scorers. I guess they think you can win with youth!

  8. Ups and downs are fine if you are a good team, IU isn’t good and has had only one “up” all season and that was the Wisc-Win. 3-6 record against real D1 opponents proves my point. Also it’s not that they lose, it’s how they lose. I’m finally beginning to be worried about the state of Indiana basketball. I see Noah, Yogi, Troy leaving asap. I don’t see this team making huge leaps forward in offseason, if they couldn’t do it playing with/against guys like Jordy, Ola, Zell, Watf, Elst for over a year each day how will they do it practicing with/against one another? Crean’s style of coaching his “career” (listen to how he talks he always talks with a legacy or program mindset) instead of the nitty gritty daily grind of a season is disappointing, is it all a process? Sure, do the best coaches sit back and wait for the ups and downs, highs and lows to flow organically? No, they foster development within practice and the off seasons to rush along development, composure and character. Crean claims his number one trait he looks for in recruiting, after talent, is “edge”… How do those kids then lose their edge once they win 1 game. And don’t use “they haven’t done it before(youth)” as a scape goat. That is so overblown. These guys have been playing “we’ve arrived” style games since the moment they were stand out youth players. It’s not new to them. Also NBA players who are in their 30s do the same thing and it has nothing to do with age, it’s about mindset and expectations, a daily grind.

  9. A team’s edge is not the same as an individual’s edge. Some very dangerous bacterium do not grow cultures in the lab overnight.

    If they can somehow squeak into the NCAA tournament(finish 5th or 6th in the conference with one or two road wins against a top Big 10 team), anything can happen in March.

    This team can grow a ton in two months. Davis and Hollowell could start being factors again. The minutes for Howard and Etherington will pay dividends if the the predicted talents get their acts together. There is time. Northwestern is one difficult loss. A couple plays go are way against Illinois and we would have already picked up two road wins. The Big 10 can be very unpredictable.

  10. Whoa, whoa, whoa… No one ever said anything, much less “raved”, at any point, about this team having knock down 3-pt shooters. The only thing said about 3-pt shooting on this team was “a lack thereof”… That goes for the summer, the preseason, the non-con, and now.

  11. Why on earth did Fox send Erin Andrews out to interview that clown? So terribly disrespectful to her..Fox had to know it was coming. She’s probably still wiping spit off her hair. Women are so objectified in sports…Ranting about with his raging tone and trash talking while she stands their with her pretty innocent face simply overpowered by his complete lack of having any self-control….?

    Erin should have punched him in the nose and made him go cry home to his mommy. Guess we’ll have to wait two weeks for Peyton to bring some dignity back to the game and dissect that Seattle defense and their mouthy lab mouse in biology class.

  12. Pffffff…. If that was JaMarcus Ellis or Devan Dumes out there, you’d be singing the praises of his brash, chip-on-the-shoulder attitude.


  13. I’d like to congratulate Peyton on an excellent performance today. I will root you on as a fan of the AFC.

    Harvard, although it agree with much of your sentiment, I have to say that I COMPLETELY agree with post #17. This is one of your all time most hypocritical posts.

  14. Someday they’ll extract the DNA from Hall of Fame players into genetically engineered laboratory cocktails for our football gladiators of the future …I couldn’t help myself from seeing the game in the year 2050 as I blended a postgame interview to form such a creation into a Terry Richard quartercorner fantasy

  15. Peyton Manning is going to so extensively monopolize the field of play, destroying every chance for a seemingly free and competitive chance for Seattle’s defenders to compete for one square yard of a fair market ball hovering over turf, that the only consolation for the Seahawks faithful will be Erin Andrew’s cynical postgame declaration of a Sherman Antitrust Act avoiding all invested trusts in future games with Denver.

  16. Tough crowd. Let’s try this one..

    What happens if a snowstorm or bitter cold temps hit New Jersey on Super Bowl Sunday? Governor Christie has said the game will be played in an abridged version on Monday.

  17. So now Harvard is a Peyton Manning fan. Never thought I’d see the day.

    I am too, quite frankly. I love Peyton, and this is a dream SB matchup because if the Hawks lose (unlikely), a true gentleman and all time great football mind gets to take home another trophy.

    Emotions got the best of Sherm. He’s an intense guy, but not a bad guy. Loves his team, teammates, and does a ton of charity work in the Seattle area.

    He also did kinda have a point. Throwing to a sorry-ass receiver like Crabtree (no saint either) in single coverage against the best corner in the league? You get what’s comin’!

  18. I’m just wondering how in the hell the refs missed the fumble call(the goal line recovery by NaVorro Bowman)? How on earth does that get somehow reversed? How on earth does that play continue without a whistle when Bowman was sitting with his butt on the turf with the ball cradled in his lap? How in the frigging world do the top officials in the NFL miss that one?

    That hideously corrupt meltdown of officiating could have really tainted the Seahawks victory..I guess that’s why Carroll thought it was just too damn obvious that the game was fixed and ordered his QB and running back to flub up the next exchange and give the ball immediately back to the 49ers.

    The 12th man….? I’m thinkin’ that’s the Ben Franklin’s stuck in the back pockets of every NFL ref at Qwest Field.

    All the talk over Sherman sure helped out those fabulous refs that were responsible for one of the biggest missed fumble calls in the history of the playoffs(certainly in the history of NFC title games). Torn ligaments for Bowman as added horrific injury to the horrific insult to the game.

  19. I’m actually a Rex Grossman fan…because Manning never stopped desiring the earning of a Super Bowl title rather than forever staring in memory at the one ‘Sexy Rexy’ handed to him. Good for Peyton..Good for him to never allow a Super Bowl handed to him as his defining moment. In two weeks, Manning can erase Grossman from marring his accomplishments. Manning is nearly a decade older but he is still hungry; hungry to erase the Colt’s doubt and hungry to erase the one Super Bowl more a gift than anything earned.

    The Colts stole a team from Baltimore, tossed out the Hall of Fame QB that built Lucas Oil on his brainy spirals and put Indianapolis on the football map…Now they are left with the Luck they always deserved.

    Peyton was tossed out like a bag of trash for the Luck of a sure bet on the future…Sherman is the trash-talker with claims his game is all skill and zero luck…Both from Stanford. I’m sorta feeling like the planets are aligned and Peyton is going to clean up a ton of California trash.

  20. Oh wow, so now the ref card is pulled. Never mind the fact that earlier in the game, a phantom hold on Giacommini on a 3rd down enabled the 9ers to keep a drive alive. Never mind Kaepernick kicking the ballright before the touchdown to Crabtree – a missed illegal play.

    Never mind the fact that the Seahawks were victims of the worst officiated Super Bowl in NFL history in 2006, a fact which refs have since apoogized for.

    But I digress: you always feel bad for a guy who tears his ACL. Fumble was missed, liked the kicked ball, but luckily the play was of little consequence in the end. The bigger issue is why throw a fade route on the best CB in the game for the win? As Richard Sherman himself said: “If you told us they’d be throwin’ a fade on me for the win, we’d be putting on our hats early!”

  21. Sherman is from Compton. Went to Stanford on a scholarship to escape the mean streets. Now he does charity work off the field, and plays with emotion, passion, and maybe a bit too much bravado on the field. Still, he makes the game interested.

    Basically, he’s exact type of guy that Harvard would defend till his dying day if you changed his birthplace to “Chicago,” his team name to “Hoosiers,” and his coach’s name to “Sampson.”

  22. Tom, You are correct about Sherman. He is a playmaker on D. I just wish he would tighten down all his screws because he for sure has a gasket leaking. He must of attended the $22.00 a person double bonus seminar of The Dennis Rodman School of Charm and Professional Image. Oh, right on about H4H too.

    How’s NE O H I O. Feel like home yet?

  23. I can’t defend slapping a guy on the butt as an attempt to rub dirt in his face….And then attempting to get the refs attention while faking a bullied child routine in the playground when Crabtree pushed him on the helmet gently away…”Look what he did, teacher!”

    Tom- He’s a taunting clown. Jamarcus Ellis protected teammates..Ellis wouldn’t taunt guys. If anything, he had low self-esteem. He’d have Gordon’s back when E.J. was getting crap from Illini dweebs and guys like Sherman.

    Devan Dumes…? I was never a fan of Dumes. You know better than to lump him in with guys that simply didn’t take classes seriously or smoked a little weed. Jamarcus wasn’t a trash-talking bully. When Dumes threw three elbows at an MSU road game, I thought he should be suspended from the team. I mocked his thug-like behavior and now you sit here and pretend to act like you don’t know that truth. How many times did I post that animated YouTube clip to mock Dumes and his bullying? You surely must remember my clips posted on Basketblog of the martial arts guy using his elbows as weapons?

    Did you hear Cris Carter on Mike & Mike this morning…? He did a decent summation on Sherman’s behavior.

    I can’t totally blame the guy…He’s come from very hard streets. Maybe the constant sales job of his bravado is just a survival instinct he can’t shed. Football is a bad-ass game…QB’s take vicious hits. Lineman bloat themselves up to sizes that will destroy their hearts before middle age sets in. Helmet-to-helmet hits that turn brains to Swiss cheese. Sherman is no more a dose of crazy than any man brave enough(or foolish enough)to play in the NFL. They may have found the fast riches, but many will never grow old enough to share quality moments with grandchildren. If corporate execs had to give away 25 years of their lives to earn their millions at the office, they may also feel screaming in anger and pounding their chests is totally acceptable.

  24. Good to hear from you, Clarion. I kinda like NE Ohio so far, believe it or not. The park system out here is great, and helps balance out the “rust belt” scenery. Closest National Park to a major urban area in the country. Skiing, hiking and bike riding galore only 15 minutes up the road.

    Not sure if it’s a long-term kind of place, but it’s good for now. To say it’s “affordable” is a gross understatement.

    Now, it the Hawks win this thing, I can bust out my new Seahawks grill cover, apron and chef’s hat set for the summer barbecues. The football-loving folk around here will appreciate the enthusiasm.

  25. Harvard- Forgive me if I threw Dumes’ name in there without accurate memory of your feelings about him. I’m sure there are plenty of other Harvard pets that I could sub in for a more apt comparison. Obviously, other regulars around here agree that you are calling the kettle black, so I’m not inventing things.

    Sherman’s a passionate loudmouth who obviously is also driven by some complex inner feelings, and also had a history with Crabtree. Plenty of guys in league like him, past and present – Terrell Owens, Dez Bryant, just to name of few. Fans of the team love them, everyone else hates them. As long as they aren’t acting like Aaron Hernandez or saying the “N” word at Kenny Chesney concerts, I’m not bothered by it.

    Your quote from Cris Carter is very apropos.

  26. Simply don’t buy the comparison. I never saw Sampson’s players as thugs. If anything, I see Crean’s villain-chasing behavior as more taunting, bullying, and thug-like.

    Just play the game…That’s my motto. Leave the big-mouthed antics to blowbags like Dakich. For the most part, Sampson’s teams played basketball with clean determination and effort. Where they lost self-control was off the court(behaving no differently than most 18-year-old college students getting a free meal ticket on parent’s funds). I’ve honestly seen more immature behaviors and taunting gestures from Crean and his teams. His obnoxious and excessive clapping is borderline taunting. I’m happy to see that it’s all been toned down this year. Much more pleased to see Sheehey not acting like the Richard Sherman of Stuart, Florida.

  27. And maybe you misunderstood. The last paragraph in post #31 is not Cris Carter’s words. Those were my final follow-up thoughts to provide some balance.

    I didn’t post Carter’s quote..I was just merely stating that I agree with much of what he had to say on Mike & Mike concerning Sherman.

  28. Good read, Dustin. Thanks.

    Harvard: fair enough. I’m not going to convince anyone to like Richard Sherman, outside of Seattle (and even there, he’s being criticized plenty). I tend to like emotion in sports, even when it flows a bit excessively – especially in rivalries where there is so much backstory. “Propriety” and gentlemen-like behavior is something to strive for, but it’s not why people watch the NFL (nor the NHL), and quite frankly in my humble opinion it gets bland. I don’t know if i would watch much sports if my home teams were BYU, Navy, and Wisconsin.

    That’s why I say, storm the court when you finally beat Brant Breusowisc and Ben Brewster. Have some fun.

  29. Play the game like Brian Urlacher….or Walter Payton…or Ernie Banks…or Roberto Clemente….or Stan Makita….or Bobby Orr….or Wayne Gretzky…or Gayle Sayers…or Brian Piccolo.

    Once the play is over, you’ve done your talking. Passion in your art and fierceness in your heart need not be a prisoner to inferior anger.

  30. I’d bet money that none of those guys stopped talking once the play is over. Neither did Michael Jordan, one of the epic trash talkers of all time. Difference is that they didn’t do it on camera. I get that part.

  31. I agree plenty with ‘fun.’ But most of the time it doesn’t look like Sherman is having fun.

    But you are correct. It’s all show. Sherman adds to the drama and it thus makes it more entertaining and creates interest.

    I would also be extremely bored if choir boys took over sports. It’s refreshing to see a guy get on camera and forget to thank ‘Jesus.’

    I used to be mesmerized by Ali’s fearlessness at the camera and his quick wit. …I loved the heart combined with the entertainment value. But when Ali was talking trash, you could still see the sly wink in his eye. He understood the audience and separated the passion in the ring from the created tension. He didn’t make his viewers the fools. He found humor in the taunting and by doing so didn’t insult the truth nor the real honoring of his opponent within his verbal challenges.

    Sherman’s play on the ball was spectacular. You can’t take that away. I doubt the Super Bowl will be nearly as entertaining a game.

  32. I’ve got no problem with Sherman but ppl who say they like him just like his play, his cockiness and his arrogance cause there’s no way, if you actually listen to what he says, you can do anything but point out the obvious and that’s that he’s a walking sensitive contradiction. What did Crabtree do to him that is so awful? Obviously nothing or he’d be in jail. If Crabtree is such a garbage receiver why celebrate like you just shut down Calvin Johnson. If Kaep just “choked” how do you then feel good about your “great play.” Sherman spends all week being sensitive to every word and then posts “lions don’t concern themselves with opinions of sheep”….well you did all week bro.

  33. But I agree, Sherman is exciting and as a teacher and coach it makes for fun stuff to talk about, the build up and the drama is cool. And it is nice to not see bland boring dungy esque interviews, but in the same moment it sorta illuminates and refreshes the guys who are respectful and are conscientious about how they come across. Like Manning is no doubt getting a ton of additional fans since most ppl will pull for the “good guy” to burn the “punk kid.” Also not all athletes are boring and cliche losers, they are respectful guys who know the world doesn’t revolve around them so that’s why you get humble “boring” quotes most of the time, not because they aren’t smart, but because they choose to not be Shermany.

  34. Many of us endlessly cheered for many a year the antics of Knight. So maybe we’re all rather calling the kettle black. It wasn’t boring and he certainly didn’t care if the Establishment world saw him as the outlandish tyrant of college basketball. If anything, he thrived and fed off the distractions and the ‘fun’ until it devoured the man that many players felt so honored to play and learn.

    Can anyone a fan of Bobby Knight really have anything on Sherman? A villain with brains has always sold tickets to the theater.

  35. Good comments, Fab 5 and Harvard. True that 80% of the country is going to be pulling for Denver and hating on Seattle because of Sherman, even though Seattle has lots of “good guys” (including #3 QB) and Denver has it’s own “bad guys” (Von Miller, cough cough).

    Baltimore won last year in spite of all the Ray Lewis hate. Hopefully the Hawks will do the same. After all, we got the music on our side…

  36. Coach Knight, to his demise, didn’t evolve as a man from age 25 to whatever he is now, because of that I don’t respect him and his fall was inevitable. Coaches learned to motivate and teach without using fear tactics, Knight had barbaric “old school” styles that thankfully, have been weeded out of modern interactions between one person to another. Knight is your old grandpa who sits around negative about the world and thinks life was better when he was 32, sad way to spend 75% of your life….

  37. #10 Harvard for Hillbillies
    Sunday, January 19, 2014 – 1:42 PM UTC

    There is time. Northwestern is one difficult loss. A couple plays go are way against Illinois and we would have already picked up two road wins. The Big 10 can be very unpredictable.

    Nebraska defeats #17 OSU tonight…Nebraska fans storm the court. Yup, it’s all up for grabs this year. I guess I’m not so “silly” for maintaining optimism with a conference season barely 1/4 completed in such an unpredictable conference.

  38. Not too classy for Sherman to conceal the facts in his statements released today….He’s acting like Crabtree initiated the tempers by initiating the physical contact(a push with Crabtree’s hand to Sherman’s helmet)while walking across the end zone after the interception…

    Hate to tell ya, Rich. The entire nation watched on replay as you slapped Crabtree on the left butt cheek before you began your taunt. You threw salt on the wound of his loss with the sarcastic slap on his rear as you ran up behind him. You lose even more respect when you don’t even admit to the factual sequence of events.

    Slap a guy on the butt immediately after he’s realized his team’s season is over…? I would say the gentle push on your helmet and the self-control exhibited by Crabtree was far less than you deserved. Try it with Mike Ditka. Your voice will be raised two octaves.

    You had a chance today and you simply blew the opportunity to tell the world you were in the wrong. You’re not alone. Seems to be the trend these days. Nobody takes responsibility. Everyone clings to flawlessness and arrogance built on the idolization their reflection. No biggie.

  39. Northwestern played very tough on the defensive side. Give them some credit! But 25% shooting is ridiculous! Everyone is to blame, except Hanner, who continues to show real improvement on the court. Let’s try Noah, Hanner, Will, Stan and Yogi together on the floor sometimes! Will some coach tell Austin to look for his shot and to take it when it is there! We still don’t know if he can shoot: the 3, the 15′ jumper, anything other than a put-back. If he can we need him now! Evan is OK at shooting; Jeremy is like dark-matter, no one knows; Yogi is inconsistent; Will is just off so far this year, but he is a player; Stanford can usually score; while Noah can shoot the orange! One shooter is NOT enough! Thank goodness we add 3 shooters next year! I love the kids and their work ethic, but does anyone see Howard and Marlin helping this team actually beat good B1G teams? I don’t. And what happened to Devin Davis? He can play! Even when you knew that this year’s team would have “ups and downs”, it doesn’t lessen the pain when it happens!

  40. Trending Now 1/21/14 @ 2:00 pm:

    133 Number of exclamation marks used by Beat Purdue in his last 14 postings.

    243 Number of days Harvard dominated the sidebar until Beat Purdue’s magical run today.

    48.4 Number of record hours for the shortest Scoopcation ever given now held by Podunker. Sadly, he never completed packing his luggage.

    5 Currently the number of unused outdoor grill accessories featuring the officially registered trademark of the Seattle Seahawks owned by Husky Tom. A Super Bowl win will feature quite the celebratory affair that includes the first time use of a Stanley knife to open such grill accessories from their original packaging/boxes. Updates to follow.

    734 Number of FEWER times the Kraft Cheese Co. has used the words “it’s a process” in making their sandwich cheese compared to Tom Crean making a basketball team. Hollowell still at hard cheddar stage.

    3,237,456,852 Current number of “Greatest Ever Bacteria!” cells found after the swabbing of Richard Sherman’s tongue.

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