Indiana stuns No. 3 Wisconsin, 75-72

Indiana sophomore point guard Yogi Ferrell scored 25 points and the Hoosiers stunned No. 3 and previously unbeaten Wisconsin 75-72 on Tuesday night in front of 17,472 at Assembly Hall. The IU students rushed the floor after the upset in the first game since the beginning of the new semester.

Indiana improved to 12-5 overall, 2-2 in the Big Ten. Wisconsin fell to 16-1, 3-1. It was Indiana’s first win over Wisconsin since 2007, snapping a streak of 12 straight Wisconsin victories in the series.

Freshman guard Stanford Robinson and senior forward Will Sheehey added 13 points each for Indiana and freshman center Noah Vonleh added 10 points. Wisconsin guard Traevon Jackson led the Badgers with 21 points. Senior guard Ben Brust had 13. Center Frank Kaminsky and guard Josh Gasser had 11 each.


  1. Except for the Vonlieh sub at the end, CTC deserves a lot of credit for this win. What a redeeming victory for these guys! Composed, gutsy, and lots of heart from IU tonight.

  2. Respect where respect is due. Harvard is a god. One point off the final score.

    Holy @#($-balls, my man! Please send me my lottery numbers ASAP.

  3. Great win. IU really needed to have this game. Thought Stanford Robinson and a Will played great. As was a Gordon. Yogi was great. Wish he would learn to play hard all the time. Tonight might be the game that does that. I like the message CTC sent when bringing in Johnny Marlin and others.

    However, anyone troubled by the substitution of Etherington for VonLeh with 2 min to go?

    Sounded like the fans in the stands didn’t care much for it.

    Go Hoosiers!

  4. I didn’t like that particular sub, Wolfem. I don’t think anybody did. But I also didn’t like the fan’s reaction. Even if the wrong player is put on the court, we don’t need to be shaking anybody’s confidence by booing him. Especially in crunch time.

  5. By the way, Dustin. You may want to check UW’s record. I doubt they’re 16-1, 2-2. Unless you’re going half-in on our season sweep up in Madison next month …

  6. Crean does deserve credit. It actually seems like he’s coaching right now, not just being a spastic cheerleader. I liked the minutes distribution. I like the benching as a motivating factor. I like the pissed offness on the scorers table… And I love the attack the basket philosophy! So happy to see plenty of Stan.

    I’m pretty sure I just saw us beat Wisconsin… True? Dream?

    Need to watch sports with my grandfather more often.

  7. I don’t believe for one moment that the fans were booing Etherington…They were booing the decision to force him into guarding Kaminisky. Etherington is playing very solid basketball.

    Vonleh is impressing the hell out of me…The tip-in bucket off the missed IU free throw was probably the play of the game. We also had some luck..Gotta have luck. Yogi’s rocket-propelled bankshot plus the foul was proof that Lady Luck was in attendance and cheering for cream and crimson.

    Double Down- Thanks. Thinking of changing my name to Harvard for Pharaohs….I’m certainly expecting some sort of kudos/acknowledgment from Dustin and Jeremy in tonight’s ScoopTalk. Geoff and Ben were there. Notice how they remain silently stunned from my solid gold prediction?

  8. And Double Down…If you really objectively look at my comments following the Penn State game, you could see this game tonight was won last Saturday. The Hoosiers found something at Penn State and it simply carried over…

    And I shouldn’t fail to mention Sheehey…Sheehey is finally growing into a leader. I used to find his demeanor on the basketball court revolting…He’s really impressed me lately. No gloating or cockiness..Just extremely solid and heady play. I love the way he’s playing the game with confidence that shines through example.

  9. Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame…!(I think I just stole somebody’s song lyrics..BonAmi?)

  10. Harvard, I will also apologize. As soon as we got shooting, I actually said, “I should have said something about Harvard.” Our bad. Heck of a call. As we both do acknowledge on ScoopTalk we absolutely never thought this would happen.

  11. If anyone watched the first half closely they would have noticed how IU missed several point blank shots at 8′ and closer…my opinion is that IU should have won this game by double digits….btw no game can be won by the actions of the previous week…one might say that the coaching decision to bench someone might have sent a message that actually makes sense to other players and it seems they are playing with a new vigor.

  12. According to The Assembly Call, the Etherington sub for Vonleh near the end of the game was an assignment for Etherington to foul Kaminsky if needed to get IU over the limit, in case Wisconsin took the lead and IU need to foul. Unfortunately Etherington fouled Kaminsky too late and the shot went in.

  13. A great game. Both teams just came out swinging. Both played hard and smart. Wisconsin wasn’t flopping all over the floor like they normally do, so instead of my blood pressure creating a red storm, they got my respect for the game.

    I might dare say that besides the AE substitution at the end for Vonleh, Crean finally outcoached the grumpy ole’ bastid. Indiana was determined to use their athleticism to get to rim. Wisconsin had no answer. For the first time this year, we had a half court offense (admittedly, I didn’t see the PSU game).

    Couple thoughts: the Yogi, Evan, Stan rotation is looking more solidified by the minute. I actually think Evan had his best game (forget the big scoring games against Delphi Sisters Community College). He ran the offense and had 6 gorgeous assists tonight.

    I like when he and Yogi are the 1 & 2. I like Sheehey way better playing the 3. His movement away from the ball is a lot of reason why the lanes were wide-open. We finally got some good spacing, positioning and, most of all, patience in moving the ball in the half-court. I swear to god I think I saw a couple of shot fakes, too. Who are these guys?

    Kudos to AE and Marlin for playing some solid minutes when Crean put Yogi into the doghouse for 5 min. AE had no business being in the game for that substitution and credit Brust for seeing it hitting Kaminsky immediately. It wasn’t his fault. Marlin, you get love for something you didn’t do: turn the ball over. Well done.

    Our transition tonight was gorgeous. Again, great spacing, positioning and guys just flat out-hustling Wisc on offense. I don’t think it was a coincidence that Wisc’s threes stopped falling in the last 5 min. They were pretty gassed out there.

    However, I do have to give some demerits to our transition defense early in the 2nd half.

    Ok, enough of that. More homer talk. How about Vonleh draining 2 more threes? He was banging down there tonight and had a fantastic game. 10 pts, 5 reb, 4 blocks – Only 2 fouls and ZERO turnovers.

    Props to Hanner popping Jackson in the jaw. He put in some good minutes. One bad defensive gack, but made up for it with a huge block on Dekker (can’t exactly remember who?).

    This was an absolutely fantastic basketball game.

  14. Great W for ‘ole IU! A star was born tonight in Yogi Ferrell, and is NV turning into a legit 3-point shooter?!

  15. to dustin and Jeremy and the other sticks in the mud. can you just stop complaining about the court storming already? oh boo hoo. such bad form. did you see any adults out there? just a bunch of kids, half of whom have been drinking. let the kids have their fun. it’s not like they have been going to iu games forever and have become jaded like you old curmudgeons.

  16. Kudos to RickSB regarding the Etherington for VonLeh substitution. Makes sense now about committing a foul on Kaminsky. Didn’t work out as CTC had planned but things happen.

    I liked seeing the fire from Coach. Think the staff did a fine job with the rotations and Stanford Robinson is figuring out how to play this game. Need to get more out of Troy now.

    I agree with HFH that this game was won last Saturday vs Penn State, I get it. Coupled with this win hopefully we’ll see more of the same throughout conference play.

    Also, HFH, I don’t for a second believe the fans were booing Etherington, rather disagreeing with the decision to remove VonLeh at a critical time. I never thought about protecting VonLeh from foul trouble but he only had two fouls at he time. Oh well, it all worked out.

    Amazed that HFH was so accurate in predicting the game. (So, let me ask… What numbers do you like the this weeks Powerball?).

  17. Dustin-

    It’s o.k.. It’s not like I won’t be cutting and pasting the prediction for the next three years.


    Rodney Dangerfield

  18. The theory that AE came into commit a foul doesn’t make sense because nobody on the team, including Noah, had more than 2 fouls. Anybody could have given up a foul and stayed in the game.

    It was just simply a boneheaded move that we overcame.

  19. I wouldn’t say it makes NO sense… (Not saying I agree with it either)

    Vonleh is certainly foul-prone. It isn’t far-fetched to think he could pick up 2 quick fouls at the end of regulation, and then in a very close game you may be a little hand-tied in overtime.

    Listen, anytime I perceive Crean as strategizing I view it as a plus. At least there was a conscious thought about how current actions may project to future outcomes. Even if it doesn’t exactly work out I’m fine with it… It happens to the best of coaches every single game. Then you learn what your players are capable of executing, and you can incorporate that into your next practice and/or strategic in-game move.

    In my opinion this was Crean’s best coaching effort to date at IU.

  20. I think the AE substitution at the end of the game was a panic move thinking that Kaminsky was going to come down the court and automatically shoot a 3 and that AE could defend that better than NV. It was a situation they over thought instead of just letting it play out. Coaching staff needs to remember not to over think every situation especially at the end of a game.

  21. How much did JH’s benching have to do with the teams performance tonight? Was it just a move with + results or was it displaying his play/participation was a bigger negative than thought? I applaud Coach Crean’s tactics involved offering seats on the bench and very much agree with his game plan and in game strategy. A fine job. If we can get just a little more out of HP and TW this team will be solid.

  22. Geoff,

    I don’t think I see eye to eye with you on this one. Good strategy is strategy that gives you options. Tinkering with line-ups so that one can pinpoint the single scenario (like that Kaminsky would attempt the three) is problematic. It was a 2 possession game anyway, so Kaminsky saw that Vonleh was out, AE was assigned to him. He just posted up, Brust found him and had an easy bucket.

    Good strategy is strategy that gives you the most options. Crean coached a great game last night, but this was a mistake. This move immediately provided Wisc with a much better option and they pounced on it.

  23. Let us not give up on JH. He is a hell of a talent that with the right motivation can add value to this team.

  24. I rarely agree with coachv, but I thought post #17 was dead on. It’s one thing if we rush the court when we beat Northwestern, but this is different. Wisconsin has been a monkey on our back for many years, and the only team we haven’t beat since Crean arrived in Bloomington. It’s a cause to celebrate. That fans aren’t idiots. They knew this game carried list of passion.

    I’m willing to bet unless we take down a #1 team this year in the Big Ten, it won’t be an issue this year again.

  25. HC,
    I think it has a lot to do with it, but not necessarily because Hollowell was such an anchor (though he obviously wasn’t playing well at all). I think without Hollowell as an option, Crean is forced to play two of the three guards (Ferrell, Gordon and Robinson)at basically all times instead of filling the lineup with wings as he is wont to do. The ball-handling has been better, the decision making has been better, and there are at least two guys who can break defenders down off the dribble. Williams, Sheehey and Hollowell can score off the drive too, but they’re really only consistent at driving in straight lines. So basically, there’s your fewer turnovers and more points off the dribble drive.

  26. Dustin, Your post parallels my thoughts but I doubt my words could have stated it as well. L/TO’s were paramount.

  27. If Hollowell gets his act together, I’d make him one of the back-up 3/4 options behind Sheehey. The 3 musketeers can rotate intermittently at the 1 & 2. Crean pretty much just uses these guys as wings so 3/4 is pretty much the same spot. AE, DD, Hollowell in the same bucket.

    Speaking of Devin Davis, is his ankle in bad shape? His minutes are really down. BTW, I’m not complaining as last night’s game didn’t need any tweaking.

    If not injury, maybe that he’s in between positions? He had been subbing in for Noah & HP in spots. He’s a bit small for the 5 in Big Ten play. His Achilles heel is that his jumpshot is Lindeman-esque. He attacks the basketball well and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. If he’s laboring on that ankle, a good portion of his developed skill set is diminished.

  28. Kids storm Apple stores. I don’t hear the outrage over such robotic and thoughtless movement with the masses.

    I have no problem with the 1/100 of the young population that actually have fun at a sporting event. If it wasn’t for sports, then Zuckericeberg’s Facebook, Twitterdum and Twitterdee, and i-clones would basically guide them all to the giant landfill of wasted time. So, heaven forbid

  29. Nothing wrong with storming the court. Probably more appropriate than any time in recent Hoosier history minus Watford vs UK. Has anyone been watching our games vs. Wisconsin for the last 7 years? Does one so quickly forget about Brian Butch (or Ben Bohannon, or Bryce Baxter or whoever it was) who beat us at the buzzer? About the Mike Breusewiczs, the Bergrens, and the worst of them all – Rob Wilson? The constant domination and heartbreak? The ownership of IU in both major sports?

    I stormed the living room last night, and sure as hell would have stormed the court if I was there.

    Middle finger to Wisconsin!!!

  30. Beating Wisc last night was like watching Rocky knock out the soulless Ivan Drago.

    Instead of a Rodney King-esque “Can’t we all just get along” speech at the end, a court storming celebrating the defeat of our nemesis was the appropriate course of action.

  31. Does Bo Ryan just generally stop recruiting at ‘B’…? Did he change his strategy and start recruiting Wisconsin beyond the second letter of the alphabet? Could his best, beat this team?

    Blab avich
    and….Brooks. Delray Brooks!

  32. Hate to see Hollowell go….Patterson didn’t work out..Perea appears to be improving, but the PT is scarce. In terms of time on the court, the Indiana “Movement” is Yogi and a few minutes per game from Etherington.

    Yogi will likely be gone after this season. Strange how things work out. This “Movement” was selling the return of banners back to Assembly. Patterson actually coined the phrase….Sometimes I wonder if any of it plays in the head of Hollowell. Does he think Patterson was done wrong? Do thoughts like that stick? Seems only natural that some of this young kids that were grouped into the idea of Indiana kids fighting to bring Indiana back to relevancy, sorta got lost in the sales job of it all. Without Cody and Yogi, they were all just pawns in the game of adding to a percieved local thrust/momentum they were never really going to be a vital part. These kids are human…It’s difficult to feel used in the process of it all.

  33. At the end of the day, they believed they were going to be the heart and soul of a team bringing some of that hokey home/state pride back into the college sharing the name of this great basketball state. Now, with Cody departed, the remnants of the AAU connection fight for PT against players they witness very capable of putting their butt permanently on the bench. We should keep in mind why this program is relevant again as we dump on Jeremy’s silly pride. If you think the program is strong again simply because of Tom Crean, then I’m not sure you fully understand why the name on the jersey and the candy stripes still cause opponents to always bring their best when Indiana is town.

  34. Yet, Crean’s job will remain secure because of his ability to sell to key Indiana names that will be integral to future success. Cody saved his butt during the “Movement” sales job…Looking ahead, he pulled tow additional rabbits out his hat with Eron Gordon(likely building that 2016 bridge by moving Evan onto our current roster)…and convincing James Blackmon Jr. that Indiana is the better fit than UK.

    Those will be the two primary names, two ‘savior’ point guards following Yogi, that are far more the long term security for Crean than any “Movement” that remains to be flushed out of Bloomington. Gotta hand it to the man…He gets just enough out of Indiana to keep his team relevant. But the room for error is very thin.

  35. I guess I have too many memories of IU wiping the floor with Wisconsin back when I was at IU to see the reason anyone would feel the need to rush the floor when we beat them now. It gives Wisconsin prestige they do not deserve. Wisconsin has been a very good basketball program over the last decade or so, but they’re not an elite basketball program. They don’t enjoy IU’s stature in basketball. Now, if we beat them in football, that might be worthy of storming the field. It’s not like we beat an undefeated Duke team last night, and last night’s victory pales in comparison to the upset of Kentucky a few years back. Let’s not make Wisconsin out to be more than they are; a solid, well-coached team with a style of play that frustrates Crean’s preferred style of play. I will give Wisconsin this however; they are living proof that you do not have to have the highest rated High School recruits on your team in order to win a lot of games.

    It is ironic that this young IU team, with far less experience, found a way to beat Wisconsin when last year’s veteran team, with two future first round NBA players on it, could not. It was sweet payback knocking Wisconsin from the list of undefeated teams.

  36. Why is it ironic? Does Wisconsin have the same team as last year? The match-ups are different. The backdrop is different. Last year’s Indiana team was heavily hyped and riding high on a perception they were much better than they actually were. This year’s squad was catching a Wisconsin team likely having too high a perception itself. Contrast that to an Indiana team from last year that went into every contest with opponents licking their chops to beat a team getting so much press and flirting with a #1 ranking for much of the season.

    Hopefully storming the court gives Wisconsin an even grandeur view of themselves than deserved(something they were obviously already carrying). True prowess comes from NCAA tournament success. Bo Ryan sucks in the NCAA tournament. His enormous ego is shrunk down to size in March. Mike Davis has taken a Hoosier team deeper.

    Anyway, from my viewpoint, the fans understood it was a bit over the top….It wasn’t a volcanic eruption sort of storming…More of a sporadic flow to irritate Ryan for not having on his silly resume some record amount of consecutive victories during some of the most tumultuous and schizophrenic years of ups and downs in our program’s history. Many of those consecutive wins built when Indiana was coming out of the most ridiculous NCAA investigation in history..The recent years under a strong recruiter but questionable X’s and O’s coach. Life is timing and Bo Ryan’s success against Indiana is by fortune of happenstance more than Wisconsin players having anything on our superior Indiana blood.

  37. It’s unfortunate that more fans didn’t read my prediction. They possibly would have been more prepared and thus not taken the victory as so “pretend” monumental. Unfortunate that more students were likely not tuned into last week’s game against Penn State…Likely getting in some Colt’s pregame parties or spending a final weekend on a skiing trip with mom and dad before heading back to Bloomington to start the spring semester.

    If more fans, bloggers, and Scoop journalists would have been more keen to the perceptions of Harvard(his postgame analysis of the many facets a Hoosier team ready to erupt that were found in the Penn State road victory), maybe the spanking of Wisconsin would not have come as such a mild shock. One always flies over the cuckoo’s nest.

  38. This would be a good time for Dustin to cut and paste my prediction from yesterday afternoon…It would make up for not mentioning such stunning insights and soothsayer abilities on the ScoopTalk. Just too into themselves, I presume…..

    Lord, this is fun.

  39. Dustin – please cut and paste Harvard’s prediction from yesterday…

    Then cut and paste the preceding 4,017 that were all incorrect.

  40. If only Geoff could have seen it coming…There would have been a full story/headline along with most of ScoopTalk being dedicated to his genius…Too bad he was overly consumed with trimming grandpas fungus-infested toenails down in Dukersville. It’s what sports is all about and some people just don’t get it…Snip, snip…Snip, file, snip, snip.

  41. Geoff during the final minutes of the IU vs Wisconsin game as the score frighteningly moves closer and closer to Harvard’s prediction.

  42. HfH…Yogi is not gone after this season give me a break!

    And i predicted a 71 – 70 game for IU in the pre-chat so i was close as well!

  43. Toe nails have not been on the docket to this point, but I’m afraid it might be coming soon… (Note to self, don’t allow grampa to read scoop anytime soon)

  44. Champ-

    Congrats on also making the right call. But I do believe Yogi will be gone after this season. There’s even a growing possibility that Noah will be a one-and-done. Where is our post play if that happens? Yikes…Next season could be beyond brutal.

  45. #42 a true classic, Harvard. Enjoyed it thoroughly. So true about Wisc’s success coinciding with Indiana’s darkest days. And Bo sucking in the tournament…well, “suck” may be an overstatement, but compared to the hype his teams have, they severely underachieve tourney time.

    Butch Baumgartner.

  46. Thought I was done with this by the time I went to bed last night, but I should have known better. Approached by a handful co-workers today, I was asked several times what I thought about the court-storming. My response was always the same: meh. It wasn’t necessary. It seemed contrived. But it also wasn’t completely unwarranted. Had it been any other team with the same ranking, I’d probably call it inappropriate. But it was Wisconsin– a team that has owned us recently– and it probably saved our season. So I give it a pass.

    Moving forward, I can’t imagine any further court storming being justified for a long while unless it comes on the heals of a truly transcendental win– say one against a top-ranked team after an epic comeback and a legendary shot at the buzzer… With the Big Ten title on the line…

    Not that my opinion matters, though. I only say this to lead into to something I ran into a few minutes ago that I’m still chuckling about. I stopped by the mothership to see where we now stood in the BPI/bracketology mix (currently up to #58, still on the wrong side of the bubble) when I ran across this gem: ESPN’s poll question was about the storm. 75% were okay with it, as were 49 of the 50 states including Wisconsin. Who do you think frowned upon it? (Hint: if you haven’t already figured it out, you’re probably not a college basketball fan, but it begins with K and ends in Tucky.)

    That was just too good not to share.

  47. If Cody stays and we’re basically unbeatable, then storming is stupid…But it’s back to square one, folks. The celebrations will be far and few between..And this town hasn’t raised a banner in nearly thirty years..So why in the hell the perch? Storm all you want. I would storm if Crean sits down for more than thirty seconds in a 40 minute contest. I would storm after every game. I would make it a new tradition…Why the hell not? The tradition of winning championships and getting to Final Fours at Indiana has barely had a revisit since the days when Mork & Mindy was the hit new TV show. There was no such thing as a PC or the internet…Apple was merely fruit you’d want to avoid. Can we please get off our highfalutin podium? Our greatest chance in 30 years to become in the “elite” class of teams that actually play in the final rounds for banners, left his “Movement” to rot behind. Do not deny these young leftovers of his failed dedication to put us back to looking down at the rest of the college basketball world a chance for a feel good moment.

    We are too good to storm a court when we haven’t won a championship in almost 30 years? Hate to break it to you, but Butler deserves more condescension upon an opponent than anything we’ve brought to the table in the last three decades(outside a storied run by a Mike Davis team that took down #1 Duke along the way).

    Storm at will. We’ve no longer earned the right to be Bobby Stuffy. Just don’t do that obnoxiously weird pogo stick bounce that Duke and MSU students do while beating up on any old cupcakes… Have some dignity during the game.

  48. Huh…? Wanted to write Husky just a little ‘hope you’re doing well note’ and for some reason my post won’t go through.

    Jeremy, are you in a rhinestone sorta mood? I’ll bet it’s a bitch sharing the same first name as the defunct Hollowell. I’m beginning to wonder if all Jeremy’s are defiant pouters and somewhat troubled lads…Didn’t Pearl Jam write a “Jeremy” song?

  49. Jeremy- My apologies…I think I caught the problem..Was it the ‘L’ word?


    Husky Tom of Ottawa-

    Hope life is treating you well. Your Seahawks are one step away. Maybe it’s finally their year.

    This Harvard gig needs to end…Just not the same as the ol’ Island of Basketblog. Not that I don’t appreciate all the friends I’ve met here…Laffie, Ben, Reggie, Clarion. And what in the dickens happened to Chet and Tsao? Both were great contributors and storytellers. Sorta miss the fantasy tales from Tsao and how he talked of all the Scoop Yacht Club getting together one day on a train trip through this big beautiful country. Did I really have any friends here, or is it all just imagined hogwash? Would anyone here ever stand by the hole in the ground they’ll finally put Harvard to rest. Will Ben pray for my soul?

    Maybe I’ll work on a Seahawks poem to break my depressed mood….? Sherman needs a hug….Pete Carroll crawled out from under a rug…A quarterback named Wilson just slightly bigger than a bed bug…? I’m working on it. Give me a moment.

    Anyway, take care.

  50. Downing: Sorry to take so long to reply; just saw this this morning as I was deleting open windows on my phone browser.

    One of Pearl Jam’s first smash hits was “Jeremy,” you are right. One of the few songs they did a video for. I always loved the fact that they rejected “video” culture as it became more and more commercialized. “Jeremy,” by the way, was filmed partly on Bainbridge Island, where I went to high school.

    I saw Pearl Jam live for the first time in my life a few months ago in Pittsburgh. They’ve been my favorite band for decades, but I was never in the right place in the right time with the right amount of money to be able to catch them wherever I was. They came to Indy a few years ago, and as luck had it, it was graduation night, and I was condemned to work in a local Bloomington restaurant. The tips are crazy on graduation; $3-400 bucks on average. Couldn’t justify going to the concert.

    The Pittburgh concert was awesome. A moment of youth rekindled, and also nice to see a band that has aged so gracefully and remains one of the most talented out there. They didn’t play “Jeremy,” unfortunately.

    I’m really nervous about the Seahawks tomorrow but I think they will win, in my heart of hearts. Thanks for the poem, it’s a good start. “Bed Bug” Wilson sure needs to regain his old self tomorrow.

    Hope you stick around a while longer. I only check in on occasion these days, but I always scan the side bar for “Harvard.”

  51. Saw Pearl Jam in 1992 just after Alive was replaced by Even Flow on the radio…. Awesome show – Coca-Cola Starplex in Dallas, sunny afternoon, with about 30,000 other whack jobs. Pearl Jam headlined an all day event with some of my other favorites at the time 808 State and Dinasaur Jr. My clearest memory is being out in a 30-yd (or so) wide circular mosh pit, with everyone running in a counterclockwise direction, and then Pearl Jam hitting the first cord of Even Flow and everyone in the swirling mosh circle start running from the outer field, through the security guards at the gates of the seated area near the stage, and jamming in down front in the Pit. I stage dove for the first time… On the second attempt a security guard clipped me a little bit and I felt about 6 ft into the partitioned walkway they had between the crowd and the stage, and was escorted back to the field by a massive ex-HS-Texas-football-goon.

    Great show. Great memory.

  52. I loved Even-Flow. However, I must say Alice in Chains was my favorite band, back in the day. Every song on “Dirt” is awesome, in my opinion. Lane left us way way to early.

  53. Ben- Alice was also awesome. The Unplugged numbers from Dirt are some of the most haunting and beautiful songs you will ever hear in rock.

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