IU women at Purdue

FINAL: PURDUE 86, INDIANA 53. This is the Hoosiers’ most lopsided loss in 47 games under Curt Miller. No Hoosier had more than 8 points. Boilers reclaim the Barn Burner Trophy. IU gets to try again Sunday vs. Minnesota. Courtney Moses (game-high 24 points) and K.K. Houser combined for 46 ponts. The Hoosiers’ conference road skid reaches 20 in a row.

Under-4: Purdue 82, Indiana 50. Indiana has already allowed the most points in the Curt Miller era. Now, the Hoosiers hoping to avoid worst margin of defeat (30 points) under Miller.

Under-8: Purdue 76, Indiana 46. Hoosiers on a 9-2 run, but still, obviously, trail by 30. Since Larryn Brooks hit a 3-pointer to give Hoosiers a one-point lead with 5:47 to go in the first half, the Boilers have outscored IU 52-21.

Under-12: Purdue 74, Indiana 37. Most points Hoosiers have allowed this season is 80 vs. IPFW. Purdue will, obviously, obliterate that mark. Courtney Moses and K.K. Houser have now combined for more points (46) than Indiana. Most points allowed by the Hoosiers this season was 80 against IPFW. In seven-plus halves of Big Ten play, Indiana is shooting only 35 percent.

Under-16: Purdue 58, Indiana 33. IU’s lone bucket this half was a 3 at the top of the key by Larryn Brooks. That’s right, Boilers pick up where they left off in the first half and have outscored IU 17-3 in the first 4-plus minutes of the half.

HALFTIME: Purdue 41, Indiana 28. Purdue shooting 47% to Indiana’s 26. Taylor Agler and Alexis Gassion each have 6 for Hoosiers. For the Boilers, K.K. Houser and Courtney Moses have combined for 27 points.

Under-4: Purdue 32, Indiana 25. It’s an 8-0 run for Purdue after Indiana took a brief, 25-24 lead when Karlee McBride and Taylor Agler went back-to-back for 3s with 5:47 to go. It forced Purdue to call timeout. Hoosiers getting out-rebounded 18-10.

Under-8: Purdue 20, Indiana 17. Larryn Brooks hit a 3-pointers to get IU within a point, but Courtney Moses answered on the other end. Hoosiers are 3-for-5 from beyond arc.

Under 12: Under-12: Purdue 18, Indiana 14. Courtney Moses with 6 points for the Boilers. Alexis Gassion leads IU with 5. Hoosiers shooting 37 percent so far.

Under-16: Indiana 8, Purdue 6.