Kevin Wilson on Brian Knorr

Spoke with Kevin Wilson this evening about Brian Knorr. Wilson said he talked to about seven or eight candidates all told and that the American Football Coaches Association convention in Indianapolis last week allowed him to speak to a number of candidates. He said he drove a number of them down to Bloomington to see the campus and to find out about them.

Mostly, though, Wilson said he came up with a list of candidates based on statistics and proven success as a defensive coordinator, and saw enough of that from Knorr in his time at Wake Forest and at Ohio University. It also helped that he coached at Ohio and knows the area and that his wife is from Fort Wayne and an IU graduate.

“I think he’s got a familiarity to our region, the Midwest,” Wilson said. “With the success they had at Wake Forest and even going back to when he was a defensive assistant at Ohio U, he’s been pretty steady.”

Though Knorr said his defense would likely have some 3-4 principles and multiple fronts, Wilson said he wasn’t concerned with schematics when he made the hire. He said he expected that the defense would play to fit personnel, and wouldn’t even commit to saying that the defense would try to take a more aggressive approach. 

“Scheme wise, when you’re running some guys in there, a 3-4 kind of becomes a 4-3 and when you drop your ends back, a 4-3 becomes a 3-4,” Wilson said. “So it’s kind of all the same. But structure wise, we’re going to evaluate our personnel schematically and look at what’s best. And we’ve challenged those (other defensive coaches) to even look at their language and signals and kind of get a fresh start there.”

Wilson was asked about his decision to replace defensive coordinator Doug Mallory and was reluctant to speak about it much and was complementary of Mallory when he did, calling him “a good guy, good person, good coach,” and said it was a difficult decision to make.

“We looked at it and analyzed it and felt the best way to improve was to change,” Wilson said. “It was a tough decision, but at the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for the players and what’s best for the program. Every decision that we’re making, whether it’s a recruiting decision or a workout schedule, you’re trying to make the team better and stronger. Sometimes those are tough, difficult choices.”

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  1. Can Brian Knorr bring any recruits to IU for the defensive side this year, 2014? This is not a long-term “deal” (Coach Wilson speak). Indiana must field an “average” B1G defense (not terrible as in 2011, 2012 and 2013) in 2014 for IU to reach it’s (and Wilson’s) goals. Marginal improvement is unacceptable! I hope that Brian appreciates that it is “now or never” in 2014 and 2015. He has a really tough job because we have wasted the last three years defensively. It is NOT his fault, but it is HIS problem! “Just win Baby” (Al Davis the crazy owner from Oakland)! Good luck Brian Knorr and Coach Wilson!

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