Live Discussion: Illinois at Indiana



  1. Jeff Howard continues to provide very solid minutes. I read continuing complaints on other message boards about how Crean is an idiot for playing Howard. What a joke and a disgrace.

    Excellent defense on bigs. Best big on the team at showing on a ball screen and recovering. Allows CTC to let Vonleh get over hanging his head any time he gets a foul. Very little offense in terms of scoring, but one HUGe timely bucket on a put back and he sets more screens in limited playing time than most (all?) other players set during a whole game. I actually liked playing Howard and Vonleh together for a few minutes.

    Other observations. This team will NEVER get over the hump if they cannot learn to handle success and manage a game with a lead. Every time we get a small lead we play loose with the ball and turn it over. And at the other end we give up shots that are too easy. It is like every time they get a little breathing room, they stop and take a breath and let the other team catch up. It will burn us. Or we will figure it out and win 2-3 more close games.

    Robinson continues to have a ridiculous assortment of moves to the hoop. Crazy good body control and footwork for a freshman guard in the lane.

    IMHO Sheehey makes this team much better by finding guys in the right spot and getting a few baskets on flashes to the lane. But, boy, we would be better if he could string together a few solid 13-15 point games where he hits some of the open looks he has been getting.

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