Live Discussion: Indiana at Michigan State



  1. What the hell…

    Indiana 71
    MSU 70

    Without Payne, I’m thinking we have a very strong shot.

    I also tend to believe that the ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ tendencies will prevail and our very poor shooting against Northwestern will transform into very hot shooting tonight. Nebraska upsetting OSU…? Creighton going crazy hot against Villanova…? Strange outcomes seems to be in the air. It’s the time of the year….Winter infuses changing moods and emotions go more with the roller coaster.

    We will shock the world. Yogi will play like a true All-American… Hollowell and Davis? I’m thinking Crean is going to throw them into the fires tonight. Great opportunity to challenge their desire to make a difference.

  2. Worst half court offense in college basketball. That is not hyperbole, however I do admit I have not seen every other team. Just cannot imagine one that is worse. T

  3. Close, but no cigar. When prediction was made, I had no idea we’d be without Sheehey. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered….

    Nonetheless, the Hoosiers showed a lot of fight. Do any of these guys ever think of stopping on their dribble drives? Maybe put on the breaks in the paint…put up a little head fake and then go up? Way too many attempts to take it all the way to the rim when there is simply no advantage. And all those penetrations kept the ball out of Vonleh’s hands in critical stretches under seven minutes remaining.

    Did see some encouraging signs from Williams. If he gets going, we could still have a late push and get ourselves bunched up in the middle of the standings for the final turn.

    I did hit ’71’…just on the wrong side of the scoreboard.

    If only Dawson would have stayed asleep for a few more minutes….

  4. All is not lost…Bruce Weber’s team lost on a heartbreaking, deep corner, last second shot against Texas. Sorta cool replay if you get a chance to watch it…Can’t remember the name of the guy on Texas, but he sold it the whole way as time expired…Nothing but net and then he just stoically strolled in front of his bench after draining the bomb.

    Weber must have the greatest number of heartbreaking losses any coach in Division 1. Jeez, that makes me sad.

  5. I thought Coach Creans substitutions made sense tonight. Team played well, Harris hit some daggers late. That was the main difference. Oh,the luxury of having shooters,
    Vonleh, please stay.

  6. It is clear that we are not as good as Mich St, but once again I think we had a chance to win. Hollowell has struggled but if were going to ever have a chance he needs into the game over a few of the guys who were in their late.

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