Live Discussion: Indiana at Nebraska



  1. And… There’s the season folks.

    We’re not mathematically out of it, but when you lose a 13-point halftime lead to Nebraska? Hard to imagine recovering from this one. What a pitiful meltdown. I don’t know what else to say…

  2. Ah, so many parallels to the 2004-2005 Hoosiers with this team. Have seen this movie before. Not out of it yet, but there will have to be some Wisconsin like surprises to be in the NCAA conversation. Perhaps even an unlike traditional IU run in the Big Ten Tourney.

    Who needs a drink?

  3. 19 TO’s(many unforced)and the 2nd leading scorer in the game for IU only plays 22 minutes. A 1/2 court offense sure would make things smoother along with 1 good shooter.

  4. Yes, one shooter–my kingdom for one good shooter. How can a team from Indiana not have someone who can knock down shots?

  5. The one thing that stood out to me tonight was the lack of a killer instinct. It’s as if we try to throw in guys with the hope that they provide a spark. Not sure what happened to Davis’ junkyard dog play. And why the hell does he ever get the ball in the corner. I’ve seen it at least four times this year and it’s never turned out well. Stan’s great, but crumbles at the line. Hartman just looks lost. HMP is reverting back to freshman form. Gordon is shaky. Hollowell? Enough said. I’m not sure his mental makeup will ever let him realize his potential. Nobody except Yogi and Will look confident in their shot after halftime– and most of Will’s didn’t even go in. Troy disappeared after being a monster on the boards early. (I think his missed SC highlight on the follow-up dunk ended his night.) Nebraska catches fire thanks in no part to a complete loss of defensive pressure and fire. Crean was animated but didn’t have any answers. Turnovers. Absolutely nothing went well.

    In short, the Hoosiers looked like they knew they were letting the season slip away, and didn’t have the desire to stop it. Damn shame. Now we’re down to hoping for a miracle turnaround. Poop.

  6. Not sure why ppl on here are posting about “not out of it yet” “season isn’t over” type of stuff….to me it has nothing to do with that….U isn’t very good, plain and simple. We have one legit win, the Wisc-win. We have 2 above average D1 players, we play in a tough conference. Not gonna dance with this current team/coach situation, sorry. Very easy to tell (about a month ago) that this was not a team to put high expectations on. Still enjoying watching and cheering, but didn’t flinch once at the loss, IU is in a rut, and has been since the moment they over joyously celebrated the end all be all that is a reg season B1G title….

  7. If by two above average D1 players you meant two guys that played on the collegiate National Team and another who’s a lock for the NBA lottery (should he decide to leave early,) you’re absolutely right, Fab. I don’t know why anybody would have high expectations.

    This team has shown the ability to play at a high level. They have three guys that could go for 20 and nobody would bat an eye. They have a few others that can be solid contributors, plus role players. But we have yet to put it all together. Not consistently.

    It’s not looking like we will at this point. Too many bad tendencies and a seeming unwillingness to put teams away. The outlook is very bleak. But I choose to hold out hope until the final whistle is blown. I’m just glad you can find as much solace in your smug I-told-you-so prescience as I do for my foolish, ill-fated, blind optimism.

  8. Fan hood and hope is still there, very much rooting. But my basketball eyes do not lie often. If this team didn’t say “Indiana” on the uniforms would I, or anyone else, tab them as a “good team” or a “fun team to watch”? Doubtful

  9. Here is who, at the moment, are our only “real” players: Sheehey, Vonleh, Williams, Ferrell, Robinson….not gonna win a lot, or consistently, with that to begin with much less when you have no bench, no shooters and at times extremely poor teamwork and “together-ness” not saying this team doesn’t like each other but I don’t see that as an xfactor either…

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