1. Immediate reaction? IU NEEDED THAT BIG TIME! We finally close a game against a quality opponent. On the road. In the Big Ten.

    We’ll have our doubters and malcontents, but I think it was more important for us to win a road game that went down to the wire than a 15 point victory. I wouldn’t call PSU a good team, per se, but they’re dangerous and will upset some folks this year. Really, really important we were able to come back and then hold on.

    Substitutions still a little curious, and I hope that’s the last time we see an Indiana press for a long while, but for the most part Crean pushed the right buttons. Stan and Troy are coming along nicely. Interesting to hear what happened with Hollowell. Was he in the doghouse or CTC just sending a message?

    Either way, the season looks just a little bit brighter, if for no other reason than we avoided catastrophe. Go Big Red!

  2. Crean should receive some credit for having the stones to set Hollowell down for the entire game, plus I like the idea of using AE for some kind of outside shooting threat.

  3. TO’s TO’s TO’s TO’s!!!!!!!! Punjab, which is it? “We finally close a game against a quality opponent. On the road. In the Big Ten.”

    “I wouldn’t call PSU a good team, per se, but they’re dangerous and will upset some folks this year”

    It’s Penn State, they’ve lost 8 games already & I’m assuming their schedule is weaker than ours, lots of home games vs real cupcakes??? Actually, the 1st ranked team they played was #5 MSU……

  4. I didn’t see the game today, because I am too cheap to purchase Big Ten Network, but this is a good win. Not only on the road, but finally gets us on the board with a conference win.

    Kudos for Crean sitting JH. Sometimes a punishment can turn into a positive, if the right frame of mind is there. Let’s hope it is, and see JH contribute positively against Wisconsin. Glad to see we only turned the ball over 13 times, AH contributed in a positive manner, and Robinson continues to make his case for more minutes. Let’s go HOOSIERS!

  5. Larry,

    I think what Punjab was getting at is this win at least keeps us alive for a NCAA Tournament bid. We had to win this one. The road is still long, but this was a must win. No, Penn State is no power house, but they won’t be a pushover either like Northwestern.

    Look at some earlier games, and look at the turnovers against lesser quality teams. I think you will find this is a step in the right direction.

  6. Sorry, trying to fit my honey-do list in between the Hoosiers and Colts.

    Larry, I may not have phrased it the best way, but to me there’s a difference between a quality opponent and a good opponent. PSU has lost to Illinois, Minnesota, and now a Indiana by a combined 6 points. They led at the half and hung with Mich St for quite a while before MSU pulled away at the end. That’s 3 good teams and one great team, in my estimation. (BTW, Minny is in a dogfight at the Breslin Center right now…) PSU has two big time scorers,and some decent role players. I would call them above average, even though they will likely finish with a losing record. They will break through against a top team or two at some point. To beat them on the road is as quality a win as we’ve had.

    So in answer to your question, I would say… both. But if it you’re really bothered by this, I’ll retract my third sentence and say we finally a close game against a decent opponent. Better?

  7. Before I gloat, I just want to say that I have a lot of respect for the Colts…. I’d also like to apologize to my parents for having to watch that, but at least they got to witness last week’s historic comeback from about 30 rows from the 40 yd line.

    Now… What a great day!

    12 – 2 pm: watched the Hoosiers pull out a win with my 92 yr old grandfather, who has both a BS (’49) and his medical degree from IU (’55).

    5 – 8 pm: took my grandfather to go watch Max Hoetzel play at a HS showcase event here in Charlotte (notes to follow)

    8:15 – 11 pm: watched my Patriots beat my grandfather’s Colts with an impressive and physical performance.

    He is in great shape for a 92 yr old, but you still never know how many of these opportunities you’ll get in the future. One thing I’m sure of, I’m creating some great memories these couple weeks. I’ll probably forget the doctors appointments and meals and assisted living facility tours, but I’m certain I’ll never forget watching FSU win a national championship in thrilling fashion with my grandfather cheering with me and turning into a Nole fan for a night. I’ll never forget telling him how to pronounce Noah’s last name about 12 times, or watching him cheer when Austin hit that 3 in the corner. And I won’t forget Karl Town Jr’s mother graciously helping my grandfather down the bleacher steps after watching her son absolutely destroy Goodluck Okonobo and get game MVP honors.

    This is what sports is all about…

  8. The game sorta turned on the horrific no-call; the obvious pass interference on the New England defender pulling the Colt receiver to the ground late in the 3rd quarter. I think the Colts were only down 8 points and driving.

    There was also a big holding call that negated a huge gainer on a Luck completion off a scramble. I believe it was early 4th quarter. Instead of being at the 25 yard line in their own territory, the call cost them another huge momentum play and kept them deep in New England territory(40 yard completion wiped out and tack on 10 more negative yards for the holding). I was listening to the game on the radio while driving and I wondered how legit the holding call.

    Desperation mode kicked in…Defense had to take gambles after that point. Luck began to force things. Games often hinge on a few plays. The score looked lopsided, but the Colts had some very untimely no-calls and penalties with so home cookin’ that killed what otherwise could have been a game going down to the wire.

    I do believe the networks and TV execs prefer a Manning vs. Brady game.

  9. They had that already…Two iconic QB’s in an AFC title game has a bigger national draw. Could be both QB’s last head-to-head in a game of such magnitude…Both veterans..Both very cerebral and recognized for their vast understanding of the game(maybe a bit more in Manning’s favor on the mental side of things)….Brady still with a great arm…Manning’s arm losing a bit of its zing with age and the neck injury. And a bit of a chance at redemption for Manning on a much bigger stage. He was not very sharp during the regular season game. If I’m not mistaken, Brady has pretty much owned Manning(other than the Super Bowl run)through the years.

    You’re probably right…There was a bit of cooking, but it was probably just more home referee cookin'(especially the no-call on the obvious pass interference during a key drive late in the 3rd) than TV execs influence.

  10. It’s the year of the rookie quarterback with Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson starting in this weekend’s wild-card round and RG3 and Wilson facing each other, but for old time’s sake, there is one potential playoff matchup that is irresistible.

    Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning in the AFC Championship Game in Denver on Jan. 20.

    It’s a quiet January in New York with the Giants and Jets each taking a pass on the postseason in the same year for the first time since 2003 and Rex Ryan decompressing in the Bahamas, so we can focus on the bigger picture: How cool would it be to get Brady vs. Manning 4.0 in the playoffs?

    They met three times in the postseason when Manning played for the Colts, with New England winning twice. They split two AFC Championship Games, with the winner going on to become Super Bowl champ. One of them could be holding the Super Bowl XLVII trophy on Feb. 3 in Manning’s hometown of New Orleans.

    There are two weekends of playoffs before Manning, 36, and Brady, 35, can take a trip down memory lane. But not all that much has to happen: The Broncos and Patriots each must win a home game in the divisional round to give us Manning and Brady one more time, this time with Manning in an orange uniform. The Manning-Brady rivalry has been the NFL’s equivalent of Magic and Bird.

    The Broncos, who have won 11 straight after a 2-3 start, are the No. 1 seed. The Patriots, who started 3-3 with the three losses coming by a total of four points, finished 12-4 and they are the No. 2 seed. Everything else just seems like the undercard with the potential of the future Hall of Famers meeting again(courtesy:NY Daily News)

  11. ^And that piece was from last season….

    Cam Newton might blow them both out of the water….If I had to pick my Super Bowl winner, it would be the Panthers.

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