1. Quick thoughts:
    1. Yogi showed he needs to grow up. We forget he’s only a sophomore and think he’s more mature and experienced than he is because of all the freshmen. His sulking and lack of effort in the 2nd half after his benching was very apparent.

    2. We didn’t counter Northwestern’s style of play. What’s the point of having an athletic team if you aren’t using them to press and speed up your opponent who is missing their point guard? Poor game plan by our staff.

    3. The coaches and players looked past this game. Vanilla game plan, no energy, and no execution…all the signs were there. Other than Noah, Austin and Hanner, no one seemed to care.

    4. It’s time for Hanner & Noah to be on the floor at the same time. On offense it would allow Noah to play more of a Watford role as he’s our only consistent 3 point threat.

    5. If we’re having trouble scoring, Jeff Howard shouldn’t be on the floor. Troy can guard Crawford.

    Any momentum from the UW game is long gone. I can’t believe this of all teams can take anyone for granted but it wasn’t hard to see that no one on the team came to play and the crowd didn’t help by being completely dead. This performance was reminiscent of CTC’s first IU team. Win @MSU and all is forgiven, lose and consider CTC on the hot seat for the following two games.

  2. Well, well, well. This game should reverse any hopes that might have arose from the Wisconsin win, hopes that Crean IS improving his coaching skills.

    What was that all about? A young team, with a confused and confusing coach. Almost total chaos. And a loss that should have been an easy win.

    Sorry about that, fans…..

  3. When your program is “back” because it hit a walk off 3 at home in a regular season game vs a rival, is 0-2 in the sweet 16, court storms a Jan conference game, and plays guys named Marlin, Perea, Etherington, Howard meaningful minutes 6 yrs into a “great recruiter’s” tenure you simply aren’t “back”. Love the Hoosiers and will keep watching and rooting but all the fans who think IU was somehow a top 5 program in the country again are fooling themselves.

  4. What was I saying about people having the game of their life vs IU? Some dude named Demps just buried us in the closing minutes, and looked like Michael Jordan in the process.

    Their center played a helluva game, too. Remains to be seen if we’ll ever hear of that guy again, either, but wow. Did we see a star emerge or a perfect storm of opportunity Abdul IU ineptitude.

    Credit NW. They plated well. Really well. And they didn’t cave when it looked like we were finally about to take control.

    Have we ever shot so many air balls?

    Back on life support again. Season’s not a lost cause. Yet. But that loss will cost us every bit of the good will the Wisconsin win got us in the eyes of the selection committee. Winning on the road vs #4 MSU is now a must win. That was a really, really bad loss. Exactly what I was worried about. Sheesh. Back to square one.

  5. “top 5 program in the country again” Who do you consider the top 5 programs in the country?

    UK who was in the NIT last year? Kansas who is ranked #15? Duke that’s ranked #23? How about UNC? We need to get over this perennial top 5 thing because it doesn’t exist anymore due to parity.

  6. A loss to NU (and without their starting point guard) at Assembly Hall after beating an undefeated and #3 ranked WI team. Glad I didn’t watch this game. Ouch!!!!!

  7. Just horrible. Hd great expectations we’d take energy from WI win and turn this into a strong home game. Clearly no leadership on the floor, poor game plan with no full court pressure, horrible shooting. CTC said in the opener that they had a crisp practice yesterday. No way! This program appears to look like 5 years ago. We’ll be lucky to get a NIT invite. Sorry folks. Just wasted 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon. The big guy looked great for a freshman…beyond that, nothing from the “team”.

  8. Aruss- thanks for the LOL laugh out loud. Every time someone mentions the weak and snarky “well Duke and UK have down yrs too” comments, gag. right they do, and they are called down yrs. blips on radars of greatness. IU doesn’t have half the final 4 appearances since 1990 as the teams/coaches you just rattled off, those are legit programs, do they have hiccups, sure do, but do they also go to the final 4 and occasionally win the whole thing? YES. Has Crean? No, has IU in last quarter century? No. Don’t try to sleep better just cause Kansas, Duke, UNC aren’t always #1-3. IU is not back and they do not have a legit “program” currently, plain and simple.

  9. Yeah Punjab, I thought exactly what you said earlier. Relative unknowns having big games against IU. It’s a stinging loss. Must regroup quickly. I hope this don’t make morale take a free fall.

    Aruss, I have no problem with Howard playing. This has been discussed before. I don’t care if you are scholarship or not, if your not going to play, someone else will. Troy clearly wasn’t, so Howard goes in. Easy as that. This should make Troy MORE determined. It’s not all gloom and doom. Troy has a bright future. He’s young, and going to cause fits at times.

  10. Fab5 – Why is CTC responsible for IU’s basketball fortunes since 1990? He started out with less than zero and won the B1G last year. If you don’t think the program is in better shape than when he arrived then you either don’t know what you’re talking about or your national championship or bust standards will give you an aneurysm. I feel bad for you since you’ve obviously been frustrated since the spring of 1987. Cheer up, buddy. We’re getting a new defensive coordinator for #iufb!

    Ben – if you look at the last few minutes with Howard on the court, we were playing 4 on 5 when we had the ball. It would be one thing if he were out there setting picks or getting rebounds but he brought absolutely nothing today on both ends of the floor.

  11. Whatever else you want to say, why the negative comments about Howard and about Howard getting to play. He was the only guy on the floor who could guard Crawford in the second half. So he played and we were better for it. The comment “he brought absolutely nothing today on both ends of the floor” is just laughably wrong. As a factual matter. He guarded BOTH Crawford and Olah better than anyone else on the team (including Vonleh’s defense on Olah).

    This loss is on Yogi as much or more than anyone (including CTC). 2-14, 1 assist. And frankly, poor D in the second half.

  12. After Wisc I saw many praising Crean and many saying Crean had nothing do with the win, it was Yogi who won the game. So who lost this game ,Yogi or Crean? My thought,it was a team loss as it was a team win against Wisc.

  13. Aruss- Crean started with nothing? He started at IU, clean slate, great facilities and a simple job, coach basketball, offer scholarships to kids who want to play basketball in an amazing environment. With that’s he was able to convince people like you that it takes over 5 yrs to build a winner. (Evidence around the country says otherwise)Why do you try to make it sound impossible to coach and play good basketball? Have you ever done it? Not brain surgery. Seen every game in the Crean era, and many while he was at Marq. He’s coached 15 yrs at high level schools and is 0-1 all time in the final four. If Cal, K, Self, Williams have a down year that is just a blip. Crean is no where near their status and has a lot to do at IU. That’s why I despise what you said as your defense/excuse, comparing him to their down yrs. You can’t win the argument because your points lead to these two conclusions: he has been at IU and built a good base with good players (if so why will they miss tourney and why is he 0-2 in sweet16s, is that as good as it gets for your fav team?) OR if he hasn’t been here long enough to build a winner…(how long does it take Aruss, what is wrong about IU). Also where were you when Davis had IU in NCAA champ game, and then Sampson had IU ranked in top 10. “Program is in better shape?” How so? Prove that. Just cause you root IU doesn’t mean it’s in better shape cause of Crean. They won the B1G, I saw every minute, I’m objective enough to know that the finish was more reality of a Crean program than the small stints of great play. How differently would you see Crean if ball in Mich rolls 1/2 inch or Temple didn’t crumble and let IU escape, only to then be embarrassed by Syra. My argument is that the current product: on court bball isn’t consistently good. And outside of Noah, Yogi and Blackmon…the “program” isn’t anything to write home about. Give me basketball evidence that tells me Crean understands the game, who/how to recruit, how to motivate and how to win big:

  14. I.U. only offense is for Yogi to dribble-drive and if can,t do that they have no offense. NW decided they would not let him get to the basket and score are pass off like he did against an overated Wisconsin team. How many times did they lose the ball on dribble-drives,way too many. Most substitutions make little sense. Just a bummer.

  15. I’m trying to be less opinionated so I’m not going to say Aruss is right or wrong, but Jeff Howard checked in with 12:28 to go and checked out with 59 seconds left. In that time, Drew Crawford was 0-for-3 with zero points. And Howard defended him pretty much every possession. So, you know. I guess make your own judgment there.

  16. I have no problem with playing Howard at crucial junctures. He defends well, rebounds, and brings energy. That’s his job. Not scoring. To put him on the floor with Marlin and three other reserves is bad juju unless somebody is getting blown out. At one point with about 6 minutes to go, if I’m not mistaken, we had Howard, Marlin, Hanner, Troy, and I think AE on the court together with nobody on our roster in foul trouble. None of those guys should ever be more than a third option on offense, yet in a game where we scored 8 points in the first 17 minutes and couldn’t get anything going all day, that’s our answer with the game in the balance?

    I’m trying to avoid hyperbole and overreaction here, but the season was dangerously close to being on the line. This is what I was worried about.

    Clearly this was a nightmare game. Couldn’t execute. (credit to NW!) Even when we did have open shots or layups, nothing would go down. Every loose ball seemed to bounce NW’s way– even when we weren’t being out-hustled to it. Dudes we’ve never heard of played out of their mind. Refs let a lot of stuff go. (It went both ways, so I’m not saying they screwed us. I thought the refereeing was loose, but consistent. Just that we seem to benefit much more when games are more tightly officiated.) Aside from defensive effort the first 37 minutes, it seems everything that could go wrong, did. And then it got worse.

    Not sure how to put a positive spin on this one. MSU on Tuesday. Now more important than ever.

  17. aruss must be a relative of John Wooden with all his basketball knowledge.

    Aruss must be a relative of John Wooden with all his basketball knowledge.


  18. Ppl who keep saying “MSU on Tues”, what do you think will happen? My prediction, epic loss, major major blowout similar to early Crean era OSU style devastation road L

  19. Is he Doug Collins’ son? I believe he is…Sure looks like his dad.
    Seems like a really good coach.

    Coach K learned everything he needed to know from Knight..

    Jim Collins learned everything via the same chain of command(with Duke since 2000 before taking the NW job).

    Not hard to figure out the roots of great coaching that still reach deep. Bobby never really left Indiana. He just beat us tonight.

    Season is not over. This team is young. The positive thing about being young is a very short memory.

  20. Dustin – your “less opinionated” posts toward me is emboldening your Scoop acolytes to deride me in their slanderous posts.

    Who was guarding Crawford before Howard?…a couple of 5’10” guards he abused on the post. Could Devin, Troy, or Jeremy have been just as effective as Howard?…based on physical stature of course. Did Howard become a non entity on the offensive end of the floor?…yes.

    You can use statistics to try and make any point…69% of the people know that but it doesn’t mean I’m wrong because the scoreboard is on my side.

  21. Dustin, please cease to use any and all facts. They have no place in this discussion. We have no room for your slanderous truth.

  22. Aruss,

    I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I actually agreed with a couple of your points above…..

    No that choked down the vurp & took some pepto, back to what I was saying. In your quick thoughts I think your point #2 & #3 were right on, I also agree that any momentum gained from the Wisconsin win is completely gone.

    Thankfully you went on with point #4 & #5, then made post #7 & #12 that allowed me to reassure myself that I wasn’t losing my mind and you’re still the same asshat you have always been.

  23. He was also defended by Sheehey, Aruss. Not sure the possession breakdown without watching the tape, but it wasn’t just Gordon and Ferrell. Also, you don’t really have the scoreboard, because when he came in with Jonny Marlin, the score was 31-25. It was 38-38 when the starters got back in the game and that was when Demps went off.

  24. Fab5, at this point I don’t know what to think about Tuesday. I just don’t want to think about today.

    It’s the middle of January, and we are back to not knowing what to expect. In the last two games we notched our first quality win and our first bad loss. Before that we’d beaten the bad teams and lost to the good teams, with little else in between. I’m at a loss. My gut says we can expect a competitive game in East Lansing, but not a win. Then we re-evaluate again. Not trying to give you a chicken-sh– answer, but I honestly just don’t know.

  25. Fair enough.
    My over analyzing self will guess that Crean will go at these guys hard Sun, Mon because of lackadaisical effort today, but I don’t think shine of Wisc-win has completely faded from young guns so they’ll balk at his tough demands, coupled by the fact that @ MSU is mightily looming figure regardless, I see major meltdown on horizon.
    Also it’s odd to see Sheehey so composed and calm, to me it’s like he has decided in order to not go crazy because of this new group he’s decided to just do what he can, be a good teammate and doesn’t seem as negative as last month.

  26. You reminded me of an important point I meant to make earlier, Fab. We read of a “crisp” practice yesterday. But I saw so many of Yogi’s shots– including a FT– fall short. That’s usually an indicator of tired legs. Is it possible our practice was a little too crisp? As if we may have been looking too far ahead? Hopefully I’m not looking too far into things, myself, but statement wins are only nice if they’re not nullified by statement losses.

  27. Crean said he saw it coming, which is growth for him, next level growth will be to see it coming and know which buttons to push to avoid a bad L

  28. Aruss, I agree with you we needed to press. We have enough good athletes to do that. If Crean and staff would teach our players to press, we could drain the energy out of teams, create turnovers and score. What do we have to lose? We don’t have consistent shooters, especially three point shooters, except for Vonleh. And the jigs up on us, as Coach Collins’ team demonstrated today, to always try to drive to the basket for points when the paint is packed. Others now know how to stop us since we can’t shoot three’s.

    Also, I agree Perea needs to be out there more with Vonleh. I know this sounds hard for many to believe, but Perea is probably the most improved player on the team. And he’s getting better each game. He even fooled Coach Collins today with his continued improvement in free throw shooting, including his consistency in draining these shots under pressure.

    As to Howard, Etherington and Marlin,these three should never be on the court at the same time. For the most part, they contribute very little to our offense. Yes, Howard played well today in stopping Crawford. Etherington did okay. But until Etherington gains confidence in his shot and shoots the ball more,his court time needs to be less. And Marlin should never play more than a minute, regardless who is on the court,especially when we have a player like Stan who continues to demonstrate improvement with more playing time.

  29. Is there anybody left in the state of Indiana who can hit a jump shot? Why don’t we recruit that kid? Just sayin . . .

  30. Because that kid likely can’t get the ball across the court vs Stanford, can’t get a shot in the lane vs Troy, can’t secure a rebound vs Noah. That kids going to play at NAIA IWU. However Blackmon can shoot and he’ll be her shortly. ASAP Jr

  31. Fab5…hasn’t Crean already had 6 years to see “it” coming? Again, the honeymoon is over here. Having some of the top rated recruiting classes the past few years & nowhere to be found in the top 50 in any poll is wrong!!!!!

  32. It was 73 degrees where I live today. I decided to opt out of watching the game and go surfing.

    Thank god. That’s the most horrendous looking stat sheet I’ve seen since IU played UCLA in the 2nd round of Tourney during the Sampson years.

    In looking for any shred of positive, I do see that we kept the turnovers to 9.

    Hopefully the entire team is shooting non-stop at Cook Hall for the next 72 hours.

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