Live Discussion: Wisconsin at Indiana



  1. Excellent win, folks! This team is starting to find itself, and aside from the trip to East Lansing we’ve got the most forgiving stretch of the conference schedule coming up. Avoid any major slip ups and all of a sudden we’re in good position for the tourney.

    Good to know we now have a second closer in Stan.

    That AE substitution for NV was not good, and I’m sure a lot of people will clown Crean for the Johnny Marlin experiment. But Dakich may be right. That may have been what woke Yogi up and saved the game for us. I’ll give this game’s substitutions a push, maybe even a slight edge to Crean. Hard to argue with the overall results.

    I’m a little torn about the court storming. It was questionable– you could tell even the students were apprehensive– but we did just beat the #3 team in the country, who I’m pretty sure we haven’t beaten since the Truman administration. Meh. Why not? I’m sure the Badgers will remember this when we return to Madison, though.

    Great win, altogether. You can take the Hoosiers off life support again. Go Big Red!

  2. Great win. About time IU beat Wisconsin. But come on people, rushing the court for that victory? Let’s have some class and act like IU has been there before. We were Big Ten Champions last season. That was embarrassing. Rushing the court after beating #1 Kentucky was fine, and well deserved. But doing it for this victory was ridiculous. Our fans are being mildly mocked on Sports Center.

  3. Hell, let em enjoy their times at IU. If it is a win appropriate enough to shake the ground a little(and it was)let em on the court. Hurts no one.

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