1. Oh wait, there’s #33, setting a high ball screen at the 3 pt line to Yogi’s left with nobody even close to him & the hoop, yet no roll to the hole. Complete lack of mental capacity and awareness, as usual.

  2. Did somebody actually predict us to win this game?

    I’ve seen enough of Tom’s “system.” I’ve seen enough trapeze acts that don’t know fundamentals and can’t shoot the ball. The Cody party is over.

    Fire Crean now.

  3. Good news is no classes this week and a week between games. Welcome to two-a-days and the Big 10 boys!

    Today’s positives:
    Stan Robinson – he belonged today
    Davis with more PT
    Sheehey contributions
    *Plenty of good layups

    Today’s negatives:
    Gordon was 3rd off the bench???
    Johnny Marlin & no Ethrington? ?? He must be sick or hurt?
    Whollowell (again) was just pathetic
    Guard defense was horrifying – was it 3 separate 3 pt. shot fouls???
    *Plenty of missed layups
    TOs (again)
    Very poor half court offense – it confused MSU….because they didn’t know what to do but watch all the running around with no purpose

  4. A few quick thoughts:
    1. MSU is the best team we’ll play all year and we held our own. Energy and effort is there. What our team is missing is basketball IQ and that only comes with experience. This was a good measuring stick game.

    2. Slow down is not our pace. Forget the turnover issue and play fast. Not only does it keep our guys moving it throws the other team off as they try to speed up their offense. Playing a slowed down pace led to us show awful perimeter defense against a veteran team.

    3. Confident & Active Troy Williams emerges – this is the Troy we expected. Offense based on movement and activity…and for the love of God square up on your jump shot.

    4. Sheehey looks lost at the start of games – he should not be starting. He’s use to coming off the bench and would probably prefer it at this point. Stan showed why he should be starting and he’s only going to get more confident in his outside shot.

    5. CTC knows what he’s doing with subs. Fans need to stop complaining about Vonleh’s sub patterns because he obviously gets rattled when he gets foul trouble.


  5. I’ve watched a lot of Hoosier hoops over the years…Never seen a more stagnant offense with such limited answers to score the ball. And Sheehey is the most lackluster defender I’ve ever seen in the candy stripes…Shameful.

  6. I’m with you Harvard. This year is a write-off and simply a quest to improve raw athleticism. Period. Problem is, I think he’s caught between trying to win and improving the players. This is the only rationale for his schizophrenic substitutions.

  7. Crean’s system…? It’s called happenstance substituting interchangeably with incompetence. It’s never going to be more than a “wing and a prayer.”

    That Dawson kid is pretty good.

  8. AWinAZ & Dustin need to step back away from the ledge. With a Freshmen team, it’s a process and today you’ve seen the maturation of Troy & Stan right before your eyes. But you can’t see that because all you see is a loss and not a loss to one of the teams favored to win the NCAA title who also gave last year’s IU team a rough time.

    AWinAZ – you’re probably one of the guys who think Luke was a big loss because of the “great improvements” he made against Whatchamacallit St. These are the games and experiences that turns coal into diamonds. You can moan and complain about every set and substitution but I’d rather focus on the big picture and see all the pieces coming into place. The announcers said Izzo was still working on getting his rotation down for the next two weeks with his veteran team and you have the gall to complain about CTC with our team?

  9. It’s the MARLINs, ETHRINGTONs, HOWARDs and HARTMANs of Indiana that provided Crean with the only recruits that believed in Indiana during his first couple years in Bloomington(before Cody created some hope and saved his a$$ and coaching job). Now we sh__t on similar kids as we continue to watch Michigan and MSU pluck the top ballers from the state that don’t want to play for Crean(outside a kid that had to change his mind three times between IU and Crean’s friend down at the University of Corruptsville).

  10. Dawson IS pretty good, but he is a junior, and this is his first year averaging more than 9 points or 6 rebs… He also is a horrible FT shooter. Devin Davis will end up just as good if not better.

  11. MSU doesn’t have the inside game to win it all. Izzo has a history of buckling at Final Fours anyway.

  12. Dawson is just gaining confidence after his torn ACL….He’s not really a junior when it comes to PT and feeling comfortable on the floor after a serious setback.

    Where is Dawson from…? All you have to do is see the hunger and motor to know the answer.

  13. You’re right, Geoff. Outside of Cody, he gets everyone from the state(basically the leftovers from the Indy area) that Michigan and MSU have no interest.

  14. I like Davis, but I doubt he’ll ever have the instincts at the glass to match Dawson.

    Davis would be smart to transfer. He’d get more PT at a lot of other programs.

  15. Sad when people spend so much time here “bitching” about an assistant football coach. One of the most storied basketball programs in the nation and the head basketball coach makes Mallory look the epitome of competence.

    Have you ever witnessed so many open looks and easy drives to the basket for a Hoosier opponent than what went down on McCracken today? Shameful….Beyond incompetence. If there was ever a ‘signature’ of Hoosier basketball, it was mental preparation and heart. Very sad to see such a beatdown on CBS.

    Wake up, Hoosier fans. Enjoy football because it’s the best it’s going to get at Indiana until you get out of your b-ball coma at the Joyce Meyer compound.

  16. Another 4 shots for Vonleh. Way to get him the ball. This is about the 5th game they have gone to him on the block the first possession of the game, he’s scored, and then they never go back to. Him again…

  17. Brutal game. I didn’t expect to win, but I sure as heck didn’t expect to get blown out like this in Assembly Hall. I like the emergence of Stan, but very little else to celebrate. Almost every half court set in the second half had just standing around the perimeter. Every time Noah touched the ball, MSU would collapse, double/triple team him and our perimeter players were just standing around watching him. The lanes were wide open.

  18. Izzo has been to the FF 6 times. He’s advanced twice. I wouldn’t call that buckling.

  19. Could someone please suggest to me another Indiana University (Men’s) Basketball team that looks like the players don’t know each other? I know Yogi likes to hang on to the ball and create (problem: he’s 5’11” tall) but can someone tell me why he looks at Will Sheehey like “Hmmmm, are you on my team?” and then ‘creates’.

    I’m sick of this team already, and the only games I’m relishing is when we play Wisconsin. Then, we’ll see a coach show Crean how a Team plays.

    Wisconsin is the best team we’ll play all year.

  20. IU fans through the years:

    Toward Knight – “He can’t recruit, the game has passed him by, too hard on players causing transfers, can’t win in the NCAA anymore.”

    Toward Davis – “Can’t coach his players, offense is too stagnant, can’t recruit the state.”

    Toward Sampson – “His players are thugs, can’t stay off the phone, doesn’t respect IU tradition.”

    Toward Crean – “Offense is too stagnant, gets out coached, can’t recruit the state, too hard on players who transfer.”

    If Jesus came back to Coach IU – “Team not aggressive enough because always turning the other cheek, turns water into wine instead of beer.”

    I wish some of you would update your resumes and send them to Glass to see what he’s missing in a REAL coach.

  21. Aruss through the years: “basketball is hard, basketball is complicated, basketball is impossible for elem, ms, hs kids to play, basketball is confusing and that’s why I don’t know what to say other than ‘go iu rah rah'”

  22. Like I said, we get a week to prepare for Penn St. Anyone who thinks we shouldn’t beat Penn St. With the “Movement” and this years’s “top 5 recruiting class” is a purdue fan.

    Then Wisc, NW, @ MSU, ILL, @ Neb thru Jan.

    I say;
    W @ PSU
    L vs. Wisc
    W NW
    L @ MSU
    W vs. I’LL
    W @ Neb

    That’s 4-4. If we are lucky.

  23. This just in from Illinois: 2015 target guard: Aaron Jordan verbally commits to Illinois—scratch #2 listing from ITH recruit board

  24. I would say Penn State could go either way. Wisconsin is for sure a loss and so is Michigan State. Illinois is a toss up imo. I predicted a 7-11 record before Fischer left. I then thought 5-13 could even happen.

  25. Don’t compare the fans perceptions of a burned out Knight that outgrew his passion for the ever increasing need to kiss prima donnas and boosters butts to how they should perceive Tom Crean in his supposed prime years.

    There is nothing inaccurate in the perceptions of Crean’s teams showing complete ineptitude at running offense..And the lack of defensive awareness and heart was downright embarrassing. This is year seven. Larry is correct..The honeymoon is over. We shouldn’t see basketball that looks like his second year with slightly better than walk-on talent. Minus the savior recruit, it’s back to ugly hoops. Now we just have better talent looking dumbfounded at the dumbfounded coach.

  26. This just in from the Weather Channel:

    Sunday night temps in the Midwest expected to plummet to frighteningly dangerous below zero levels…Bitterly cold, but still hovering just above the average Indiana Hoosier heat check on a jump shot. Could get as cold as seven degrees above frigid Hollowell.

  27. My attitude changed last year when the team had so much trouble closing out The Big10 Championship, and my perception of the team
    was supported in the NCAA Tourney. That team underperformed, period!!!!

  28. Larry – correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t we win the B1G title out right on Michigan’s floor? There’s no shame in losing to Syracuse. Their zone is like playing a football team that runs the wishbone with talented players. It’s an anomaly that is difficult to beat.

    Let’s see how Izzo’s team looks next year with Harris, Appling, Payne and Dawsen gone. Do you think MSU fans will turn on him as he brings a young team along? Like AWinAZ says, let’s wait until 8 after games and see how the team looks. I think guys like Double Down & Geoff will be eating crow.

  29. Aruss,

    Uh, eating what crow? I didn’t make any predictions. Just been commenting on what I see so far.

    Careful with your generalizations.

  30. I hope I’m eating crow… The only things I’ve said to this point is that we have the worst half court offense in America and that this is a bridge year that I’ll try to remain patient through. I’m not so worried about through 8 games this year, it’s what going on through 8 B1G games next year that interests me.

  31. Some simple facts. CTC recruits Indiana and he recruits it well. No coach has ever, or will ever, get every single one of the best players in he home state. Knight did not, CTC will not. But anyone who claims CTC is anything other than one of the best recruiters in college basketball not named Calipari should not be taken seriously. IU has a one glaring need to fill this year–outside shooting. Next year we have three top shooters coming in. If you have been following JB and RJ, you know that they have the potential (maybe even likelihood) to be among the best shooters in college basketball. As freshmen.

    CTC coached IU to its first outright Big Ten Championship in 20 years. The first back to back sweet sixteens in a long time. The first number one ranking in a long time.

    We lost two players who left early–top 4 NBA draft picks–and two other seniors who were top outside shooters and 100 point scorers. It will take some time for IU’s freshman and sophomores to develop. But CTC is very strong at developing talent.

    We will lose a bunch of games this year. We play a lot of freshman. Relax and enjoy the development process. It takes many great coaches a long time to win a championship.

    H4H likes to rant and will do so regardless of facts and outcomes. Relax and enjoy the rants.

  32. Well, well, well, I have been setting here and reading all of these gripes and bitches about this young inexperienced team. If you really want to watch IU basketball at its best that is exciting fellows, spend $5 and come and watch the young and inexperienced IU women play! They play hard and smart and DON’T turn the ball over and most importantly, THEY WIN!! They are well coached and play extremely hard at all times. Oh yes, did I mention that they are undefeated? So fellows, the best basketball in town is being played by the women! You can’t beat the price. Go Hoosiers!!

  33. In 2 years Devin Davis will make the state of Indiana(and Michigan)forget who Dawson is or was.

    Mikec, I remain positive and enthusiastic for Coach Miller’s team but I do not have the time for all the teams in mens sports I like to follow let alone following girls sports.

  34. I wouldn’t put Sheehey on the court for two games. His defensive effort was an insult to the uniform. We have taller guards and a ton of wings but yet nobody could get out to the shooters on the perimeter.

    This isn’t about the inexperience of youth. It’s about basic communication and effort. And then on one of the few occasions an IU defender got to the shooter, he decided to give MSU a five point plays by fouling on the 3-pt shot and acquiring a technical foul.

    You experts can make all the excuses you want for CharlaTom ValvoCrean’s complete lack of getting a team prepared. And we should have shooters on this roster now. He’s had plenty of time to recruit and plan for the absence of Hulls..It’s not like Jordy was a one-and-done. And he also had Zeller for a bonus year.

    People were mocking Abell’s shooting touch last season. Abell’s stroke looks like Pete Maravich compared to most on the roster now. And at least the kid put out some effort on the floor.

    Establishment couldn’t be more pleased. IU has never looked more lost. The NCAA burned down the program over nothing and then we hired Bozo. Seth Davis will love doing Big 10 games this year.

  35. He actually had Zeller and Watford for a bonus year…

    You can have a plethora of athletes…Guess what..? Other teams have athletes that can also shoot the ball. Or they have centers that can actually get some touches and do more than just attempt to put the ball on the floor while forcing the action in traffic. Horrible coaching and fundamentals abounds at every position on the floor. Every player wants to create his own shot rather find the cutter or make the pass to the highest percentage shot. It’s never been uglier basketball on McCracken.

    Did anyone else catch CBS showing the old shot of Crean sitting(yes, he was actually with a butt in chair) next to Izzo during the glory days at MSU? I couldn’t help myself from chuckling. Crean still carries the same pained and clueless expression. Nothing has changed. He’s still always gazing at the game as if he’s in a confused frustrated state of eternal constipation.

  36. I fully understand that genius can work it’s way into the dweebiest of outer shells(we only need to examine computer software, internet development, social media, and financial worlds as offering plenty of examples)… But this is something different. This is not the high school “square” that put the sexy into geek. Did you ever see Bobby Knight just catching flies? This is constipation of the mind.

  37. And to think we once had a college that exemplified the fact we were the greatest basketball state in the nation..

    Well, I guess there’s still a Butler…A Butler that will likely have more upcoming successes than IU even after the departure of one of the most sought after basketball minds in years.

    Oh, and ND…They stuck it to Establishment Duke. They also found some premier Indiana kids(not leftovers) to put on their roster. The kid from South Bend is pretty good too.

    Bloomington should just pack their program up and move it to Jersey. With Crean at the helm it resembles Snooki hoops….Obnoxious and irrelevant.

  38. Come to think of it…? SpankyBtown does sound like a Jersey community. Hell with the Pipeline. Longer septic lines don’t fix constipated coaching.

  39. we.ve got to grow out of this. We.ve got to grow out of un derstanding how not to take momentum. We struggle right now with understanding how not to take momentum. We struggle right now with understanding momentum. We struggle with time and score. Some of it is just immaturity. Some of its youth? Some of it is just not understanding the ball needs to go through the paint. Will soneone tell me what he just said?

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