Report: Littrell hired by North Carolina

Indiana offensive coordinator and tight ends coach Seth Littrell has been hired by North Carolina for the same position according to this report by Alex McCarthy at

UPDATE: Per a source this evening, Littrell has been offered the job at North Carolina but has not yet accepted.


  1. Then Patton gets moved to FB/TE (and maybe gets the Asst HC title) and we hire new 2 defensive position coaches. With our need for defensive experience, no need to keep someone that lacks defensive experience on that side of the ball

  2. According to USA Today’s database, Littrell was earning $356k/annum. We’ll see what he gets at UNC.

  3. It’s a loss and only time will tell how big a loss it is. It’s never good losing talented staff who make a lateral move. It creates speculation and is a sign that the program can’t keep its best coaching talent, Instability is bad for recruiting and player development. Bottom line is that IU Football is still at or near the bottom of coaching compensation. If Glass wants to build a winning program, that’s going to have to change.

  4. Kevin Wilson is and has been the Offensive Coordinator. Littrell probably spent most of his time as Tight Ends Coach. Of course he went somewhere where he thought he would have more of an impact. Figurehead or not, the IU offense was pretty good when he was here. Good Luck to him and IU.

  5. Compensation for coaches is not the issue. We just hired an x-DC from the ACC. UNC has no more money to throw at coaches than IU. I tend to think if your team needs more offense the Wilson coaching tree is a good resource now recognized for help. Few in college sports spend $ more wisely and get more value than Glass. He enlists the proper priorities needed to build a department full of programs. If Wilson wants to keep SL, Glass will work out the $. Like iulongago, Aruss and PB have stated the pieces on the chess board most likely will be placed in new spots after a couple more new hires. It is all being done to bolster defensive improvement. Priorities allow $ loosened up here are now more needed over there. The offensive vision of Wilson will be completed even if there is a new OC. I am pumped about the defensive changes and the possible changes speculated as Wilson shows leadership by being decisive, flexible and creative.

  6. I respectfully disagree Podunker. IU’s Offense IS Wilson (in Caps)! That is who the kids come to learn under. If I were a great young offensive mind, unknown, and not an OC, I would be calling Coach Wilson and begging for my chance to earn some notice! Likewise if I were convinced that I was a great defensive coach and just needed the chance in the B1G leagues, and was not afraid of the risk (you must produce results now in 2014 and 2015), Indiana is where I would go to be DC. Littrell will be given the chance to “be” the offense at UNC. Next stop for Seth will be HC. He owes Wilson a lot. Every knowledgeable football person in the US knows that Indiana’s Offense under Wilson is top-flight! This builds, not undermines, Coach Wilson’s national reputation!

  7. How can anyone say money is not an issue when Louisville just hired a DC away from Georgia at $1 million a year and IU’s coaching compensation budget is at or near the bottom of the Big Ten. You get what you pay for, guys. And the best coaching talent is not going to work for less than top dollar. In a business without any real job security, you get as much as you can as fast as you can and try to save enough to get you through those periods after being fired for reasons beyond your control.

    I’m not saying Littrell’s departure was all about $, but I’ll bet his salary at UNC is much higher than it was at IU. Money was a contributing factor in Littrell’s decision to leave. If he had stayed, we must assume Wilson was going to give him more authority to run the offense. You don’t pay a coach $337K a year to coach tight ends.

    Secondly, while I don’t argue that Wilson is in charge of IU’s offense, Littrell was very valuable in obtaining the talent necessary to run it. Who was it that recruited two of IU’s excellent young quarterbacks? Who was it that recruited two of the most promising tight ends IU has ever signed? Littrell was effective in expanding IU’s recruiting reach to the West coast based on his experience at Arizona. Losing Littrell won’t devastate IU football, but it was a loss.

  8. If Wilson had wanted to keep SL, glass would have offered a $ package to make it so. But with the offensive prowess of this staff losing him is money better spent for other needs. Priorities and needs. I’d say both are being met with common sense.

  9. HC, now that’s a good argument. I don’t disagree with you on that. I’d say, relative to need, it was more important for IU to spend the money to upgrade its defensive coaches than it was to keep Lattrell. That I agree with.

  10. …or maybe it was necessary to pay Johns and Patton what they were worth to the program for longevity and consistency…nobody knows the conversations between Glass and Wilson…

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