1. Good job of reporting again guys and capturing the essence of this debacle. It was a complete mess. And although YOU don’t know what is going to happen Tuesday, I do. We’ll be real lucky to lose by 20. Now onto my own thoughts from this game.

    -If not for Howard and AE we lose this game easily by 20 pts. Both put stability in the approach and brought much needed maturity and calm to the floor.
    -Yogi was awful. Call it like it is. He was the reason we lost this game as you stated. Right from the start he was somewhere else today. It almost looked like Whollowell crawled into his head. And let’s all face facts: We go as Yogi goes, and today he was awful.
    -Vonleh was indeed manhandled, but he should’ve got the ball because he was at least shooting it well enough to warrant it ON EVERY TRIP.
    -Gordon, Sheehey, Robinson,

  2. (sorry…con’t.)
    -& Williams were all liabilities
    -Collins is sharp & he had a great, simple game plan; be physical, get back on D, & pack the paint. Not rocket science vs. this team by any means.
    -Expect more of the same from the other Big 10 coaches now & more Ls
    -If I were coaching against us, I’d play a compact 2-3 zone, pack the paint. There it is, shoot over it!
    -And to everyone on this blog….get over an NCAA bid. It isn’t going to happen. Crean knows it which is why he is teaching kids the meaning of the bench like he should. He should’ve sat down Yogi like the Wisc. game too. Why Davis is in the doghouse, who knows, but he’s the 2nd most physical player we have & he didn’t see the wood today.
    -The very odd 5 of Yogi, Howard, AE, Marlin & Perea was it? had me confused at the 8 to go mark. Then he sits Yogi & brings the others back in? Obviously searching for SOMETHING.
    -If Crean saw this coming he should’ve done something to rattle their chains on Thr & Fri. Even start players who did hustle in practice. Why the same 5 if there was trouble afoot?

    Just a complete and utter disaster today. It was worse than ’09 today. YES, worse. I said it & I mean it. This team has two successive top 5 recruiting classes per the so called “experts”. That team had Kyle Taber. We could’ve used him today.

  3. AZ – I agree with some and not completely with others…

    – Vonleh was manhandled, in the sense that he was fouled several more times than it was called as he was attempting shots. About half of those were actual blocks and the other half were hacks. He should’ve shot 12-14 FT’s instead of 7. But don’t forget, he out scored and out rebounded his man, so I certainly won’t say he was manhandled in the sense that his guy got the better of him.

    – Crean did bench Yogi on a couple occassions to send a message and not just for normal rest. He’s also trying to win a close game though, and he knows Yogi gives him the best chance.

    – is Davis in the doghouse or is he just injured. Was this covered in one of the write-ups or scoop talk? I know he played a minute against Wiscy… Was he going full speed, full contact in practice this week? I too am confused by him absence on the court.

  4. Coach Happenstance… If Glass could give Crean something to do during games this team would win twice as often.

  5. AZ – I told Dustin & Jeremy before the start of the season that it would be a roller coaster ride as the team learned to face adversity & SUCCESS. We’d lose games we probably think we shouldn’t (ND & NW) and win games games we thought were unwinnable on paper (UW & @MSU). For you and others to think the season rides on the result of each game is beyond ridiculous.

  6. Your got serious issues if you are having to play two walk ons extended minutes in year six of your coaching gig. You are either a bad judge of talent or you are not developing the players you have. I remember an article written after the Washington game saying Williams was playing himself into a lottery pick. LOl!. Williams is awful and right now I don,t know why he even sees the court.

    One common excuse is this team has no shooters. Isnt it the coaches job to recruit and make sure each team has shooters? The only shooter recruited in the last class was hartman and that was a verbal taken very early on which is looking like it was not a smart move. When Noah turns pro we have nothing up front for next year. So I guess that will be the exucse for year seven. We have no forwards.

  7. steve – you obviously don’t know much about motivational techniques used in coaching. Here is something simple for you and the rest to understand this year’s IU team is similar in it’s development to last year’s Iowa team. The type of improvement you’re seeing in Iowa this year only comes with experience.

  8. I guess I don’t understand it. I also guess Michigan missed the memo that they are not supposed to be very good this year. What right does Michigan have being 5-0 with the top five scorers being three sophomores and two freshmen. Somebody should tell John Beilein they are suppose to be losing more games because they are young and don’t have experience! We do start two seniors by the way.

    Iowa also won 25 games last year. You really see this team winning 25 games?

  9. Steve, the point I’ve been tryin to make. There is no such thing as rebuilding any longer in college basketball, at least not to this extent. Clear out of the top 50? I mean when the likes of KY, Duke, Kansas, UNC rebuild, you might find them ranked outside the top 15, but still in the top 25, at the worst.

    We have had top recruiting classes the past 3 years.

    I have been an avid Crean supporter, up untill they could not seize the moment and close out the Big10 Championship when they could have, 3 games before the Big10 season was over. And simply under performed in the NCAA Tourney. At this time, I’m not sure this is the coaching staff to get us to the elite level.

  10. UNC just barely escaped an 0-4 start in the ACC there Larry… UK was out of the top 50 last year…

    I’m not making a statement about IU’s relevance, but you need to research your example’s better.

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