1. With Nebraska’s win over Ohio State last night, we are reminded again there are no “patsies” in the Big Ten or BIG. Anyone can beat anyone on an given day or night. It’s a very tough league. That makes it more important for our young and inexperienced players to recognize they need to bring it mentally and physically to every game. There are no cheap or easy victories.

    It’s now time for them to “grow-up” and take ownership for IU’s wins and losses for the remainder of the season. No coach can do it for them. Neither Knight nor Crean nor anyone else. A coach, like any manager, can only establish an environment for them to be successful. A coach, like any good teacher, can only show them the way as to how they can best maximize their skills and talents. But only the players can energize or motivate themselves to be successful in every game, or every day at work, or every day in the classroom too. It’s the height of arrogance for any coach, teacher or parent to believe they can motivate a player, student, or child even by hitting them over the head with a 2 x 4. So for IU’s players, the time for excuses or playing the blame game is over beginning tonight.

  2. Come early March, the Northwestern loss may not be viewed as a “bad loss”. As well, the Wisonsin win may not look like a “signature” win. Wih the Nebraska win last night, WaltD is right on track, no easy wins in the future.

    This team reminds me of CWat last year. If his first shot was up close and went in, he would have a good night. Same with this group – the first shot is important. This group also seems to play to the level of the competition.

    So who starts tonight? Not be surprised to see Sheehey, Noah, Yogi, Austin and Robinson or Howard. Actually would not be surprised to see Marlin start. Coach has many options and glad he is willing to experiment, which seems non-conference would have been the place, but anyway.

    Guessing no win tonight but closer than earlier game.

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