1. As mentioned, a big win! Good defense and rebounding. Improvement too with zone. A great close out of the game. Obviously, IU needs to continue its improvement in defense, turnovers, pace of game, shooting 3s and free throws. But the team is now on the verge of making some huge growth spurts in many of these areas. If they do, IU could still have a chance to go to the NCAA. So stay focused. Work hard. Play tough including full throttle to the last second of each and every game.

  2. Dustin pulls out some real ammunition in these ScoopTalks..

    It often appears Jeremy is simply a hostage to the moment..You almost have to go slow-mo and start/stop motion to pick out some out these classic silent editorials as Dustin toys with the audience his level of engrossment in Jeremy’s contributions.

    Jeremy, you need to fight back! You need a signature move..a goofy tilt of one eyebrow, the ever-so-slight rolling back of the eyes…a nanosecond of a Jack Nicholson ‘One Flew Over’ blanked out soulless stare. Dustin is scoring on you at will…It’s time to bring your game.

  3. So Geoff, did you buy one of those ‘Harvard is a —-‘ generators? Or do it the old manual way?

    Either the kid is asleep and you are really bored or this is a kid needs a diaper change and this is a ‘I’m really busy at the moment dear but let me finish this and I’ll get the next one.’?

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