1. Great job as always guys! Thanks.

    Unrelated question-back during the preconference we were briefly discussing if IU could defend home court without a loss. Truly a daunting expectation for this year’s Hoosiers. Anyway, MSU just went down at home to UM. My question is this: has every BIG team lost at least one home game now? There seems to be incredible competition in the league this year.

  2. Going into today’s game in East Lansing, Michigan and MSU were both undefeated in conference play That leaves Michigan as the only team that has yet to lose at home(or away}.

    Indiana 84
    Illinois 73

  3. No way Illinois beats us today. Hoosiers win convincingly and get ahead of Northwestern in the standings. Tom Crean rules, that much is clear. In his 6th year at IU Bob Knight finished 5th in the Big Ten and there was no postseason. Thus in his 6th year Tom Crean will almost certainly match Bob Knight’s postseason (if not surpass it, by winning the Big Ten tourney) and we’re clearly inching away towards being 5th (or higher, much higher, possibly even 4th) in the standings which will greatly solidify Coach Tom Crean’s legacy in Bloomington. And if Crean doesn’t get fired at the end of the season he will also have lasted more than Davis here which would make Tom Crean simply the best coach ever at IU. It’s Indiana baby where we chase opponents after a win and we cut the nets after a home loss!

  4. Michigan tops three top ten opponents in one week?

    Man… yet another program wrecked by that Jeff Meyer.

    Indiana: winning the right way(*)!

    * when winning

  5. Hey sure thing, in Bob Knight’s 4th year he lost 1 game and zero in the Big Ten, in his 5th he again lost zero in the Big Ten and zero overall and won the NCAA. in his 6th, he did not make the NCAA but did beat top ranked MI at home. But there were not 64 teams in the NCAA tournament that year. They were 9-9 in the conference that year, 13-13 overall. Please get your facts straight.

  6. Harvard,
    Congratulations! That is one win down, one closer to your predictions coming true.

    Not too bad on the score either. If both teams had played even semi-good, your numbers might have come as close as the your spread and win prediction. Unfortunately, IMHO, they both played so pitifully that it is a shame that they both couldn’t have lost!

    I’m going to begin to believe Harvard’ predictions. We ARE going to the NCAA tournament.

    But hey, anything can happen.

  7. NoMendacity-

    Thanks. But I sure was off on the score. Both teams are not super deep in guys that are ‘take over a game’ type talents. Already going up against each other a month ago probably accounted for some new strategies to keep certain standout players more in check. They were really collapsing on Vonleh and that shrunk our offense until Yogi figured things out and hit a couple big shots in the second half. Maybe we did some things in our zone gave them some adjustment difficulties that they originally dealt with better at Illinois(I’m basically stealing John Groce’s postgame comments when asked about the low point totals compared to their first meeting).

    It’s probably not so uncommon that a ‘rock throwing'(courtesy: Sccop) contest occurs in the second meeting. More film, more applied teaching, more coaching to apply new ideas to match-ups already tested to one outcome, etc.

    So, at the end of the day, it shows just how little I do know. Those that probably study this stuff a lot more, likely new this kind of game was a high probability. Two teams still sorta trying to find their way that have already gone against each other recently? In hindsight that would have been more perceptive sight, it sounds like a recipe for a low scoring game.

    Sheehey still shaking off some rust after the ankle issue may have also accounted for some misfiring and suppressed output(team & individual).

    Can’t relax…Gotta get a win at Nebraska. I think it sets up well for Vonleh. And maybe Sheehey gets back on a role. I think this team needs that core(Yogi, Noah, and Will) to find a strong stride through the next weeks.

  8. oops. My apologies..I’m tired tonight causing an overflow of spelling errors even more than the ‘rock throwing’ usual.

    …Sheehey gets back on a [roll]

  9. One more thought before bed…

    I’ve noticed that we don’t look tired…I’ve also noticed the Sheehey just looks a bit more tone and lean. He looks more under control in his movement because of what appears to be a real effort to get in top physical shape.

    Ehterignton also looks a step quicker…Howard is in really good condition. Maybe it’s my imagination, but their just appears to even be more controlled speed on the returning players. Maybe it’s a product of conditioning and practicing against the better athletes we brought in.

    And if that extra conditioning, controlled speed, quicker feet, slightly better elevation on jump shots, on legs noticeably less tired than last year, lies a real positive going forward. We don’t look like a squad the will wear down. Shots will begin to fall and offense will begin to click rather than begin to falter from overall season fatigue.

    And I constantly marvel at the condition of Yogi and Noah….Yogi’s overall constant movement and Noah’s advanced state of conditioning and strength inside such a young man’s body. We often fail to appreciate just how much work it takes to play at such an incredible pace in a physical contact sport where precision is key(yes, basketball is probably more contact than football).

    Anyway, finished rambling for tonight.

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