Shelt: Hollowell’s benching could be “long-term thing”

Lawrence Central coach J.R. Shelt, Jeremy Hollowell’s high school coach, said that Indiana coach Tom Crean called him Saturday morning to tell him that Hollowell would not be playing in Saturday’s game at Penn State.

“He called me and said ‘we’re having some focus issues with Jeremy,'” Shelt said by phone Sunday evening. “‘We’re going to sit him down. It could be a long-term thing, but we’re going to work through it.’ … I really appreciated him calling to tell me that.”

Hollowell had started all but one game before Saturday and was averaging 23.3 minutes per game for the season. The 6-foot-8 sophomore had been struggling on the floor, however, averaging 7.7 points and 4.3 rebounds but shooting just 36.4 percent from the field and 22.2 percent from beyond the 3-point arc. He was 1-for-14 from the field with just six points in his previous three games.

Shelt said he wasn’t told anything else about Crean’s reasons other than that there were “focus issues,” which mirrors Crean’s explanation to the media after the game on Saturday. He said he did not ask for any specifics and was not given any reason to believe that those focus issues go beyond the basketball court. He also was not aware of exactly how long-term the situation might be and when Hollowell could expect to get back on the court. He said he has not yet spoken with Hollowell, but likely would in the coming days.

He said he got the impression Crean wrestled with the decision.

“He was very emotional about it,” Shelt said. “I think it was something he didn’t want to do, but he decided he had to do.”

Shelt said he had no objection to the move.

“When you look at it as a long term thing, sometimes kids, they do, they have to focus,” Shelt said. “… Hopefully, in the bigger picture, this is just going to be something we look at as a bump in the road and Jeremy is going to be a better player for it.”



  1. I read all this and more in Crean’s tone and his remarks about the situation, however this helps validate my own mind-game guessing.

  2. Doesn’t anyone find it bizarre the like a week ago Coach Cream was talking JH up about his work between games and saying JH had never given him a reason to be down on him or whatever out was and suddenly he’s potentially riding the bench long term for a “focus” issue? A focus issue that sprung out of whole cloth in one week? Does the media just have some collective amnesia about what they reported Coach Crean said way way back in late January, 2014? Call it a scoop when you be something more than the party line.

  3. This is perplexing. Something that IU has not had happen in the Crean era. Of course you hope for the best with Jeremy going forward.

    Weird things have happened at IU before with highly touted players. I think back to the late 90s with Collier and especially Luke Recker. AJ Ratliff went AWOL for personal reasons. You hope it doesn’t get to that point but an extending benching and with the recruits coming in this may be the start of this process.

    Way back when I analyzed Creans transfers at Marquette he had a weird spike in about year five or six which puts him about here with IU. Dameon Mason a top 40 recruit who was a sophomore star when he left sticks out in my mind.

    The Milwaukee Journal even went as far to run a few stories about it. But hey with a program that is at a high level this stuff probably becomes more frequent. It’s just that finding out the why from Crean or his camp is just so cryptic.


  4. JIm,
    Yeah, I mentioned that in ScoopTalk and I very much remember what he said on Monday. I also wrote about that in the paper today in this story.

    So yeah, I’m really confused in the change in tone and I don’t understand what’s happening here. This is just the latest piece of the puzzle I’ve been able to throw together, but I don’t have any real clue what the whole thing looks like.

  5. It’s also very strange following the Fischer departure. Hmmm? Isn’t Jeremy’s home is just up the highway in Indy? Doesn’t sound like homesickness…With all that holier-than-thou crap that Crean basks himself, I bet it’s a real bitch being on his bad side….Suddenly you’re not just in a basketball slump. Suddenly you’re in a very dark place your b-ball funk has become more than evil. Jonny Marlin won’t even say hello and you’ve suddenly become alienated from the congregation. The quiet and judgmental stares become more difficult to tolerate. You feel the outcast and it shows on the court. Do you convert and give into something that makes you compromise your own heart and intuitions…Or do you leave? Do you stand atop the desk in professor Keating’s poetry class and view the world from the beliefs in yourself and the wisdom found in your own instincts of right and wrong? It truly must feel like the world is crushing in around you when you find yourself in the firing line of someone flawless. Do you give the middle finger to it all to save yourself?

    1. Harvard,
      If you just went with the first part, following up Fischer’s departure with this Hollowell issue, I’d agree with you. There’s every reason to be suspicious as to the underlying tone or atmosphere that surrounds this team. But why does it always have to be about faith? Just because the Joyce Meyer tweets drive you nuts doesn’t mean they have anything to do with the film room, practice court or even the halftime speeches. Hollowell is not getting benched for not being “Christian enough,” he’s getting benched because his play his substandard and apparently something about his approach is as well. Sometimes I feel like you’re connecting dots from the universe of Star Wars to the universe of Star Trek, which has got to be wreaking some sort of havoc with the space time continuum.

  6. Jeremy-

    When someone is posturing and endlessly attempting to sell something so much, you gotta figure there will be some that decide they’re just not buying anymore. It can move beyond the not buying into the faith…It moves to defiance of the “arrogance” in speaking from above rather than eye-to-eye. You can be completely believing in the message of Christianity, but completely nauseated by the manner, motives, and methods its deliverer.

    And I don’t know the reasons for Jeremy’s “focus” issues….But I don’t think it’s a stretch to conclude being around such heavy and sanctimonious attitudes could become very suffocating.

    Knight evolved into a similar state of too high regard for himself…It may have also become suffocating for certain players that were still generally very good kids. It may have grown from a different seed(and possibly been more justified as it relates to competence and experience as a successful coach with three banners on his resume), but still suffocating nonetheless.

  7. Who said, “but, hey, in a program that’s at a high level it’s expected to see stuff like this’? Was that directed at this years Hoosier team? lol A team that’s not ranked anywhere?

    I don’t see evacuations anywhere near this prevalent at Duke, OSU, Kansas, UNC, Syracuse……………

  8. And as Dustin said…At the beginning of the week, Crean gave all indications that Jeremy’s “approach” in practice was exemplary. Pretty hard to believe you bench a kid for more than one game for only a few bad practices..(that’s assuming Crean’s Monday statements were truthful and accurate with regard to Jeremy’s work ethic). There was a real flip-flop and it seems appropriate for Crean to clarify how his complimentary statements for Jeremy no longer can exist in the same “universe” his actions this past weekend(nor in the comments now emanating from his high school coach).

    If it’s not are business, then why in the hell even release statements about Jeremy on Monday? Why answer the caller’s question? Now your actions move to a different drumbeat and you don’t think it deserves explanation? Did he suddenly feel more discipline was in order because fans are expressing their agitation(even though Jeremy is working hard in practice)with Hollowell’s slump? Do you want a coach that moves by the whims the fan base uniformed of everything that happens behind the scenes? That in itself may be enough for some young men to not trust the coach and program they invested their heart and efforts.

  9. Larry… What evacuations? Fischer, Creek, and Abell? 3 bit players who fans of teams outside of the B1G don’t know… Together they averaged less than 10 ppg before they left. Duke, MSU, UNC, UK and several other programs have had just as many transfers, and higher impact players transfer, than what we’re talking about here… Plus, Hollowell hasn’t vacated… It’s strange that most of IU nation has been wishing that Hollowell would grab more pine, but now we hear this shtuff about how it’s a rift in the program…

    There are something like 500 transfers per year in college basketball… This ain’t an IU thing…

  10. Harvard,

    Cam looked awesome today.

    Penalty stats in Pats game:
    New England – 4/35
    Indianapolis – 4/42

    Penalty stats in Broncos game:
    Denver – 6/50
    San Diego – 8/63

    So much for that theory…

  11. Harvard,
    I’ll go this far with you. Something happened between Monday and Saturday to change the dynamic. I don’t know the nature of that something. At all. But I have no more reason to believe that Tom Crean has turned his Christianity into an actual Inquisition — which is really what you’re insinuating at this point — than I do to believe that Hollowell is a sleeper agent for the Irish Republican Army.

  12. Will you guys please stop humoring H4H with his religious troll talk? On no other IU site does anyone allow this BS. It’s one thing for most of us to scroll through his garbage but it’s another to stop and read a Dustin/Jeremy post expecting some IU news and finding you guys talking that bull. How many years has he been doing that now? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. If you want to let him post this fine. But either ignore it or completely legitimize it and have the guts to bring it up to CTC and see what he and the rest of the media thinks of you afterward.

    Benchings happen in all varieties. See JR Smith in NYC, Cody in Charlotte and Victor in Orlando.

  13. …and see what he and the rest of the media thinks of you afterward.

    And there rests the flaw of running a basketball program at a public institution in such a manner. Did you feel that fear, Dustin? Did you feel the repercussions that could come your way if you step on those sort of toes?

    I would never encourage you to lose your job over such foolish conspiracies from Harvard’s warped mind. I’ve already seen Salem of Bloomington…Don’t need a repeat performance with journalists taking the place of Kelvin Sampson. But did you feel the threatening tone? Did you witness Aruss finally mention my name because I touched the wrong nerve? Crean is untouchable and flawless. For a man that has such a thin resume compared to the winning traditions in basketball at the university that begged him to come, you gotta ask yourself where does that instilled fear and untouchable power reside?

    And I’m not suggesting there’s any kind of “inquisition.” I’m merely hypothesizing and attempting to relate to how difficult it must be to answer to someone flawless and untouchable. It has to be suffocating. Even the media can’t be in some of these kid’s corners. So much sanctimonious fear…So much we had to hit 16-year-old kids with gotcha questions when it came to scholarship crunches. Why? Because of fear to ask the untouchable one. And then Kellenberger gets run out of town…(or leaves by his own accord). But I have a feeling the fear got to him as well. Couldn’t even ask a question in the locker room…And then we have the Northwestern smirk. We all know why you smirked, Dusty. There’s a ton of bullying that goes with that pious and untouchable attitude. You were also sick of the fear…Suffocating from the fear.

  14. And do you remember Crean’s answer to you, Dustin? Do you remember his response to how you attack a zone? “It moves, it moves.”

    Same thing with fear…”It moves, it moves.” The reporter’s questions simply never get answered…The zone is the fear you’ll never penetrate and you simply helplessly pass the questions forever around the perimeter. You’ll never gain access to anything substantive. Crean has created his own Syracuse zone and you, the local reporter, as stymied as his teams.

  15. And maybe you should feed Aruss back a taste of his own medicine? What right does he get to act like Mother Teresa when he fires away derogatory remarks at certain players with the nasty tone his own hateful BS? Didn’t he just make demeaning statements in reference to Etherington and Howard by stating something to the effect that they should “never” get on the court? Do we win against Penn State without their effort and solid poised performances?

    You sure like to call me out and paint me as the mean bastard that doesn’t know basketball from a hole in the ground.

    After how well Howard and Etherington played at Penn State, you should make Aruss ask for some forgiveness his sinful tongue and trash-talking aimed at young Hoosiers that proved him wrong. Did you see him give any credit to those that he had recently thrown the mud in face?

    Seems he has no problem dumping on kids that were riding the bench or preaching how a talented player in a funk deserves his penalties imposed by Crean. See the pattern..? Dump on players while ‘The Untouchable One’ can do no wrong. Feel the suffocation and the delusions of those that forget the demeaning garbage they threw at players on days ago? Why don’t you call his ass out? Is he part of the congregation you can’t ruffle feathers? His hateful crap is just fine because he’s and insider you get to gently stroke by telling shuddup?

  16. Is it not possible that the focus issue has been there all season (or for some time), but Crean was trying to work through it without significant bench time? And in press conferences he gave positive reviews of Hollowell so as not to undercut him in public?

    Then he got to the point that he felt there was no working through it without significant benching and so now he has to say something to explain the benching.

    Is this not possible?

  17. Funny how some that are so ardently defending Crean in his actions to bench Hollowell can’t find a compliment for the players that stepped up to help win the Penn State game(guys that hadn’t seen many minutes until the PSU game)as a result of that benching.

    It sorta shows that Crean may have been wiser than their own mud-slinging.

    And where’s all those ‘morons’ that used to curse Crean for not letting Cody shoot triples…? Now Crean actually has a center draining triples, showing a sweet stroke from the outside, and these same critics are nowhere to be found on Hoosier Scoop. Why aren’t they “connecting the dots” and accepting the fact that Crean was not stubbornly dumb to the idea of a skilled outside shooting post player scoring in such a fashion?

    Why was it o.k. to criticize Crean for not giving Cody the green light on triples(questioning his coaching judgment when he’s the guy watching Cody’s stroke at every practice), but not give the coach credit for how Vonleh’s taking his game outside and draining bombs? Call them out. Was it just because Cody could do no wrong in the eyes of the homers and thus it was alright to mock Crean and question his player development skills in those instances…?

  18. I know that we all, myself included, get so angry at these players when they have a poor performance that we often forget what is probably a great amount of stress that goes along with playing for an elite Division One college program. They have so many temptations/grades to keep up/classes to attend/practices/games/conduct…honestly I have 3 busy teens and a full time job and I am certain that my life is less stressfull. I’m glad to see Hollowell on the bench for a little awhile, but I hope it’s only basketball related and nothing else, because in the end that is someone’s kid sitting there who only wants IU to win just as bad as I do and I need to keep reminding myself of that when I’m screaming at the TV.

  19. Hey it’s college BB made up of people, most of them young ones. Things happen. I do so enjoy Coach Crean’s frequent tweets not that I read them but because H4H does and they do so piss him off and pissed off is a state he enjoys. 26 posts so far on this thread and guess who posted 9 of them. What a waste of o2.

  20. I don’t come here very often,but this Harvard fellow is full of himself.He is the glass and it always full of himself and so much BS.

  21. Instead of slinging mud at Harvard, my friends and I at work read Harvard’s posts as comic relief. So predictable, and once again once called out by HT staff, Harvard unleashes his “garlic breath” upon the blog, and many of us turn our heads. Dude, get a breath mint.

  22. I like mud and your friend is full of himself.So your at work and your worried about my MUD.I wonder what that cost per hour?
    Thanks for making my day and for a guy who is retired I need a laugh to start my day.

  23. H4H lives in his own (paranoid) fantasy land. Facts have nothing to do with his posts. Relax, laugh and enjoy the posts.

    None of us yet know what is going on with JH. Might be exactly as CTC describes it, a lack of focus. Might be coach speak for a real underlying problem (some of which CTC is prohibited from talking about based on privacy laws that protect a young college student). Might have been a violation of team rules. Might have simply been a performance issue. We can speculate about it until (hopefully) the scoop reports on the actual facts.

    We can debate the merits of CTC’s in game coaching ad nauseum. There should not be any debate about the fact that CTC gets his players to study, go to class and be real students nor should there be any debate about the fact that (to date) IU has had little or no problem with the behavior of its players off the court. That is always subject to change, but all the reports I have read indicate that CTC has done a fine job molding young men, regardless of playing ability or faith.

    Meanwhile, we have a young team that might be growing up who has a huge game tomorrow. We are one jump shot away from being 2-1 in the Big Ten with two road wins. We are also a couple plays away from being 0-3 in the Big Ten. The next few games will be interesting to see which way things break for this team.

  24. Rich,

    Your comments seem to me the voice of reason and quite probable.
    My questions are:
    Why do we know the conversation between coaches even occurred?
    Was a confidence broken somewhere?
    Did TC want it “leaked?”
    Do former HS coaches often get ask to help with their former players’ problems?

    It’s not really a surprise that even young people need a little accountability and a wake up call occasionally. Hopefully JH moves forward quickly to improve in the areas the coach insists upon, and comes back to play well and help the Hoosiers win.

  25. This:

    “I feel like you’re connecting dots from the universe of Star Wars to the universe of Star Trek, which has got to be wreaking some sort of havoc with the space time continuum.”

    Nice, Jeremy

  26. KevinK,
    I’ll answer your questions as best I can. First, in terms of how we know about it, I just called J.R. Shelt with no impetus other than that I’ve known him since Hollowell was recruited. We’ve spoken several times in the past 4-5 years and he’s always been, I’d say, as straight with me as he felt he could be. I don’t know that he’s always told me absolutely everything he knew or suspected about certain cases, but he’s been as honest with me as he could be without getting someone else in trouble. I dialed his number not knowing what he would or would not know, but he and Hollowell are very close, so I figured if anyone outside the program would know what was going on, it would be him. Shelt told me that Crean told him he may or may not get calls from the media and that he could tell them what he wanted to tell them.
    So to sum it all up, there was no leak, in the sense that there was no source who suggested I might want to call Shelt because he might know something. I just did that on my own. There was no breach of confidence, because Shelt was told he could tell the media that he wanted. Now, did Crean want this out? Maybe, as he obviously considered that someone might call Shelt and he was OK with him dispensing the information he had.

  27. And as far as high school coaches getting calls from their college coaches, I think every college coach would tell you that it helps to keep in close contact with at least one person outside of the program in each player’s life, someone who is influential to them. Sometimes it’s their parents. Sometimes it’s another mentor. For local perspective, Tom Crean wouldn’t call J.R. Holmes to talk to someone about getting the most out of Jordan Hulls. He’d just call his father, J.C. Same with Watford. With Victor Oladipo, Crean might talk to Oladipo’s mother, but the situation with his father was obviously awkward, so he might talk to his high school coach as well. With Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin, the only person to talk to is Mark Adams, their AAU coach. Shelt is Hollowell’s mentor, and a pretty good one at that. So it makes more sense in this circumstance than other circumstances to talk to him.

  28. Thank you.
    That helps to understand the situation a bit.

    All parties involved seem to want to motivate JH to be a more productive team member without ulterior or sinister motives, or any horrible implications toward Jeremy or his character.

    We all want to see him succeed.
    Good Luck Jeremy

  29. I am not understanding what all the confusion is regarding the Crean comments early in the week and then the PSt benching of JH. Dustin you are acting like it was Yogi who was suddenly benched and your are extremely confused as to why. (The Hollo benching was weeks in the making regardless of what gets “said”)What Crean says about JH has nothing to do with what he thinks or with what he’ll do. Just like saying “focus issues” doesn’t tell you much, his comments about sticking with Hollowell also doesn’t tell you much. I’m a little bit surprised that you seem so taken aback by the supposed huge disconnect between what Crean said(especially since I thought u often mention how he never really says anything straight) in an early week radio show and what he decided to do on Sat. To me it’s like if your girlfriend was going to get groceries and you say “are you getting those chips again?” And she says “yep, probably they are decent.” But she comes back with pretzels instead- you can’t figure out why and she says, “yeah I thought about the chips but only because you brought them up, really I had been thinking about pretzels all along, decided to get them.” Would you really be sitting there befuddled or would you say, “oh yea that makes sense.” To me it all makes sense and isn’t one bit confusing.

  30. You guys who respond to H4H are messing up my comment-reading technique. I ordinarily just skim over any post with his name on it and go straight to the more coherent ones. But if all of you are going to argue with him, he’s living rent-free in your heads and wasting all of our time.

  31. Fab5, I don’t think Dustin is taken aback or confused at all. I think he has to put his journalist hat on here, because that’s his role here, and he must live to a professional standard that doesn’t include conjecture. If you were to ask him in person, or on a forum that isn’t his workplace, I’m sure you would get exactly the type of response you laid out. Dustin is just acting responsibly because of the format.

  32. Geoff, thanks for the defense, but it’s only part true. Obviously, Hollowell wasn’t playing well whatsoever, so seeing his minutes decrease wouldn’t have been surprising to me at all. But yeah, the drastic nature of this raises red flags for me as a reporter in the sense that there’s clearly more happening that I’m being told. I would’ve thought this was entirely performance based if it was in any way gradual. It wasn’t. The fact that he made the decision before the game and that he felt the need to call Shelt the morning of the game tells me that there was a development in the last five days. Again, I don’t know what that development was, but it had to be something.

  33. Dustin,

    I appreciate your work on this. I know that most coaches share very little information with the press. I am very frustrated by many of the misleading comments Coach makes about injuries or other things. I wonder if anyone who watched JH in high school might comment on his demeanor. Watching his body language, he just doesn’t seem to be happy at all. Any guesses why is only that since we never get a straight answer from the coaches. IU may not be a good fit for Jeremy. I was hoping that he was just one big game or even one big shot or something from really catching fire. I don’t wish this but he may need a change of scenery. I hope his old coach or someone else can break through to him.

  34. Oh this raises red flags for you but media from other B1G cities referring to our football defense as “historically bad” does nothing? The type of muckraking you’re doing now could have been much more helpful in December with #iufb.

  35. You hound Bill Mallory in December? Did you pester Glass at home about DM?

    JH is obviously a fragile kid and this type of reporting ain’t helping. This type of reporting pressure should have been applied to CKW and your sources in December. To me, it just seems like you picked the wrong target for this type of “story”. As Coach Cal said, the bench is a great teacher and that’s why his team fell apart last year.

  36. I didn’t, Aruss, because neither one of them make the decision on Mallory. I called them for reaction once there was something to react to. I requested an interview with Wilson through the athletic department and sent requests to him directly and those were turned down. And I didn’t pick a target. Something happened and I reported on it.

  37. Hoosier Bob,

    It costs nothing to view Harvard’s posts at break time, because we do it on break time. I’m saving the company money. My friends are full of themselves sometimes, but we all have some laundry to air out. Glad you like mud. Bet you drive your wife crazy tracking in mud huh?

    Enjoy retirement. I envy you. Maybe in 2045 for me.

  38. I’m with Dustin…Cream’s comments were in no way congruent with the full benching of Hollowell(especially only days after publicly made comments on his radio show defending the kid’s work ethic). There’s more. And it’s more than coincidence that this benching is following the mid-season departure of a very solid freshman.

    But, as I asked above…

    Where are the compliments for the players(primarily Etherington and Howard) that stepped up big time with the thinner bench having no Hollowell/Fischer?

    Where are the compliments for Vonleh and Crean for utilizing Noah from 3-pt. range? Vonleh is obviously a much better shooter than Zeller. I recognized it long before he backed it up with more proof last Saturday. But where are the compliments for Crean?

    Where are the compliments for Crean in having the team show a real coming together and fighting back from a large deficit on the road?

    Where are the compliments for the solid perimeter movement of the ball and the general poise exhibited by the team?

    I actaully thought they looked well-coached on Saturday. I thought they looked to all be on the same page. The overall “focus” on the floor was very good. It’s not that shocking to get down to a team early on the road. I thought they responded exceptionally. And I also thought the contributions from Etherington and Howard were beyond a pleasant surprise. Some people on here that claimed those two should never see the court won’t admit when they’re wrong.

    Lastly, does the HT/Scoop get a kickback from those now using this site to link to their company websites and the organizations Scoop has no affiliation? Whether profit or nonprofit, it seems rather unethical and insensitive to the hard work our HT journalists put into this place. It should not be used for the promotion of other causes/businesses/organizations. If HT is giving their formal consent, then put a link with the name of the site along the border of the homepage(as is done with ITH, IDS Hoosier Hype, Crimson Quarry, etc).

  39. I may be full of myself with regard to my opinions expressed on this blog(whether of sound mind or conspiratorial hogwash), but not to the extent of using links in my screen name to advertise my own business or causes.

    Just curious…Could one start linking to ebay through their screen name to sell products? I’m thinking of starting my own t-shirt design company. Whatever happened to the blogger that was designing t-shirts that were line drawings of famous basketball plays through the years? Was that PB’s idea? I remember offering a suggestion to use the Bryce Drew play..Never saw any checks in the mail.

  40. I believe I even offered the catchphrase…

    “Just like we Drew it up.”

    “Bob Knight: Sometimes genius is just barely Smart enough…” That would be my catchphrase for the ’87 shot/play.

    Gosh, I’m full of myself.

  41. I’m not taking down my link Harvard. I’m proud of the ministry, put a lot of hard work into it, and helped many people. Just another thing that bitters your soul.


  42. There’s a lot of scams out there. But if somebody gets burned(not necessarily by your fully legit cause) , I’m a just bit surprised that HT would allow any sort of using their site. It opens the door for possible fraud…And, as Dustin has said many times, this isn’t just his blog…This is an extension of the HT and they need to be careful in allowing their name to serve as validation for other businesses/charitable organizations. For all they know, an innocent looking site could be a front for drug trafficking operations. It’s there risk…Just seems a bit of a contradiction…They’re worried about what they express as personal opinion at a blogging site serving as an extension of the HT, but they’re just fine with opening doors to organizations that may have some very questionable practices…You just don’t know. Cults and illegal activities abound. Is the risk worth it?

    And you’re showing a bit of arrogance saying that “you’re not taking it down.” Last time I checked, this is HT’s site and they can take you down and thus your link.

  43. Man, I head out into the bush away from internet access and technology for a week and IU nation blows up. Hollowell gets benched, Mallory and Fabris are gone and Indiana comes from behind on the road to win their first Big Ten game. I’ll book my next one during March.

    But, alas, some things stay the same.

  44. You’re right, then can. Last time I noticed, you throw around some arrogance around here too, concerning our coach.

    We have helped people with floods in Florida, sent a team to help with Sandy, and the tornado outbreak in Oklahoma. If advertising this site annoys you, then I will let you fight that battle. It comes as no surprise, as your paranoid more times then not anyway.

    It’s a shame Dustin and Jeremy don’t remove you from this site. The garbage wouldn’t smell so sour here. (You’re posts). Btw, I’m still not removing the link. Let’s see if Dustin and Jeremy do to satisfy your paranoia.

  45. If I remember correctly, HT has taken you down many times, as far as being banned. I lost count a long time ago. Good luck on the shirt business. I won’t be a customer,, as I do to support a businessman who feeds paranoia and misguided propaganda.

  46. Harvey,

    It is pretty standard blog practice to put links to one’s own website as a commenter. That’s why the field exists. Sure, there are varying degrees of taste with its utilization. The owners of their own blog can set any standards they want with how people use that field, as well.

    In fact, I was going to start a Kickstarter campaign and post the link to my screen name to remove the permanent tattoo of Zeller shoe that was left on Mitch McGary’s face after his head-to-head matchups with the Big Handsome last year. Part of my larger vision of helping Wounded Wolverines. I might ever get John Mellencamp’s son to play the first benefit show.

  47. Don’t drag yourself in DD. It’s not worth it. Harvard couldn’t find his way out of a Walmart plastic bag. Oops, I mentioned a company on HT property. Now I have to hear the conspiracy theories about Walmart.

  48. Harvard, I tried telling you in December of 2012 that Noah was the total package… That he could shoot 3’s… That he played some point for his (extremely talented) prep team… That his rebounding would immediately translate, but people would be frustrated at times because he can be too unselfish on offense…

    All you have to do is listen to me Harv… I will always lead you in the right direction.

  49. Ben-

    It’s a nice thing that you’re helping victims of storms. You should be proud of your efforts. There is nothing more devastating than to lose the security of a roof over your head. I’ve been very lucky to have never been in such situations. I can’t imagine the pain of not having a place to come home to. Your kindness will never be forgotten by those victims.


    I’m sure you did say plenty of good things about Noah…Hey, you’re a pretty sound judge of basketball talent. I’m simply asking where are the positive comments for Crean and Noah?…There were plenty of negative statements last year that were built on the assumptions that Crean was foolishly wasting a scoring option and aspect of Zeller’s game for not letting Cody shoot more triples. I’m thinking that Vonleh hitting shots from the perimeter sorta puts to rest the fact that Zeller’s lack of triples had more to do with him not having that great of an outside stroke than Crean denying some great aspect of his game. Is Cody shooting many triples in the NBA?

  50. Again…There have been plenty of negative comments toward Hollowell in the recent weeks…

    But where are the positive comments for the way Etherington and Howard stepped up at Penn State? When the unheralded names come off the bench and play extremely confident and focused, do fans realize just how much that can inject a bit more effort and focus out of the more hyped talent on the team? Where are the compliments for Crean putting faith in Howard and Etherington? I still don’t have an answer.

  51. I don’t recall Dustin ever banning me. Korman and Kellenberger were always intimidated by writers that could sorta shake their fragile confidence at the art. They banned me a few times, but they were never consistent and refused to ban some bloggers that did far more vicious attacking on the blog than I’ve ever done…I simply concluded they were threatened for other reasons.

    Dustin is secure in his values and his abilities….Insecurities are usually the basis for threats to ban. Dustin has a much better gauge of fairness and balance. He rarely goes off on power trips or bullies. He almost never stoops to insulting even those possessing the weakest of character. We couldn’t ask for a more decent journalist to run Scoop. It will be a sad day for Harvey when he leaves. He is good for Indiana and he brings class to Bloomington when I see so little exist.


  52. oops..(forgot to finish the Jeremy line).

    Jeremy scares the hell out of me. He would of banned Betty White from Golden Girls.

  53. A couple of comments as I’m recovering from my yearly bout with the winter plague.

    I’ve said before that JH generally doesn’t play well against competition he isn’t clearly superior to. I haven’t looked at box scores to support my observation; just going off memory and what struck me at the time. It was probably easy for him to dominate in HS. As a freshman last year, he didn’t need to be a big impact player, so any positive contribution was a bonus. And for most of the pre-con schedule this year, the competition was pretty weak. Easy pickings for someone with Jeremy’s skill-set. Heading into conference play, however, opportunities for him to dominate weaker players are few and far between. And from what we can see, his desire doesn’t match his talent. The frustration is going to continue to mount. Hopefully he can break through, if for no other reason that I’m tired of holding my breath every time he has the ball. Hopefully he matures, and is able to raise his play/effort to the level of competition.

    I thought given the context of Crean’s comments (much) earlier in the week, the benching and subsequent explanation was a bit curious, but not shocking. There was nearly a full week of practice in between. A lot can happen. My guess is it went something like this: Monday, Crean was defending his player when asked some direct questions about him during a radio show. Maybe Crean was over-hyping or exaggerating a little bit; maybe he was trying in vain to inject a boost of confidence in his guy; but it was all nonetheless better than dragging JH through the mud himself. Given what little we know, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some sort of private heart-to-heart meeting between the two shortly thereafter,and JH didn’t respond well. Hopefully he responds better to the DNP– especially as “the other JH” is gaining confidence, experience, and fan support in his place.

    …Had several other thoughts I wanted to get to, but my medication is leaving me loopy and tired. Wake me up before tip-off tonight. Go Hoosiers!

  54. Top 10 things Price would ban:

    10)”Top 10 thing” lists
    9) The phrase “bridge year”
    8) Those awkward ‘Going Solo’ ScoopTalks
    7) Mike Miller’s Axe “Dark Temptation” aftershave
    6) The new electric eye toilet flush sensor forcing a rather compromised standing position for the commonly accepted practice of a Jeremy ‘courtesy flush.’
    5) Dustin’s office jokes(particularly the ‘Post-it’ joke referencing the inventor of 3M’s sticktoitiveness and the far too repeated holiday joke about Santa having a reindeer named Litzer…”Pull Litzer!!”)
    4) Any links for causes Harvard advocates(Coming soon to a screen name near you)
    3) HT’s “Yoga Pants Friday” to include Andy Graham
    2) Any reference to the term “trolling” during his coho fishing trip this summer.
    1) All Night Ranger songs dedicated to Harvard from Dustin’s “office favorites” list.

  55. Ben-

    Humor is the bridge…Rather than build walls, build bridges. Rather than enshrine the tragic, douse it with the magic of laughter.

    If you spoke with a heavy French accent, did you know that referring to this basketball season as a “bridge year” would sound like “brazier?” It could encourage the belief that the coach is a boob. Good thing we don’t have any French announcers on the Big 10 network.

  56. I don’t recall calling it a bridge year. I’m no Frenchman either. 6’4 Irishman for the most part. Don’t ban Night Ranger. I love Sister Christian , Don’t Tell Me You Love Me, among others. Enjoying my vacation day, and taking a jog.

  57. Rumor has it that all HT staff must run banning requests by Tijan. I’d start supplicating now if I were you.

  58. I’m thinking about starting a jihad against Christian music. It is a mortal sin against the auditory system.

  59. I broke through…Hallelujah and thanks. You can use this one with your Maine b-ball buddies…

    When Chocolate Thunder didn’t break the glass, it was known as a courtesy flush.

  60. I have some Christian Rock on my Ipod Harvard, and inspired my jog greatly. I listen to about anything but country and rap, and Harvard for Hillbillies. 🙂

  61. Must we burden the Lord(5:00 mark is rather fun)?

    I now defer this thread to the Basketball God(a.k.a. Geoff).

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