Tom Crean on Penn State

Lots of travel going on today (this post comes to you from somewhere in East Ohio) so there was obviously no pre-game press conference in Bloomington today. Quotes were sent to us via IU release. They follow.

Tom Crean

We are coming off a very good week of practice and preparation.  With the bye coming during the break, it has allowed us to work smart and spend more time on getting better both individually and as a team.

Our goal this week was to continue to build the identity of running, of moving without the ball, getting the ball reversed, getting back on defense, challenging shots better, making sure we’re rebounding at a high rate, finishing better, all those things. We have to really stay in the moment as much as possible for our team to gain confidence and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

I loved our attitude and toughness and there is no question we are getting better.

Penn State is a hard team to play against. They play tough, smart basketball and like to control the pace.  Pat Chambers has built that culture with energy and toughness and they’re very talented.

They have five players in double figures so they share the basketball.  They have Tim Frazier back along with D.J. Newbill and they have added another scoring threat from the guard position in John Johnson.   Frazier is a tough matchup because of how much he thrives on pressure and playing through the pressure and what he creates.  Ross Travis and Brandon Taylor are two players that have really elevated their games this season.

What you learn very quickly about the Big Ten is that every possession matters regardless of the time and score.  Games can go in a different direction either way quickly.

I expect we will see a physical, tough and demanding team, and we are going to have our work cut out for us.


  1. News Flash: this is a big game. With Wisconsin looming, it’s hard to imagine any hope for the tourney if we lose this. Win today, and we position ourselves with momentum for a top-five home upset Tuesday and a long stretch of of winnable games (@MSU notwithstanding.) I can still see an 8-6 conference record as a realistic possibility heading back to Madison late Feb, when he begin our most brutal stretch of the year. Of course, we have to take care of business today. If not, it’s time to start hoping for some miracles come March.

  2. Incidentally, I really like Pat Chambers. Of all of the underdogs in the lower half of the conference, I think he and PSU are the ones I root for the most. Except today, of course…

  3. CTC pulled a RMK today by sitting JH. Omg I now see what txting all the time has done to my grammer skills!

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