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By the numbers
6 Wins by Indiana over top 10 teams in the past two seasons, the most in the nation.
7 Games in which IU has shot 50 percent or better this season, including 51.6 percent against Wisconsin. The Hoosiers are 7-0 in those games.
1,660 Career points by Northwestern’s Drew Crawford, the Big Ten’s active scoring leader and fifth all-time for the Wildcats.

Recruit watch
James Blackmon Jr., 6-3, G, Marion, 2014: Marion has not played since Jan. 3 and is scheduled to host Logansport Friday night.
Robert Johnson, 6-3, G, Chesterfield, Va., Benedictine Prep, 2014: Hit the game-winning 3 to cap a 24-point, nine-rebound, three-assist night last Saturday, then had a team-high 21 points and three steals in a 67-65 upset of Virginia Episcopal, ranked fourth in the state, Monday night.
Max Hoetzel, 6-7, F, Calabasas, Calif., Wilbraham and Monson Academy, 2014: Posted 15 points and seven rebounds, including three 3-pointers, in a 64-52 loss to St. Joseph’s (N.J.) and Kentucky recruit Karl Towns last Saturday.

Badger rarities
The fact that Indiana snapped a 12-game losing streak against Wisconsin wasn’t the only unusual thing that happened on Tuesday night. The game also saw the Badgers score more than 70 points for the eighth consecutive game, but Wisconsin suffered just its 10th loss in 182 games during Bo Ryan’s tenure when surpassing the 70-point threshold.

The Badgers had also won 27 consecutive games when shooting 44 percent or better from the field, the third-longest active steak in the nation, before falling to the Hoosiers despite hitting at a 53 percent clip. The loss also prevented Wisconsin from tying the school record of 17 consecutive victories set during the 2006-07 season.

Fischer speaks
Former Hoosier Luke Fischer, who elected to transfer during the semester break, met the media for the first time as a member of the Marquette basketball team on Tuesday. He said homesickness and fit were the primary reasons for leaving IU.

“It just wasn’t the right fit (at Indiana). It’s that simple. Being back in Wisconsin is a really good feeling and that’s about it,” the 6-foot-11 Germantown, Wis., product said. “It wasn’t (a problem) at first, obviously, because I felt like it was going to be a good fit for me when I committed. Going throughout the year, I started questioning everything.”

Fischer will be eligible to play for the Golden Eagles following the first semester next season.

More McDonald’s
Since the initial McDonald’s All-American Game nominees were released last week, several additions have been made ahead of the Jan. 21 deadline, including IU women’s basketball recruit Maura Muensterman of Evansville Mater Dei.


  1. “6 Wins by Indiana over top 10 teams in the past two seasons, the most in the nation.”

    The most in the nation! But a few “experts” on this blog continue to claim that “Crean can’t coach,” or “Crean is a clown,” etc. Buffoonery at its best.

  2. Last seconds of the game with Wisconsin: the greatest coach in the nation (Tommy “Naismith” Crean) takes Vonleh out in a bold move of “expert” coaching. The fans loud reaction is immediate and Tommy “Naismith” Crean realizes that if he loses with Vonleh on the sideline he will be lynched after the game. So back in goes Vonleh and the disaster averted. Thank God for the common sense of Assembly Hall. That’s Tommy “Naismith” Crean in a nutshell: coaching by entropy and happenstance. Tommy “Naismith” Crean: a man that leaves with one foot in his mouth and the other one … in the Twilight Zone.

  3. Storming the game to celebrate the only win in 13 consecutive tries (aka “The Tom Crean Era”) against the banner-less badgers: classy. Cutting the nets after a home loss: classy. Chasing opponent coaches on the court after a win: classy. … or maybe not. I kinda like “buffoonery at its best” better.

  4. I don’t translate fischer’s comments as “being homesick, that’s all”. he said he questioned everything. I read that as questioning everything about crean.

    and if crean truly has one foot stuck in the twilight zone he is in a world of shtuff. everyone knows he has no clue against the zone.

  5. tnc troll- 6 wins over top 10 programs in two years. And probably more than 6 of such wins than Mike Davis, Sampson, and the last few years of Knight combined.

  6. Jeremy,

    Nice post. Amazing how data and facts can clash against personal agendas and pre-determined narratives.

  7. Could you list the six wins and the dates? How many were on the road? How many in Assembly? Were they mostly Big 10 teams(outside the UK game in 2011 which we no longer have a series)? And what is the source for your information? Could you provide link? Curious about the site that gave you the info..I would like to see how some other teams have fared.

    It’s not unheard of that journalists have agendas, said Fox News with a smirk.

  8. Aren’t you (P&$111;op in particular) the same guys who keep saying rankings are not important? Isn’t Indiana the team that last season lost most games as a #1 ranked team? Why is that stat not reported? Was Crean not the coach when they lost those games.

    Does Louisville (2013 NCAA Champions) or Kentucky (2012 NCAA Champions) care about this stat? Should they be ashamed that Coach Happenstance is above them in this category? Coach Happenstance who coaches in brilliant intellectual spasms… so beautiful he doesn’t even have control over them.

    It’s all meaningless. And, BTW, Seahawk we all know you’re in fact a mutt: 82-56, dude! Go back on your husky boards!

  9. Aren’t you (Poop in particular) the same guys who keep saying rankings are not important? Isn’t Indiana the team that last season lost most games as a #1 ranked team? Why is that stat not reported? Was Crean not the coach when they lost those games.

    Does Louisville (2013 NCAA Champions) or Kentucky (2012 NCAA Champions) care about this stat? Should they be ashamed that Coach Happenstance is above them in this category? Coach Happenstance who coaches in brilliant intellectual spasms… so beautiful he doesn’t even have control over them.

    It’s all meaningless. And, BTW, Seahawk we all know you’re in fact a mutt: 82-56, dude! Go back on your husky boards!

    Also, Price: it’s now obvious that you put “troll” in “control freak”. You’d put it in anything you write. It’s your go to concept as a “journalist”.

  10. Harvard, why are you working so hard? There’s no need for you to use multiple screen names to exhibit your derangement about Crean. Every regular subscriber on this site knows where you stand on the subject.

  11. Crean’s win @MSU was the most poetic of the bunch, and defeats all naysayer wimpy counter arguments. Sampson had two all Big 10 players and couldn’t stay within 30 of MSU on the road.

    Also certainly beats Alford’s best efforts so far, who couldn’t beat #1 OR #8 on his HOME court at Pauley Pavilion.

    Crean certainly has a knack for getting his team to rise to the competition.

  12. took H4H 36 hours to say something neg about CTC…o say .. he couldnt get his head out of his dark hole to say ANYTHING 24 hrs after the Wis Win. Go back to your rock H4H; you dont know crap about anything other than how to spew it.What a wps you are

  13. I disagree coachv. I think he was homesick. Some can handle it, some can’t. Stop making Crean out to be a monster. We know you don’t care for him. We get it. Move on Marion Giant. 🙂

    1. Podunker and Ben,
      For the millionth time, Harvard is not the troll. I have a mind to ban the next one of you that says that again.

      First, you’re welcome. Second, why do you feel like there’s an agenda? I do this every week, and I need to find three numbers of some sort for “By the Numbers.” This week, I knew Indiana had six wins over top 10 teams the last two years, and the offical Indiana men’s basketball twitter account tweeted out today that that number was most in the nation, which I found interesting.

      For the sake of balance, let’s note that one of my numbers last week was 5, as in five losses so far this season, the earliest an Indiana team had suffered five losses since December 2010. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, eh?

  14. Dude,

    I just asked. I asked for the sake of the blog, so we have evidence Harvard wasn’t the troll, and he would be carelessly bashed. I was trying to help him. I don’t want to be banned, but if that’s the answer, nothing is stopping you.

  15. I didn’t accuse the “staff.” Dustin isn’t a homer Crean supporter/thumper.

    Wisconsin is ridiculously overrated. Minnesota(to my recollection)went quickly on the skids and it was quickly realized they weren’t for real. Nothing like having your head coach fired after you’re the #3 team in the nation. Could be wrong, but didn’t MSU have a their point guard out?

    Bob Knight has something like twelve Big 10 championships…Probably fizzled a bit in his last 10 years, but he was likely in burnout mode and the kissing butt it was going to take to get one-and-done recruits was not something he was well suited.

    At the end of the day, true prowess is what you can get your team to accomplish on the biggest stage in March(where every team after the first round could probably manage a top 10 argument at some point in the regular season).

    Didn’t we just have that discussion over Bo Ryan? Bo is the greatest coach in the nation outside of an NCAA tournament. Unfortunately, Crean still has a very similar monkey on his back. Assembly is a very difficult place for any top-ranked opponent to win. I’ll give Cody more recognition for the recent trend of beating highly ranked Big 10 teams on the road…And for some of the highs those great road wins came some baffling lapses like the inbound pass/game-winner at Illinois.

    Dustin- I know Jeremy won’t set Podunker straight…But I’m a bit surprised that you’ll let his false accusations fly so easily. All of us have strong opinions..Podunker had a few regarding Mallory’s incompetence…Recent posts had some very unkind things to say about Coffman(much like those slung at Fischer and Hollowell)…That’s all good..It’s free game on the opinions boards…But why allow a blogger to make false accusations that I’m commenting here under multiple names? That, my friend, doesn’t smell of agenda…it wreaks. It’s the decorum of our interactions that should be guarded more than our opinions. And that’s where you miserably fail at objectivity and setting records truthful and straight.

  16. Well, I guess it was already settled while I was typing…Go figure. Church boy coming out to throw more false accusations. If I were on a basketball court, he’d chase me around in circles claiming I wrecked HIS blog and HIS free speech.

    1. I didn’t accuse the “staff.” Dustin isn’t a homer Crean supporter/thumper.

      But apparently I am.

      Dustin- I know Jeremy won’t set Podunker straight

      Wrong again.

      Now who’s chasing who in circles?

  17. And it’s not right to call a commenter that isn’t sold on Crean a ‘troll.’ There are legit counter arguments/points that he makes in posts #10 and #11.

    Geoff came on here a couple weeks ago claiming we had the worst half court offense in all of college basketball. Has it been completely fixed in two games? Were his statements over-the-top? Yes. Did it show some frustration and doubts in Crean’s tactical and teaching abilities? Hard to claim that it didn’t. And who the hell cares?

    So, the guy on this thread refers to Crean as Coach Happenstance…I see it actually planting less seeds of doubt than the words of the very respected basketball genius. I find the doubt much more damaging. .Much like the doubt that Crean was a fool for not utilizing Cody’s magnificent 3-pt. stroke last season. But I’ll ask it again…

    Where are the compliments for Crean allowing Vonleh to drain the outside bombs?

    1. Harvard,
      The guy I’m calling a troll is the same guy who has used about 20 different names on this blog and every single post is mocking Crean or Podunker or Husky or somebody just to get a reaction. I’ve probably deleted a hundred posts you’ve never seen, so when I call him a troll, that is why. If was just a regular poster trying to make a point, nothing would be said. But he’s not. And since he’s been able to avoid banning, I’m just calling a spade a spade for the sake of transparency, especially since he’s been known to make consecutive posts with different names just to be a further rabble-rouser.

  18. Sampson had two all Big 10 players and couldn’t stay within 30 of MSU on the road.

    Dakich went to East Lansing, not Sampson. See, you lost all credibility.

    Also UCLA played Duke in New York and it was an away game.

    For the millionth time: you’re just sour and jealous and wrong.

  19. Jeremy-

    I jumped the gun….These accusations are tired and old and I reacted by turning my frustrations on you. You don’t have to ban anyone. Let them live in their walls of simplistic falsehoods. Etherington should never see the court…Hollowell is lazier than Watford….Fischer is a homesick baby….Crean is flawless….Mallory is beyond incompetent…The UK vs IU series is dead solely because of Calipari….Everyone that played for Sampson was a thug…Mellencamp and Smith boys deserve a break because that was just boys being boys while stomping on someone’s head….Sweet 16’s and beating ranked teams from our conference = Return to the elite status… Cody was a marvelous 3-pt shooter….blah..blah…blah.

  20. Price: you keep banning my names, so I get new ones. Who’s at fault here? You. Also you are wrong when you say I post just to get a reaction. I only post when I need to set the record straight, like in #26.

    1. Hondo,
      Or should I call you stationary front, top ten, marcotullio, Dustin Dopirak, Price the Magnificent, meh or many more?

      Let’s look at some of your useful posts:

      Let’s hope the next 40 million bucks gift will be used to buy out the contract of one Coach Clown and bring a basketball coach to town.

      ^^ Correction: Double Dumb.

      ^ Certainly hope someone replies to Podunker the Idiot.

      If Mallory does not return next season I certainly hope Podunker won’t either…

      Stay classy, troll.

  21. Harvard,

    I’m afraid I started a flame. I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to undermine you. If anything, I was trying to get people to get off your back, without solid proof.

  22. Jeremy-

    Listen to the tone in Podunker’s first two posts…There’s equal amount of “rabble-rousing”. Not to mention his expanding lists of insults and names for me is also “trolling” for reaction. You are not being fully objective when it comes to their motives as well.

    Could you imagine the number of posters that would have hated on Knight if blogs would have been available 20 years ago?

  23. H4H, I loved Bob Knight’s offensive system,his man to man defense, and used it for years coaching. But the game has changed and he could not or would not change right or wrong. He created his own downfall at IU. Also Bob hated the post conference tourney. He wanted the NCAA tourney to consist of Conference winners because they went through a whole season beating all comers in the Conference. The idea of an Iowa who finished mid range in the Conference and then winning the conference tourney to get the automatic bid was a thing he hated. He spent over half his career playing with no Freshman and he did not like the change that allowed freshman to play.
    Some coaches embrace change and some don’t. I would take IZZO over Bo because of his total career of work and because he won a NCAA Championship. BO has not because Bo plays his way or the hi-way. His big slow guards will hurt him down the road. I would like to see him change a little and I believe he would win that March Madness tourney. As far as you being banned from this site for what you write about basketball right or wrong is no reason to remove you.
    I would however ban you for your comments about Christians and their faith. A sports blog is no place to give your very opinionated comments about faith. If you believed that pigs could fly as a basis for your faith it would be totally wrong for us to bash your faith in pigs I don’t know what you believe but you have no right to bash anyones faith. So I am asking you very kindly to stop those comments they are very hurtful. You dislike this Coach so much that it has clouded your judgment when you or anyone try and be hurtful. I am sure you can find plenty of ways to bash this Coach and His Players. That’s right his players, many of whom are Christians and back what their Coach’s believes, who get upset with your comments. You comments about faith have hurt more people than you know. So please can we call a truce on this issue and move on talking about basketball, football and other sports that IU offers it’s students.

  24. Why are people so sensitive? It’s very strange…

    Why anyone would let an anonymous stranger “hurt” them with words (especially when that anonymous stranger is Harvard) is pretty funny. Really.

    If you allow these comments to be hurtful, please look within. Do some serious self-reflection. Ask yourself difficult questions about why you are not self-confident enough to let an anonymous strangers opinion/comments slide off your back. Steel yourself a bit, and then return to the Scoop.

    Just trying to help…

    1. Geoff,
      Thanks for that write-up last week, very interesting. I’ve seen some video highlights, but that’s mostly offense, of course. From what you saw, could Hoetzel potentially play as a stretch four, and guard effectively in the post? He doesn’t seem to have much lift/vertical jump.

  25. He was actually much more effective against Towns than Goodluck was, albeit on far fewer possessions. He understands low-post defensive positioning better. He’s definitely not strong enough yet, but I can certainly see him growing another inch, putting on 30 more pounds and playing a stretch 4 by his junior year. I don’t see him contributing much, if at all next year, but could play the 3/4 a bit as a soph. The biggest thing for him is that he’ll need to guard someone similar. He simply cannot stay in front of an athletic 3. He could maybe guard a Sheehey-type 3 who is athletic, but not a very good ball-handler.

    I guess my final answer is that he’ll probably need to become a stretch 4 who can guard in the post if he ever wants to see the floor.

    I think I said this in my write-up, but I’ll mention it again, one feather in his cap to play that position is he has a nose for offensive rebounds.

  26. Haha. I love trolls. Just let Uncle Fester-Alias entertain absolutely no one with his tired act that literally no one ever finds remotely interesting. His 2002 strategy of posting new names and masking his IP addy is weak sauce.

    Jeremy and/or Dustin. If you want to track and find this guy, you have my email addy through this comment section. I’d be happy to show you or your IT staff how to shine a light on this unimaginative rodent.

    I’ve caught several before and it is amazing how whiny and slobbery they get when you find out who they are.

  27. Response to comment #34, about Bob Knight coaching half his career with freshman not eligible and his disdain for playing freshmen.

    You’re going to have to explain that further because the actual facts state otherwise.

    Knight coached Army for 6 years….no freshmen eligible. Knight coached IU for 29 years starting in 1971-72. Freshmen became eligible for varsity play the next season, 72-73, my freshmen year. If Knight hated to play freshmen he sure had a strange way of showing that disdain. The Freshmen class of 72-73 included Quinn Buckner, Jim Crews and Tom Abernethy. Buckner started 27 of 28 games that year. Crews started 24 of 28 games, and Abernethy play in 18 of the 28 games, starting 2 of them. So in the very first year that freshmen were eligible Knight used them a lot. Remember, Knight took Indiana to the a Final Four in his 2nd year, that very same 72-73 season. Freshmen played a prominent role in getting to the final four. Losing to eventual champ UCLA in the final four. Woodson, Carter, IsaiahThomas, Jim Thomas, Wittman, Tolbert, Risley, Alford, Darryl Thomas, Calbert Cheaney, Luke Recker, Jay Edwards are just a few that come to mind in the wee hours of the morning that played as freshmen under Bob Knight.

    By my count Knight coached D-1 for 35 years. Freshmen gained varsity eligibility in his 7th year. That’s 1/5th of his career without freshmen eligible and 4/5ths with them eligible.

    So please explain your statement about him not playing freshmen. Minor point, but something on which I think I am correct. Just saying.

  28. Oops. Totally forgot about the seven years Knight was at Texas Tech. Guess he coached D-1 for 42 years. Making freshmen eligible during that time to be 83% of his career.

  29. I wouldn’t advise hunting any particular blogger down. That could have serious legal repercussions. And let’s not forget that others have trolled around here using multiple screen names. There’s an old proverb….Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

    Notwithstanding Geoff’s snidely jab, I tend to agree with his post #36. I also believe Hondo is pretty harmless and is also quite perceptive.

    I chose to stay with one screen name…It’s just a choice. As long as a blogger doesn’t hijack any regular contributor’s name, I really don’t find the multiple names that big of an issue..It’s pretty obvious from the arguments and style that this blogger is not attempting to impersonate any of us that stick to our normal handles…I actually find the names clever and I enjoy the opportunity to get a little chuckle out of the goofy titles.

    But upon examining the viewpoints, this ‘Hondo’ individual is quick with valid counterpoints/responses(as noted in #26)and is no stranger to Hoosier basketball. I believe the irritation level rises on here because it’s obvious the opponent in the ring is very equipped with wit and intelligence….That hurts some of the extremely inflated egos on here.

  30. I don’t feel a need to defend Harv any more than any other poster. He’s not some kindergartener who needs positive reinforcement when he’s been good, and time out when he’s not. He’s temperamental, and most of his material falls somewhere between grumpy old man and playful antagonist. But I have noted that he’s posted quite a bit more fresh, insightful opinions/observations recently than normal. I’ve seen a lot less of his recycled sour grapes this past week or so– even some positive things to say about Crean– so painting Harv with a broad stroke isn’t fair. He’s not a villain, and he’s far more than a curmudgeon. If you pay attention to the entire body of work, you’d find a lot of gems.

    Harv, I wish I had the time to post on here more often. You’ve said quite a few things that merit response beyond the typical “there goes Harvard again, why are we putting up with that” we see from other posters. Keep it going, brother. I enjoy reading anything (new) you have to say.

  31. Geoff,

    Some people are just sensitive to so e things, in reference to Post #36. What you find funny, others find seriously. Just saying. We are all programmed different, which isn’t a bad thing. Happy Friday!

  32. Ok, but take it seriously when your dad, your wife, your friend, or even some stranger if they come up to your face says it. But to allow an anonymous stranger, a person you will never meet, who won’t ever influence your life, to “hurt” you is a complete waste of time and emotional energy.

    Very happy Friday! I find myself in sunny FL, where I can pretend it’s not winter for a couple more days…

  33. Believe me, when my parents say it, I really take it seriously. I agree. (No wife yet). I don’t take much heart what people say here. In the grand scheme of things, this is a blog. I don’t go to bed mad, or let it eat away my day. Some people hold this place near and dear to their heart, but it’s enjoyment for me.

    Visiting the panhandle?

  34. Geoff,

    My beef is in a perfect world, I wish people would leave religion out of the posts. Whether you believe or not is a decision only you can make. I can’t help I grew up in a religious home. I take the scriptures near and dear to my heart, and it offends me when someone rips it apart. Then again, I will never meet these people, so I guess it’s best to let it go.

    I also wish we had a log in procedure here. Wouldn’t take all our problems away, but would make things much easier for HT staff, and a more enjoyable blog.

  35. Ben, I’m not sure how old you are, so I’ll ask you a question. As a youth or young man did you ever encounter a guy who bragged about how tough he was, or how good he was? It’s been my experience that those guys were about 90% talk and 10% bs. My point, if you are good or tough, you don’t really have to talk about it. I have had the privilege of knowing several very religious people. Guess what Ben, none of them felt the need to tell me or anyone else how religious they were/are. Truly tough people or religious people let their actions do the talking. If it works in real life face-to-face, why shouldn’t it work on blog?

    If it makes you feel good, so be it. You invite the backlash but I don’t feel that you handle the backlash very well.

  36. I probably don’t Jay. It’s something I need to work on for sure. No hard feelings. Point well taken, Nd will try to improve that aspect on this blog. I take your word seriously, as I know you don’t post often. Thanks for the critiquing opinion. I’m 33 btw…


    I don’t know about you, but in am tired of these snarky, mud-slinging posts we have created lately. For the sake of the blog, and peace between us, I’d like to make a treaty.

    1. I will no longer pick apart your posts.
    2. I will no longer pick apart your view on Christianity. (I can’t fix nobody.)
    3. I will only respond to any tidbits in your posts that include Indiana Basketball, or anything that don’t cause controversy. (Religion or Politicts).

    I’m trying to make an effort here. If you agree, please restrain on mentioning me hijacking your name. I admit, I did, and I apologized for it. I don’t know what else I can do, except being banned for a period of time. If that is what it takes, I will serve it. We can’t fix anyone on this blog, but let’s put this silly feud behind us, and at least fix one problem on here, ok? Off to work. Happy Friday.

  38. Ben-

    I sorta have to defer to Jay Gregg’s #51. I have never attacked anything in the “scriptures.” I have done exactly the opposite..I have an opinion that projecting religion(ANY religion or belief that functions within a spiritual stronghold that our every move and thought is watched and judged by a supreme being that will ultimately decide our value as a living organism on this planet and a eternally existing soul of leftover energy after bones turn to dust)around something as trivial as basketball, cheapens its beauty and its nature to be personal to each unique individual.

    I have never bashed Christianity. I have never called the ideas behind ANY religion as “fairytale.” Life is a fairytale and I’m sure as hell not equipped to know what fairytale can exist beyond our limited five senses. The only thing that has ever bothered me is when religion is treated like buying a pack of gum at the filling station. If it is sacred to the heart, keep it there.

    I have also had some issues with selling/advocating a particular religion within the backdrop of painting other people as “wreckers” or kids as failures. Last time I checked, the qualification to be a Division 1 basketball player should have to do with how well you play basketball while meeting the academic standards imposed by the NCAA.

    For me personally, Indiana is basketball’s holy ground. It lived for decades upon decades in storied high school gyms, public and private colleges alike, existing without any need to attach it to anything more supremely holy. The qualifications for eternal recognition for this ‘hoops heaven’ was that you could simply play one hell of an unselfish game of basketball with four other teammates investing their heart in the same cause. What you ate for breakfast or did on Sunday’s was irrelevant. One coach was never going to be our God(sorry, Bob). Our Lord was the game and our hymns were the sounds of roaring crowds to the splashing a backward rotating leather round ball finding a prayer answered in the splashing whiplash of a net tied to orange metal cylindrical opening. Indiana basketball is such a beautiful and unique creation…I am certain a higher power of some sorts had to have a hand in dusting these cornfields, our cities, and our quiet forgotten towns with such passions for a silly game played on planks of maple. Can we respect that? Can we never forget the maple and the sweet sound of our heartbeat against its wonderfully receptive and hard surface? Can we honor just that? Can we let Indiana have its “fairytale?” Why can’t something so beautifully simple be enough?

    It’s not Tom Crean’s or your beliefs that I have a problem with, Ben…It’s my perplexed frustrations in not letting basketball be enough in what I regard as the most holy of basketball’s gardens.

  39. And the beauty of basketball…? It brought us all together by its own merits. Basketball served our hearts to bring together townspeople with city dwellers. Basketball was our savior breath to be progressive and accepting our irrelevant personal beliefs, skin color, and economic status…Basketball brought all walks of life together in one gym and we could function for a couple hours with only the divisions of the choice which team to cheer. How good of medicine is that for this sorry globe we still can’t get along? Can any church rival such a beautiful harmonious existence as the bonds we share in a basketball gym? And it’s bringing our world more together..It’s helped break down the walls of communism and has allowed a common thread in its beautiful simplicity that proves if we can cheer together, then maybe there’s a needle of hope in a haystack of fear that we can live together. It distracts us from the sounds and sights an uglier earth that can’t live in respect for differences. We can be in a gym for two hours and cheer for something other than self and not judge thy neighbor we refuse in any other setting.
    Basketball is a church for all…I take offense when one set of beliefs desires a fight to filter a place in our Indiana hearts all have always been welcome. There should never be too high a price such a ticket or a singular doctrine that positions basketball to be anything else its humble acceptance and receptive embrace for anyone hungry its passion packed into the rafters a 2-hour sermon of hope for mankind.

  40. One final observation:

    We are progressively getting to a point where the ‘red’ font screen names are overrunning the ‘black’ font screen names.

    Perceptions may soon follow that ‘black’ is attributed to the status of journalistic recognition. Dustin and Jeremy breaking into the thread with the color ‘red’ no shares a Red Sea unparted with Ben12180(Church Boy)…? Talk amongst yourselves…

  41. Harvard,

    No one, specifically me, was advocating “hunting any particular blogger (sic) down.” That would be hyperbole, my friend.

    If you’ve ever had to manage one these situations on the back-end before, you’d understand that this person isn’t here to express opinions. He just wants to get on people’s nerves and the managers at this site have to waste their time moderating and deleting comments instead of getting to their actual work. It is very easy to find someone who is doing this crap. Usually shining a little light is enough to get them to knock it off.

  42. oops..

    Dustin and Jeremy breaking into the thread with the [font] color ‘red’ [now] shares a Red Sea unparted with Ben12180(Church Boy)…?

    I would like to start a new Movement: Give RED back to Scoop! Only screen names associated with an HT journalist should be allowed the status of red. If you desire to add a link, then place it in your designated comment box. It is disrespectful to share red with writers and reporters that have spent a great share of their lifetimes honing the craft of sports journalism. Allow them their deserved distinction! Give RED back to Scoop!

  43. Sure. I’m easy. Easy like Sunday morning….and I will hunt your IP address down. You’re going down…Down easy like a Sunday morning, sister.


    Now you may think I’m confused…Did he shoot off six IP addresses or did he shoot off just five? Well, seeing how this is a Double-barreled Double Down Doubly-troubled Multiple Screen Name Double-BS Troll Master 45 Magnum that can blow your dirty screen name clear off this thread, you gotta ask yourself….Do you feel lucky? Huh, do you ‘Hondo of a Thousand Screen Names’ punk!

  44. Haha. I lost about 80% of my voice last night. I actually sounds like that on accident.

    Time to go threaten the fine citizens of San Francisco on the bus.

  45. I’m going to give it a rest now…But I shouldn’t leave without thanking Punjab for some kind words and his observations that I’ve tried a bit more of late to look at things more objectively. I do like to sometimes engage in the grandiloquent windy diversions(I miss Tsao)and I don’t mind some occasional ‘rabble-rousing.’ I don’t believe either are as destructive to this place as insinuated. Thank you Punjab.

    All of you(trolls included)make this place uniquely rare. I bond closer to Indiana because of you.

  46. Now Harvard can hear the “tone” of a written post. Great trick. But I do confess that my post #12 was tongue-in-cheek. I didn’t really those comments came from Harvard, but could not resist linking him with the Crean-hating troll, if for no other reason than to see if I could get a rise. Come on now, that’s better than referring to Harvard’s TCDS or bringing up his intolerance for the manner in which Crean expresses his Christian faith.

    Harvard, if it’s any consolation to you, I do not consider you a troll. I never have. You know what I consider you, based on the frequency of your favorite anti-Crean attacks. But you must admit that when you spend so much time and effort expressing your disdain for Crean, and attacking the manner in which he expresses his faith, and your long established tendency of using many different screen names, its easy for people to place you in the troll category.

  47. Thank you for spilling out your guts, and letting me get a glimpse into your mind to understand you a little better. Hope today treated you well. Goodnight.

  48. From what I read, he didn’t agree eye to eye with one of HT’s staff, and basically proclaimed his own boycott, as far as posting is concerned. I wish he come back though.

  49. Ain’t no thang, Harv.

    Incidentally, fantasy football season is over, hence the removal of my hyperlink some time ago. And no, we shall not speak of the outcome. Too painful. Let’s just say I won’t be going yachting anytime soon.

    I’ve been wondering about Tsau, myself. I hope sincerely hope he’s alright. I miss that old fart.

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