Big Ten announces matchup breakdown for 2014-15 season

With two new teams added to the Big Ten for the 2014-15 season, the conference has had to change up it’s scheduling formula. Moving forward, each team in the league will play five home-and-home series each year with conference opponents. They will play four other opponents just at home and four others just on the road. The Big Ten released the first slate on Friday, and according to an Indiana athletics release, the Hoosiers breakdown is as follows.

The Big Ten Conference released men’s basketball opponents for the 2014-15 season with the 18-game slate having teams playing five opponents in a home and home series, four opponents only at home and four only on the road.

Indiana will have home and home dates with the two newest members of the conference, Rutgers and Maryland.  IU also will play two games against Ohio State, Michigan State and Purdue.

The Hoosiers will host Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota and Penn State and will travel to Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Northwestern.


  1. Pretty balanced schedule. The away slate looked pretty winnable at first glance, but then you realize Nebraska has come to be a very tough place to play, and NW is the only place we’ve won over the last couple of years. No complaints, but I’m not penciling in a B1G banner, either.

  2. Seems very favorable to IU. Just wondering if there are any published criteria for how they made the selections?

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