Wilson, Johns, Knorr on each player in the Class of 2014

Indiana’s coaching staff introduced its 2014 recruiting class on a live-stream video on BTN.com on Wednesday morning. There will be a full press conference at 2 p.m., but what follows are thoughts from IU coach Kevin Wilson on the class and some of the other coaches on individual players.

Wilson: “We did land a couple of guys at the end. We went through coordinator changes. Lost an O-coordinator, replaced a D-coordinator, and still put on paper one of the best classes we’ve ever signed. … Our staff was relentless this year. Our support staff did a great job. But at the end of the day I can’t compliment our players enough and the locker room for what they did in this recruiting class.”

IU offensive coordinator Kevin Johns:

On OT Delroy Baker: “We feel like we won a big-time recruiting battle for Delroy. Had all the big three schools in Florida. Many SEC schools. Committed to us in the summer time. Very excited about his upside. Has great size, toughness, plays very physical and is on campus right now working out with us now and getting stronger every day.”

On WR Dominique Booth: “Just an outstanding receiver from Pike High School. Going to leave Pike as the all-time leading receiver. This year we really wanted to add some size and some speed to the receiving corps. We felt like losing Kofi, losing Cody, we really had to replace some big physical guys. Dominique is going to do that for us.”

On WR Simmie Cobb: “He’s going to fit the size and the speed combination that we want. You’re going to see this guy being 6-foot-4, 205, 210 pounds, he really moves like he’s about 6-foot-1, 180. Very agile, great change of direction. Played offense and defense this year. Covered kicks for his team.”

On QB Alexander Diamont: “He brings the abilities to make plays not only with his arm but with his legs as well. Very athletic. Can run around, make some plays. … He’s a very heady player, very smart, he understands the game, can read coverages. We had a chance to go out and watch him throw in the spring time, and he came back in June at our camp and threw in front of Coach Wilson. Really impressed us with his arm strength, having the ability to make throws all over the field. He has a little Johnny Manziel in him, which can be a good thing and can be a bad thing, but for him to have the ability to create plays on his own is always special.”

On TE Jordan Fuchs: “Jordan’s a big-time player, big-time potential. It doesn’t take long when you watch his film to see that he runs tremendous routes and has very soft hands. And he was an outstanding basketball player as well that has a chance to do great things in our offense.

On WR: J-Shun Harris: “He’s dynamic. I think when you watch his film, just fast, explosive, can change direction. Young man that we had in our summer camp and it didn’t take long for him to put on a show for us as coaches for us to realize that this guy, we need to have him on our team.”

On OL DeAndre Herron: “De’Andre is massive. He certainly fits the mold of being a grown man. And when you watch his film, he plays extremely physical, finishes his blocks. … Very excited for what he can bring, really from an immediate impact, already having the size you need in an O-lineman.”

On WR Coray Keel: “He’s one of those bigger body guys that has a chance to put on weight when he gets to college. Three-sport athlete at South Gwinnett. Had a chance to watch him this fall. Very explosive, very soft hands, runs great routes, and he’s a great character young man. Very good student.

On OL Wes Martin: “He’s going to be one of the strongest kids that we’re gonna bring in this year. … He’s a natural fit here at our school.”

On RB Tommy Mister: “I think you watch his film, he’s going to be one of the more explosive and dynamic athletes that we’re going to sign this year. Reminds a lot of us on Tevin Coleman, who obviously had a big-time year for us this year. Played quarterback for his team this year, really just so they could put the ball in his hands on every single snap. But plays extremely physical. Great change of direction. Great acceleration.”

On RB Devine Redding: “He is going to be a bigger, more physical back. … Shows great speed and really for a running back has tremendous vision and great change of direction in the open field.”

Defensive Coordinator Brian Knorr

On DL Michael Barwick: “Mike will be an interior defensive lineman. Great first step, Probably an ideal shade nose guard inside. … He’s a guy that can come in and be a solid player on our defensive front.”

On DL Nick Carovillano: “Outstanding player. Nick transferred from Brophy Prep in Arizona. He came in and did a lot of things we’re going to ask him to do. Great first step, very rangy, will develop into a very good defensive end for us.”

On DB Donovan Clark: “Donovan is a two-way player, great quarterback. Very dynamic cover guy physically. Was a great returner. Really look forward to him providing an element of speed and physicalness in the secondary.”

On DL Jermane Conyers: “He comes in close to a 300-pound defensive lineman. Will be an interior defensive lineman for us. Physically is a guy that can step in and compete right away and has been outstanding.”

On DB Chris Covington: “Chris was a quarterback in high school, he played corner and played linebacker. We’ll bring Chris in as a possible safety who could grow into an oustide backer, SAM backer. Great ball skills as you can see. Athletically did a lot of things as you can see on the offensive side of the ball. He’ll be a wild card for us, could be a safety or an outside linebacker.”

On DB Tony Fields: “Comes very well-tutored as far as football instincts, probably as ready a player as we have to come in and compete right away. Tremendous instincts, cover skills, can play sideline to sideline. I think had five picks last year and really was one of the top picks in that area.”

On LB Greg Gooch: “Tremendous personality, people are going to love Greg Gooch. He’ll come in one of the strongest players in the state of Florida. He’ll come in and be able to compete in the weight room physically. He’s a MIKE linebacker right now that can come in and also rush off the edge. We’re excited about him and he’ll provide tremendous personality for this defense.”

On DE/OLB Robert McCray III: “Robert gives us the ability in an odd front not only to rush the passer from a three-point stance, he’s also very dynamic and athletic. He played tailback so he can also drop into coverage, a very multiple player who can play linebacker or rush defensive end for us.”

On LB Tegray Scales: “Tegray Scales has tremendous body control, very very athletic. By far probably the most athletic linebacker that we’ll bring in this year. He is one of the top wrestlers in the state of Ohio. He’ll come in, has great control of the body. Tremendous pass rusher, very exciting and dynamic. Looking for big things out of Tegray.”

On DB Zeke Walker: “Was a very athletic quarterback, very physical safety. We anticipate him being a safety/outside linebacker hybrid very much like Covington.”

On DB Kiante Walton: “Great 40 time. Kiante is a very athletic corner, very physical corner. Two-hundred pound corners are hard to find these days, especially when they’re 6-foot. This guy is going to be a finalist probably in the state of Georgia 100 meters. He’s a guy that we’re very excited about. Great ball skills, five picks, and comes from a great program at Columbus Carver.

More Kevin Wilson

On DB Will Dawkins: “Will is a guy recruited by a lot of folks. Great program at Vero.Well coached … Had a lot of offers, lot of Big Ten opportunities from some premier programs. Got on him late. Phenomenal kid. Just energy, talent, loved him when we met him from the get go. Got him in here last week and we’re excited about him. He played offense this year. Can play both sides, but to me very, very physical, great ball skill and he can give us some depth and some needed improvement in the secondary.”

On OL Tim Gardner: “Timmy’s very talented. He came out a year ago. It didn’t work out at the previous school he signed with. … Very big, very athletic. We think maybe as athletic as some of our defensive line prospects. Comparing him to Ralph Green, same kind of body. Not that he’s going to be defensive line, but 300 pounds with great agility.”

On LB Dameon Willis: “A guy that’s kind of a big safety growing into a linebacker who we can hopefully play on the edge. … Quality player out of a quality program.”

On DL Derrian Meminger: “Very athletic, lot of upside. Playing very, very good competition too now. … I would have preferred to have gotten him up here. Wanted him up here last week and it didn’t work out, but I didn’t want to go past it because I wanted to take one more D-lineman.”

(More to come, including Brian Knorr on defensive players. Had to run to the press conference)


  1. Excellent recruiting class! Kudos to CW and the IU coaching staff for selling the vision of IU Football competing for a B1G championship and playing 13 for years to come. BTW – what happened to CB Waynedriko Smith?

  2. Of course the staff will praise these guys to the sky, but the fact that a lot of them had offers from quality programs should speak for itself. Given that it looks like the IUD will be playing a lot of 3-4 in 2014, I’m eager to see how Ralphael Green (#93) works out at the nose this year; I thought he looked really good v. PSU and in some other games last year.

  3. This fall there will be more good football players in a Hoosier uniform than at any time in my memory! And I am a “geezer” who can still remember Big Earl Fasion running 90 yards to score on a blocked FG against MSU in the “old” stadium on 10th Street!

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