Crean acknowledges cumulative effect of last week’s misfortunes

Indiana play-by-play man Don Fischer began Tom Crean’s weekly radio show Monday by pointing out that Crean’s team had a tough week last week.

Crean’s response: “Ya think?”

More than at any time over the past six days, the Indiana coach acknowledged the cumulative effect of the Hoosiers’ misfortunes from the late-game collapse against Penn State on Wednesday to the Friday morning arrest of sophomore forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea to the 82-64 blowout loss at Purdue on Saturday. He admitted that, yes, the emotional toll of the first two events produced carry-over and led to the third.

“I think we underestimated how much (the Penn State loss) devastated us,” said Crean, whose Hoosiers get an opportunity to stop their three-game losing streak against No. 15 Iowa at 9 p.m. at Assembly Hall. “It really did. As much as you think you try to bounce back and try to move forward from that, I look back at it and our spirit was just never the way it needed to be the rest of the week. After Hanner’s situation, you think they’re disappointed, which they are, but a lot more of them are sad. He’s a family member. He’s close. It’s imagining somebody have one of their siblings go through a problem like that. It affects them. … (The Penn State game) was a winnable game and it ended up affecting us the next game. There’s no doubt.”

Crean talked at length both in the radio show Monday evening and on the Big Ten teleconference on Monday morning why that is, and as usual, he pointed primarily to youth. He pointed out that of the 60 every day starters on the Big Ten’s 12 teams, five of those starters are freshman and three of those — Noah Vonleh, Troy Williams and Stanford Robinson — are starters at Indiana. The other two are Michigan point guard Derrick Walton and Nebraska point guard Tai Webster. Three Purdue true freshmen — Basil Smotherman, Bryson Scott and Kendall Stephens — have started this year but were not in the starting lineup on Saturday against the Hoosiers.

“We’re expecting a lot of those guys,” Crean said. “… We can say, ‘well, they’re 27 games in.’ Well, they’re not 27 games in in not having it go easy for them. They’ve gotta learn to deal with it when it goes hard for them.”

When it does go hard for them, Crean said, they don’t necessarily know how to fix it. He said he’s still seeing effort in games, in practices and on the floor beyond practice. The issue is that there are still situations they are still figuring out how to handle.

“What happens is, when you are young and you don’t have the experience, you don’t have the consistency,” Crean said. “What we have is a consistency in work habits and work ethic, which is good and part of the process. But we don’t have that consistency of what it takes, physically and mentally, to win the games. That is where awareness comes in. That’s where needing to make this cut or that cut or I don’t need to pass the ball here or running the play the way it needs to be run or I need to take one more dribble at the basket or I need to slow down … those kinds of things are all part of it.”

Other notes from the radio show follow.

— Crean was asked why he doesn’t always put the starters in the game in the last five minutes.

“I’ll tell you what, if I felt like the starters were the best opportunity for us to win the game, then I’d probably put them back in,” Crean said. “That’s a general question. Some of its subbing for who’s the best for certain situations. Some of it is based on matchups. There’s no question there’s a couple of times I wished I had Jeff Howard in at the very end for defensive reasons and Jeff’s only started one game. So trust me, if I felt it was the five starters or the five best players and it was considerable that it needed to be that way, we’d do it. We put a little time into the research on that, who fits where. Sometimes it just becomes what’s needed in that particular moment.”

— An audience member expressed his displeasure with the booing that Indiana endured at the end of the Penn State game as well as in some other occasions. Crean’s response follows.

“I think the bottom line with that is we have to keep in perspective that this is a young group,’ Crean said. “We think of our own children. When they’re learning, when they’re not as confident, they’re fragile. Me personally, I sleep with a sound machine on. One of those noise machines. I live in 24/7 noise. The noise isn’t ever going to hinder me. It will never break me down. The players, they need that encouragement. Substitution situation, the fans are booing me for the substitution situation. Well, the fans are booing me for the substitution situation. The guys that are on the court don’t know that. They gotta play through that. We’ve gotta make sure we’re doing a great job of encouraging, understanding where we’re at. There’s some fragile guys out there who haven’t been through it as much. It’s fun to think they’re not, but they are. The bottom line is we’ve gotta keep helping them. We don’t win the Wisconsin in my mind without the fans the way they were at the eight minute mark. There’s been considerable games wherever the fans have won the game for us. …. That’s what we need. That’s how they’re gonna learn.”

— Crean was asked about the 2012 class that came in known as the Movement class. He first pointed out that “The Movement” wasn’t a name he came up with. He didn’t mention Ron Patterson’s name, but did say it was someone who wasn’t with the team anymore.

“They came in as The Movement because one player decided he liked the name and the media caught up on that,” Crean said.

He was then asked if the 2012 class was let down when Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo left early.

“Did anyone of them know when they signed that Victor would be the second pick in the draft? I don’t think anybody could have foresaw that at that point. Would they have hoped to play with Cody longer? Absolutely, but it didn’t work out that way because of the way that he played and his talent and things like that. (IU SID J.D. Campbell) gave me a great story today that John Clay wrote in the Lexington Herald-Leader. I like reading these people that really dive into it and get it. He wrote about the fact that there’s so much creation being made through recruiting services and scouting services and all of these things. Let’s think about this term, “The Movement.” One kid that’s not even with us decides that that sounds like a good name to bring some attention to himself. Then everybody catches on and there’s T-shirts. No one ever heard anyone talk about that in Indiana. Because that’s not realistic. What’s realistic is you’ve gotta come in and you’ve gotta work. Bottom line is (Peter Jurkin’s) situation has been one of health. Without question. Health situations the whole way. Jeremy’s had distractions. Jeremy’s not played to the level of his ability yet. Hanner we knew had a lot of work to do and has continued to improve. Now we’ve got our situation that we’ve gotta deal with with him right now. There’s two different things. There’s the suspension and there’s discipline. The suspension we’ll lift when I feel that it’s time to do it. The discipline may never end. It may never end while he’s here. I may hire somebody when he’s in the NBA and have them waiting on him when he’s there. I’ve got 17 different people on this team. I’ve got three children at home, but I’ve got 17 people that I’m the surrogate parent for. Protecting them and disciplining them and helping them grow is the most important thing. None of us coached any of these guys with any unrealistic expectations. Because unrealistic expectations come from the outside, that’s one thing. Yogi Ferrell’s turned out pretty good and is going to get better. Hanner will get better. Jeremy certainly has potential. Peter, it all comes down to health. The one we took and it wasn’t going to work out, we saw that in the summer. You could spend a lot of time on woulda, coulda, shoulda. You can say, ‘Well, I wish we’d have done this, I wish we’d have done that. That’s the way the world is. But the bottom line is we’ve got some guys that are really trying to contribute to the team. That have to get better, that have to continue to prioritize what’s important to them with the exception of Yogi, and we just keep moving forward.

— Crean was asked what the coaches could do to fix the turnover problem. He brought the sarcasm for this one. Lots of it.

“I’ll tell you what. That is something that we have not covered at all in practice. We think about it. We’re wondering if maybe we should talk about turnovers at some point. I’m not sure. I mean, it’s not on the top of our list. I’m sorry, it’s just not. We always let them go. If they want to turn it over, we don’t have any discipline for that. We don’t have any punishment for it. Really, the best thing we can do these guys is just roll the balls out and let them do what they want. That’s basically what we do. I mean, do you think we’d like to cut the turnovers off? We would. We’re trying to get better at it constantly. There’s no question about it. I know it looks poorly coached when we turn it over. That’s not the way our practices are set up. I’m not going to go over all of the things that we do to try to make that better. But we are. We need to. There’s no question. I could sub more, but maybe you’ll boo me if I sub more. I’m not quite sure where to go with that other than we’re gonna continue to work on it the best that we can. Nobody’s out there trying to turn it over. We try to do some things we can’t do. We miss the simple play. We try to force it to places that it can’t go or shouldn’t go, but nobody’s trying to accept that. That’s what the coaches are trying to do.”

— Crean was asked about strengthening the non-conference schedule. He said that the Hoosiers were trying to add a marquee non-conference home game to this year’s schedule, but that he wouldn’t have changed it otherwise.

“We didn’t have that marquee non-conference home game, and that’s really all it would have been is adding one more non-conference home game. UConn is UConn. Washington certainly is a team that’s a pretty high name, pretty good league, maybe hasn’t had the kind of year that others maybe thought they were gonna have. Syracuse is doing OK, we just didn’t beat them. Notre Dame was ranked at that point, lost their best player due to an eligibility issue. Things of that nature come up inside of it. You try to project as best you can. Next year, I think that things are definitely going to change a little bit with the sense that we’ll have an ACC (Big Ten Challenge) home game. There will be something else done potentially with the Big East. We’re playing Louisville in New York. We will have an exempt tournament. The way we’re looking at it right now is we will play it at home, four of those games will be at home and the fourth will be a very, very good team. I’m not going to share who it is right now. I don’t think there’s any question that there will be a few more marquee names on there. But let’s be honest about it. How people turn out and how they end up playing and what that does to your strength of schedule, what that does to your RPI remains to be seen.

According to IU’s SID, in conference play next year, each team will play five times twice and have single plays with the eight other teams.



  1. Well IMHO this was a good interview. He answered some questions we have all been asking. Maybe not everything but still the best review this year. No one close to the program has given up on this team. Not the Coaches or players anyway. Now fans are a different story. We all wish they had won 20 games by now but it was not to be so we, as fans, have 2 choices: quit supporting the team (Coaches and Players) until next year or get on board and try and help this team win some more games starting with beating Iowa. For me I have been a fan for over 60 years and I am not about to throw in the towel now. I did not after Sampson left and I am not now! Heck, I still support the football team and they did not win the last Big Ten out right title in 20 years as the Basketball team did last year. Hoosier thru and thru. Go Hoosiers!

  2. IMO Crean has to go, agree he is over his head, the numerous meltdowns this year are the proof, there are too many flaws, errors, and mistakes CTC has made to list.If you agree all we can do is write letter of displeasure to Fred Glass, and without contributions to the school, which I have done. I realize that might seem very harsh, but at this point it is all i can do show my disapproval of very poorly coached and lead IUBB. I dont fault the players, I fault CTC and staff, how canIU get beat by four rebuilding programs (Neb, PSU, Minn and NorthU) in one year, I can understand 1, maybe 2 not 4.

  3. In way over his head. 8th highest paid coach in the country with terrible results. In this was the real world he would be fired in a second. We certainly are NOT getting what we are paying for.

  4. Do you guys really think Glass is going to fire Crean less than a year after winning the school’s first outright B1G championship in two decades, not to mention being ranked #1 for the majority of the season, etc.? I agree that Crean’s coaching this year has been subpar (at best) and the players he recruited are not developing nearly as much as they should. If this continues into next year, I can see there being a debated as to whether he should continue as coach. But right now the amount he would be owed on the remainder of his contract alone should short circuit any such discussion. No way IU can afford the buyout this early into the extension we gave him. Be realistic.

  5. Davis put us in a tie for first in the Big 10 standings. Is there really that much difference? It’s still first place. If you tie for first in the Olympics, it’s still a gold medal. Davis took us to a Final Four, yet Indiana fans always claimed they knew he wasn’t a good coach.

    Crean was hired to save our image. And now he has served his usefulness. We are merely delaying the inevitable. It shouldn’t take seven years to realize a man can’t coach. It took us nearly as long with Mike Davis. We already know the man can’t coach. He’s an NBA recruit. It would be the best job for him. He should make a $100,000/year gig traveling around the globe to find NBA gold. It’s too late to fill the role at Indiana…That would feel like a demotion. Maybe he could be an adviser/recruiting assistant to Brad Stevens at Boston…? I could actually see that working.

  6. I have never been a Crean fan. Must be able to in-game coach or delegate it. He does neither. Seems unlikely he will go but if I was Noah I would go with 100% certainty now which makes it even worse for the coming years. Usually takes years of misery for a change to happen and then you start over again with new coach, young team, and on and on we go since Knight left. Crean would make good upstairs guy to recruit but need a coach that understands college basket ball and how to lead. I continue to see elements of issues on the team between players or players and coach, something is just not right by a long shot. I think part of it is the coach blaming players, probably working them too hard on wrong stuff, and with no team chemistry in total cannot find any rhythm at all.

  7. As Harvard says we are just delaying the inevitable. Crean was very smart to get this long term contract knowing we could not fire him for years to come. Id be shocked if next year is any better as there is no Cody Zeller showing up. At this point we are just wasting time imo.

  8. Yup. No Zeller coming in. Nothing coming in next year but a guy who is averaging about 7,342 pts a game. JBJ is one of the best pure shooters I’ve seen in a long time.

    We’ll be better next year. If Noah stays, we’ll be really dangerous.

    Then they’ll both go the NBA and we’ll be told that Crean just got lucky again.

  9. He doesn’t get lucky recruiting. He’s a born salesman. Doesn’t make you qualified to know how to make the talent gel with the other players that aren’t NBA phenoms. Tom Crean wears the expensive suit of a coach, but the acumen to run a team like a machine is not there. It’s good enough for Sweet 16’s and he’s safe.

    If Noah leaves, our inside game will be disaster like none seen before on a Indiana Hoosier team. Noah is currently as high as #5 on various mock drafts…He’s an assured top-10. Does he really want to take that risk? It’s an individual decision, but I think he’d be crazy to pass up such a dream. One awkward twist of a leg or colliding with the knee of an opponent can shatter that dream. It’s are fault for being so thin. We shouldn’t put our selfish perspectives to make this kid feel any less a Hoosier than Dipo or Zeller when they left with their names high on the draft charts.

  10. Happenstance can save you and it can bite you in the butt.

    Vonleh’s play being such a vital centerpiece to our success has catapulted him into receiving intense attaching from the NBA scouts. He’s delivered very admirably and shows off a game that could contribute immediately at the next level.

    Fischer is no longer an insurance plan.

    The future of Hanner and how well he bounces back is all uncertain.

    If Noah leaves, it’s welcome to the world of happenstance from the dark side.

    Seriously…..Who would have ever thought we would have needed Jeff Howard to give us quality minutes against our most hated rival? That’s our backup plan now. It’s a much deeper pit next season without Noah.

  11. Like all of us, CTC has things he does well (VERY well in his case) and things that he does not do well. He is a great salesman, as others have noted, and this makes him an excellent recruiter. He is a great motivator – he is a student of pop psych/religious motivators and is a natural in that field. The motivational talents allow him to lead veteran players such as Jeff Howard (this year) and Hulls, Watford, and Oladipo in years past – players who are confident in their roles, talents, and limitations. However, young fundamentally challenged players who are unsure or overconfident are not the best fits for his skill set. Young kids don’t trust his hokey Norman Vincent Peale routine and lose confidence in his message at the first sign of trouble. He’s like a baseball manager who can make a good, talented team better but loses a young struggling team.

  12. If NV stays for next season, the reason would be strictly that he loves college basketball, loves playing at IU, and wants to work on his degree. However, IMO, it makes absolutely no sense for him to stay.

    He is a lottery pick pretty much barring something crazy. AS HfH said, he does not want to end up like McGary and come back only to get hurt (he would have to take out insurance policy if he came back). The sooner he gets in the NBA the sooner he can get through his initial contract. Its the 2nd contract that is big for young players. He puts that 2nd contract off for another year by staying.

    I just dont see how its in his best interest to stay. However he really is the x factor for next year. DD and HP at center next year is not a winning situation IMO.

  13. I agree. Noah is likely gone and we’re in trouble with our current bigs and lack there of coming in for next year’s class. If Noah is likely to go that soon, he should take it.

    But, there are other kids that will transfer from other schools and there are a few other opportunities to fill gaps next year. Doesn’t mean we’ll replace Noah (he’s irreplaceable) and heavens knows that I don’t know what will actually happen. With Rob Johnson and JBJ bringing the shooting touch, we’ll do fine if have some bigs can play defense and get rebounds. With a full year of experience for our current crew and Yogi coming back (he won’t go pro), our backcourt will be filthy.

  14. Wow, what a bunch of gloom and doom! No IU fan is happy about our record so far (except beating Wisc and Mich). But, I doubt any of you could have done any better despite all your expert basketball wisdom.

  15. The only alternative is to get us to a Final Four this season.

    Impossible, you say?

    Prove ’em all wrong, boys. Show the college basketball world that Hoosiers don’t quit. Put five victories on the books over the next six..Go a couple games deep into the Big 10 tournament.

    Just find a way. Everyone is already talking next year. Have you given up on this year? I’m beginning to wonder if this was Crean’s plan all along..? Are we doing what NBA teams do to score a high draft pick? Is Crean purposefully creating stagnancy and stupid plays and building confusion to throw games? Isn’t are only hope in keeping Noah NOT getting to the Big Dance?

    Just think of the added focus and attention on Noah if we would have made it into March Madness..? The press for these young men just goes up exponentially. It gets into their heads and they ride the high of all the chatter…Their names go even higher on the charts and they begin to realize that next year they may not even get into the Madness and receive the attention of the biggest stage.

    Maybe all these substandard results are coming for a reason…? Throwing in the towel now may be the only hope in keep the lid on Noah. Sure, his name is already on the mock draft charts…That’s fine and dandy. But it’s the national press attention and having that pretty blond interviewing you courtside on a nationally televised March Madness game that begins to infect the desires and the realization that there’s no better time. Strike while the fires are hot…Strike while the journalists are writing about “going home parties” as if your time at Indiana is over. That sort of attention and adulation in the ears means so much more during the NCAA tournament.

    And just maybe…we don’t want Noah on that stage this year.

    Prove me wrong.

  16. I think NV should and needs to leave, he will not get better playing at IU where he has to intercept passes intended for Will to get shots off and how can anyone pass on the kind of money a top 5 pick gets. What drives me crazy about CTC is has yet (at least I have not seen it) where CTC simply states, ‘this team’s performance is my fault, I need to do better, gaps are attributed all to me’. He picked these guys, coaches them every day and is the leader, yet he will not take ownership of the mess this team is in, this is his ‘proverbially’ baby, we are where we are because of him. There is a very strong possibility that we will finish the B10 about the same spot we did in CTC 3rd year….is that acceptable? Again, if you agree, write Fred Glass and demand a coaching change and stop giving money, and if Fred can’t help us we will need to ask for a change at the AD level. I am not going sit here watch this program go down the drain, Harvard you are correct, if NV leaves, I don’t want to even image how weak we are going to be in the post……this is a code blue!

  17. We lost four starters to graduation and the NBA last year. They were all really good, experienced and mentally tough college players. We replaced them with true freshman that were over-hyped coming out of High School. Not one of those freshman is as good as the man he replaced from last year’s squad. NOT ONE (and don’t talk to me about potential. Potential does not win BB games). We’ve defeated two top ten teams this season, which speaks to this team’s potential. While I am not pleased with this team’s performance or record, I am not at all surprised by either. The freshman are playing as if they are mentally exhausted, and with the emotional disappointment they got hit with last week, they obviously hit the wall at Purdue. Heck, they missed at least 15 bunnies at the rim against Purdue and NV’s first four fouls were classic signs of mental fatigued. It’s not unusual.

    But Crean ain’t going anywhere next year or the year after that. He may be catching flack from the fans, but he’s not at risk of getting fired for at least another two seasons. Those of you who are calling for his termination are delusional. As someone else commented, you don’t fire a coach a year after he leads his team to the first outright Big Ten Championship in decades, especially when when his contract buyout consists of seven digits. Crean’s going to get an opportunity to rebound from this terrible season.

  18. The only player that should really be exhausted is Yogi Ferrell…And he continues to play with great energy and heart.

    The rest of the squad has been substituted so frequently that there should be less wearing down than most Big 10 teams.

    We aren’t all about freshman. Our point guard is in his second year. Will Sheehey is a senior. Vonleh, much like Zeller, is not your typical freshman. Whether you believe he’s overrated or not, the fact remains he is going to finish the season as a top 10 NBA prospect. But should he be worn down? Nope. He’s been in foul trouble in many games..If anything, he’s suffering from lack of play and lack of involvement. He’d be off-the-charts dominant if we could get him more involved. He’s frustrated and it shows. If he has mental fatigue, it is likely due to the frustrations of an offense that is clueless.

    Davis tied for a Big 10 title. We won the “outright” thing by slimmest of margins last year. It’s an accomplishment that Knight pulled off about 16 times.. I wonder how many time Bobby finished in “outright” second place?

    And fans think Davis could coach simply because his team achieved a tie for first place in the conference? Did fans think he could coach after a Final Four trip and a run to a championship game?

    Crean can coach about as well as Doug Mallory can function as a defensive coordinator. You can marry into sports..You can sit next to talented people. It doesn’t have one iota to the making of a man that understands what he’s doing in game situations and can deal with the pressures of the fast decisions(or maybe just the ability to not make too many decisions while micro managing a team to death).

    That’s how I sum up Crean’s 40 minutes each contest. He simply micro manages a team to death. He probably enjoys over-seasoned food and a place he can make multiple trips to a buffet spread. His teams reflect the chaos in his need to control too much and involve himself beyond what is necessary. It’s because he’s clueless.

  19. We are sitting at the bottom of the B10, on the heels of what was suppose to be two exceptional recruiting classes, we have been blown out by 4 teams (Minn, PSU, Neb and NW)that are all suppose to be rebuilding, we cant sit here and say there is no solution, we need to voice our displeasure to Glass and cut the funds….otherwise ~2 more years of CTC, another new coach, we are talking another 3-4 years before we have a chance of a good team. CTC has tried his best, I am 100% confident of that, he had brought in players with high character, however, he has had far more failures with player development / success, just look at all the wasted schollys we have (i.e., players who cant compete at the D1 level). I can never remember in the 25+ years I have been a fan that an IU coach has been boomed so bad that he changes (correctly I may add) the horrible set of players he had on the court. I am not going to sit here and not voice my disgust to Glass about the poor performance level of the program, we need to put the pressure on Glass.

  20. Just so Harvards comment that Knight outright won the BT 16 times with one legged blind nuns does not become urban legend…. He actually won it outright 8 times. He won it 5 of his first ten years and then 3 times in his last 19 years. He is one of the greatest coaches of all times but I find it funny when people disparage coaches when they win with good players. Of 4 of Knights first BT championships two were with the 75-76 crew. Granted there were no Michael Jordan’s in the group but all 5 starters played at least two years in the NBA, three were first rounders etc. The other 2 early championships featured 3 McDonalds All American (Thomas, Tolbert and Turner) and Thomas, Tolbert, Wittman and Woodsen (on the ”80 championship) all had long NBA careers. Turner would also have most likely been in the NBA if not for his tragic injury.

    PS….none of my comments are meant to excuse/justify the incredible number of TO’s this year, lack of half court offense or inexplicable substitution patterns.

  21. Two years in the NBA is diddly…. I was knowingly exaggerating on the Big 10 titles. Outside of Isiah, he never had elite NBA talent. He got off to a hell of a start inheriting the already recruited Downing and McGinnis. John Ritter was a one-legged blind nun…But he came up big in big games. Scott May broke his wrist in ’75(might as well have been a blind nun because he couldn’t play in the NCAA tournament on a team many believed even stronger than the ’76 squad).

    Eleven Big 10 Championships…Ain’t too shabby. Let’s go hang 10 more banners. 14 Sweet 16’s…Including back-to-back-to-back-to-back(that would take up a lot of space on a t-shirt) from ’91 thru ’94.


  22. So now JBJ is going to save us? On one hand I hear the excuse we are too young and you cant expect youth to win. Then the same people say the two freshman coming in next year are going to make us that much better. Which is it? You cant have it both ways.

  23. Steve – you can have it both ways… Next years team could have most of its parts returning, therefore it will have experience AND you’ll be adding the commodity this team needs most. So next years team could have far more experience than youth, which is the act opposite of this years team.

    Kinda like when we added Yogi, a true PG, to last year’s team in place of VJ3… We added youth, but got better.

  24. Mdtiu88 – listen man, I don’t disagree with your sentiment exactly, but you gotta watch the hyperbole… A “blow out” means a wide margin… Most people would say 15-20 pts, would be a blow out, but at the very minimum it’s gotta be double-digits. None of the losses you talked about meet that standand… They were all close losses, 1-7 points, that were winnable down the stretch.

    Now, Purdue was a blow out (and for some reason you didn’t even mention them)…

  25. Geoff you are correct, my emotions got the best of me and I stand correct….how about ‘mental blow outs’ (ie we choked do to poor coaching leadership.
    See CTC, how easy it is to admit to a mistake.

  26. HforH, for the first time in a long time, I actually read one of your posts. And to my dismay, I actually agree with some of your comments in #23. But regardless of his faults as a coach, Crean is not going to be fired after this season, or after next season. In relative terms, he still does too many positive things for the program, and those things outweigh his faults as a coach for the time being. He’s a great recruiter. His players are on track to graduate. With the recent exception of HMP’s stupidity, his players stay out of trouble. But honestly, it’s that 7-digit contract buyout that will prevent Glass from firing him any time soon.

    And the difference between Crean and Mallory is that Crean has achieved some significant success while at IU. Mallory never demonstrated success. And then there is the matter of the millions of incremental dollars it would cost IU to fire Crean as compared to what it cost IU to fire Mallory.

    Bottom line is that Crean has two seasons to prove that he’s still worthy of being IU’s coach. If, during the next two seasons, his teams produce another Big Ten Championship, or if IU gets to the final four, Crean’s going to be IU’s coach for as long as he wants to be IU’s coach, and his compensation package is going to be in the top five, not the top seven. In the mean time, don’t be surprised to see some changes amongst his assistant coaches.

  27. You cant count on next year! Do you think the offense will improve from dribble and pass around the perimeter??THAT will get worse as they wait for someone to shoot from outside cutters,no screens.While CTC talks that no one has given up …..he speaks for a team of individuals that I doubt he REALLY knows ;the individual players with doubts and self confidence issues are thinking things wont improve…how many from This years team leaves…..which wont be good for next years “stand around-pass the ball -then throw up a prayer” offense

  28. I think all we need to do is look at the economics of the situation, i hope we all agree that IU BB is the engine that funds the majority of other sports at IU? Looking at historical financials from the USA today plublished several years ago of schools athletic finances, looking at IU in 2007 (pre-CTC and a very dark period of IU BB) through 2011, revenue increased from $49M to $71M, some of the biggest increase were in contributions of $8M and liscensing fees increase of $12M. If any of these metrics fall back, spending $11M (net of the buyout of $14M less $3M salary as the Univesity needs IU BB to be popular and successful to fund the other sports, to me it is quite simple what needs to be done. Let’s just call CTC buyout value sunk cost and move on.

  29. The number of games where our second half is just flat out dismal makes you wonder just what kind of halftime coach Crean is in the locker room because our adjustments simply don’t work. Also, my perception of the Penn State meltdown is that this b-ball team simply has no basketball IQ. They have basketball athleticism but no real court smarts. Kyle Taber and teammates were athletically challenged but I really believe they had a better understanding of how to play the game.

  30. I also agree with many of your comments. But I also feel you had an agenda with Mallory. And that agenda was from the day he was hired. It took me about 6 months to a year to know I did not like Crean’s personality. Does that make him a bad coach? No. Does that make him deserve a lot to the crap I threw at him? No.

    But I’m not sold on the idea he is a man of stellar values with internal ethical regard like no other. He’s fabulous at selling those values. Selling has nothing to do with having a human sense of right vs. wrong.

    And if Crean gets to a Final Four, I don’t think that wholly deserves a legitimization of his coaching ability anymore than we passed that belief on to Mike Davis.

    And I truly believe he would not be coach today if he would have lost on the recruitment of Cody Zeller.

    I think Oladipo looks like he has a great NBA future. I’ll gladly admit I never thought he could go so high on draft night and deliver in the NBA game as well as we’ve seen this year. But when it comes to the success of the team the last 2 years, the importance of finally having a top post player from the state in a Hoosier uniform, the Sweet 16’s, and the overall symbolic importance to Tom Crean? Those contract extensions and future years are all attributable to Cody Zeller.

    And the pain were experiencing now is merely the same ineptitude and losses we would have witnessed 2 years ago if Tom Crean would have failed in putting Zeller in candy stripes. That’s not an attempt to disregard the NBA talents of Oladipo…or his singing voice. It’s simply the reality of what gave Crean the extra years to not be a very good floor manager/halftime/chalkboard coach.

    Thousands of coaches impart their good values on their schools and their young players the serve as example. We always talk of the few criminals and the corrupt people. Let’s quit making Crean look like the exception. The constant focus on the “bad guys” of sports is a very low bar to set for oneself. I wouldn’t waste my time chasing them around.

    Indiana is the last school in the world that should feel it needs the crutch of pointing out the scoundrels. And that gets me back to the not caring much for the ‘personality’ side of things. If you’re a winner, you don’t make mountains out of the losers.

  31. TJ, while I can’t guarantee none of this year’s players won’t transfer or leave IU after this season is complete, your comments implying there will be a mass exodus after the season ends is ridiculous. IU is still a great place to play basketball, great arena, great fans, great school, etc. Tom Crean may not be the best in-game coach, but he’s not abusive and there is no evidence that players despise him. Given his success in recruiting/developing players that go to the NBA, I think most of his players will give him the benefit of the doubt.

    A college athlete makes a huge sacrifice when he transfers, basically sitting out a year. It’s very disruptive to the player and his family. He’s limited to what schools he can transfer to, and it can be a significant academic setback. The better and more ambitious the player, the more of a sacrifice he makes when he transfers, especially those that dream of playing in the NBA. The players that tend to transfer are those that are not getting significant playing time and have little hope of being an important part of the team through in the future. And those transfers are usually positive for both the team and the player.

    Aside from graduation and NV maybe going to the NBA, IU is not going to lose its BB roster to transfers after this season. It’s a bad season, but the sky is not falling, so lets keep it real.

  32. #36 was intended to be addressed to Podunker. Not that other commenting Scoopers aren’t more than welcome to weigh in on those opinions.

    So that’s where I’m at….

    I would love to see us play the rest of our home games up in Indy. I wouldn’t take the risk of another one of those face plates popping off. Assembly is old. Personally, I wouldn’t feel safe in that arena at this time. It really needs to be inspected top-to-bottom…The concrete needs stress tested. There are only three home games remaining. I would switch them to road games or Indy games. Refund the ticket prices. It’s not worth the risk at any point. That’s just my opinion.

  33. PODUNKER…..comment was speculative in nature because of the post game body language I have seen and the blank,lost,emotionally-whipped look on their faces…..I dont think they are emotionally in the place CTC says they are…IF ,and thats a BIG IF, they BELIEVE that next year will be as emotionally draining as this year….transferring or leaving for sake of emotional stability and happiness is worth more than sticking around in an unhappy environment

  34. There’s not gonna be any mass exodus.

    But if Yogi catches wind early of Noah entering the draft, then there is a much higher probability that Yogi tries to squeeze into a deep first round pick. With no post presence, it would be crazy for Yogi to not take a very serious look and sit down with the family. His junior year would be brutal…Plus, Blackmon is going to steal a good share of his limelight. And without a real legit shot at a big season in the backdrop of a Noah departure, all that’s really left is show-and-tell limelight.

    If Noah stays, then the team is intact. It then makes a lot more sense for Yogi to play on a team that could be a potential deep run tournament team.

  35. HforH; I did not have an agenda regarding Mallory from the very beginning. I was NOT impressed with his pedigree before arriving back in Bloomington, and I made that pretty clear. I thought getting fired by LSU and then going to New Mexico, which was, at the time, the very worst college football program in the country, was a huge red flag. Generally, you want a guy on the way up, not on the way down, and Mallory seemed to have fallen pretty far in going from LSU to UNM. If he was a good coach departing LSU, he’d have gotten hired by a reasonably good football program, and not had to settle for the bottom of the barrel.

    For the record, I loved his father as IU’s coach and was very upset when they fired him, especially the way they fired him. It was just classless and stupid. Those idiot administrators damaged IU’s football program by the way they did that. But his son is obviously not as good a coach as his father was. Not unusual when a son follows his father into the same profession/business.

    I developed an “agenda” to see Mallory fired after this season’s Navy game. I had serious doubts before that game, but after it, I had no more doubts at all. IU’s defense was terrible in 2012. And last season (2013), although I thought it impossible, they got worse. This year’s Navy game was the final straw. I don’t care how awkward defending against Navy’s wishbone offense is, there is no way IU should have allowed them to set record rushing yards and score on almost every possession. That was a disgrace, especially since they’d been preparing for Navy since Spring Practice. It was obvious that IU’s defense was clueless against a smaller, less athletic Navy team. And that is 100% coaching.

    Mallory seems like a good man, but he’s not a good defensive football coach. Terminating him was in the best interest of the players, the other coaches and IU football in general. Those young men deserve a chance to win, and Mallory was not making that happen.

  36. I hear all about his recruiting ability, name me the players that are high quality players over the last six years,with one or two exceptions the last two recruiting classes leave a lot to be desired, There aren,t many of those players contributing to I.U. They use the word young way too much,we are not the only one with youth.

  37. Batman… Hmmm…. Even when he had his hands tied by sanctions and a program in ruins he did alright. Either you’re a hater or you aren’t paying attention…

    2009: Watford, Creek, Hulls – that’s a really good, impactful group… Two 1,000 point scorers, which would have been 3 if the most talented, Creek, hadn’t had some of the worst injury luck ever. Led IU to first B1G title in 20 years.

    2010: Sheehey, Dipo – a 1st Team All-B1G performer, #2 overall pick, and the B1G 6th man of the year… That’s pretty good…

    2011: ummm… Zeller

    2012: Yogi is leading the B1G in scoring… (jury still out on Perea and Hollowell)

    2013: Vonleh, despite limited touches is engaged and leading rebounder in B1G (jury still out on Stan, Troy, Davis, etc, but 3 freshman are starting, which = contributing)

    2014: Blackmon, marks 4th consecutive class with a McDonald’s AA…

    So that’s more than just a “couple exceptions”…

  38. batman, you were kidding, right? You can criticize Crean for a lot of things, but recruiting is not one of them. He’s a great recruiter, especially when you consider what he started with upon arrival. In fact, I think he’s catching a lot of heat because relative to the talent he has recruited, he’s not doing a lot with that talent this year. Comparing the potential of the talent on his roster to the results that talent has produced is why he’s catching so much flack right now.

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