Crean: Mosquera-Perea will be witheld from competition “indefinitely”

Indiana just released a statement from Indiana coach Tom Crean on Hanner Mosquera-Perea saying, among other things, that he did not make the trip to Purdue with the team. The full statement follows:

“I had a chance to speak with Hanner before we left for Purdue. The first things I told him were that we loved him and wanted to support him.  We are disappointed in him but also disappointed for him. He knows he made some terrible choices which have turned into big mistakes.  Hanner has let his family, loved ones and our program down and he knows that with choices come consequences. The law will handle some as will we. He will not be with us at Purdue and we will continue to work with him on a daily basis and will be witheld from competition Indefinitely.”


  1. Learn to coach basketball CREAN and maybe your players wont have to drink to deal with YOUR ineptness.

  2. That’s right. It’s Crean’s 43-17 record while Hanner’s been on campus that has led to his obvious rampant alcoholism. In fact, I bet Crean’s coaching is directly responsible for 90% of all binge drinking across Indiana. Severe emotional distress? Broken relationships? Lost jobs? I see a class action lawsuit looming. Sign me up!!!

  3. Obvious rampant alcoholism? Really Punjab? I am not privy to evidence proving that.
    I think Coach Crean and the school actions are overkill. He now has legal problems, is far from home and kin + he is subjected to public opinion and scorn. Withhold him from participation in however (?) many games they wish. But traveling to away games and sitting at the end of the bench as well as at home games sends a damn strong message. No doubt he will respond positively from either scenario.

  4. I go back to the post referring to Dakich’s show….he’s VERY well connected in Btown as his comments about the bartender at Nick’s would suggest a few games ago. My sense is that he has inside info and that this team has indeed packed it in and off-the-court shenanigans are creating into practices & games. No unity OFF the court yields no unity ON the court. Granted, at least a few of them were drinking together! I could probably name them.

    How much don’t we miss Fischer now? I’m afraid we are looking at several transfers after the season; Davis, Hollowell, Perea, etc…

    Bottom line is that this team has 0 chemistry. They cannot play together. Take a look today and count the # of times 2, or more, of our players get in each other’s way on offense. It is pathetic..

  5. I’m not sure if Punjab is citing crean’s won-loss record as a positive or negative. if you take out the cupcake games the team would win even if Punjab were the coach, then what would our record be?

    in any event, two things are certain. boys will be boys and crean is a lousy coach. as crean is fond of saying, there’s no doubt about that.”

  6. This sounds like the proper approach to team consequences in this matter. Dan D is well connected to bartenders at Nick’s, he tossed down many beers during his playing days at IU. As did many others throughout the years.

  7. Have a little faith in your own thoughts and abilities people, Dakich completely plays IU nation and he knows it. Heck most of them probably know it too but they think its fun. No one knows more about the panic/pulse of IU fanbase than Dakich, he uses it and you to pump ratings. If you need Dakich to make bold statements that are completely obvious to everyone without his ‘insider’ information for confirmation than you should remember what Dakich is paid to do: pump stories that give him ratings. Dakich doesn’t care about IU or its players. He cares about his new Dakich brand. Dakich is a sell out of the highest order. A once former low level player turned low level coach who sold out on the profession to become an entertaining talking head. IU fans ‘love him’ because hes from IN. If he said all the same stuff, with the same quirks and was from LA you’d all hate his guts.

  8. a reply to your comment AWin; I think mass exodus at end of season IS most likely; We have a recruiter filling a coach job. The sad thing is once here,the history and legacies created in this program isnt enough to overcome Crean’s ability to KEEP what he recruits

  9. It just occurred to me to consider what is happening with the team in terms of group dynamics principles. These principles are evident in ANY group, always there if one wants to look.

    The main stages are Inclusion(do I really want to be in o this group, or not), Authority (do I accept the authority in the group or do I fight it) and finally Affection/Affiliation (I’m all in, this is my group and what I’m all about)

    Until the first two stages are successfully worked thru and resolved, the group cannot get to the Affection/Affiliation stage.

    As stated here by many, this team doesn’t appear to be “together” with each other. Clearly they haven’t reached the Affection/Affiliation stage yet. They are STUCK somewhere short of getting thru Authority stage. No wonder they can’t hardly play well together.

    Hopefully, the HMP incident will significantly shake the unresolved group dynamics enough that the players that commit to being IN (Inclusion), will be able to find a LEADER (authority) they want to follow, and they will finally get to the (Affection/Affiliation) stage. At that time, they should all be hungry to focus and play their best game, which might be real great. Lots of energy will be released and available by moving past that last stage. Peak performances will be again available.

    Right as we are coming up to the grand finale! What a great time to PEAK! We win the Big 10 tournament, go real deep in the NCAA, maybe even win! Tom Crean will forever be the HERO COACH!

    Harvard’s very improbable prediction will have come TRUE! He will be hired by the HT to write a daily column!

    Sorry,got carried away.

    First, we have to beat Purdue. We’ll be able to see if the team has moved into the necessary group stage to win today.

  10. Ha. Sarcasm, meet the Scoop. Scoop, sarcasm. While binge drinking can be problematic and be indicative of and/or lead to full-blown alcoholism, it’s hardly uncommon among kids that age. (Or older, for that matter.) Whether you agree we it or not, it’s almost seen as a rite of passage and an integral part of the college experience by many. Can it be dangerous? Absolutely. Date rape. A feeling of invincibility. Lowered inhibitions and a higher propensity for violence. The internet is full of drunk morons doing stupid things. And it can turn deadly when we start talking about alcohol poisoning, getting behind the wheel, an any number of accidents when your’re not in complete control of your surroundings and bodily functions. It’s a serious issue and, for Hanner’s sake, hopefully an isolated incident. Thankfully nobody was hurt except IU’s front court depth, and we can have a little fun with it.

    As for the W-L record, there’s a lot of big time Ws in there. Say what you will about the patsies and the bad losses, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a team with a better cupcake-to-top-ten win ratio during that span. If you’re going to rag on Crean for failing to meet expectations, fine; but you’d have to also give him credit for getting a team to its lofty expectations in the first place. On the whole, the worst you can reasonably characterize Crean’s overall results are that they’re a mixed bag.

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