Ferrell scores 27 in Indiana’s 63-52 win over Michigan

Indiana sophomore point guard Yogi Ferrell scored 27 points to lead Indiana to a 63-52 upset over No. 10 Michigan in front of 17,472 at Assembly Hall on Sunday, giving the Wolverines their first Big Ten loss.

The Hoosiers improved to 14-8 overall, 4-5 in the Big Ten. Michigan fell to 16-5, 8-1.

Ferrell also drew the primary assignment on Michigan star Nik Stauskas and held him to six points on 1-for-6 shooting. IU’s Noah Vonleh posted 10 points and 12 rebounds as Indiana shot 53.5 percent from the field and won the rebounding battle 31-22.


  1. Hoosiers finally close one out the way you’re supposed to. I’m not even going to break this one down in my head. Just gonna make some Super Bowl munchies and enjoy the win. Go Big Red!

  2. Yogi’s 27 today was far more impressive than his 30 at Illinois. He didn’t need an Allen Iverson shot volume to get his points. He kept his head up and found teammates and he SHUT Stauskas DOWN. The team defended very well and guys played within themselves. If they can trim 3-4 TOs off their average they can continue to make noise in conference…and beyond. Go Hoosiers!

  3. I’m getting the “appears you’ve already said that” duplicate comment message…But my comment didn’t post?

    What’s up, Rhinestones?

  4. Iowa 6-3 17-5
    Northwestern 5-5 12-11
    Ohio St. 4-5 17-5
    Wisconsin 4-5 17-5
    Minnesota 4-5 15-7
    Indiana 4-5 14-8

    Told ya the middle of the Big 10 pack would be a war….

    For all intents and purposes, @ Minny next Saturday is a must-win. If we can’t pull out the victory, @ Purdue(Hackme Arena) holds all the season’s hopes as far as the NCAA tournament is concerned.

    GO HOOSIERS!! Loved the exclamation mark put-back dunk from Vonleh off the Hoosier missed free throw to seal it in the final seconds….Sweet.

  5. Five tries and my original post still won’t go through…Wow. Oh well, it wasn’t that important.

  6. Not sure how this win was achieved with only 29 substitutions. Just a couple of weeks ago we were flying high with 40+ per game.

    Good game Yogi, Will and everybody. Even Coach Crean.

    We play to the level of our competition.

  7. Other than the boneheaded first half mass substitution by Crean, this was well coached and played. We still have far to many sloppy turnovers and careless passes that could have led to to’s. Hopefully, we can carry the momentum into practice and actually improve.

  8. Yogi was channeling Shawn Respert. He couldn’t miss. Even that crazy, off-balance runner he threw up with his left hand almost went in. Unfortunately, this won’t be the case in future games, but I’ll take it now!

    More importantly was the team defense. I know it is really tough for Hoosier fans to get used to the zone, but it really plays to our speed and length. Vonleh is the key, though. He’s the anchor that allows the lane openings to close quickly if someone manages to penetrate. When he caught LeVert’s (I think it was him) shot attempt, I jumped out of my chair. I loved that play.

    Great win. This season is brought to you by the same makers of the Usual Suspects.

  9. Now that is Indiana basketball!

    If this team can come out with this type of focus and intensity for the rest of the season then they’ll be playing in the NCAA Tourney. Go HOOSIERS!

  10. Great game! Except for substitution of the five with two walk-ons, excellent coaching job by Coach Crean. Great defense too by our team especially Sheehey, Noah and Yogi’s stellar work on Stauskas. Superb. Also, kudo’s to Yogi for his outstanding shooting performance today.

    Hopefully, the team will gain a lot of confidence from their play today. Confidence, sustained consistency in play, especially in closing out games, plus continued growth in all facets of the game will put us into the NCAA this year. Go Hoosiers!

  11. IU 63 – Meatchicken 52. TO’s not good but better, rebounding solid, aggressive offense played to win the whole game, potent defense from a great game plan. Beilein is correct, as Yogi goes so goes IU. There is a lot of hunting season left and IU is back in the hunt. Creek and Abell would be worth there weight in gold about now.

  12. Hoosier Clarion…. I couldn’t agree more.

    Creek & Abel would make a huge difference this season. Not sure what the message they got at the end of last year but those two would have helped tremendously. Creek with his 3 pt shot and Remy with his grittiness and ability to defend but also get to the rim.

  13. HC – I would take Creek for his shot, but I just don’t see Abell playing for this team. I want 30 minutes of Stan every night, and 35 of Yogi. As far as I’m concerned Sheehey should get 30 most nights, so Creek, Williams, Etherington, and Gordon could split the other 25 wing/guard minutes… Wouldn’t leave any room on my squad for Remy.

  14. Geoff, I hear you loud and clear. Ditto the SR minutes. I just think RA as a Junior at IU would offer a more complete baller(than Williams, Gordon or AE)available for every game. As it stands with these young men now(including Gordon)you never know what you’ll get. Just my opinion.

  15. I watched GW play Dayton on Saturday. I missed the beginning of the game. However, GW lost big and Mo Creek did not play and they did not mention him. Is he injured? I have watched a few other GW games and Mo can shoot, but he still is an inadequate defender, rebounder, and not good on the fast-break. GW can not play at the same level as this IU squad despite the record and the rankings.

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