Hoosier Morning

A No. 3 national ranking and dreams of a national title have the IU baseball team managing expectations, Dustin writes.

The IU women’s basketball team is trying to save the legs of its young freshmen for the stretch run, Mike writes.

Indiana women’s soccer coach Amy Berbary announced her first signing class, including two international players, we reported.

Data reveals a downward trend in Indiana’s use of Noah Vonleh within a game and throughout the season, Seth Hendrickson of Inside the Hall writes.

Victor Oladipo will compete in the Rising Stars Game and Skills Challenge at NBA All-Star weekend, NBA.com reports.

A Q-and-A with former IU offensive coordinator Seth Littrell from North Carolina’s signing day, including thoughts on Kevin Wilson, via MIchael Lananna of the Daily Tar Heel.

Indiana’s latest 2014 scholarship offer is to 6-foot-7 forward Josh Cunningham, Alex Bozich at Inside the Hall reports.

Yogi Ferrell’s mom makes her journalistic debut, recalling last Sunday’s game against Michigan, via Assembly Call.

From Assembly Call to The Call, here’s “Let the Day Begin.”


  1. Jeremy, thanks for posting the link to Dr. Ferrell’s piece. Much appreciated. She is planning another piece after the Minnesota game and the airing of Yogi’s piece on The Journey, which should be ready to early next week.

  2. Good Lord, another Art Linkletter….letting on about their own wonderful blogs.

    Scoop reigns supreme. Often imitated, never duplicated.

  3. I do not understand the offer to Josh Cunningham. Currently there are no available scholarships. If they are going to oversign, do they not want to oversign a true center to replace Fischer? Cunningham is only 6’7″ (or 6′ 6 1/2″).

  4. The Dr Ferrell piece is understandably dramatic in tone, but it’s a pretty good read. However , the decision to include multiple pics of the Doc make it seem like a self-gloss job instead of a piece on her son. Ultimately that was probably Jerod’s call, but it’s not going to do the series any favors if it continues.

  5. Multiple pics? Wasn’t there like only two pictures(One of her posing with Yogi and one of her sitting in Assembly’s stands)?

    She is a very attractive woman…

  6. Jeremy-

    How long has ‘The Assembly Call’ site been in existence? I did notice they had a December YouTube interview with Chronic Hoosier…The mysterious Chronic with shaky voice.. I have a vision of a tiny apartment above Nick’s ..a plaid Early American sofa with maple accents covered in a powder blue and brown Herculon….pizza crusts scattered and blending into the multicolored sculptured carpet that gave the place a fresh look in 1987…a picture of ‘mom’ on the horribly scarred coffee table covered in cigarette burns and beer mug rings…a line from the kitchen serving Chronic his intravenous life support while living off Hills Brothers pumped from a Bunn coffee maker..Has he ever shown his face?

    Anyway, most ‘Assembly Call’ stories have zero comments..I found one story that had 7 comments, but it was basically a 7-entry conversation between a couple of the writers and one commenter.

    What’s in it for Scoop? Hardly seems like the site is anymore active than Chronic Hoosier, Hoosier Hoopla, Hoosier Hoopsta(remember Karen?), and the many other blogging ventures that simply drift into the irrelevant abyss of wasted internet creations. Think Assembly Call will really ever find much readership or a niche?

    Jerod Morris does look a bit like Pat Monahan(the lead singer of Train).

    1. Harvard,
      I really don’t know much about the site, just been familiar with it via Twitter for a while. Maybe Jerod can help you out. Nothing in it for the Scoop, except it’s always interesting when a player’s parent starts writing things. Looking forward to seeing how that goes or if IU tries to squash it.

  7. Yeah, that’s touchy territory…Parents are often just so personally involved that they often create divides where none really exist. And sometimes overselling your child does them no favors. It’s so easy for a parent to quickly react(often overreact)in protective fashion when simply having a step-back approach serves as better medicine in tense situations and adversity. I’ve put my foot in my mouth far too many times with my own kid. I constantly have to tell myself that my reactions are often completely exaggerated and can put more pressure on my kid than was ever there in the first place. There’s a point where you just have to let go and roll with punches. Stopping parenting becomes the stronger form of parenting…Just listen and be there for them. Easier said than done.

  8. Wonderful…Technical definition.

    “She made multiple copies of the report.”

    I would think most people would think that means more than a couple(2) copies.

    I simply didn’t see a lot of “self-gloss” by placing one individual shot of herself in the Assembly Hall stands(and there’s someone in that background that may be her daughter). I

    n all honesty, I sorta just glanced through the content. Maybe there was more “self-glossing” in her words. Maybe some get intimidated by the fact she’s a doctor. And you gotta admit, she’s very cute…She looks about 30-years-old. If I looked fifteen years younger than my actual age, I might drop a couple pictures of my handsome face.

  9. Missing the point the point Harvard, I didn’t say it was a “total” self-gloss job. I intimated that continuing to put pcictures in of the writer instead of the subject won’t do the series any favors. How often do we see pics of Dustin accompanying his articles? It’s just kinda wierd. It makes it look like she’s trying to get her fifteen minutes instead of give an insider’s look at Yogi… 1 is understandable so we see who we’re dealing with. 2 is kinda weird to me, since the article is about Yogi. Any more would in future write-ups (besides a little headshot next to her name at the top) would completely look to me likes she’s the one who wants attention.

  10. Dictionary.com
    1.consisting of, having, or involving several or many individuals, parts, elements, relations, etc.; manifold.

    1.being more than two but fewer than many in number or kind: several ways of doing it.

  11. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It’s the intro piece and one shot is of her standing with her son..The only shot where she is by herself is in the stands.

    Journalists have plenty of self-glossing…Media challenges, ScoopTalks, guest appearances for their buddies…etc, etc.

    Now, if Yogi’s mom comes out with a bathing suit calendar with a photo to link to the entire spread…? Where do I send the check?

  12. Geoff-

    Change of subject…I was watching just a few minutes of the Georgetown vs. Butler game and I notice a weak attempt at a hook shot by a Georgetown center. Sure seems like a lost art. Why do you think the hook shot has fallen so out of use? Do kids just consider it to be a unglamorous, non-highlight reel, sorta move. Jabbar built a damn career on the shot…Kent Benson had a strong sweeping hook moving across the paint. When and why did it become so out of vogue?

    Don’t remember any post player since Benson to use a hook…Is it the style of play and the way post players are being utilized? Come to think of it..It seems rare these days to even see post players with solid turnaround jumpers at 45 degree angles to the hoop…Those old classic kisses off the glass from about 10-12 feet? Post players either seem to get caught too low or move their games outside. Where is the finesse? Where is the multitude of shots? A short hook across the paint would seem to be such a nice little weapon for a guy like Vonleh. It almost seems like bigs often desire to be challenged more than really necessary.

  13. Because athletic big men who used to be able to successfully execute a hook are now about 10x more skilled and can do things like shoot 42% from 3. Bring the ball up the court, dunk over ppl, spin move past ppl, etc. Dirk, KD, LBJ, PG24 any/all athletic skilled “bigs” are true players nowadays. Then the lumbering bigs who remain can’t pull the hook off. Those type of guys who used to do it are now insanely more well rounded players overall than those few who used to use it. If KD, LBJ, Dirk couldn’t handle the rock, hit from distance and overall be true ball players they could probably easily perfect the “hook” if they chose to.

  14. Copyright © 2014 ·The 411 Pro Theme · Genesis Framework by StudioPress · Developed and managed by Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call

    It’s a pretty little website…I truly doubt it will get anymore hits than a ’69 Cubs team in late August.


    Maybe you should put a link to her blogging site with the rest of your “IU Sports Links” on the left sidebar. Keep Harvard update in the event of more ‘self-glossing’ photos.

    This team is on the verge of a breakthrough.

    She’s very perceptive to the aura of a team at the cusp of breaking through…I agree with Doc Libby. This team is very close to finding an identity. There is a synergy beginning to emerge.

  15. I like Yogi just like we all do but he’s human. His mom goes out of her way to defend him, good for her. But facts are facts, and even though we all knew he could shoot, he didn’t shoot well last yr. that wasn’t because of Crean asking him to miss or Hulls or Vic asking him to miss. The kid shot 226 times last yr and only made 91 shots. He took 76 threes and only made 23. I watched every game and I don’t buy that he was “asked to just be a facilitator” as his mom defends. He was a starter on a really good team and he didn’t always play great or shoot well, plain and simple. This yr she defends his demeanor and “leadership” …anytime someone goes out of their way to point out who is or isn’t a leader there clearly is no leader, this is a perfect example. I’m glad yogis mom is supportive but it’s a bit naive and he does have some things to work on- main one being when Noah has scored 2 straight baskets don’t decide to jack a pull up nba 3 on the next possession, be a pg and feed the young fella when he is rolling. If Noah was a soph and Yogi was a frosh would the roles be different? If the answer is yes then there’s something wrong….it’s not about hierarchy, it’s about team play. Yogi is “top dog” but can’t do it alone and the sooner he realizes it the better for him and IU

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