Hoosier Morning

Tom Crean says many of the Hoosiers’ mistakes are fixable, as IU tries to get back on track, Dustin writes.

The Indiana program is back, and that’s not turning out to be all positive for the Hoosiers, I wrote.

The collapse of Nebraska coach Connie Yori turned out to spark the Cornhuskers over the IU women’s basketball team, we reported.

The Indiana baseball team capped a rough weekend in Lubbock with a loss in the series finale against Texas Tech, we reported.

Basketball is Indiana, and Indiana is basketball, from the outside looking in, Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes.

Seven days of hell (actually eight, but who’s counting?) means there’s no where to go but up for the Hoosiers, Evan Hoopfer of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Pitchforks, angry tweets and more are all settling on one target — IU coach Tom Crean — right now, whether it makes sense or not, Kent Sterling blogs.

Saturday’s loss to Purdue, the largest margin of defeat for the Hoosiers this season, has Indiana’s season headed from bad to who knows what, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

In the wake of Pat Knight being fired by Lamar Sunday, some recollections of his humor and honesty, from IU grad and Lamar beat writer Avi Zaleon of the Beaumont Enterprise.

IU women’s recruit Tyra Buss is physically tough, emotionally vulnerable and gracious to even the youngest fans, Paul Skrbina of the Chicago Tribune writes.

Pitchforks and more, looks like “The Mob Rules,” live from Heaven & Hell (aka Black Sabbath).


  1. You always get more from the comment sections than the actual piece. While a back and forth with some of his readers submitting opinions on his story was going on, I found the following comment from Sterling rather interesting:

    February 16, 2014 | 8:58 pm

    Remy was told to leave, I’ve been told, and I don’t know about Creek.

    First I’ve ever heard anything that supported my initial belief. I would assume Scoop would not give Sterling’s site support if they thought he lacked credibility. Funny how it takes a 4-8 record and a 18-pt loss to Purdue for lips to finally come unsealed.

  2. I think the way Crean has certain subsets of yearly “chosen one” recruits, you’re probably correct.

    Remy must have not met all the criteria required to get on your knees and see the coach as the “Almighty” himself. He was simply a baller and not a groupie of the Pipeline compound.

  3. What I’ve noticed on twitter/instagram is that there are a lot of current photos of Remy hanging out with all the current IU guys, even the frosh, like they are his brothers. I know the players loved him and he loved IU, maybe he didn’t love the coach and the coach’s style.

  4. Maybe he just sucked …but didn’t suck so much that he couldn’t serve as a good insurance policy until this group of better ballers arrived.

    Let’s face it….I made Remy out to be a much better player than he really was. He had all the tools, but his shot was a very strange thing to witness. It was so quirky looking, you often wondered how he ever found the nets.

    Was he going to be one of Tom’s chosen projects…Was he going to get the same investment and love some of the new freshman coming in? Was he going to get the PT over Troy and Stanford? Doubt it. You’re right. He’s in a better situation. There are certain slower rising stars that will never fit the Crean system. You’ve gotta look the NBA part. They’re like draft night runway models at rookie camp. Remy looked more like a guy Knight or Stevens would have valued. He would have played 30+ minutes under Crews, Knight, or Stevens.

    I’m not sure if Xavier is going to be the ideal, but it is a place I believe there will be less preconditions based on things that don’t necessarily add up to simply winning college basketball games.

  5. What I think we’re all saying is : man, wish we had Remy right about now. He was tough, talented, and experienced. In hindsight, there appears to have been plenty of scholarship room left for him.

    Who knows what difference his contribution would’ve made this season? Almost certainly, our current two guard woes wouldn’t be near as glaring, and he would’ve taken a bit of the defensive attention off of the paint and Yogi.

  6. I hope Yogi isn’t quitting the team…His name is in black fonts instead of blue on the Season Box Score stat page(won’t allow for a link to his individual page)on the official Hoosier team website.

    The only other player listed in black, unlinkable, ink is the ‘indefinitely suspended’ Hanner Perea.

    Unthinkable to be left unlinkable.

  7. Did you just say Remy would have played 30+ minutes under Knight? You mean on the season, right? Not per game, certainly… Maybe on a down year at TTU.

    Way to stop building him up…

  8. Mitch, Remy, and Noah…

    My three favorite players over the last three years. I used to really admire Hulls, but I think he started to look a bit of the whiner last year. I think everything changed for Jordy at the 2012 NCAA tournament game when the VCU press ate him up. I’ll never forget how Crean just got in his face a publicly humiliated him after he left him on an island against one of the best presses in the nation. I think a lot of zing was taken out of Jordy from that game forward. Life can be hard. He should have given right back to Crean…and maybe moved on to take his one remaining year of eligibility elsewhere.

    Now he still longs for acceptance while blowing kisses from Poland. If he’d manned up then, maybe he’d be playing in the NBA now.

  9. 30+ minutes by his senior season. But if you prefer 28, I’m willing to bend a little.

    I bet he’ll rock Xavier’s world. He’s the type of kid that just brings everyone else up. He brings unselfishness and energy. He brings toughness. Ali was from Louisville…Remy also floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. He put his stinger in a 3-pointer from the corner at Mackey last year.

    He’s solid, Goeff. He doesn’t loosey-goosey the dribble like Stan. Stan needs to clean that stuff up. I like Robinson, but he’s a train wreck with the ball…He slaps the ball and lets it hang out front his body too high.

  10. I think Dustin should open up the next presser with this first question for Crean:

    According to the highly respected local sports personality, Kent Sterling, you asked Remy Abell to leave the team. Is this true?

  11. Curious Geoff if you still think my predictions from over a month ago are wrong. I stated I believe William’s camp think he’s grossly misused and therefore he’ll transfer back east. Vonleh’s 2 yr plan never included the negativity and over all unenjoyment of a dysfunctional squad, he’ll be a top 10 pick. Yogi wants out, he’s too good of a kid and knows that the NCAA window closes, can’t risk another 15-13 yr next yr. Let’s also remember Yogi never chose IU because of Crean, he chose because of Zeller. He’s said that numerous times. I believe if he’s even remotely a 1st round pick he’ll leave. Some are saying rumors are flying that Yogi would transfer to play two years elsewhere, I can’t see it, but wow. IU, this yr, and as a program, is in major trouble, I’ve said it for close to 6 wks now. Saw a lot of the problems early on, before the rah rah die hards. Will keep watching but I believe hard times are here to stay, and no I don’t think Crean needs to be fired. I think he needs to finally keep good people around who keep him in check and help coach him. He needs to change his approach, he’s young enough to do so I believe. He’s hopefully smart enough to realize at some point maybe the problem has been him.

  12. Harvard,
    The Ferrell thing is probably a code thing and his name hasn’t been linked all year, nor has Perea’s. You’ll also notice that — thanks to the parentheses on Yogi) those are the only two names that don’t finish on the line. It’s an issue of number of characters.

  13. Geoff tends to flip flop his predictions. Geoff at one time thought IU would be deadly next year, now I read where he is reconsidering.

    You’re a smart ass sometimes Fab, but I like your style. Stick your guns. Level headed, which is rare here.

    Like you once told me Geoff, it’s worthless to get upset here, because it’s a forum, and not likely to meet. I don’t want to hear any gruff.

  14. He did post that; however, since, his website is down.

    I think Dustin should open up the next presser with this first question for Crean:

    According to the highly respected local sports personality, Kent Sterling, you asked Remy Abell to leave the team. Is this true?

  15. You’re a smart guy, Dusty. I never thought of the wrap-around feature in the names. I still believe it’s rather unthinkable to be left unlinkable.

    And you still haven’t addressed whether or not you’re going to ask Crean if Remy was told to leave the team(as suggested by Kent Sterling through his source).

    Goeff doesn’t flip-flop his predictions. He doesn’t make that many ‘wild’ predictions. He makes well-informed extrapolations of likelihoods based on logic and high probabilities of decisions optimizing positive outcomes. Terms like “bridge year” are not predictions…They are formulations on anticipated beliefs that the totality of a system is yet to be fully utilized….Blah…blah…blah. I write tax codes.

  16. ^That last paragraph is how I basically got through college…very basically. Be careful…Reading it more than once could cause seizures.

  17. I have to take an afternoon siesta….

    Never give up. We can put 4 wins in row on the books. Or maybe we go into Michigan one game under .500(8-9)…Instead of winning a Big 10 title, we beat the best team in the conference in Ann Arbor to secure our NCAA bid…?

    Crazier things have happened. This team has the talent to still make the crazy possible.

    Hell, who would have thought Bode Miller was going to get on the podium in the Super G? There is a certain fate that awaits the hearts that never quit.

  18. I don’t know much about stats..I do know that a ‘box score’ was always considered a successful prom night.

  19. http://ux.indystar.com/story/sports/college/indiana/2014/02/17/indiana-university-basketball-tom-crean/5549935/

    That article shows Crean’s most glaring negative traits: excuse oriented, way too worried about public image, player blamer, always hedging his bets and lowering expectations by highlighting reasons aka excuses for poor performances.

    It’s funny how Crean doesn’t notice that people are not mad because of IU losing- we are mad because of how they look, how they play, how they lose, and how he coaches. Losing a close hard fought game with young kids is commendable. Young kids improving is commendable. But when they don’t improve, when you lose by choking and not showing up, when you coach without ever changing your own approach, when you say “we’ve just gotta get back at it Mon” is the same as what you’ve done all season, then there is a problem….If Crean was reflective, humble, remorseful, honest and candid I think at least 50% of his haters would be less so. I thinks just as many don’t like who Tom Crean is as they do who he is as a coach. Also get off twitter, stop trying to save face via a social network made for 19 year old girls.

  20. What do you call a pool party hosted by Steve Fisher?

    Answer: The Flab5.

    Now it’s definitely time for that siesta….Need a good siesta song?

  21. Do you know what Toby Keith’s parents said just moments after he was born…?

    Answer: Toby, or not Toby, that is the question.

  22. Fab – I think you’re a little overboard with your predictions. Now some of your assumptions are true, namely I didn’t factor a “unhappy” year in to Vonleh’s process. I thought one of the most consistent traits of Crean’s teams was togetherness. IU definitely seemed like a family the last few years, and I don’t know if that’s as true this year. I also don’t know that it’s not true. Definitely a different set of personalities this year.

    I don’t believe Troy will transfer.

    I don’t think Yogi has a sniff at the first round, and I think he stays.

    I still think Vonleh stays, but of the 3, I hold this more loosely now.

  23. Harvard,
    I’m not because that’s not what I heard at all and I talked to both Remy and his high school coach about it at the time and neither one of them said anything that even remotely suggested that. I haven’t heard that from anyone else either. Nothing against Kent at all here, he’s a good dude and he’s helped me out with some stuff and I’m sure someone did tell him that. But I have talked to the primary sources here, I don’t have any reason to believe that Remy was run, and I’m not going to bring it back up now.

  24. That’s fine, Dusty. I just thought it was very strange that he would suggest such a thing. Seems very reckless to put it out there unless you have some good inside info. I wouldn’t call it a “sterling” example of professionalism.

    Then again, I sure wouldn’t expect high school coaches or anyone close to Remy to be totally frank. Even if you are run out of town, most these kids will swallow their pride as to not look like “rats” to the next coach. And there’s a fine line to what “run out of town” means.. It can range from a coach simply telling you that he doesn’t think you’re the best fit for his future plans and the PT might not be there or a more harsh/blunt form of telling a kid he’s going to be cut if he doesn’t leave now on his own.

    I think there is a huge effort to protect Crean. Many of his recruits share the same faith doctrines and it has to be a struggle to separate the bond of those beliefs with a certain feeling of betrayal when the coach begins to appear disinterested in your basketball. A family is one thing…The grips of those sorts of dynamics is a much tougher thing for a young person to deal with. If someone feels they’ve been done wrong, they may still be resistant to express such an opinion because of the powers more institutionalized in the beliefs.

    And don’t interpret that as an anti-Christian point of view. It’s just not easy to reject or expose flaws of the person so closely tied to a shared spirituality without feeling there will be outside perceptions that you’re rejecting the belief system.

  25. And this is how it can easily make sense that Remy stays in touch with former Hoosier teammates. You can literally take a crap on someone and the “greater good” justifies the self-brainwashing and atonement.

    There could also be an argument that such dangers of utter forgiveness could begin to cause a “softness” in other areas needed to be tough(like a basketball court).

  26. Ben – I’m not sure I’ve made that many predictions…. I think you can put me on the record as saying this year is a bridge year, and next year (assuming Vonleh stays) should be a final 4 year… I’ve said Noah will stay, Yogi will stay, and Stanford would be more impactful than people thought going into the season.

    Now some of these things are fluid… I didn’t expect Fischer to transfer, and that sorta puts a wrench in my expectations for next year. This team hasn’t formed an identity, which even if they were bad, I expected to see them working on a “style”. I’m not seeing much direction, so that throws another wrench into things.

    I still think a line-up of Yogi, Blackmon, Williams, ???, and Vonleh will be as talented as any in the country next year. I just don’t have as much faith that they’ll know what to do with it.

  27. Geoff,,I said last week IU would have 6-7 scholarships for 2014 with 3 already filled. I think Davis and Hollowell would leave but with the dysfunctional “family” and unhappiness it brings…I wouldnt be surprised if Yogi jumps for NBA and Williams leaves for “home” too

  28. My queation to Dustin…..IF ,and big IF but not improbable, there is a mass exodus…how would Fred Glass interpret that??

  29. I know TJ, but it’s a bit ridiculous…. It’s called myopia. Hoosier fans for the most part are too close to the situation. Things aren’t great, but it’s not the worst season ever either. I have no idea what internal expectations truly are/were, but Crean certainly spent enough time qualifying this team as young, seemingly wanting everyone to be patient (media, fans, players, etc). They’ve lost some bad games, but they’ve also got a couple really nice wins to hang their hats on.

    What you’re suggesting would be a mutiny of historical proportion. I can’t ever remember a team that had 4 players transfer. Your proposed outcome is disproportionate to the reality of the current situation.

    Anything is possible I guess, but the odds of your scenario coming true are extremely slim.

  30. It certainly wouldn’t be interpreted well. I think it would cost too much to let him go this year. I’m not sure what his buyout is, but I know it’s a lot. But yeah, if everyone leaves and he loses next year too, there’s trouble.
    Of course, the nature of the exodus matters. If kids who weren’t playing leave, it’s not going to be considered a huge problem. If Ferrell goes and someone like Williams or Robinson goes and Vonleh goes pro, well, that’s a different story.

  31. Geoff, a little taken aback here, are you honestly saying that if those guys stay IU not only would have one of the best rosters in the country but also be a Final4 threat? What about that roster, or Creans history, gives you justification for that statement? And by the way the reason this has been a down year has nothing to do with their record, it’s how they’ve played, coached and the lack of chemistry that make it a down yr.

  32. You bring in a talent like Blackmon and every dynamic changes..Every potential threat now stymied becomes unleashed. One of the best guards in the country? Yeah, that changes things(assuming all stay).]

    It sounds like this kid is the type of talent that normally picks Duke, UK, or Syracuse…Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Stephen Curry type of showstopper.

  33. And sticking with Hanner, helping him collectively and supporting him, could end up being the glue that gives the 2014-15 team a real identity. I think that kind of belief and tough love in the young man would make him poor out his heart with a fiery inner resolve that manifests the polar opposite evils and good in a soul onto the basketball court. And its the opponent that would have to answer to the evils.

    Hanner Unleashed…2014-15 could be very special. Still think Devin Davis can also be an integral part of a very strong team. And the kid coming out of California looks promising….Steve Green with a surfboard.

    If Vonleh stays, Crean has his closest thing to his dream combination. Dynamic guards that can also shoot the ball, athleticism around the rim, length, and the ability to strike with the quickness a cobra.

  34. It may be a “bridge year”…but it’s also a “forgive year” and a chance to grow beyond our choice to hate during the Sampson collapse.

    I’m willing to forgive Crean for that choice and I’m willing to stick with Hanner and believe in him.

  35. Hey folks. After decompressing after that depressing butt-whoopin’, I had to stay away from the boards/comments section for a bit. It was surely a depressing loss and I knew that my Hoosier family was going to need to let the emotions out a bit. This was surely the big “i TOLD U TMO CREAN SUX” crowds biggest moment.

    I enjoyed reading that Sterling article as he summed up a lot of my feelings. This is what I have been clumsily trying to say recently:

    “What exactly has caused Indiana to spiral from the top of college basketball’s best conference to within a game-and-a-half of the bottom is hard to pinpoint – youth, poor priorities and immaturity exemplified by the Friday morning booking of Hanner Mosquiera-Perea for OWI, lack of floor leadership, poor bench leadership, global warming, and Obama Care are possibilities – but fans are more interested in action from athletic director Fred Glass than well-reasoned answers.

    In the absence of informed perspective, fans are pointing a collective finger – as they always do – at the coach.

    There are so many great basketball minds around here that get drowned out by the passions of the pitchfork crowd. According to guys like Fab5, I’m a big dope because even after this really, really bad week, I refuse to throw Crean under the bus and demand that Mark Cuban come in buy out Crean’s contract.

    Because I don’t believe there is any evidence to support that there will be a massive exodus next year of players who are apparently so miserable at Indiana under Crean, I have my head up my keister.

    This has been one of heck of a mess of a season and Crean is certainly entitled to his share of the blame. It is substantial, if only for the fact that he’s the one making $3mil a year to prepare and teach these kids to get better and compete at the highest level of collegiate basketball.

    We have 6 more games left. Let’s see what everyone is made of.

  36. Hold up, I’ve never been in the Fire Tom Camp, not even for a little bit. Merely have said the signs pointed to this being a bad season for 6 wks now. I don’t want Tom fired. I don’t agree with Tom Crean, nor do I think he is a great coach. But I don’t want him fired. He’ll be here at least 5 seasons, I’m along for the journey and hoping there will be some changes/growth from Coach Crean along the way.

    Let’s begin looking at Iowa. My prediction: IU plays well in first half but ends up losing by 8 or more…..

    Others’ predictions for tmrw:

  37. Thanks for clearing that up Geoff, and the predictions. Indeed Harvard, it would be a shame to lose Hanner. We all have made mistakes in one form or another, and the man has talent. Let’s hope he learns from this, and hits the gym hard. I don’t see Noah leaving, unless things severely unravel after the season is over.

    Fab, 5 years sounds about right, at least. Unless next year is a disaster that is, then I imagine the seat will be very hot.

  38. You can put me in the fire crean camp. Has nothing to do with w/l…Hoosiers start playing and watching bball from birth..everyone can tell this guy can’t coach fundamental bball..We want to watch well coached well played bball. If it’s from walk ons..we’re fine with it.

  39. We’ll spank the bejesus out of Iowa.

    I’ll give the score tomorrow. You do not want to be Iowa coming into Bloomington for this one.

    Geoff- My apologies for jumping on Flab5’s post #36 question that was posed to you. But I do agree with assertion that it’s a Final Four level type of team if Noah stays and Yogi stays. With the recent accolades now giving Yogi more national attention(Bob Cousy Award finalist), there is the possibility that he begins to get closer looks and more draft interest. And I don’t think its too far-fetched to believe that attention would have grown quite a bit more if we were/are dancing in March. And isn’t Yogi one of the top ppg. guys in the conference(not that that necessarily means you’re NBA ready)?

    But if everyone stays…It is definitely a squad that could play with anyone in the country.

  40. Fab, it depends on who else stays at other schools I guess… But if the freshmen/underclassmen who are expected to leave from UK, Duke, and Kansas do actually leave then yes, I consider a roster of 3 McDonald’s AA’s and Williams, Robinson, Johnson, Perea, Hollowell, and Davis as talented a roster as any in the country.

    I still hold out hope that it will click for Perea and Hollowell… Maybe not stars, but consistently solid contributors capable of having breakout nights. I think with a full off-season at IU to get more comfortable with his position, Vonleh can become the best player in the B1G, to go along with the best PG in the conference. I think Troy and Stan are the type of competitors that can make big strides during an off-season. And I really think that JBJ will come in and be a double-digit guy from day one.

    Now like I said, the way this season is going has given my expectations for next year a hit. It’s not about the talent, it’s about the coaching, the lack of identity, and the loss of Fischer. But that roster is better than the one that Crean took to the Final Four at Marquette. (I think that answers both of your questions in one sentence)

    Now as far as your last couple sentences, I am in complete agreement. I don’t think I could possibly be misconstrued as feeling any other way.

  41. Fab,

    While I was at work today talking to some of my Big 10 friends, I quoted IU losing by 17. I predict turnover city once again. I think this team is suffering from confidence. I think the Big 10 grind is wearing on our players and coach. (If truth be told.).

  42. SCORING Cl GP FG 3FG FT Points Avg/G

    1.Ferrell,Kevin (Yogi)-IND SO 25 136 69 107 448 17.9
    2. Petteway, Terran-NEB SO 24 138 40 108 424 17.7
    3. Harris, Gary-MSU SO 23 132 52 85 401 17.4
    4. Newbill, D.J.-PSU JR 26 158 33 104 453 17.4

    And Yogi is currently # 1 in 3-pt. field goals made(69)..and 5th in the conference for 3-pt. field goal percentage(.421).

    He’s not really getting the respect that he deserves. He’s put a lot on his shoulders for this team.

  43. Geoff- fair, and from a basketball standpoint I agree, tough roster(if they all stay, which I don’t believe they will but I’d love for them to). However your third paragraph is what I now believe is bigger than any roster talent: coaching, lack of identity. (I’ll throw in chemistry)…that part of it is sketchy at best, yet more meaningful than 3 Happy Mealmericans for sure. But I guess in fairness to you, you were talking just about the roster, not the team or the program.

    Let’s talk about Troy Williams since we both like him. I see him at least being Durrell Summers(recent Izzo Spartan) his jr/sr year. And at best someday becoming a Nic Batum type in the League. Your predictions on his growth? Will he become a better post player or become an outside shooter who with improved handle can get to the tin with a spin a grin a sip of gin and win…

  44. Harvard, history tells me that college awards have very little to do with NBA draft potential. I think the 2 are absolutely mutually exclusive.

    Yogi will always have the issue that he’s 5’11″… That’s never going to go away. Now while he is really quick and really fast, he rarely uses that to his advantage in college games. He is a good open shooter, but not great. He’s strong in the air, but can’t go over people. He is a good off-ball defender, but has been consistently beaten off the dribble by other PGs all season. His leadership doesn’t stand out. He doesn’t do anything in the pick-and-roll game that stands out. He’s not a wizard with the ball.

    If I’m an NBA GM, I just don’t see a special skill or ability that separates him as a first round pick. He translates as a back-up PG with a ceiling of Darren Collison. This draft is supposed to be very strong… I just don’t see any teams thinking “let’s take a shot at a back-up PG” this year.

    Now all that being said, I think Yogi can be a very special college player. I think he can be considered one of the all-time great Hoosiers. His fit at the next level can’t take that away…

  45. Also Geoff- Ben and I both think Iowa wins Tues, I say by 8 or more, Ben says Iowa by as many as 17. Harvard says “we’ll spank the bejesus out of Iowa.” Who ya got Tues Geoff?

    Dustin are you allowed to predict? I’d like to know your guess….

  46. How much did the Simon daughter cough up to revamp/remodel Assembly Hall?

    And we think it’s impossible for a tycoon to buy out a few years of Crean’s remaining contract? Hell, we could do it rather underhandedly…If we just let a strong contractor bidding war save us 15 million on the remodeling job, then we’ve got over 50% of the funds to let Crean go while suffering very little financial hardship. Lot’s of money being thrown around…It ain’t that difficult to be inventive and cost-cutting. And we’re certainly going to save money on the new hire. Go after a up and coming…Dane Fife?

    Once we let go of Crean, we could always just change the name of Assembly to Twitter Hall and watch the dollars flow like the River Jordan.

  47. But Geoff, since we don’t have outside shooters to support Yogi, an often stagnant offense that doesn’t run sets and lower screens to clear people out, isn’t it rather unfair to say Yogi doesn’t use his quickness to his advantage? And he does get beat off the dribble…But it’s also far more glaring when it happens because of help unaware and slow to get over….I love all of Noah’s skills, but his help awareness is still very weak. And guys like Sheehey and Robinson are almost always caught with their backs turned to plays evolving. I’m not sure if your assessment takes of Yogi takes many of the coaching and awareness aspects into full consideration. Then again, what do I know….Jordy is playing in Poland and I thought he could be a decent NBA backup. Maybe they don’t need backups in the NBA..Does anyone ever get tired or foul out?

  48. On Troy Williams…

    To me he is the absolute embodiment of this season. Just a lost soul. Talent without direction. If you boil down every good, bad, and ugly on this roster and in these games, you end up with a little Troy Williams nugget.

    But to address your questions… Yeah I think that Troy could become a Summers, or more recently a Rodney Williams by next season. If he stays long enough I could see an Evan Turner role even. Watching some of his HS footage, and seeing some of his stat lines last year leads me to believe he can be a special player with the ball. I think he can really pass. Right now he is just too crazy, but with time and experience he will become comfortable, the game will slow down, he’ll slow down, and he could dominate some games. Certainly he can rebound. I think he actually has a sweet turn around jumper from the mid-post, although we’ve only seen it a couple times. I think 3-pt shooting will come as a function of the game slowing down for him.

    One of the big differences going forward for Troy will be his physicality. Right now he is about 200 lbs, but with a full offseason under Je’Nay I see 15 lbs of muscle filling him out. That will make him so much stronger in the air, and more confident overall.

    Finally, I think Troy is a guy who needs clear, strong leadership. I’m not sure where that’s going to come from, but I just have a hunch that he’s the type of person that responds well to it. Kid looks like he has severe ADHD to me and needs to be reeled in and given focus. There’s just so much talent and physical ability there though, that when it moves cohesively in the right direction it should become a force of basketball nature.

  49. Geoff, I believe you consider yourself nba-aware, you should check the last 4 drafts. Late first rounds are littered with guys like Yogi, non of those teams picking there are looking for starters. This class is very good but I still believe if Yogi went all in on being pro- the team work outs, the combines, agent etc…he’d be a late 1st rounder. I don’t think he’ll leave unless he is sick of status of IU tho, which as we are all waiting to see, is yet to be determined.

    Yogi is extremely strong, tough, when playing with good teammates he uses their strengths and doesn’t force his own. He’s a great kid. He shoots 42% from 3 (and he’s his teams only threat from there). He is a blur in transition, remember 70% of nba teams do not play defense. He’s generally clutch. And I actually think he’s a better leader than he’s being dogged. Won state titles and hasn’t hidden from interviewers in this let down year. He will be an nba pg. But I think he’d like to stay, but I bet he’ll leave if he’s lost faith in Crean. He came for Zeller, will he stay for Blackmon Jr?

  50. Yeah good call, I agree with generally all of that post about Troy. I am not sure he can be taught how to slow down and mellow out. I work with kids like Troy. It’s just as hard for kids like Troy to be told to relax as it is to convince kids like Jeremy that they should be more urgent.

  51. Fab – Iowa is good, but we tend to play to the level of the competition… I like the fact that we have Sheehey to match up with White. I wonder how Yogi would do on Marble… I really trust Yogi’s focus on ball-denial, and I see it as a similar match-up to Stauskas. We are at home, thank god… So I say we lose by less than 10.

  52. Come on, Dusty and Jeremandering..Get in on these predictions!

    Harvey clearly in the minority on this one.

  53. Harvard, so the issue with Yogi’s on-ball defense at the next level is that is there’s this thing called illegal defense, which prohibits players from playing true helpside. I do think he has the physical tools to be pretty good in short stints (which is what his role would be), so I’m not willing to write him off due to defense.

    As far as his quickness and speed goes, we had all the things last year that you pointed out as lacking this year, and I didn’t see him use it to his advantage much then either.

  54. Yeah, except Hulls wasn’t very quick and Yogi is gaining a lot more confidence with his stroke by lofting and burying many more attempts on a regular basis. He was a freshman last year, Geoff. You can’t cut slack for guys like Stan “The Man” Robinson and then talk as if Yogi wasn’t a bit wet behind the years in his debut season.

    But it is an uphill battle when you don’t have that extra size…You have to be almost extraterrestrial in speed, vision, and strength.

    I will say that I didn’t think Yogi’s perimeter accuracy would leap this much.

  55. Fab

    2013 – the only comparable 1st rounder was Larkin (21), who tested out as one of the top athletes in the draft alongside Dipo. I’m pretty sure Yogi doesn’t have a 44″ vertical. Plus it was considered a weak draft.

    2012 – sorta Marquis Teague (29), but he’s 6’2″…

    2011 – there were a few PGs taken late, but all were 6’2″ – 6’4″

    2010 – none, well maybe, nope none

    2009 – Ty Lawson and Collison are the most comparable and I don’t think he has much in common with Lawson.

    So basically there’s like 1 or 2 guys per draft on average that gets a 1st round shot. It’s extremely rare for a sub-6-footer to get that shot.

    Yogi currently isn’t on any draft insider’s mocks or top 100 lists.

  56. I’m not cutting Stan any slack… I’ve never mentioned him as a NBA prospect or future IU legend. I talk about everyone independently and relative to their expectations.

  57. Yeah I definitively hear what you are saying, I was on the fence about Yogis nba stock for most of the time I’ve been aware of him (5-6 yrs now). But as long as players like Ish Smith are getting back up minutes for playoff teams you’d have to think he has a shot. But maybe he’s more Jason Gardner than he is Avery Johnson or Damon Stoudemire.

    Look through this list, he’s better right now than at least 15 of these current NBA PGs:

    I also think he’d leave more based upon not enjoying IU and not believing true help is on the way. He’d probably love to stay at IU, if turmoil cleared.

  58. Stan and Troy..Stan and Troy…Stan and Troy…Stan and Troy.

    Where in the hell would they have fit on top teams from the East?
    Answer: Nowhere.

    We’d be better off keeping our recruiting focus closer to home. These East Coast ballers are looking at Crean because they won’t get the PT for Syracuse, Georgetown, Duke, NC, VCU, etc.

    Those programs have no need for projects or guys that have a certain heavy flaw in their game amidst their other skills. They know Crean will take the risk because its how he builds his resume. He’ll never build it by deep tournament runs. He has to build his resume by developing specific players identified as having the size and skill sets to be dark horse future NBA talents.

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