Hoosier Morning

Indiana put its track shoes on and ran past No. 20 Iowa on Thursday night, Dustin wrote.

The Hoosiers who showed up on Thursday night were the ones people expected to see back in November, I wrote.

Lag bolts turned out to be the primary item needed to restore Assembly Hall to full functionality, Dustin wrote.

Larryn Brooks broke the freshman scoring record, but the IU women’s basketball team lost at Minnesota, we reported.

Indiana’s Darian Schmidt successfully defended his 1-meter springboard title at the Big Ten championships Thursday, we reported.

Thursday night was the Will Sheehey everyone has been waiting to see this season, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Indiana’s upset of Iowa just continued the first sustained funk of the season for the Hawkeyes, Don Doxsie of the Quad City Times wrote.

Devyn Marble said the Hawkeyes played “soft” in their loss to the Hoosiers as the tough questions keep coming, Scott Dochterman of the Cedar Rapids Gazette wrote.

Will Sheehey and Stan Robinson are just the latest players to post career highs against Iowa, Mike Hlas of the Cedar Rapids Gazette notes.

For one night at least, the old Sheeladipo combination was replaced by Robinhey, Evan Hoopfer of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

On Yogi Ferrell’s recruitment, social media and the loss to Wisconsin, the latest blog from Libby Ferrell (Yogi’s mom).

It’s almost March, but the only madness is that there is unlikely to be an Indiana team in the NCAA field, Reggie Hayes of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

In honor of Will Sheehey’s big game,a flashback to an Indy Pro-Am Dunk between his freshman and sophomore year that he remarkably lived to tell about.


  1. But this one was vanilla sundae with some chocolate thunder sprinkled on top.

    Busy Friday….Places to go, people to see. I’m out of here.

    I turn it over to the Establishment wannabees.

  2. I know I’m banned because of Mike P but I had to make one comment before disappearing again until football season. The Scoop needs to hire Yogi’s mom. I love reading her stuff. Her perspective of sports in the context of life is very refreshing and intelligent.

  3. Wow. It’s not like I didn’t recommend putting a link to her site two weeks ago.

    If Harvard recommends anything, it’s ignored. Someone else mentions it, and it’s genius…. Much like the hoops discussions.

    I understand it’s a mother’s perspective, but I think Doc Lib’s stuff is a bit melodramatic.

    I always found Zach Osterman’s writing to be one of the tops(in terms of those that have had an IU connection). Problem with Osterman is that he’s not nearly as skilled on camera as Dustin. Andy Graham is also a wonderful writer.

    Would love to see some more from Andy about the Hoosier basketball team. He’s seems like a fabulous storyteller.

  4. Harvard for Hillbillies
    Sunday, February 9, 2014 – 6:20 PM UTC

    It’s a pretty little website…I truly doubt it will get anymore hits than a ’69 Cubs team in late August.


    Maybe you should put a link to her blogging site with the rest of your “IU Sports Links” on the left sidebar. Keep Harvard update in the event of more ‘self-glossing’ photos.

    As you can see, I actually made the suggestion nearly 3 weeks ago.

    Basketball ignored: I also mentioned the answer to IU’s stagnant offense was not necessarily going to be solved by just attempting a robotic feeding of the ball to Vonleh all day. Immediately after that comment, Vonleh had 7 points and our bench had 42 in our win over Iowa. And Sheehey became that necessary 3rd cog that I thought would emerge a month ago.

    There’s been tons of opportunities to bridge from earlier mistakes this season to improve the production of the team. And finally a match was lit under some butts and some players stepped up to playing a game somewhat worthy of the storied name on the jersey.

    In a Don Fischer’s postgame interview, Crean gave a lot of credit to McClain and his assistants for much of the game-planning against Iowa. Maybe he is also “catching on.” Debate and delegate, debate and delegate. Nice little formula for leadership. Players often respond very positively when it’s not always shoved down their throats through one funnel….It’s a great way to teach. You becoming a receptive ear to your staff encourages players to do the same with each other. Giving up some control can actually strengthen relationships and build greater confidences.

  5. But I should mention that Punjab did acknowledge my comments over the above subject matter. Punjab also mentioned having similar thoughts. I’ve noticed that Punjab sorta thinks outside the box when it comes to discussing basketball. Refreshing.

    If you run the horses straight to the side of the mountain you discovered the gold, you’ll soon have a ton of company and very little treasure. Sometimes stop at the lake at the base of the mountain…Do a bit of fishing. Make the followers oblivious to the gold and believe you’ve just led them to the best kept secret fishing hole for prized trout.

  6. “I truly doubt it will get anymore hits than a ’69 Cubs team in late August.”

    Wish my brain could conceive an analogy like that on a Saturday morning. R.I.P Ron Santo.

  7. Yeah, MSU looks like a very “solid pick” for an NCAA champion.

    Lowly Illinois is only three minutes away from taking down the mighty Spartans in East Lansing…LOL. Yup, lot of experts on this blog.

  8. Damn…Nebraska holds on(guaranteed of at least a tie for sixth). The door closes a bit more.

  9. Let’s take a trip back in time, shall we? Last October, Kentucky and MSU were the clear cut preseason #1 and 2., with L’Ville #3. While the Cardinals managed to climb back into the top ten after a lackluster pre-conference schedule and not a whole lot of real quality wins after that, they lost again today. They’re likely safe as #s 9 Ceighton, 10 SLU, and 11 Cincy also lost. As did #17 UK (their second defeat to an unranked team this week) and #18 MSU, who now have something like 15 losses between them. #4 Syracuse got blown out. #5 Kansas is in a dogfight with an Oklahoma St that recently lost seven straight.

    So far 7 ranked team have lost to unranked teams today, with two more being upset by teams ranked significantly beneath them. The carnage may not even be over yet. It’s days like this that make you wonder why we ever get so bent out of shape over losses and/or perceived under-achievement. How much we so often take for granted…

  10. Punjab just because week after week someone somewhere sucks doesn’t mean it’s OK for CTC’s teams to suck week after week. CTC’s stellar recruiting class is still trying to put two back to back wins together this season (it may still happen tomorrow though if it doesn’t it’s over for the season). Two wins one after another in conference play, man! Is that too much to ask for? And you have the nerve to compare… What is an accident for the others is the rule for CTC’s teams. CTC must definitely go if he doesn’t improve quickly and substantially. Tomorrow for the win!

  11. Wow. What a fiery, impassioned speech, Win. If only it made sense.

    What exactly is “two back to back wins”? Is that four wins? Because we started off 7-0. Is it winning back to back games on two separate occasions? Because after the 7-0 start, we did it three more times. I assume you mean winning back to back games only once so far in conference play–which is the only thing you correctly identified. But of course that would mean you arbitrarily discounted the entire first half of the season, which doesn’t seem to be very fair since you referenced CTC’s teams (plural) losing as as the rule. That would imply that you’re counting his first three seasons after taking over a decimated program and holding that against him. You’re giving him no credit for the easy stuff yet holding him accountable for the near-impossible when he started. Bias, much?

    Incidentally, (since you mentioned stellar recruiting classes,) Kentucky’s last two top-ranked recruiting hauls are at 20 losses and counting. What was that about it being an accident for others?

  12. You’re ok Punjab…Harvard’s right, you can think and too often, as ‘Win Today’ shows, that’s a skill where the demand curve rises at near 90 degrees and the supply side dive bombs into their comments. Hard to draw a graph that way. Don’t bother with the perpetual moaners, they just ‘cut and paste’ thoughts stolen from other blogs.

  13. Punjab, haven’t seen Reek-oh! destroyed like that for way too long. That was Nice work. Thanks for cleaning the litter box.

  14. Seahawk,

    Win Today! wasn’t me. You’re my inspiration and hero. After all, you’re the creator and founder of Rico. I learned my trade off of you. I just ripped off the name. Blame someone else. Not me though. Good try. I can’t imagine how hard it is to clear your name from the stigma you once created here.


  15. Two (back to back) conference wins. It is too much to ask.


    And should it happen: contract extension!

  16. Just having some fun, shapeshifter. I mean no harm.

    We’re all disappointed with the way most of this season has played out, and the natives are understandably restless. We blew several chances to string together some wins and regain momentum, and I’m afraid it’s going to happen again today. OSU can be streaky, too, but they’re as skilled if not better at almost every position… With more experience. IU’s inconsistency coupled with OSU coming off an embarrassing loss on their home court does not bode well for the Hoosiers today. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we pull this one out. But I see no need for the guillotine until we have sustained a downward trajectory over the course of a few years. That’s just not the case right now.

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