Indiana adds four signees, loses one on Signing Day morning

Along with those they were already expected to sign, Indiana has added three new commitments to its class on Wednesday morning. Matt Weaver of reported that Georgia outside linebacker/defensive end Robert McCray and Georgia defensive tackle Derrian Meminger both committed to the Hoosiers on Wednesday morning and IU coach Kevin Wilson confirmed on his Twitter account that they had signed. Wilson then confirmed that Chris Covington, a 6-foot-3, 205-pound athlete from Raby High School in Chicago, had signed as well. South Carolina safety Zeke Walker, who had announced his commitment to Indiana weeks ago but didn’t have it actually accepted, formally signed on Wednesday as well.

However, the Hoosiers also lost one player.’s Dave Berk reported via Twitter that linebacker Airius Moore flipped to North Carolina State. More to come.


  1. Now it’s time to start developing this talent. I hope we can redshirt some of these young men. Our talent level has been so abysmal that Wilson had played many of his incoming classes because they were simply better than what he had before.

    Hopefully this year he’ll be able to redshirt the entire class and allow them to adjust, develop, and physically mature.

    We’ve been one of the youngest teams the past couple of seasons, and we can’t keep throwing out true freshman and expect them to play like seasoned veterans. This is Wilson’s fourth class and third complete. It’s time for the experience level to rise and compete against the top programs we will face. Talent plus experience should equate to more wins in 2014.

  2. I think we will start seeing some pretty dramatic leaps in the quality of our play, particularly on defense. If you start with better talent, it is much easier to coach up because the staff will be able to focus on refining skills and less on developing fundamentals. Moreover, I think we’ll see fewer injuries basically for the same reason.

    I am confident that we are now past the point of being content with fielding sub B1G caliber athletes and hoping that they’ll perform at this level. I believe that AD Glass, Coach Wilson and the staff recognize the futility of that approach. Go Hoosiers! Future is bright!

  3. Waitingforwins; Wilson’s philosophy is that the best players will play, regardless of their age or seniority. Some of the new freshman will be redshirted, but I think many of them, especially those that play defense, will get a lot of playing time next year.

    For example, my guess is that Gooch, the incoming linebacker, will be bigger and more physically mature than any other linebacker on IU’s roster next fall. That does not mean he’ll be a starter, but he won’t be redshirted because he needs to get bigger. Also, the 6’4″ wide receiver IU signed will probably see a lot of playing time if he demonstrates that he can run precise routes, catch the ball and that he understands the offense.

    The value of these quality recruiting classes, beyond the obvious, is that they increase competition for playing time and they provide greater depth. A football team can never get too much of either.

  4. Unless you have a top 15 ranking, there should always be a few freshmen that are too good not to play the first year! Having said that, the emphasis is on the word “few”. Now Indiana Football needs to have a “bumper crop” of “red-shirt” freshmen and sophomores demanding places in the two deep roster and playing at a high (B1G) level. This IS the year to go “bowling” and plant the flag for Indiana Football under Coach Wilson and staff!

  5. iufan23; I don’t have the data to back this up, but I doubt IU has ever had this level of success in football recruiting in back-to-back years since John Pont was the coach back in the 60’s. I’ve followed IU football recruiting for a long time (since I used to be a small part of the process way back when), and I can not remember IU signing so many players that had received offers (not “some interest,” but actual offers) from other solid football programs. When you’re signing players that turn down offers from Wisconsin, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Missouri, Iowa State, Purdue, etc., while getting transfers from schools like Ohio State and Arizona, relative to signing players that chose IU over Ball State, Bowling Green and Akron, etc., it shows the program is turning the corner and building momentum. This is exciting!

  6. Coach Kevin Wilson said, “On paper, they are the best back-to-back classes in school history. But now we need to take that paper product, work with it in the years to come and keep building our program.”

  7. Exciting stuff. CKW and staff were able to sign kids away from SEC schools as well as other serious FBS programs. I can’t wait until August to see the program’s progress. Go Hoosiers

  8. Podunker, I understand the philosophy of having the best players play regardless of class. If a true freshman is better than any of those competing for a position than of course play them. But also understand that with youth and inexperience comes mistakes. Correctable mistakes, but mistakes nonetheless.

    If Wilson keeps playing true freshman on defense (offense is a different animal, and our offense is not an issue, our defense is) I wonder when we can expect to see significant improvement.

    This season I expect to see a significant number of the defensive players in the 2013 class who redshirted to see the field. That year of development should pay dividends even though they still will be inexperienced.

  9. I kinda like the idea of talented Frosh and redshirt Frosh earning starter status and playing time as it displays the recruiting is attaining its goal, better talent than previously had been signed.

  10. To Waitingforwins comment, this next year, I am confident we will see significant improvement on defense. What we won’t see are miracles. You’re right…it takes time to develop players. My point was/is that the mean time to productivity is shorter and more certain with better talent. That said, we were not too far off from making a minor bowl this past year and I think we can make one this coming year despite a less favorable schedule.

  11. How many freshman defenders were redshirted last year? Logic would suggest that the true freshman who redshirted last year were not physically ready to play. But if, on the depth chart, they’re coming in behind true freshman, redshirt freshman, or sophomores who got playing time last year, it is unlikely those who redshirted last year will jump over the guys who got significant playing time last year. It improves the depth, but I don’t think you can count on last year’s redshirt freshman as saviors for the upcoming season. I’ll guess that most of last year’s redshirt freshman that will have an impact in this upcoming season play on the offense.

    Remember, only about 33% of all incoming freshman ever earn significant playing time at the school they first enroll in.

  12. HC, I agree, having a great deal of true and redshirt freshman playing is the key to ensuring a winning season. All those bowl teams had a majority of true and redshirt freshman in the starting lineup. Not.

    As one college coach once said, for every true or redshirt freshman you have starting you can add one to the loss column.

    Granted IU’s talent has been so poor for so long that any improvement in athleticism would probably justify a true freshman starting over a player that has been in the system a while. But at some point those players who have been in the system a couple of years need to step up, otherwise it is a reflection upon the coaches in not being able to develop talent.

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