Indiana blows another double-digit lead, falls 66-60 at Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn — Junior guard DeAndre Mathieu scored 16 points and made a back-breaking layup in the final seconds to give Minnesota a 66-60 victory over Indiana at Williams Arena.

The Hoosiers took another damaging loss to their NCAA Tournament hopes, which go back to the brink after their encouraging upset over Michigan. They fall to 14-9 overall, 4-6 in the Big Ten. Minnesota improves to 16-8, 5-6.

The Hoosiers held double-digit advantages several times in the first half and were up 36-30 at the break, but turned the ball over 11 times in the second half after giving it away just five times in the first half. Sophomore guard Yogi Ferrell scored 14 points, but needed 16 shots to do it. Freshman forward Noah Vonleh had 12 points and 12 rebounds. Senior forward Will Sheehey and freshman swingman Troy Williams also had 11. Minnesota forward Maurice Walker scored 14 points and guard Andre Hollins had 10 in his second game back from an ankle injury.


  1. after all the trials and tribulations this season; IM not so sure that Tom Crean’s BEST coaching position is that of an assistant coach. At times, the team reflects the state of the coach: Lost. Loss of focus,loss of direction, loss of what to do OR how to do it. At times its the blind leading the blind

  2. Once again, meltdown. Not sure if all the coverage of Rick Pitino tonight was to fire up IU fans or to affirm his son is only a head coach because of the last name. Whatever the reason I’m now a huge ANTI-Pitino fan!

  3. Agree TJ. Just not seeing the team grow. Lots of care free play. Every game year to,date. Can’t miss the tourney in yr six.

  4. This is about the 6th game this year we have just handed to our opponent! I don’t know how many totally uncontested lay-ups we give em the second half, but it was too many! Turnover city the second half? Gordan plays forever and does nothing. He throws up a brick when we needed a bucket bad, then gets beat on a dribble drive as the shot clock is winding down to seal the loss! And Devin Davis, one of our best inside defenders, sees no minutes, zero! Then we let em dribble down the shot clock and they get a lay up and it’s game over? You got to foul early on and extend the game, not let em seal it by running the shot clock down to like 8 seconds. Then we give up a lay up anyway. Foul em and make em shoot free throws to win it? This is like a bad movie playing over and over. Why not put 2 or 3 bigs in at the same time and play a 2-3 zone and make em shoot from outside, instead of giving up lay-ups? And another thing, Coach, you may try to work the refs once in a while, instead of standing over there clapping all the time. We have 2 McDonald’s All Americans on this team along with size and speed. This one like most of the other games we gave away, is on the Coach. I should not post after a game like tonight, but it just grieves me to see us giving games like these away because our Coach can’t seem to finish games?Don’t give me we’re young bologna, I didn’t hear you saying that against Michigan the other night! Williams had our first 9 points? I say if our seniors can’t step up, then bench em and play the freshman. At least they have an excuse?

  5. Have to say that other than the horrendous officiating, this L is on CC. Williams scores 9 points early in the game, and then CC benches him for most of the 1st half – what ever happened to feeding the Hot Hand? By the time Williams got back in the game, you could tell his confidence and momentum were shaken. Coach Crean, this could have been a monster game for Williams but then you benched him seemingly without reason. What gives?!

  6. With the defensive pressure turned up and the crowd back into it, I just don’t see how Crean is somehow responsible for those awful turnovers and woeful execution. Our guys just crumbled. The usually reliable Stan was a mess today, which forced us to rely on the oft shaky Gordon. Troy and Jeremy cooled off, lost their intensity, and it translated to defensive lapses. Minny hitting big shots is one thing, but how many missed assignments led to a wide open layup or dunk? That’s not scheme. That’s just blowing your coverage.

    I wouldn’t call the officiating world class, either. IU seemed to get some makeup calls late, but they were inconsequential and actually seemed to help stall the game while Mathieu was on the bench. I hate being that guys who blames it all on the refs, but that was a little too one-sided more often than not.

    Frustrating loss, but not unforeseeable.

  7. After his initial hot surge, Minnesota appeared to put more pressure on Williams and he got shaky with the ball…I do remember a very weak and soft pass he made that resulted in a turnover deep in our backcourt….I believe it was after that sequence that Crean probably wanted to settle him down.

    Williams has great potential, but he’s got me holding my hand over my eyes when he’s moving or getting trapped with the ball.

  8. It also seems like Minny got some very easy buckets by getting behind the zone. Vonleh came out high and they found cutters coming across behind him. Vonleh kept looking around after the buckets as if a teammate had blown their help assignment…Not sure if those buckets are on Vonleh for coming out too high or the wings lack of breaking to the middle to help…They just don’t seem to have a real solid understanding of assignments in a zone defense.

    Maybe Geoff, or someone that knows a bit more about coaching a zone, could add to those observations….

  9. Somewhat like watching a TIVO of the Neb. game. I also agree with above posts. Not only is HCTC terrible at the x and o’s of coaching – he lacks a feel for how a game is going.

    Tonight – too much SR – who was terrible. Too much Gordon – who puts up the same stats I did from my couch. Except I didn’t get 26 mins of playing time. Not enough Hollowell (WHO FINALLY CAME TO PLAY 9 PTS. IN 13 MINS. – AND EFFORT )or Hanner or Troy- who all came to play. No Davis and no Howard ( who HCTC wished he had two of ).

    This really could have been a turning point for Hollowell and Williams. Only to have that opportunity taken away from them.

    HCTC just doesn’t have the ability to call a timeout and stop runs or setup a play to change momentum – etc.. And the fact – as noted above – that he will never stand up for his team regardless of how terrible a call is further testament to why he is a sideline joke.

    There’s a reason the great coaches ride officials. To gain and advantage and to prevent further bad calls as the game progresses.

    I hope both Minnesota kids are ok. I refer to the kid Will set such a violent moving screen on. And Eliason their center – who apparently was shot by a sniper from the stands as he threw his check into Noah straight out right arm. You know it hurt when there is a two second delay before you realize how much pain you are in. Not a big call either as it’s a turn around dunk for Noah if the proper no call is made. Kid saved himself $5-10k by not being in NBA.

    You honestly have to wonder what 3 officials are thinking when they go to the monitor to see a kids blatant flop which they called a foul. I know they didn’t think they owed IU one apparently. Which is where an actual Head Coach would come in handy.

  10. So we’re blaming the officiating and we’re blaming Crean…and we’re blaming the poor officiating on additionally blaming Crean for not complaining about the poor officiating? And we’re blaming Pitino Sr. for influencing the whole process and bringing his grumpy Marlon Brando ‘Godfather’ stares from the stands that gave the officials no choice but to be heavily biased in favor of the Gophers whenever the Hoosiers were showing any hints of pulling away..? What stupid referee is going to let a son lose a game while his NCAA trophy-carrying Sicilian father is watching from the stands? Crean might as well have been a bowl of spaghetti with no meatballs. Sounds like a perfect storm.

  11. Aren’t they both named “Richard?” So we had a Big Dick that has nothing to do with the Big 10, a Little Dick now part of the Big 10, and a rather impotent coach with no ___________ ? There was rarely seen Peter Jurkin on a bench in a “Barnyard” while a man-sized Gopher pranced around joyously watching ten men on a floor? More to follow on the 10 o’clock news….

  12. Harv, I’m pretty sure that Wall Street, Obamacare, Global Warming, and the tax code are also responsible for our second-half collapse. I can’t prove it, but I can’t shake the feeling that plate tectonics are somehow involved, too

    One thing’s for certain, though. Crean is to blame for plate tectonics. So you do the math…

  13. In all seriousness, what I can’t understand is how we can be so good on defense for most of the game, yet we continuously let teams go on big run after big run to get back into and/or take control of games. I don’t know how much of that is coaching, how much is player discipline, how much is cajones, and how much of that is beyond our control. I have no answers. Anybody else?

  14. But to your point. Yeah I think with this team, a good deal is out of the coach’s control. The play that sums this theory up is when Troy Williams traveled with 15 seconds left in the first half with a 3 second differential in the shot and game clock. Crean instructed them one last shot. He was livid after Troy traveled. For whatever reason this team cannot develop that consistency and basketball IQ. Really we shouldn’t be surprised with the way this season is playing out. From even the first two weeks the Scoop predicted and even Crean referenced in a presser that there are going to be some very impressive games and some very frustrating games. Unfortunately the latter is the balance of the season. Of course and not seeing team growth on a regular basis either. You never really want to end a season with more questions for returning players then when you began. Really for the best case I think we are looking at 19-12 regular season and having to get to the championship of the Big Ten Tourney to be a low seed in the NCAA tourney.

    As for Crean, is the Scoop’s clientele representative of the masses and administration? Probably not. He will be here for at least a few more years. One year missing the tourney after the way he brought IU back to relevance…eh… Now two years? That would be a hot seat.


  15. A few random thoughts before crashing:

    ◘ MINNY FIRECRACKER: There are going to be a lot of teams having a hell of a time containing that little speed demon JC transfer, Deandre Mathieu. Kid was quite a high school baller in the state of Tennessee-Knoxville player of the year.

    ONE-AND-DONE? Hate to say it, but that outside stroke of Vonleh’s is likely getting NBA scouts significantly more interested.

    TIMING IS EVERYTHING: The road is so, so difficult in the Big 10…Maybe it’s difficult everywhere. You gotta find a way to steal a few. You gotta hope to catch teams where their backs are not equally against the wall.

    PROJECTING HANNER: Perea looked rather impressive in a couple sequences…He had a really nice tip-in that was followed by a flying rebound on the defensive end that was jaw-dropping. He’s starting to show some confidence and real promise. His troubles with defensive awareness and getting in position to stop drives to the basket are what takes him down a notch. ..But he’s still improving significantly.

    BULLDOGS LOOKING LIKE PUPPY CHOW: Butler…poor, poor, Butler. Punished by Georgetown on Saturday. What a sad decline. Life after Brad Stevens. It’s not good for the state of Indiana. They were always fun to follow in the NCAA tournament and they still put many an Indiana baller into the national spotlight. I know were all Hoosier fans, but you still have to feel a bit for how hard Butler is falling. Wonder if they still feel all warm and fuzzy over Brad..? And they came so damn close in back-to-back years. New stronger conference looked like great promise and then Brad drops them like an unexpected divorce in the midst a lovely marriage. What a sledgehammer…2-9 in the conference. It seems so recent that many were calling them the newest “elite” basketball program.

    WRECKERS: Sampson may have “wrecked” the Hoosiers, but noting like Boston wrecked the Butler.

    Elvin Hayes: “The Big E”.. He was a Bullet. And, you ask? I just wanted to put a Bullet after a final bullet. Goodnight.

  16. To many turnovers in the second half. Some lets just throw the ball at the rim and hope for the best. Also in the last five minutes of the first half and the first six minutes are so in the second. We had some defense breakdowns that gave them easy baskets.
    We need more shooters. So when we do kick it into Noah and it isnt there he can kick it back out to a shooter who can bury the open shot.

  17. COjones; CAjones means boxes.

    I’ll give Crean that the team is very young so he gets some leeway. But, outside the UW and UM home wins (both of whom then immediately tanked – at least temporarily)I don’t see that the team as a whole is maturing/gelling/progressing. And, both those home wins were essentially still the result of an offensive philosophy I’m not too fond of – Yogi plays hero ball and everyone else follows along.

  18. IU is going to have to finish no worse than sixth to get a NCAA bid. That’s not going to be easy. There are some shooters coming in next year but if NV turns pro what is Indiana going to do for a legitimate big man? At six years in this team should be reloading not rebuilding. Is lack of a inside game going to be an excuse next year?

  19. Clearly the chemistry is not good with this team. Without a majority of veteran starters, a solid rotation is difficult and the younger guys can’t get confidence. This team couldn’t handle the departure of everyone who left last year. I think Crean is a decent X’s and O’s coach and as far as substitutions, his trust in his bench I’m sure leaves his head spinning. When this team gets hot and in big game situations such as Michigan, they are good but inconsistent play is killing them.

  20. Ha. D-bone, how do you know I didn’t mean box? That’s often used as a demeaning term for… Eh, never mind. Better leave that one alone.

    I coach tee-ball and intramural softball, so my resume includes teaching kids the proper order in which to run the bases, and reminding middle-aged men that the cutoff man is there for a reason. (Oh, and how to hide beer in the dugout so the ump doesn’t catch us using PEDs in between innings…) My players aren’t high-level athletes, the scoreboard is generally just an afterthought, and there aren’t millions of fans whose emotional well-being is tied to the performance of my teams. There is no pressure. So I’m not qualified to judge a coach and his team on how they deal with pressure-packed situations on a constant basis. I don’t have the first clue how to teach a player to perform in hostile environments with the season on the line. I just know that our guys aren’t doing it with any kind of consistency. Is that just part of the maturation process? Is there something Crean could/should be doing differently? Can clutch play be taught? Coaxed out? Does it just come from within, and if so is it something you can identify as part of your “talent” evaluation when recruiting?

    There’s far too many variables to say something so short-sighted as “it’s all on the coach” with any validity. If we must play the blame game, at least do so responsibly and divide it up. Stan has an off night. A lot of bone-headed plays by different guys at critical times. Missed opportunities. Coaching moves that didn’t work out. It’s an accumulation of factors that led to the final disappointing score.

  21. I do agree that we should have fouled early on Minnesota’s final possession. You’re down two points…You really can’t let a team run it down to four seconds remaining…It takes a second to gather a rebound and it’s simply not enough time for anything other than a a half court heave of a prayer at the hoop. We should have put them at the line early in the shot clock. It leaves many more options to extend and win the game.

  22. we have all seen it too many times,nice lead and gone, coach has no game stragety he just runs up and down the sidelines like a person on meth. How can kids play when they are constantly being yelled at, I thinks he confuses them. Subs are still a mystery. There is one possibility for a failure ,blame the refs.

  23. The difference that would have turned half or more of our losses into wins would be a simple inside out approach to get Vonleh involved in the game . At 6;9″ 240 and very talented we could have won last nights game by going to him. It is a coaching issue ,we had the same issue when Cody played we never played through him either CTC is a recruiter only and the worst X and O Coach since Mike Davis he gets lost during the coarse of the game and in the last 5 minutes he is useless. If the rest of the team does not look for Vonleh then you find a player that will. Otherwise you sit till you get it. We are never ready to play .CTC better hire a good bench coach or he is a short timer. The Indiana fans know the game .They have already started to boo him. That’s why he keeps trying to get the 5 star guys because talent alone will win a lot of games and his weakness will not be as transparent. He was the same at Marquette. 20 wins a year ,preseason cup cakes and never won anything. DWade would have been a great player no matter where he played. Vonleh will be gone and we will have no bigs that can play. The head coach is either in control or not. You never get good calls on the road in the big ten. There are a couple guys pushed out last year that would look pretty good in our back court right shooting threes.

  24. Geoff posted a comment during the game, that Bardo (Referee) was making outrageous, biased calls. I have no idea, as I don’t have Big 10 Network. However, Geoff is usually reliable and correct. Not saying that’s totally why we lost. Just saying.

    Giving up on Crean now is outrageous. If we are NIT again next year, then yes, he deserves to be on the hot seat. Let’s see if a year of maturity cures our ills, before we go on random acts of firings.

  25. Uncle Rico- Bardo was the commentator for BTN, not a ref.

    Also, saying Crean is struggling, isn’t doing well this year, makes mistakes and doesn’t have his team playing their best, nor his program- doesn’t mean we want him fired. He’s not doing well, and neither is IU, plain and simple. Ignoring it and defending it is just as outrageous, Crean is a big boy making over 4 million a yr, doesn’t need excuses or reality-avoiders.

  26. Yes, Bardo the announcer kept accentuating and exaggerating IU errors, was not doing that with Minny… That’s what got to me. Like when he said Stan got lucky that they didn’t go to monitor to see if he led high with elbow on that dubious foul when he ran through a screen. Really Bardo? Is that what you’re rooting for?

    Yes, refs killed each of our 1st half runs with multiple (see definition) momentum-killing unnecessary off-ball, and or incorrect calls. It got worse with inconsistency, in a one-sided fashion, in the 2nd half. They called it even and perfectly the last 5 minutes, which only accentuated the fact that they sucked horribly the first 35. Basically, it looked like their job was to keep Minny within reach and then let whoever was best down the stretch take the win. Disgraceful.

    Harvard, as far as zone offense goes… Watch Creighton and Iowa State for some really good schemes and sets. Both do a great job of attacking with a purpose from the high post, screening the backside of the zone, and getting their best players shots.

  27. To expand on the zone thoughts for a second… Screening is extremely important. However, IU tends to always ball screen up high, which means the 3 guys on the backside can see it happening and adjust accordingly. The best you can usually hope for is an open shot for the ballhendler coming off the screen. IMO what is much more effective is screening the backside of the zone because usually all defenders’ eyes are on the ball, and since they are concerned more with an area than a man, they tend not to see/feel those blindside screens until it’s too late.

    So yeah, player-movement, ball-movement, and screening… Attack from the high post… Having multiple 3-pt threats helps… But there needs to be a purpose and an unselfishness, even more so than against man-to-man, for players to recognize defensive weaknesses relative to getting their best teammates open.

  28. I do remember Bardo saying that the Hoosiers could still be a very “dangerous” team…He talked of how Troy Williams could really change things if he continues to attack the rest of the season in a similar fashion as the first half. He said something about Troy “not being Oladipo,” but he makes the Hoosiers a much more difficult team to defend if his the breakout performance is indicative of the Hoosiers going forward(paraphrasing, of course). Bardo also gave a considerable amount of compliments to the key roster components of our high/low game and the fact we had an exceptional point guard and one of the best centers in country..

    Bardo continued on the road of praise for both Mathieu and Yogi…calling them the “the two quickest guards in the Big 10.”

    I guess you could say that Bardo gave the Hoosiers a multitude(see definition #1 @ of compliments.

    Robinson laid an egg on a big night. He’s a freshman and he’s human. Minnesota has one of the most active group of arms I’ve seen this year. They are unbelievably tenacious and active on team defense. They stepped it up to even a higher notch in the second half. Our team tightened up and lost some focus when they needed it most..Knight always talked of how he thought the final minutes of the first half and opening minutes of the second half were key stretches..We took a six point lead into the locker room when it should have been, at minimum, a 10 point lead. We came out flat in the opening minutes of the second half. The six point lead that should have been double digits evaporated in a flash. Crowd gets more in the game. Daddy Patino starts hoping around in the stands and giving younger No. 2 son high fives…More camera shots. More happy Patinos..Poof goes all the momentum of the first half.

  29. What happened with Bodi Miller?!

    No different than the Hoosiers against Minnesota…Sometimes you just lose your edge. You can blame the refs, the announcers, the foggy weather, or the lucky socks not being so lucky…Basketball is no different. The smallest mistakes and lapses can cost you. You fight your ass off to make up for those seemingly tiny moments where you were just slightly off and your confidence waned… And, unfortunately, those breaks in focus from the earlier sections of the course/game can certainly come back to haunt you. Team sports?..Individual sports? Such small, small margins of error make the difference between victor and loser.

  30. Sadly, I would have taken VJ III over Stan last night. And Gordon wasn’t much better. Much like the case against Syracuse in the Sweet 16, Yogi was pretty much on an island. And he had to work his butt off on both ends of the floor dealing with Mathieu. It was exhausting just to watch. It made me anxious. There was a glimmer of hope when Mathieu’s back cramped up. Bardo telling the Minnesota trainer to not put ice on his back and just get him back in before he tightens up more…Damn you, Bardo. Yogi back to being left on an Island of Glued Defender. Who will be the tragic Coyote? Who will leave as the happy Road Runner…? The Energizer Bunny has just fallen asleep in the stands from back-and-forth eye exhaustion. Mathieu Road Runner to the bucket! Yogi Coyote just blinked while Road Runner buzzed by…

  31. Yeah, maybe you’re right.

    I just don’t like his voice, anyway. There’s something irritating about it. Big 10 announcers are all really pretty bad. I would just assume we only be covered on the radio or the major networks(ESPN, ESPN2, CBS).

    I get sucked into watching and listening to their amateurish announcers…I begin to miss the old days when the games that weren’t on TV would be replaced by listening to Don Fischer. Change isn’t always for the better…I think I almost listened more passionately than my eyes can ever now watch. It does something constructive for the brain to draw the imagery while guided by a great play-by-play guy with his color commentator. All these guys on the tube seem to carry some internal biases(often back to the days they used to play against Hoosiers.. or got fired by Hoosiers…or didn’t get hired as a head coach by Hoosiers, etc).

    Might as well listen to ‘Fish.’ He loves the Hoosiers and he ain’t what you hear is what you get. I get so sick of print and TV guys trying to play the ‘objective’ voice/role that is so poorly acted in front of the true heartfelt allegiances.

  32. Might as well listen to ‘Fish.’ He loves the Hoosiers and he ain’t [afraid to show it]. What you hear is what you get.

  33. Indiana is a classic “not yet ready” team. The talent is there, the coaching is there, the hard work is there. But, right now, the ability to execute, by making game winning plays, and avoiding game loosing plays, is NOT there! Yogi is great, but in games when he doesn’t shoot well, no one can pick up the 3-point slack; Will is playing great team basketball, but can’t buy a basket, even his good games are 40% FG; Noah is superb, but IU can’t get him 10-15 shots/game; Stan is a really good freshman, as is Troy, but they are inconsistent and make big mistakes; Jeremy is talented, but an enigma; Hanner is making real progress, but he can’t get on the floor with Noah and the starters; Devin is a really good player, tough and no quit, but he gets no minutes; Austin has improved, but talent wise he is a 9-10 rotation player; Evan was a great find, but he is inconsistent; Collin does not “have it” yet but he is only a freshman; Peter is injured; Jeff plays way above what anyone could have expected but he is not a B1G talent. So Indiana is 14-9 not 19-3 (yes, 6 loses: U Conn, ND, IL, NW, NE, MN, should/could have been wins if this team really was playing well for every game, a full 40 minutes). They are just “not yet ready”. The NIT could be just what the doctor ordered if they continue to work hard, play as a team, and make it to the NIT title game!

  34. Yuk…NIT. Nobody Interested Tournament.

    Just gonna throw this out there…I’ve been thinking more about Rick Pitino at our last Big 10 road game. To many, this will sound like a rather far-fetched theory. Just chalk it up to Harvard’s paranoia against the Establishment. So here it goes…Some postulations:

    Did the advent of the Big 10 Network cause a disproportionately larger target on the back of the Indiana Hoosiers when they go on the road?

    Does the only Big 10 school with a multitude more than 2 championship banners(I.U.)* find that road environment crowds and hosting teams are now even far more fired-up because the players and wildly enthusiastic fans are additionally feeding/getting fueled off of the national coverage on the Big 10 Network?

    Did many of these hosting Big 10 schools suffer from lackluster crowds for decades(especially in terms of student involvement and enthusiasm)because they never had the following of an Indiana with deep traditions of Final Fours and championships?

    Was Indiana’s Assembly Hall somewhat of an earned palace of hostility for the away teams because our great fan base was bonded in the traditions of a program that had built a national mark of prestige?

    How could the playing field somehow be made more even? How could the Big 10 build the same passion for basketball at many of their other conference site that the unique Assembly had had to worry? How could they get the excitement a couple times per year for other conference teams that have never found anything approaching the excitement found at EVERY game present in I.U.’s Assembly Hall?

    Answer: Turn the cameras on when IU comes to town. Turn them on everywhere. When you beat the team with five banners, you’re winning your version of a national championship. And when you bring a nationally distributed cable station and network to all those hostile road environments, you create something beyond your wildest imagination. For one game the passion juices turn on like never before. Our road opponents not only get the joy of the storied Indiana candy stripes coming to town, but because of Big 10 Network coverage, they get their normally lackluster asses on TV and insincerely pretend to the world they hijacked the atmosphere our Assembly Hall.

    Do you realize what would happen to the Big 10 Network if Indiana Basketball tore up their cable contract? Do you thin we would still not get national coverage from the tradition major networks? Maybe it’s time for IU to leave the Big 10 conference. Oops..Never mind. We’re trying to turn Memorial into the Horseshoe. Keep those Big 10 cameras rolling.

    * Note: MSU does have two banners which is a multitude equal to one more than the loneliest number that you’ll ever know when it comes to having a multitude of championship banners. Of course, two is the loneliest number since the number one.

  35. correction(paragraph 5):

    How could the Big 10 build the same passion for basketball at many of their other conference [sites] that the unique Assembly had [never] had to worry.

    Would Sr. Pitino be in those stands if it was not Indiana and their was no nationally distributed network covering the game?

    If we had some games not televised(the games ESPN or CBS weren’t covering), would we still be able to fill all the seats at Assembly? Would there still be FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSSS?!!!

  36. I dedicate the following song to Doc Libby Ferrell’s self-glossing eyeliner shots, the Illini’s bannerless Stephen Bardo’s reactionary biased slippery tongue toward I.U. basketball, and the number of championship basketball banners the Big 10 Network cameras can locate above Rick Pitino’s lasagna rippled face in the multitude of rafters throughout the multitude of schools hanging more than the multitude equal to two.

  37. I agree with Mr. Hillbillies’ statement on Barddo. There were controversial calls but I did not see a pattern to indicate overt bias. sometimes you lose and Nebraska- Minny prove losing stems from disorganized, selfish and undisciplined play. Perhaps that’s the price you pay for trying to form a team from 4****, 5***** who don’t recognize the value in T-E-A-M.Way too much dribble and too little movement without the ball offensively. But, Mr. Geoff…it does not seem to me ANY set of referees in the B1G has the capacity to call a decent game from my reading of your take on IU games. If you don’t mind a comment, you are way over the top on this and it renders some of your better commentary to the ‘questionable’ category since it colors it with your bias. You have a right to make any comment here, but what is the point when it begins with emotional assumptions that just do not hold true?

    One comment on Sheehey…when he ‘takes’ a strong hand leading, we are substantially better. Dividing the leadership between he and Ferrell weakens this team. Ferrell should do what he does, quarterback; and Sheehey should ‘coach’ on the floor.

  38. Locate this on ‘American Idol’ or ‘The Voice’…or ‘America’s Got Talent’….or the array of talent discovery shows. More cameras may be rolling, but the soul of things once were are drifting into the world of everything “self-glossed.”

  39. Unforgiven, I do agree with your last paragraph. But Geoff is correct about the officiating at Minnesota as they stifled IU’s offensive momentum repeatedly. If Bardo was not the laff-a-minute he is I’d be pissed.

  40. HC. We stifled our own offense and encouraged both Nebraska and Minny. Beyond that, nothing substantial can be said about the Bardos and basketball in the same breat; much less acknowledging their views as important. As RMK would say,…”just ‘damn’ (literary license allows substitution) play so the refs don’t matter!”

  41. The refs didn’t cause us to eff up the final possession of the first half. And I don’t think they were responsible for us coming out so flat in the opening minutes of the second half.

    Mathieu was just too much to handle…If you want to witness stifling, momentum-killing officiating, then go back and watch the film of Minnesota’s triple OT loss at Purdue. It was the 10 no-calls against Hammons that handed the game to Purdue. It was the heartbreaking loss at Purdue that put Minnesota in a must-win when Hoosiers rolled into town. That’s why daddy Pitino came to the game.

  42. Maybe it was not so much the calls going against Hoosiers as the non-calls that should have been going against the Gophers? I’m not blaming the officials for the loss, but it was pretty amazing how they were hacking the crap out of Yogi at the end and it took about 3 fouls in one minute to finally put us in the bonus. The kid that came in for the cramping Mathieu was allowed to be a butcher because we were so far shy of being in the bonus…

  43. The refs were not practicing debauchery with 4 of those calls but they did make me question their activities for after the game.

  44. NIT is easier to swallow if Vonleh comes back. Then maybe we have a shot ant cashing in on this year from an experience building standpoint. But no Vonleh then we will continue to struggle because we are as shallow as can be in reliable bigs.

  45. Moot point…We are NCAA bound. Minnesota and Northwestern are your Big 10 NIT teams(they are both about to go on losing skids).

    NCAA Tournament teams:


  46. Just look at the remaining schedules for Northwestern and Minnesota…The schedules are brutal and the road trip games for both teams are even more brutal….And they still play each other.

    If we get just get on a small roll(three straight wins), I think we separate from the bottom half and we’ll get it done in terms of NCAA bid.

  47. I got it now, the reason we lose is bad refs,tv announcers, and we are so young. Just my observation from reading all the blogs.

  48. I have complained about refs 2 times this season. It hasn’t been a common excuse and I only bring it up when it’s obvious. I have blamed the coaching when I saw serious game-planning or game management flaws. I have blamed the players when I saw mental breakdowns, selfishness, or carelessness. And twice now I have complained about the refs – this time I’m outright blaming them for the loss.

    Bardo is just annoying.

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