Indiana collapses in loss to Penn State

Tim Frazier scored on a driving layup with 6.1 seconds to go to give Penn State a 66-65 win over Indiana in front of 17,472 at Assembly Hall in a game that Indiana led by double digits with three minutes left.

The Hoosiers turned the ball over 20 times in the game, and struggled to even inbound the ball against Penn State’s full-court pressure in the final minutes. They fall to 14-10 overall, 4-7 in the Big Ten. The Nittany Lions improved to 13-12, 4-8.

Frazier scored 14 points. Penn State forwards Brandon Taylor and Donovan Jack scored 10 points each. Yogi Ferrell led Indiana with 16 points and senior forward Will Sheehey had 12 to finish the game with 999 career points.


  1. Absolutely sickening. IU had 2 – 3 timeouts remaining when they threw the ball away twice to hand PU the victory. Well…that was the season, now all IU is playing for is pride and perhaps a slot in the NIT Tourney. Going to throw up now…

  2. Tom Crean makes Mike Davis look like Red Auerbach. Turnovers are obsurd at this point. Talent going to waste.

  3. When is Crean going to stop substituting and put his starters in the last 5 minutes of a game. His sub patterns kill us every game. How can he have Hollowell in there instead of Williams. Every coach in the big ten has to love Crean because he can’t quit messing with the lineup. I’ve been a fan all my life (60+yrs) but I’m not watching Crean sub us to any more losses this year.

  4. Crean needs to go……the continuing performances by this team fits Einstein’s definition of insanity….doiing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

  5. Can someone explain to me why our player that inbounds the ball stays flat footed. They are allowed to move after baskets and timeouts after baskets. I am at loss when I see them time after time stand glued to the floor. Doesn’t anyone on the coaching staff tell them to move?

  6. Once again, we were out coached coming down the stretch. Crean is a good recruiter, but cannot get the most out of his talent. Will make a good assistant coach in a power conference or head coach in a MAC type program, but he can’t coach effectively against top competition. Honeymoon is over in Bloomington.

  7. Somehow Hollowell sees the floor uninspired while Williams sits on the bench. Evan Gordon has played for four years, yet he plays 23 minutes with hardly any contributions worthy of a 5th year player. Why recruit talent like Vonleh and then not use him?

    I find it ridiculous we are unable to get the ball inbounds and yet we sit on multiple timeouts.

    Get the a celtics coach.

    Our guard play is so strange. Not sure how or why Remy Abel transferred but we could dude use him now. I am afraid CTC is too smart for his own good. He makes the game too difficult.
    He needs to go. Uninspired effort game after game. IU lost this game tonight at the 4 min mark. No adjustments. What do our assistants do?

  8. Ok. So I’ve seen this mentioned a couple of times now…

    News flash! The Hoosiers aren’t getting Brad Stevens any time soon. Even if Crean were to go, Stevens just signed a 6 year contract with one of the most iconic sports institutions in American history. He’s getting paid $.5M more per year than Crean…

    I’m not saying people should get used to Crean’s face (although we should), but Brad Stevens is off the table for at least the next 4 years.

  9. Stevens is a pipe dream….but, he was signed with butler through 21-22 and jumped. He’s been an IU fan since he was 5, so there’s the possibility he could be tempted. I think his heart is in the college game ala pitino. I don’t think it’s something that would happen next year, but a couple of bad seasons in Boston and Bloomington who knows.

  10. Yeah… But the C’s paid him 3 times more than what he was making at Butler. And by the way, Pitino was cussed out of Boston. He is legendarily despised by Celtics fans up here.

    I agree there is a chance that IU gets Steven’s. He’s just not a current solution to the problem some fans have.

    (I just realized I attended 2 games that preceded 2 of the most replayed coaches’ press conferences of all time… I was at the Colts game where Mora made his now-famous “Playoffs!! PLAYOFFS??!” comment… And I was at the Celtics game where Vince Carter hit the 3 falling out of bounds to win it at the buzzer (tix were a valentines gift of my then-girlfriend), beating the Celtics, and prompting Pitino’s famous “Larry Bird isn’t walking through that door, fans….. And all the negativity in this town sucks!” speech which was the last nail in the coffin for many fans up here with Ricky.)

  11. Great post Geoff…Your right, I think he’s in a great situation up there with no expectations and if he wins, it’ll be another great coaching job by him.

  12. I’ve read this Blog for a few years. I tried commenting last year after the Syracuse loss and was eaten alive fans on this site so I never said another word. Its nice to see the fan base once again call for toughness and accountability. This is Indiana. You never come into our house even in our worst years and take a W out of the Hall. When you lose you never tweet how great your team fought. You lost! This guy cant accept responsibility and it drives me up a wall. You are the coach. Its all on your shoulders. Accept responsibility publicly. Call these kids out. This was absolutely unacceptable and we shouldn’t accept mediocrity in our program. I hope to God this guy isn’t here 3 years from now. Our ceiling with him is sweet 16’s and Nit’s in off years. This is an NIT year. If Noah leaves it very well could be two years in a row. IU is in trouble. The good news is he did rebuild us to respectability. So whoever is next can take us to the next level. Brad Stevens?

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