Indiana snaps three-game skid with 61-56 win over Northwester

EVANSTON, Ill. — Sophomore guard Yogi Ferrell, freshman forwards Noah Vonleh and Troy Williams and senior swingman Will Sheehey scored 12 points each to lead Indiana to a 61-56 win over Northwestern at Welsh-Ryan Arena.

Indiana shot 47.1 percent from the field after shooting just 25 in the first game against Northwestern on Jan. 18. The Hoosiers turned the ball over a season-low seven times. The Hoosiers improved to 15-11 overall, 5-8 in the Big Ten. Northwestern fell to 12-16, 5-10.

Northwestern’s Tre Demps scored 19 points to lead the Wildcats. Center Alex Olah added 17.



    I hope Glass is preparing a contract extension for Crean.

    It’s the sensible thing to do. (We might lose him otherwise!)

  2. Glass is a genius. Arranges the roof to fall in while caught on video w/o a soul in the stands serving the dual purpose of postponing a game they aren’t ready to play after 3 straight Ls & justifying the project to update the building! Pure brilliance.

    He’s either a genius or just watched Bull Durham when Costner creates a rainout during the slump.

  3. Not sure I understand the synicism here. This was a conference road win that we had to have, and got. We certainly could have done a better job of closing them out, but take away that ridiculous goaltending call and a meaningless NW FG at the end, add in another unlikely career night for Olah (including a tip in from near the free throw line) and it’s a pretty solid victory against a team that’s already beaten us once. Sorry the Crean banshees didn’t get to unleash their fury tonight.

  4. Yeah Punjab, just people who have given up on the season, so this is a meaningless win for them, and in fact plays against their “get rid of Crean” agenda.

    I am sort of amazed we didn’t win this game by 15-20 points. We are sooo much more talented than them. I was glad that we showed some composure down the stretch… There were a couple bad calls in a row, and the score was tightening, but it didn’t seem to faze our guys one bit. I was proud of their body language in the last couple minutes.

    It was also nice to hear Bardo talk about how Vonleh just plays and doesn’t allow the lack of calls to affect his play or focus. There’s no question he should have shot at least 6 more FT’s than he did.

    I actually like seeing Hollowell in the game now. He seems to be playing so much more decisively.
    That 15-20 minutes off the bench is the sweet spot for him.

    Also nice to see 2 players not named Ferrell get double-digit shots, especially since 1 was Vonleh. I don’t know if anything from this game translates to UW or Iowa, but I’m hoping for a solid finish to the season.

  5. Punjab, I don’t think that was a typo. That was the latest entry into the urban dictionary.

    Banshee: paranoid angry guy who thinks athletic directors climb up into the rafters, loosen 8 ft slices of steel and video tape it. Oh yeah, and FRRE CREME!

  6. Lighten up Punjab. I thought AWinAz’s comment was hilarious… and recalling Bull Durham (Kevin Costner) flooding the baseball field shear inspiration. Even the Hoosiers come with laughter sometimes.

  7. Solid! Breaking a losing stretch while on the road to boot! Only 7 TO’s and our Senior showing strong leadership throughout the game but was particularly positive towards the end closing out. Box score only lists NW with 10 TO’s but if deflections were a box score stat IU would have had 1/3 of a zillion. Now with this last batch of games we’re going to find out who has cut their eye teeth and who has not. In which game does HP start playing again? Other than making the players wear weighted footwear to slow the game down I wish I had a clue as to how to help the refs make more and better calls.

  8. Sorry, Unforgiven. I didn’t realize people were allowed to crack jokes on here. I guess I just don’t recognize sarcastic humor when I see it.

  9. Congrats to Coach Crean and the team for the win at Northwestern. Tonight, the team showed signs of growth and maturity. Williams played great. He was a real asset to the team. Hopefully, he gained a lot of confidence from this game to make him a consistently strong and skilled player who functions free of turnovers. Sheehey made some key shots too. They were critical and timely. He also demonstrated more quality leadership too. Though there still remain many areas for growth, I hope the team will build on this victory in our game with Wisconsin. Go Hoosiers!

  10. I see a lot of Victor in Troy. As a freshman, Vic had a lot of highlight reel dunks and showcased some raw ability and hustle, but not a whole lot else. By his sophomore season, I decided to get my first IU jersey while home for Christmas(I’d recently made the move to collecting jerseys of my favorite teams– I’d always been more of a vintage tee kind of fan before that.) When everybody else was buying Cody Zeller jerseys, I got #4. His defense and general filthiness made him my favorite player, but i don’t think anybody saw the meteoric rise coming that we witnessed his junior year.

    Troy has some of the same potential. He’s beginning to make impact plays more consistently, on top of his occasional Sportscenter moments. He certainly has the athletic ability. If his shooting can come around and he continues to limit sloppy turnovers, he could be one of the best players in the conference, if not the nation, in a few years.

    I loved seeing Stan come off the bench and provide instant energy last night. If we had a reliable guy to start in front if him– Hollowell, AE, or even Gordon– I can see him playing the Sheeheyesque sixth starter role exceptionally well. With JBJ coming next year, that could work out really well provided we aren’t forced to start a three-guard lineup. Now… if he could just learn that if his free throw is slightly long, he doesn’t overcorrect by shooting the next one three feet shorter…

  11. Here is hoping Troy will co-mingle work ethic with the talent VO did to hone it into skills. I am optimistic the staff with be holding the picture of the NBA model up to him daily.

  12. You are all right we beat lowly N,western who only had nine players available,looks we are now on our way.

  13. I am just looking at this now and did not see the game. I think its hard for most to get excited at this point of the season. If we win at Wisconsin then maybe so. Though if that happens I think pigs will fly. I am just saying!

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