1. Very impressive first 19 minutes. Not sure what happened that last 60 seconds, though.

    And I love the fact that it’s not just the Yogi show. Lots of guys contributing on both ends. Now make some FTs, please.

  2. If I could knock out one of these refs by punching my tv I would do it.

    Steven Bardo is so effing biased against IU it’s driving me nuts.

    IU would win this game by 20 if it weren’t for all the BS calls.

  3. Of course..Rick Pitino had to pick the IU game to be in the crowd. Indiana is always the team to beat. It doesn’t matter if there’s been no banner for 30 years…Beat the Hoosiers and it’s like they’ve won the national championship.

    When I saw the first shot of daddy in the crowd, I knew it was curtains.

    Robbie Hummel’s jersey will be retired as he walks out on his crutches during a halftime ceremony for our Purdue road game…Guaranteed.

    When the Hoosiers are in town, you bring out all the ammo to get the juices flowing.

    Horrible closing out of the final minute of the first half…We have the ball and a chance to go up 10 or 11. Williams get’s himself caught in the air with nowhere to go with the ball(Inexcusable that the ball ever left a guard’s hands until the final five or six seconds on the clock) Result?..Turnover. Minnesota scores on a final possession they should have never had and cuts the deficit to 6 with a world of momentum heading into the locker room. Second half, we come out flat. Ballgame.

  4. Anyone catch the CS foul on Will in the first half for an illegal screen? We were up by 10-11 at that point and ready to break their back. The call was horrible and even announcer on BTN was shocked. Result, Gophers (nice mascot) roll off 6 and cut lead to 4. One bad call and whole momentum changed.

  5. Played too good to lose this game. Our youth is a liability that keeps coming back to bite us. 4 turnovers in 1st half was great but 10+ in 2nd half was a killer. At times we showed great play just not enough consistency. Hope Noah sticks around.

  6. It’s never over ’til it’s over, but the fat lady is almost singing when it comes to making the Big Dance cut.

    Having a must-win at HackMe Arena next Saturday is not a position you like to be in. Purdue is on the skids and they’ll basically be playing the spoiler roll for their turn at a national championship against Indiana. Think Geoff is complaining about officiating now…?

  7. Sorry, but Minnesota and Nebraska road losses were because of road crowds getting in our heads. Bottom line, we beat both teams by 15-20 at home. Can’t wait to play the gophers at home next year, doubt if Pitino Sr. Will show in Bloomington.

  8. Pitino Sr. can kiss my a$$. Next time we play Jr., let’s bring Sr. Pitino’s mistress he did in the Italian restaurant to the game. Why in the hell is Crean good friend with all our Kentucky hicks to the south? How did that happen? Though shall not cheat(recruiting rules or on wife)…Isn’t that in the Good Book?

  9. Though shall not also be friends with anyone coaching basketball in the state of Kentucky.

    Though must learn the Hoosier Commandments.

  10. oops. Igotta calm down.

    [Thou] shall not be friends with anyone coaching basketball in the state of Kentucky….

    Thou shall learn the Hoosier Commandments.

  11. Unfortunately, our players have not yet learned how to deal with success. When they do, they’ll not let leads slip away.

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