1. Disastrous sequence of events to end the second half. We might have been better served to just hand them the ball with 1.9 seconds left and heave a full-court shot.

    On the other hand, things haven’t worked out too well the last few times we went into the half feeling good about ourselves with a semi-comfortable lead. Maybe it’s good if we’re the ones who come out angry and motivated in the second half. We’ll see.

  2. This is worse than horrible. I thought I had seen it all on Wednesday, but we just might out-do ourselves. Can’t remember EVER seeing a worse production by ANY Hoosiers. Can’t even hit a free throw. I’m ashamed to be an IU alumni today (not really, but almost. Twenty point deficit so by the end of the game, we should be down by Fifty. Will this season NEVER end?

  3. First time in a long time I stopped watching IU play basketball. The last two minutes of the first half and the first five minutes of the second half was some of the worst college basketball I’ve ever seen. These young men are playing terrible.

    Vonleh a top five pick in this spring’s draft? I must be missing something.

  4. Podunker, he will be a high draft pick because of his potential, not what he can do right now. Same as with every other big man that is drafted. Look at Cody. Does anyone else get the feeling that Crean has “lost” this team or that they are quitting on him?

  5. How many undergrads leave the program after this year( besides Noah going NBA)….I bet a total of 6 or 7 scholarships will be available with 3 already given……so back to rebuilding the Crean Way

  6. Not even surprised to hear that IU got blown out by PU today. Wasn’t hard to see this coming. Iowa is licking their chops. Does this IU team have the heart and determination to respond and get a humongous W? Stay tuned…

  7. iuhoosier1992, the answer to your question is “yes”.After watching his press conference after the Penn State game where he threw them all under the bus,I can see why.

  8. no offen se, no defense, no coach this is horrible it,s embarassing. It,s just the Yogi show,does anyone keep count of the 35 seconds that Yogi has the ball I have and it,s usually around 21 seconds not much time left for anyone else to do much.

  9. This is Year Six of the Tom Crean Era.

    Suspiciously resembling Year One and Year Three.

    Can you Crean fans spell i-n-c-o-m-p-e-t-e-n-c-e yet?

  10. Well. Didn’t seen that coming. I’d hoped that the HMP situation would galvanize the team and bring them together. Instead they went the complete opposite direction. I wasn’t anticipating a win– with both teams having their backs against the wall, it could’ve gone either way–but I was anticipating a hard-fought game. Except we didn’t fight. We didn’t execute. We didn’t play like Hoosiers.

    This was not one of those that you can write off as just a bad game, or because the other team was on fire. We weren’t out-classed. This wasn’t an epic last-minute collapse. Other than turnovers and the fact that once again we let somebody I’ve never heard of light us up, there wasn’t anything I recognized about our team today. This was a total team loss. And one that could severely impact the direction of our program.

    This is the Kentucky of last year, with less superstar talent. Still loads of talent in our right, but no cohesiveness or idea how to play together. And we don’t have 12 McD’s All-Americans coming in next year. And the NIT may be a long shot now. There’s still time to put it together and play for the future– many teams have gone through terrible stretches and worked through it– but tonight didn’t show any of us that any kind of positive stretch run s in the horizon.

    I still love and support my Hoosiers. I’ll be with them until the end. But the end is not looking pretty. And getting worse by the day.

  11. Incidentally, my favorite part of the game was when the cameras cut to a well-fed man in a Hoosier jersey holding five fingers in he direction of some Purdue fans. If you read his lips, he said “five rings.” At least that dude had some fight today.

  12. I have written one other time this year after a game and it was concerning the ridiculous schedule IU plays. Well, Dakich brought it up again during the game at least twice. He criticized the AD and coach Crean for the cream puff pre-conference schedule that we have played this year. I said it 6 weeks ago and will say it again, Dakich is correct, playing the type of schedule that we play does not prepare you for the conference and especially for the tough road games! The atmosphere that you play in on the road in the Big 10 is brutal! Playing “cream puff state” at home for 8 or 9 games is not conducive to what you face in the conference!
    The more I watch this team this year, the more I cringe! I and many others are wondering more and more about our coach? His substitution patterns are quit perplexing? His continuing not to play Davis significant minutes is very perplexing since he is as hard nosed as any player we have other than Robinson! Since conference play has started, Davis hardly sees the floor at all and when he does, he makes one mistake and he gets removed never to be seen again?
    One other thing about our team that Dakich said concerning HMP, when a player does what he did, he has very little regard for the team which is true. I read yesterday on this website that Dakich stated on his radio show that HMP had left a party which was attended by several other team members where the alcohol was consumed. If this is at all true, there are definite problems on this team including leadership and indifference to coaching! I agree with a previous post where it was stated that Crean has lost the team, it certainly appears so!
    I will also agree with another post where it is becoming very hard to watch this team! I am a lifetime IU fan at the age of 67, I don’t know how much longer I can take this?

  13. The cheap schedule got us a Big10 title last year, & it has absolutely nothing to do with how poor this team plays. I have posted past schedules of the 81 & 87 national championship teams, the schedule is nearly the same, cupcakes I’ve never heard of & about 3 ranked teams of the times. Look at other elite teams schedules, they are similar. The schedule debate is getting old. One of those years, 81 or 87 we lost to Pan American. I suppose losing to a powerhouse Pan American team got us the title that year lol. It is simple, this team & coaching staff are having a seriously bad year. It has nothing to do with the schedule.

  14. Way too much dribbling versus movement without the ball. I simply don’t see any offense whatsoever, unless you count going one on one. I, too, think it looks like AAU basketball.

    Am afraid CTC has lost the team. No leadership, no fight. Just totally unlike Hoosier basketball. The team simply is not progressing. I don’t see any improvement in understanding the college game. I watch Nebr, Northwestern and PSU improve game to game, but not Indiana. Seems like IU is making the game more difficult it needs to be; or the players are being overloaded with info so that the players are confused.

    Let’s hope there is a big improvement come next game. Go Hoosiers.

  15. Next to I U ,Purdue is the worst team in the big ten. They flat killed us today, this team never gets any better. Dakich killed Crean on national T.V. today and he was right in most of his comments. This is a coaching issue that is not going away. How can all these kids be this bad? I don’t understand how CTC has coached all these years and hasn’t found a fix? This team needs to shoot 500 shots a day each and never go anywhere without a basketball so that they learn how to take care of it. CTC is out of touch with the team on all levels. If he had a close touch with the players he would have known Perra had issues and could have stepped in to help him. CTC recruited all these kids so where is the talent? CTC has four million reasons to stop the bleeding, Shehey is a train wreak, AE is a pure shooter and has been told not shoot, Gordon was a mistake, Hollowell is on another planet. Once again Remy, Mo, and Luke would look pretty good right now! Anybody can coach 5 star players Calipari proves it every year. Real coaches build their teams. Like Iowa, Northwestern , Michigan ,Penn State and oh don’t forget Michigan State Izzo has it figured out just grab the best kid in Indiana each year and move on . There is a communication gap some where! How can two kids play zone and the other 3 man and no body on the bench gets it!

  16. It’s just sad to see such a great basketball state denigrate in reputation.

    Dakich has his forever ax of rejection to grind with Indiana. He is the scorned lover. He was not glamorous enough for Indiana. He was simply too raw and too unrefined. Hiring Dakich would have been like hiring something Knight once left as a forgotten flush in locker room stall.

    Bless his heart…After he so honorably mopped up as interim coach, the big brass at Indiana still looked at him like he was something of only odd foulness from an the odd sector of the state known as “The Region.”

    He’s a rather lost soul…His only love wanted nothing of him. He’d strap on a pair of Converse for Bobby tomorrow. He’d dive for some loose balls and crawl up inside Michael Jordan’s present day jock for 40 minutes to be a Hoosier again. But he’s an outsider.

    He’ll never stop being ESPN’s little sour expert on how to “fix” Indiana because the harsh rejection cannot be fixed.

    I’m sorry, Dan. Remember that Bobby Knight was a very good looking man. You’ve got the tactless stuff pretty down, but unfortunately the hairstyle inspires many a Boiler fan to reminisce of the oil spill that once graced the dome of Gene Keady. You sounded like a Purdue fan today. You belong. Yes, you finally belong. You were created by the famous basketball scientist that once resided in the masterful castle he built known as Assembly…You’ve wondered the streets for far too long.

    The blind man is Purdue… and you are the sad Hoosier monster they will share a cup of soup and a cigar. They will love you like a child their own. Be at peace, my friend…Be at peace.

  17. Larry, you’re absolutely right. There are many, many complaints about our team and its coach that are completely legitimate. But to complain about the pre-conference schedule at this point is senseless. We lost our first conference game in OT to a ranked Illinois squad. We came back and won at Penn State, hung tough with MSU, and we lost big leads to Nebraska and Minny. What pre-conference matchup would’ve prevented us from being blown out in our sixth road game that the previous five didn’t?

  18. Phenomenal post, Harv. I’ve heard tidbits of Dakich’s radio show, and he can be entertaining, but as you said he’s building a brand. He’s not an impartial in-game commentator. I can’t decide if he too often shows his bitterness towards IU, goes overboard trying to hide his affinity for the stripes, is trying to be the cornfield version of Steven A Smith, or some conflicted combination of it all. Either way, when you couple the fact that Bobby K was calling the game that Jim Crews and Calbert are coaching immediately preceding IU-PU, which Dakich was of course calling, you can argue that the mothership was setting us up. Not necessarily for bad– I think ESPN recognizes that when IU wins, it wins. But it was set up to be a huge boon for us; instead, it turned out to be a train wreck.

  19. I know in the old days it seemed if they played like this they wouldn’t have the energy to go out drinking after a BK practice.

  20. “The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith and the end of anxiety is the beginning of faith. I can tell you one thing: We. Are. Anxious. To Get Better. That was four, five, who’s counting? I forgot how it was and maybe I never knew it… Listen, I talked to Dan Dakich before the game and he said <<Tom, it’s much easier to inbound the ball when you’re 20 behind>> so I immediately thought two things: #1 the man is speaking from experience, #2 problem solved! But you know what? I think he’s right. Maybe we should fire me now.” — Tom Crean, Head IU Coach.

  21. Well Larry, I’ve listened to your drivel long enough mentioning the 81 & 87 teams schedules and how they compare to this year’s team’s schedule, comparable huh? In 81′ they played; Kentucky, Notre Dame, California, Oral Roberts, North Carolia, Baylor, Kansas St., Rutgers and Clemson. Let’s see, not to many North Floridas in there. In 87 they played Notre Dame, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Louisville (with Pervis Ellison) and Princeton coached by Pete Carrill who anybody who knows about basketball is not an easy task. In 81 they lost to Pan American 66-60, upsets happen all the time, the rest of the schedule that year really had very few “cupcakes”!
    Comparing this year’s cupcake laden schedule to those 2 years is ludicrous! Yes, 87’s schedule is weaker than 81’s but, 87’s is not in the same ballparks as this years! In 87 IU played their 2 tournaments at home who had weaker teams but, one of those had Princeton which everyone knows, no one wanted to play in those days.
    One other thing, those 2 teams were full of great veteran players coached by one of the great coaches of all time! They had been through prior Big 10 seasons. This year’s team is incredibly young and needed to get use to playing tough teams on the road or at home to prepare themselves for what they are now facing. This cream puff schedule did not in any way help them for what they are now going through! Anyone with any common sense who has delved in any sport knows that playing better teams makes you better in the long run, it is simply true, win or lose.
    So Larry, stop with comparing 81 & 87 to this year! There is very little to compare. Both of those teams had great players who had been through it before. And the old argument that schedules are set up 2 to 3 years in advance is simply not true, some traditional rivals are but, most games are set up a year at a time in advance. I reiterate, this schedule HAS NOT helped this team!

  22. I was very surprised to see a comment by Coach Crean…I can’t wait to see the comments now that they have the source available…Good luck coach…Do not want your job…Team doesn’t look good.

  23. MikeC, I’m not going to go another round with you on this. I don’t think its a huge issue… You do… Whatever.

    Here’s what I’m upset about in regards to the schedule… We didn’t use the early games to establish an identity. We waited until mid December to start trying to dictate tempo defensively, then we quickly abandoned it. This team still lacks identity… Well, that’s false, their identity is Yogi-shoots-a-lot.

    No matter who you play, the games should serve a purpose… Other than to get a few referreed D1 minutes under the belts of our fresh faces. This year those games served no purpose I can grasp.

  24. I mean this as no disrespect to anyone,I commented several years ago, we would never be a contender for post season success,because Cream just is not a good x&o,s coach.Defense is not good ,Zone defense is horrible,Has no press to speak of, offense is strictly dribble and drive can,t play against a zone defense, tries to direct everything from the sidelines,which I think confuses the players,subs remains a mystery to me,it,s like a revolving door. There is not the old hustle and determination I remember of the Hoosiers. I don,t think he takes any responsibility for their poor play. To use one of his expression were are locked I now think we are locked out.

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