Live Discussion: Michigan at Indiana



  1. Penn State beats Purdue, we beat Michigan. I’m like a pig in….um…well you know the saying.

    Great win. For me, Michigan is always the team I look forward to beating the most. They easily have the most arrogant fan base with an overwrought sense of false superiority. If there is anything worse than “The Establishment,” it is “Wannabe Establishment.”

    My favorite part of the University of Michigan is the ability of their Athletic Department to completely defy physics. That I actually have to give credit to. I hear the Chinese are looking to buy this technology. Every time Tennessee adds a bleacher, UM squeezes their bench seat size in “The Big House” even tighter together. The current seat size is less than half the average diameter of the derriere of an overweight, unemployed auto-worker.

  2. Yeah, let’s make fun of the heartland of America and the people that built this country. Mitt Romney can park 12 different Detroit cars in a home auto elevator for his wife, while prepared to let the industry collapse on the heels of greedy corporate scum that take all of their money into overseas investments and tax loopholes in the Bahamas…But let’s make fun of the overweight, unemployed,
    Detroit autoworker that sucked the country dry.

  3. It isn’t so much that is enjoyable fun making fun of Michigan fans and their sympathizers (which it is), as much as it is getting a rise out of the humorless.

    Funny, I’m actually counting my overseas investments and looking for more property and banks to hold my tax free cash in Fiji as I type this. The Bahamas are overrated and terrible. They’re just a destination for Michigan fans to end up on their cruise ships. It is an appealing island to them because it accommodates an equal ratio of the 16 brigades of fat carts found at Disneyland. They can drink rum from coconuts after cleaning out the all-you-can-eat buffet of chicken wings, macaroni casserole and lard pies. The sharks have stopped feeding in the area after a 13 ft Tiger shark who last ate a Michigan tourist and ended up with Montezuma’s Revenge and created an oil slick that was opportunistically blamed on BP and a “oil pipe leak.”

    Fiji, on the other hand, has a beautiful brand new runway that only receives private jets flown by Mitt Romney’s best friends. Here, you can wipe your behind with carbon copies of the pink slips given to Michigan fans who reminisce on the false premise that they built this country. They built this country in the same way that Starship “Built This City…on Rock n Roll.”

    I’m looking forward to being picked up by a beautiful Fijian woman in a bikinis driving a Mercedes, built in Alabama, but bought and paid for by The Establishment. Man, these cats know how to party.

  4. This team is starting to remind me ’11-12… They aren’t quite as good, but they generally play to the level of the competition. That year we beat some very good teams and lost to others we clearly shouldn’t have. Starting to pan out this year too. Beat UW, beat UM, and ca. Damn close to beating MSU the 2nd time. We are now tied in the standings with UW and OSU… 2 teams that were in the top 5 2 weeks ago…. What a weird year.

    Anyway, making this observation gives me more hope for next year.

  5. Geoff-

    You should listen to Harv…Weeks ago I said things were really going to tighten up in the middle. It’s imperative that we win three of the next four.

    Impressed with Gordon today..

  6. Harv,

    Gordon was money today. Fearless in spurts and played really well on D.

    AE was also very, very good. He doesn’t get the Great badge after missing his 2nd free throw then allowing the three-point/and-one after getting smoked by GR III. But, he really had a tremendous 5 min spurt when it looked like IU was heading down one of its long scoring droughts. He had a couple of great defensive plays then, too.

    I thought Sheehey played great, too. Defensively he was a monster. I thought the last 2 fouls on him were a little borderline.

  7. Wow…You’re only one half away, Husky.

    My rather silly prediction is looking sillier by the minute.

    Bruno Mars…? Really? I guess it’s appropriate. My prediction was from Mars.

    Early congrats to your Seahawks..Well deserved Super Bowl title and obviously the best team in the NFL this year.

  8. Double Douchehound-

    As seen on the Super Bowl and on behalf of the greatest pop/folk/rock/jazz musician of all-time, shove this up your Fiji lard a$$.

    Sheehey has to be careful with the out-of-position reaching…They were fouls. He did play a solid game. Made some nice mid-range jumpers. I also think his maturity and demeanor on the court is far improved over last year.

  9. Harvey, I’ve come to expect far more imaginative insults from you. I’ll chalk that up to the extra Michelob Ultras you’ve been tipping back rooting for Denver. You can take your anger towards Richard Sherman out on me, I’ll gladly take it.

    I hear Chrysler’s ad firm is already holding a contest to see what relic they can dig up to pitch next year’s Detroit/propaganda film on tax payer dime. It’s a dead heat between Madonna and Booger from Revenge of the Nerds.

  10. …and now we are champs. I don’t even know how to begin to describe the EUPHORIA.

    Dustin, this championship is for a long-suffering sports city, but also for Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander, Darrel Jackson, Lofa Tatupu, Rocky Benard, and all the great 2005 Seahawks who also should have been champs, if not for the worst reffing in SB history!


    And a Hoosier win over Michigan to top it off? Wowjustwow.

  11. Thanks, too, Harvard. I know you were angry after Sherman, and sought comfort in the safe, white sagaciousness of Peyton Manning, but you came to your senses, and stuck to your principles.

    Seahawk champs and Yogi downing Bitchigan. What a night.

  12. Seahawk Tom-

    Did you get your jacket order in? Inspired by Richard Sherman’s bravado and straight from the QVC channel! Just ‘5 easy payments!’… and you can have a Lombardi trophy finally happy to see an approaching Bears fan!

  13. Funny “video” Harvard. Your tech skills never cease to impress me.

    I have my wristbands and Seahawk pin on today at work. Too low on the totem pole to wear my Beast Mode jersey in the office. I wore that last night at a blue collar bar full of 50 and 60 year old men, almost all rooting for Denver and the “Peyton Legacy” narrative. It was fun being the odd ball; the guy in the corner who everyone thought was a Browns fan-turned- Seahawk bandwaggon hopper. I left very happy, but it was also lonely. Wish I were back home celebrating with the hometown.

  14. I thought you were almost 50….Weren’t you at IU for like 20 years?

    After watching last night’s game, I determined it was a ‘Bridge Bowl’ for Denver. They needed Jay Cutler.

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