1. Cream needs to be fired after this game. Can’t draw up an inbounds play that works and bad decisions down the stretch. Out coached in this one. Oh, Jeremy Hallowell should never see the court again.

  2. This guy has to go…how can you continually lose games on an inbounds after a time out? I still remember losing to the Illinois last year on an inbounds ( I think our first lost last year )…I can see being out played or a team just has more talent, but these are flat out on the coach…

  3. Is this year six or year one? Why have NV on the floor if you are not going to implore your team to get the ball to him.

  4. Trying to avoid hyperbole, but I don’t ever remember a team that can let leads evaporate so quickly, so consistently as this one.

    At least we’ve found a new way to lose. So there’s that.

  5. Season over. Do not deserve to be in NIT.

    Have always been a TC supporter, and still appreciate what he did to take this job and bring it back, but THIS is inexcusable and better not happen again.

    Explain to me again why Jeff Howard can’t play? Compared to that last five minutes, I’d say he oughta start and play 40 next game. Can’t inbound the ball with 3 timeouts left? REpEATEdLY?!?!

  6. Wow. Did not see this coming.

    Were the IU fans actually booing as loudly as it appeared on TV?

    Was this on the officials? They gave us a gift with the charge call that was clearly a block on Etherington. We get a home cookin’ gift and we still can’t put it away. I’m simply stunned at such a collapse.

    I’ve seen teams better prepared in opening week of a season.

    And why in the hell did Yogi not pass to a wide-open Robinson on the final play?

  7. Between this year and last year, Crean needs to take the credit for 1/2 the losses…legitimate…not out coached, just flat out made the mistake that caused the loss…last decent coaching job was against UK in the tournament 2 yrs ago

  8. Agree wiggy72, this guy gets out coached on a regular basis, I can’t wait for the alumni association to call for a donation, I’m gonna lmfao!

  9. Great recruiter…gotta go..can’t coach big time basketball…let him stay another year then bring in the Celtic coach

  10. Boy, I don’t know what to think. I’m still pinching myself wondering if what I just saw was real. Geoff is a student of BB, I am just a fan of IU BB but I shake my head trying to understand some of the decisions made in the last 2 minutes(of many games). I think I’ll have a Heinekens(or 4)and chill.

  11. Cream again snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. At least Hollowell got his minutes of playing time??????

  12. Only ppl on here who are surprised are the people who didn’t see the signs, signs have been here all year. Signs say: IU isn’t a good team this year. Therefore can’t be surprised or emotional about my Hoosiers this season. When you aren’t good you aren’t good. IU isn’t good.

  13. Whats going to be different next year or the year after? Different players? More talent? They play like they have no idea as to how the possession will end. Run one play..nothing there.. now what? Yogi drive…sheehe turn the ball over..maybe a dunk..maybe an open three..they have no clue what to do 20 seconds into a possession. Hence leading the conference in turnovers.

  14. Crean just can’t coach X’s and O’s. Embarrassing loss to yet another bottom feeder.

    The guy can recruit for sure but can’t make an adjustment to save his life.

    Regarding the repeated difficulty inbounding the ball…it just seemed like he was throwing stuff agst the wall and HOPING that it stuck. Gordon couldn’t inbound the ball. Okay, lets try Sheehey. Sheehey can’t inbound the ball. Ok, lets try Vonleh. Nope, OK lets try etherington. Hey, does anybody want to try inbounding the ball? Ok, Etherington? sure why not. I mean he tried so many different people inbounding the ball one after another and none of them could execute. Our best player is a legitimate NBA point guard and we still turn the ball over repeatedly. No improvement in that regard. YOu gotta hang that one on the coaching staff. Just brutal!!!!

    To sum up my feelings on Crean just look at last year’s team. we were loaded.

    1. Dominant (Lottery pick) Big Man? check
    2. Uber athletic (lottery pick) wing player? check
    3. lights out shooting from the perimeter with Hulls and Watford? check
    4. dynamic (occasionally out of control) point who can break down a defender? check
    5. 6th man of the year in the Big Ten? check
    6. Depth frequently going 8-9 deep? check
    7. Coach that can’t solve a 2-3 zone by utilizing a high low post offense? check

    How we didn’t make it to the Final Four with that team is beyond me! uggggghhhhh!!

  15. Simply one of Crean’s most glaringly weak coaching performances in the second half… The inability to incorporate sets or line-ups that are able to enter the ball is 95% coaching. In general, oob execution is an area of real weakness for this staff. Most of the time I notice it in our inability to ever get a good look off an underneath oob, but tonight it reared its ugly head against the press. Some of the sets, including most importantly who was I bounding the ball, were simply inexcusable.

    (Harvard, I believe I just won the bet, but I’ll stay patient and hopeful that I lose)

  16. Oh, and Harvard… No, this had nothing to do with refs. If anything we received the benefit of the calls tonight. However, the charge call wasn’t a gift, and even if you disagree with it, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the travel call against Gordon on IU’s previous possession. They showed it in slow-mo and he clearly did a euro-step move… 2 steps… Zero room for debate. Regardless, those 2 plays end up a wash.

    This was on the staff….

  17. Lastly, I feel worst for Will. Tonight should have been a special night for him. Score his1000th point in front of the home fans in a big win with multiple highlight plays from him… Instead it’s a season-crippling, defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory where he ends up at 999 and now plays his next game at Purdue of all places.

    Sorry buddy. You didn’t deserve that.

  18. Win three in a row and we’re back in the hunt. Just gotta get to .500… It sounds impossible after a loss like this. I’m still keeping the faith.

    There’s been stranger things that have happened.

    And in the midst of all this disappointment, we really need to give Penn State some credit. They never gave up. I like their coach. I like all the new young coaches in the league. It was always my dream that we got someone bright and young like Chambers, Collins, or Pitino Jr. at Indiana. It wasn’t to be, I guess.

  19. I am in total agreement with wiggy’s thoughts. Our offense has no clue what to run 20 seconds into a possession to score. Every Hoosier farmboy I ever knew could scratch out a half dozen plays in the dust on the haymow floor that had a fair possibility to develop into an open shot. Pathetic! I like Coach Crean, he has too many +’s not to. But he must get rid of 1 of his recruiting assistants and hire a x&o’s game manager in the same way Al McGuire used Hank Raymonds.

  20. I’ll go out on a limb and guess we find out at Mackey that Painter and his PUkes know how to press.

  21. Win three games in a row? Unless this team learns to value the basketball and learns it fast winning three games period is out of the question. Going down the stretch in the last few games they get deep in the possession and nobody wants to take a shot. Get the ball to NV! Hang around against Indiana and they will end up beating themselves.

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