Mosquera-Perea available for IU-Wisconsin

IU sophomore forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea is in uniform for today’s game. Indiana coach Tom Crean just put out a release saying he will be available to play. It follows.

“Hanner is going to be paying a price in the office of the courts and with the Dean’s office.  He also is going to continue to be disciplined inside of our program with no end in sight to that.  Hanner has done everything and more than what has been expected of him since the incident and we are allowing him to be available for competition beginning tonight.”


  1. Well, Geoff….It appears you’ve won the bet. Trojan Horse gift certificate coming soon to Dustin and Jeremy.

    Wow…Noah would be nuts to stay. There is no cohesiveness in this team. Maybe the most disjointed group of Hoosiers I’ve ever seen wearing the uniform. I must have been nuts to think they could gel. I’m ready to put half of them on a bus. No fight. No pride. No business playing Division 1 basketball. Sorry, it’s time to tell it like it is.

    The way this team is coming out of halftime locker rooms is shameful and beyond baffling.

  2. ^ Can’t argue these valid points. I’m just ready to call it a season, and seriously regroup. What happened to Gordon? Showed some flashes early on, but just faded away. Troy didn’t even score, correct? I heard over and over Etherington gained muscle mass, felt better then ever, but isn’t effective shooting, or lack of shooting. It’s bad, when I’m ready to Hoosier Football.

    Here’s to the IU Baseball team to gut us basketball fans out of a rut.

  3. 1 outside shooter would sure cure a lot of ills. Johnson and Blackmon cannot get here fast enough. Yogi has the hard lesson to learn that he is not the only offensive option this year or next or the next. NV is good for 4 more baskets a game if YF would regularly feed the ball inside. PG’s are suppose to figure out how to facilitate the O to score.

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