Mosquera-Perea charged with OWI Endangerment

Indiana sophomore forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea was booked at 4:45 a.m. on a charge of OWI-endangerment, a Class A misdemeanor. According to a jail booking report, Mosquera-Perea was operating with a blood alcohol content of .15. More information to come.

UPDATE: According to lieutenant Craig Munroe of the IU Police Department, Mosquera-Perea was stopped at 3:11 a.m. at the 1200 block of E. Atwater Street. Officer Kyle Mulden got behind Mosquera-Perea’s vehicle on Dunn Street where intersects with Third Street. The vehicle had its left turn signal on, which was an issue because the vehicle would have been turning into oncoming traffic on a one-way street. The vehicle began to take a left turn but corrected itself. It did, however, strike a the northside curb where Dunn Street curves and becomes E. Atwater. Monroe said the vehicle continued to swerve in and out of its lane and struck the curb a second time. That was when officer Mulden initiated the traffic stop. After a field sobriety test, it was determined that Mosquera-Perea was impaired. His blood alcohol content was tested and found to be over .15 and he was formally charged with Operating While Intoxicated-Endangerment.

UPDATE: Indiana coach Tom Crean said he was just made aware of Mosquera-Perea’s arrest at 8:15 a.m. He said he was still gathering information and had not yet made a determination on his status. However, he called the incident a “disappointing shock to all of us.”


  1. Who can blame him? After being left twisting in the wind by the coaching staff its a miracle the whole team didn’t go out and tie one on.

  2. Hanner, I am a big fan of yours and really liked your improvement this season. But we both know that this is totally unacceptable! Do your job to fully atone for this lapse in judgment that might have hurt others. You can overcome this if you take responsibility and do the right things. Good luck!

  3. If that tweet Farrell linked in post #7 was indeed from Tom Crean and then he immediately deleted it, that’s kind of troubling.

    The tweet was appropriate to the situation, but the fact that Crean didn’t think it through BEFORE posting it, only to then re-think it AFTER the action shows a very poor, muddled decision making process. Sort of like what his detractors have been noting about his game coaching decisions.

    Seriously poor move. He should give up twittering. It’s adding to his public image problems. That’s an indulgence he can’t afford at this time.

  4. Dan Dakich reported on his radio showtoday that HMP was our “partying” with several “teammates” last night, prior to getting arrested.

    Maybe “partying” is a bigger issue in the team’s problems than has previously been known. Last night’s events, plus the mysterious reason for Hollowell’s “sit-out”, might all be substance abuse related.

    Don’t Division I athletes have rules against this type of “partying” during the season, and especially 36 hours AFTER a humiliating loss and 36 hours BEFORE the next important game? Hard to play at top level between hangovers.

  5. NoMendacity, it would be impossible for me to agree with your more on your point! The tweet does indeed appear to have come from CTC and it shows an unacceptable lapse in judgment and discretion. I’m actually a fan of Coach Crean but I suspect and hope Mr. Glass will take him out to the wood shed for this.

  6. I was hit by a drunk driver when I was 18-years-old….

    I was on a tree-line highway as he ran through a crossroads stoplight at a high rate of speed. I was lucky. My car was completed obliterated..Spun into the blunt end of steel guardrail and was catapulted into the air..My car went violently tumbling end-over-end down a steep deep ravine filled with trees. My car literally took the bark off a large oak, but never made full impact with it. My car settled at the bottom resting on its side with the smell of gas fumes everywhere….My shoulder had been ripped from its joint. My girlfriend was in shock and struggling with terrible pains coming from her chest.

    I’ll never forget just how violent and terrifying it is to be completely out of control in the seconds your life is flashing before your eyes…During the cartwheeling of my vehicle and the instant heightening of all senses to the horrible terror of the experience, I had no idea if the next impact would be my last living moment. You see a lot of pictures of crashes. I wish people could somehow picture the fear. And the fear is hard to get rid of. It’s a shock to the system and to the mind. It’s an instant realization just how much of a thread your life dangles.

    I won’t pass any judgments on Hanner. I did stupid things when I was young; an inexcusable multitude of stupid things. I can’t imagine having to bury any child your own. I can’t imagine my parents putting me in the ground if I would have been the 999/1000 that normally would have died in that crash. I always wondered why I was spared when so many get killed so senselessly. I’m never going to stop being always excessively paranoid when my child takes to the roads. I want to drive her everywhere. I want to protect her from that thin thread we all dangle.

  7. One more swirl and this season will officially be down the toilet, and completely in the sewer with a loss to PU (no pun intended).

  8. IUfan23- Glass has to take a serious look at the post since its implications are very insensitive and insulting, reveal an opinion based on a cultural bias towards Hispanic/Latinos/South American and Colombian families, and their ability/willingness to properly teach values to their children.

    I certainly do not want IU to reflect Crean’s belief that somehow a Hispanic/Latino family neglects the teaching of good values to their children. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Indeed, if the post was made by CTC as a knee-jerk reaction upon hearing the news and he wrote the generalized and biased comment that appeared on Twitter; he owes a deep, personal and public apology to Hispanic families whose children attend IU and needs to extend the apology to Hispanics at IUB, IU, the State, the country.

    Try saying that about our ‘familias’, to our ‘padres and madres)’, to our face (take off your glasses first).

    And Glass, you must act as must someone from the President’s office (and no, not from some ‘spinner’ in the Athletic Press Office), or risk losing your legitimacy and IU’s!

    (Also, the Crean comment better not be the initial salvo directed towards HMP prior to ‘scholarship’ trimming before over-offering for 2014!)

  9. Harvey,

    Thoughtful post. Man, what a horrible experience and glad you made it through it all to be here with us all.

    I used to climb mountains for a living before settling back into real life. People used to call particular mountains “killers” due to death tolls, etc. We’d find people who were extremely lucky or unlucky with fate in varying circumstances. I’ve come to the conclusion that this dynamic and the way people try to process meaning is a larger metaphor for life. The conclusion I reached was the mountains are indiscriminate. People of faith often try to find a larger purpose in these types of scenarios, but the reality is, we just don’t know why some were inches away from being spared, while others weren’t. Hence the saying “God works in mysterious ways.” In other words, to paraphrase the great wordsmith Jim Mora, “We don’t know diddly-poo.”

    That actually gives me tremendous comfort, to wake up every day and breath in life, love my friends and family and make some reasonable attempt to do something worthwhile. Apparently this includes coming online far to regularly and sharing a passion for Indiana Hoosier sports.

    Anyway, I’m glad that Hanner was caught and no one was hurt. Hopefully he becomes the better for it in the end. In the meantime, I’d think a lengthy suspension from games should be forthcoming. If I were running things (I don’t know what NCAA rules are around this stuff), but in practice, he should not only have to do his normal duties, but also that of the managers.

    Eh…what do I know?

  10. CoJon, your post seems to reveal your own inherent bias. Thoughtless and/or ill-advised as the tweet may be, I didn’t read anything into it about cultural upbringings or admonishment of Hispanic (or any) heritage in general. Nothing. That’s borderline race-baiting, at best.

    I don’t follow the Twitter machine except for what’s posted on forums such as this, so I don’t know if Crean’s tweets are always this cryptic. Don’t care, either. As far as I’m concerned, this was posted in a vacuum, so I don’t have the broader perspective of knowing his entire body of social media work (other than there has apparently been a multitude of Joyce Meyer references.) But I would argue that if his messages painted a picture of cultural insensitivity, this wouldn’t be the first time it was brought up. If I’m missing something, please let me know.

    Back to the tweet at hand, I interpreted it as a knee-jerk reaction to a situation he wanted to keep in-house as much as possible. The family was his team, and either he felt he was failing as a “parent,” or he believes this should be handled internally. Or both. Whether the player who broke the law and put people in danger is black, white, Colombian, Vietnamese, or Punjabi is entirely coincidental and immaterial.

    As far as Hanner is concerned, I echo everybody’s sentiments that I hope he learns from this and becomes a better man for it. We’re all fortunate nobody was hurt. DUIs, OWIs, or any thoughtless/reckless act aren’t limited to the young folk, but more often than not it can be attributed to youthful stupidity. It could have– maybe should have– been me at that age. I was just fortunate I never got caught… or worse. Older and wiser, I can look back and see how stupid I was. Hanner has the same opportunity in the future; more importantly, he has the public stature to educate and influence the “it won’t happen to me” kids today. Let’s hope he makes the best of this bad situation.

  11. Crean needs to stop twittering, if that was his twitter. and keep his religious beliefs to himself. He represents Indiana University, a state institution, not Liberty University.

    As to Perea, I hope he’s grateful no one was injured, nor killed, while he was intoxicated. I hope too Perea will deal constructively with the consequences of driving drunk.

    If Perea has an alcoholic addiction, he needs to face it, accept responsibility for his behavior, and work right through it. On the other hand, IU and Crean need to direct him to professional help and provide appropriate support to help him manage this situation successfully. Whether he plays or doesn’t play tomorrow, or even the rest of the season, pales in comparison to what he needs to do, if he has an addiction.

  12. CoJon your post reveals more BS than you could put in a tub without a bottom. What a waste of o2.

  13. Unless HMP’s DWI arrest is strictly his personal issue with alcoholism, it points to a much more important and serious problem: Why is an IU Division I athlete out very late, getting very drunk, 36 hours before a very important game?

    Doesn’t the team have rules against this type of behavior during the season, especially shortly before the athlete is expected to perform at top level? Something is wrong with this picture, especially if Dan Dakich’s information today was correct, that there were other team members also out with HMP last night.

    This whole incident deserves real daylight shined on it, and should not be allowed to slide back behind the wall of secrecy that currently surrounds this team.

  14. Um, NoMedacity, did you go to IU? Asking whether a bunch of college kids party is crazy. Basketball players have been getting their party on in Bloomington since the day it was decided to cut the bottom out of the baskets and stop having a jump ball after every made shot.

    Of course there were other teammates out with HMP. Are you teetotalling? Glad to hear Dakich is on the case. HMP was out with friends and teammates, had too much, stupidly got in a car and thankfully was pulled over by 5-0 and pulled out of twisted metal wrapped around an oak tree. He needs to pay for his mistake. There’s not much else here.

  15. Just wanted to point one thing out in the cultural sensitivity debate here. Let’s not forget that Hanner hasn’t spent a lot of time at home since high school began. He’s been in the states for a lot of that period, living in dorms in school at La Lumiere and in North Carolina and living with Mark Adams in summers in Bloomington. He’s gone home to Colombia, but it hasn’t been often. If Crean was trying to take a thinly veiled shot at somebody — not saying he was, not saying he wasn’t — it might not have been at his actual birth parents or his actual family.

  16. Not to make light of the potential life-or-death consequences of Hanner’s actions, but I don’t care about the partying, Even if it’s under-age, so long as it’s done responsibly and doesn’t interfere with anything else, who cares? It’s just college kids being college kids.

    Then again, past 3am with a 0.15 BAC? What time was practice? I know it’s much easier to shake off a night out at that age, but NoMen may be on to something. Do Hanner and Hollowell not exhibit the telltale signs of being perpetually hungover? Often sluggish and expressionless, they take the court like I did at 75% of my Friday morning classes– lost and relying on instinct and natural ability to get me through it, with marginal success.

  17. Um, Double Down, of course college kids party. And in answer to your questions to me, No, I’m not a teetotaler, and Yes, I did more than my share of partying at college, and even now, 40 years after college. That’s not the point.

    These Division I basketball players are supposed to be elite athletes striving to perform at top level. Getting very drunk very late into the night, only 36 hours before a very important game, is behavior that should be prohibited by curfew and rules, so that these athletes can maximize their performance potential.

    If Crean’s team doesn’t have these time management restrictions, or just doesn’t obey them, that is a serious problem. It MIGHT also be part of the reason for their very inconsistent accomplishments this season.

  18. No drinking for 12 hours or smoking within 50 feet of the airplane.

    Those are Navy Regs.

    What are the standards you’re expecting?

  19. Yeah, I hear ya, Chet. But when you run around for six years preaching and standing from a higher podium than everyone else, it appears a bit hypocritical for a coach to not exhibit a few more signs of humility when one of his own somewhat under his guardianship effs up.

    And no matter the parents thousands of miles back home, or the roommates,..or the legal guardian, the main father-figure becomes the head coach.

    If there were any Hoosiers that I thought Crean’s stellar Twitter examples of responsible behavior mirroring the importance of representing Indiana in almost a angelic light, I would have believed a kid so far removed from something to call home, a young man like Hanner, would have been where a “fatherly” example of a such a coach would take its most solid root.

    Is the measure of decency now been revamped? Has the bar been lowered? Is “party hardy” now o.k. when only a few years ago it was used to paint young men as near drug lords because they played for Sampson?

    And NoMendacity is correct in identifying much of the hypocrisy from fans and journalists alike. This may be an isolated example, but there have been other instances where there is almost a conditioned response to treat serious matters with near indifference in the post-Sampson era. How the Mellencamp brothers and Smith story was treated comes to mind.

    It’s a road Tom Crean chose. He positioned himself and his image as being almost flawless. The players spend an enormous amount of time around Tom Crean(much like Kelvin Sampson used to have his kids over for dinner at his house every Friday night). They become an extension of his values and his maturity. Yes, they are kids. Yes, they are forgiven for their lapses and the difficulty that can come with growing up under pressures and temptations never known before. And maybe Tom Crean should reflect a bit on how he refused to see that same world for some Hoosiers that played under such a terrible program “wrecker.” Maybe it’s time to admit some wrongs and some hurried false judgments of his own as to not make this young men, or any before, into such demons and misfits.

  20. Drunk driving is wrong. It’s really inexcusable. Hanner should be punished. He made a mistake. He should make a public statement with his coach that he will learn from this mistake.

    Now let’s go beat Purdue!!

  21. Yes. IU has a long history of lack of institutional control over these matters. I remember being at a party with Neil Reed, Jason Collier and Charlie Miller the Saturday night before going out to losing out to Illinois at home. They weren’t exactly sipping Avian waters and going to bed at 11 am.

    I’m refuting NoMendacity and Dakich’s thought that there is something unique to these kids, this coach and there needs to be a deeper investigation in the matter.

    Punjab, you summed up my feelings quite well. This is a bad situation, but, so far, looks like things are being handled in just the way that they should.

  22. I heard HMP unfortunately had to spend an extra 12 hours in jail due to no one coming to get him out. Tom Crean had drawn up the directions to the court house for an assistant on his white board. So – the confusion was understandable.

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