Purdue stomps Indiana, 82-64

WEST LAFAYETTE — Purdue senior guard Sterling Carter hit five three-pointers and scored 16 points to lead the Boilermakers to an 82-64 demolition of a listless Indiana team in front of a packed house at Mackey Arena.

The Hoosiers have now lost three straight and fall to 14-11 overall, 4-8 in the Big Ten. The Boilermakers improved to 15-10, 5-7.

Ronnie Johnson added 16 points for Purdue and Terone Johnson scored 14. Sophomore guard Yogi Ferrell led the Hoosiers with 27 points, Noah Vonleh had 14 and Will Sheehey had 10, but the Hoosiers shot just 19-for-59 from the field (32.2 percent). The Hoosiers were within a shot of the lead right before the half, but Purdue freshman swingman Basil Smotherman rebounded a Ferrell miss, drew a foul, made the first free throw missed the second and scored on a put-back to give Purdue a 38-33 advantage at the break. From there, the Boilermakers opened the second half on a 14-1 run to go up 52-34 and never looked back.


  1. Even my Purdue friends say this doesn’t look like Indiana basketball. Crean is coaching these players like its AAU ball. One on one jack it up ball.

  2. Even though it was an IU / Purdue game, I stuck with my decision not to watch another IU game this season. Since I did not watch it, I do not know what happen. But, in seeing the final score, I am glad I stuck with my decision.

  3. I am a die hard IU fan … I have been watching IU basketball faithfully since 1972 … I have never missed a game … even before the big ten channel I purchased ESPN full court, Since I moved out of state, just so I could see my Indiana Hoosiers play. If I could not see a game live, I recorded it and watched it whether they won or not. but after watching so many games lost that we should have won, so many double digit leads lost, and seeing a team that could not even inbound a ball the string has been broken. I still enjoy IU basketball, But the next game I watch will be in the fall of 2014.

  4. Then you are not a true fan. True fans stick with the team through thick and thin. And this is mighty thin.

  5. Well…

    1) I stopped counting missed lay-ups at 11

    2) Apparently even Crean gave up on this game with about 10 minutes to go. Zone? Really? Allow them to just sit on the ball and drain away the clock. Pitiful.

    3) I will preface this by saying it had nothing to do with the outcome… But that was just a horribly refereed game. Not for or against IU… just awful, awful, awful calls both ways. Some of the weakest crap you’ll ever see called against AJ Hammons and Vonleh, depriving us fans of what could have been a fun match-up.

    4) 25 shots for Yogi… That’s inventive offense right there.

    5) Why do you continually put Noah in ball screen situations when he has 4 fouls?

    6) I hope our guys are embarrassed… 3 gross performances in a row, culminating with a blowout against your rival. Time to show some heart boys.

  6. I’d already forgotten about the layups, Geoff. Brutal. Our missed bunnies coupled with Purdue’s hey-look-what-I-found fluke baskets accounted for at least 2/3 of the final deficit.

    Not sure I agree about the refereeing. Like many fans, I missed the first 10 or so minutes of the game, but from what I saw the refs seemed to at least be consistently tight. It probably worked against us in that it kept Noah on the bench for long stretches with our primary front-court backup suspended. But much like the Syracuse game last year, it wasn’t a matter of bad officiating so much as it was consistent officiating that happened to rob us of a primary threat.

    Call me crazy, but I don’t so much mind Noah struggling to put up bigger stats and disappearing from time to time. I know NBA execs draft on potential– and Noah has that in spades– but in a season where we can’t put it together and get our talented roster to consistently compete and play as a team, maybe it’s not so bad that he can’t fully showcase his skills. The lower he falls on the draft board, the more likely he stays.

    I’m not convinced this isn’t just a matter of a lost season, though I’m more concerned tonight than I have been all year. I see us coming to a crossroads very soon. We can continue to fall apart and lose players/coaches/fan support. Or we can come together and start being the team we’re capable of being. The next few weeks– and perhaps more importantly the upcoming offseason– are going to determine the future of Tom Crean and Indiana Basketball.

  7. Rico… Sorry man, but i was looking forward to watching those 2 battle. It was the marquee match-up of the game. Instead we got to watch them sit on the bench for the most part (mostly because of ticky-tack crap) and when they were in the game at the same time neither could challenge the other for fear of another call. Just one more sucky part of a sucky night.

  8. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so many missed layups and inside put-backs in a game. I can also remember about 4 shots that were 3/4 down in the well and came back out(at least 3 from Yogi).

    I guess I better start being a realist…Somehow I thought these guys wanted it more.

    My favorite time of year is March Madness. It’s already hurting a bit to think of an opening round game without getting psyched to watch the candy stripes take to the greatest stage in sports.

    I don’t know how we became so absent of guys that can simply hit open shots. We have open looks(and I’m not just talking layups)…Can one even begin to imagine how beyond ugly this season would look if Yogi wouldn’t have markedly improved his outside shooting stroke?

    I remember Hoosier teams that could shoot the ball…Remember the shooters on the team Davis took to the championship? Fife, Hornsby, Coverdale, Jeffries…Hell, even A.J. Moye had a pretty damn nice stroke. Athleticism is great, but Lord I miss the sweet release and a confident stroke that rips nets.

    Look what I found…I’ll never forget this clinic.

  9. And just look at the movement from the “clinic” clip…Look at the multitude of screens that aren’t just ball screens….

  10. Went back and looked at that 2002 team. I’d forgotten we were 20-11 going into the NCAA, which was somehow good enough to get us a #5 seed. Aside from our legendary win over prohibitive tourney favorite Duke, we had some favorable opponents throughout the Dance: #12 Utah, #13 UNC-Wilmington, #1 Duke, and #10 Kent State. We beat a physical but not overtly talented Oklahoma in the Final Four before falling admirably to Maryland.

    Don’t get me wrong– I’m not trying to discount those Hoosiers. I’m just trying to find reasons to believe. There were bad losses that year (Southern Illinois and Butler.) We lost 2 of our last 3 regular season games (the one win being NW at home) before going 1-1 in the B1G tourney. We looked like a possible Sweet 16 team with one-and-done potential. That was about all we could expect. Our coach was decent, but was much better as an assistant/recruiter. It helped that we had upperclassmen and shooters, but we didn’t have the raw talent that we do now. We had to come together and gut it through.

    We can do this. The 2011 UConn team had 13 losses before they entered the Big East tourney. They never lost again. Fortune can be on our side, but we have to show a lot more discipline and fight than we showed tonight. I’m not giving up all hope. It can be done, but my doubts grow stronger with every game. Here’s hoping they prove us all wrong. Go Big Red!

  11. Gates helped the Golden Flashes win their second consecutive MAC tournament and earn its resulting berth in the 2002 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament In the NCAA tournament he gave crucial performances that helped Kent State reach the Elite Eight as a 10 seed by upsetting 7 seed Oklahoma State (69-61), 2 seed Alabama (71-58) and 3 seed Pittsburgh (78-73)….(courtesy: Wikipedia)

    We beat the #team in the nation and then we had to face the Cinderella that had won 21 straight, taken out some very strong teams, and seemed destined to be the underdog that could.

    I’d say we had a stupendously difficult road to that Final Four. I was at the Lexington regional with my wife and child. The game against Duke will never be topped. Best atmosphere and most unbelievable comeback I know I’ll ever witness…The drive back to Indiana from Lexington was full of Hoosiers honking their horns in celebration..That game will forever remind me that nothing is over until it’s over. Those Hoosiers were warriors. A.J. Moye embodied everything of a kid that simply did not know the meaning of quit. He put his entire heart out on the floor. He just exploded in enthusiasm against Duke when we finally hit the go-ahead bucket in the second half after crawling all the way back from 17 points down.

    I’m beginning to wonder just how much the Hoosier jersey means to kids anymore. I’m beginning to have my doubts. I don’t care if they lose…But I’m not seeing the heart nor the hurt. Maybe times are just changing. Maybe the college game is nothing other than a muddied up mess of kids playing for their own NBA dreams and others that are lost in the irrelevancy of never taking their games to the level so many drool over as the ultimate sign a winner. The guys that never get into the games but puke their guts out in practice…The kids like Remy Abell, Hulls, D.J. White, A.J. Moye, Etherington…What’s the purpose for guys like that anymore? All we care about are the supreme athletes that all believe to be a crime if we don’t somehow turn them into NBA talents…But where does the heart of a team find a home with such disjointed purposes in the college game anymore. Why leave so much out on the practice courts when your strongest talents will leave before anything really ever matures on the floor?

    I’m rambling…I wonder if we’ve all just become soft. The purpose in cheering and the purpose in playing this game has nothing to do with what’s represented in those old dusty banners…I think of A.J. Moye jumping out of his socks…I think of the Hoosier crowd chanting his name…A.J. MOYE!…A.J.MOYE!…A.J. MOYE! I think of the sun setting on this game where you once played to be more for your teammate and school than for yourself. I think of a game that’s now nothing other than individual parts moving like a heartless creation of something greed destroyed. There used to be poetry in the game that emanated from a real desire to honor the teammates that don’t get the limelight. There was a bond between all levels of talent from 5-star to energizing role player to 3-pt marksman to ‘Super-Sub.’ You put the Indiana jersey on and you felt the goosebumps go up your back to be part of the company of names that came before you in such a storied program. There was a day it wasn’t just individual parts as if strangers in the same family. There was a day when every player was valued and the poetry was in the respect for those teammates that may never see the court when the cameras are rolling; the unheralded and unsung that know this moment is all there will ever be. They made you better in every unnoticed hour they fought against their limitations and gave it all in practicing against you. They believed in you. They marveled at your blossoming talents and bright future. They knew you respected and believed in them the same. And they trusted you believed in Indiana, in the soul of a team that moves from floor to last man at the end of the bench, and in the 40 minutes they can together be collectively be better than the parts…for that is the moment you know how special the game of basketball can be. It is the only real moment that a team of brothers shall ever know.

    And sadly, I think those moments are not cherished. I think they’re leaving the game in a sunset to not return.

  12. i’m with you Harvard. These players could care less about IU bball history. Give me a Dan Moore any day who treasured being a Hoosier and did all he could to help the team. These players appear to have no clue why they are on the floor. There is absolutely no heart on this team. Obviously the coaching staff can’t get them fired up for the big game.

  13. This team is one dimensional. When that isn’t working or they cant throw it in the ocean they are lost. The truth is Crean doesnt have a lot of options. No one can score. Yes Yogi shoots to much but what else do we have. Noah at times looks good. I think we got some good role players but we need the studs that can carry the team.
    Lets not forget I loved Bob K but not every team he had was a winner. remember season on the brink. That team went on later to become national champs. They needed a few players to help.
    I really think we have the basis to build on just need some more options. Like Blackman who is coming next year.

  14. A shooter sure would cure a lot of ills of this team and deflect a lot of criticism from Coach Crean.

  15. Yes Harvard- because your favorite team isn’t very good and you don’t know how to accept that the whole sporting community in general must be a fraud. (Sarcasm). How about remembering that just as great as you felt when Moye blocked Boozer there was a Duke nation crushed like you are now. Just as you feel crushed now there is a PU nation feeling love for their team than never before.
    The biggest problem with IU fans is not their passion, it’s that they have an extremely false belief that IU is a storybook or movie (candy stripes, banners, uniforms) and their players are some how just characters, not real kids, this is completely false. You help no one to spin your own narratives and storybook banter. You know nothing about the players, coaches and teams you see for 2 hours on tv every few days. Understand that, you don’t know them and they don’t know you. is that harsh to pop your bubble? Yes, and I apologize, but it’s just as ill for you to spew your own dreams across the lives of kids who are actually attempting to live their life and pursue theirs. If you had been more reticence of the signs they’ve pointed this way all along: there are many issues going on with IU right now, because of that they aren’t a very good team, accept and choose to be a fan with lowered expectations. Help isn’t walking in the room anytime soon, what do you do? Watch, hope to see glimmers of good basketball, look for the small signs of support from one teammate to another. If the tourney is everything than I suppose “all is lost” (which I’ve said now for a month anyway but you disagreed), however if you are a fan of competition, the love of the game, and seeing it played the right way then maybe you’ll stick around and keep watching with hopes that there will be small glimmers of positive stretches, even though the selfish Moye smoked dreams are gone for this year. Doesn’t mean the year is a waste.

  16. disband the team. fire crean. hire kevin Wilson to be a two sport coach of basketball and football. he is after all the best hire at Indiana since bob knight.

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