1. Pretty simple…We have to win 2 of the 4 remaining road games and go 6-0 at home. Tall order.

    Anyway, it’s nearly hopeless without winning the next two. As I said a couple weeks ago, @ Purdue has come down to holding just about all the marbles.

  2. You said a few weeks ago they would make it. I told you no way. Fanhood wants me to believe so but basketball mind said nope….I agree that 6-2 finish, (to get to 20 wins) and they are in….but I don’t think it’ll happen, do you? I say no

  3. A .500 record in the conference, plus a run to the title game of the Big 10 tournament, might also be enough. The Hoosiers are great for television ratings. Also keep in mind there will be no Butler unless the Bulldogs pull out a miracle and win their conference tournament. We have been to successive Sweet 16’s and it will play to our favor even with only 19 regular season wins. If we pad the resume slightly more by getting to the Big 10 Tournament title game, a 9-9 conference record will probably be enough(10-8 is a much safer bet).

    And I’m also really not counting on us winning @ Michigan in the final regular season conference game. But is that really a given? A lot can happen in 8 remaining games.

    And can’t we finish below .500 and still get the automatic bid by winning the Big 10 tournament? If we play a couple games of consistent ball in the tournament similar to the first 10 minutes @ Minnesota, we’re going to be a lot for any team to handle.

    This team is very close to being a much bigger threat than what the record indicates. Troy Williams is showing some recent signs of Dipo-esque skills that make us very dangerous if he keeps building confidence. There was a different Williams emerging in that first half at Minnesota. I honestly didn’t think I was going to see him show those multitude of skills this year.

    It ain’t over yet…

  4. I sure hope you’re right Harvard for Hillbillies. It’s depressing, considering we fell a step behind once again last night. If all else fails, I hope we blow Purdue out of the water. NIT is acceptable for some schools, but not Indiana. When you’re “Indiana”, your held to the highest regard in college basketball.

    Who knows, maybe we can use the NIT like Iowa last year. Gain considerable experience, and come back strong the following year. I think we will. I think Noah stays another year.

  5. Harv- you don’t need to explain how we can get in, we all understand how we can get in, I asked if you think we will. You said yes. I don’t think we will and I don’t believe you think we will either. “Getting better” “showing signs” “ratings juggernaut” means nothing when you’ve only won 2 games all year, both at home…..Wisc, Mich and neither one of those wins are overly crazy impressive…soooooo

  6. I’m not sure if “all” understand how we can get in.

    With all due respect, I really don’t care what you “believe” I think. It’s one game at at time. Handle PSU at home and march onward to the rival next Saturday.

  7. Why cannot Vonleh and Parea play at the same time with Davis and Hollowell backing them up. Plus Hollowell could back up at the forward spot as well along with Etherington?

    Starters would be Parea, Vonleh, Ferrell, Shehey, and either Troy or Stanford Robinson plus whichever one does not start backup where needed. If Parea plays well he plays longer if he does not play well sub for him as needed.

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