1. Dustin I noticed Will looked surprised and did his Will face, when at the very end of the game no one got him and he was left out there with all the walk ons (from both teams). Will then did not do a media gig either….do you (or anyone else reading this) think Will was upset about being punked like that by his own staff in hostile territory? I thought it was a jerk move from Crean to Will.

  2. I agree with the comment about Will being “hung out” by CTC and staff not to mention taking a chance on injury during rag-tag time.

  3. The bad feeling about this team from me brings me back to the dysfunctional chemistry from the end of 2007-2008. A team with talent that just did not care one iota once Dakich took over. Now, those circumstances were completely different but there are some weird parallels going on between coach and some players, or between players here. We are seeing that spill over on the court.

    I have a few IU alums scattered across the country and we have had quite a bit of back and forth these last few weeks about Crean. Some have cited his lack of control over this group, or them not buying into his philosophy. I do agree with Dustin, he is here for a few more years. So let’s see what can be done to right the ship this last part of the season and next year.

    I think what bothers IU fans the most is what Jeremy stated in the chat. Announcing “IU is Back”, marketing t-shirts that displayed the same message, recruiting at a high level these last few years, and then this team just laying an egg this year. The IU fans don’t want to go through a “Rebuild 2”.


  4. Fab,
    Didn’t think about it at the time. Gotta watch the film to see his reaction. I get that there’s some symbolism there or there’s kind of a message within it, but I’d also find it hard to get fired up over the idea of asking your senior to play one more minute of basketball. I find the Crean-Sheehey relationship fascinating because their personalities are so very different and I can picture them clashing in spectacular fashion, but they claim they don’t and they both express a lot of respect for each other. I’d love to know how they act together in practice.

  5. Crean should of keep Will as a 6th, off the bench. I saw that after just a couple games. It’s his best role. He loved coming in and being an assassin and the villain. He was the best at it. Of course, Crean has to play the whole “he is a senior and needs to be a leader” college mentality. I still have nightmares of the back door run by Ill and Sycuse. The guy can’t coach.

  6. Fab, I’d also noticed Will in at the end of the game. Thought it was strange, but then he turned toward the Purdue bench and seemed to have some words with someone(s) in a dead ball situation. I’d have to watch it again to be sure– and of course, even then it may be inconclusive and we’ll never know– but I remember thinking at the time that maybe he asked to stay in. It was clearly some sort of statement being made. We just don’t know for sure what is was or who was making it.

    Shifting gears, Nebraska just took it to MSU. In East Lansing! We’ve done enough damage to ourselves that it really doesn’t matter at this point who beats who, and it doesn’t make us feel better anymore that a “bottom dweller” can rise up and beat somebody other than IU or another also-ran, but it does reaffirm that here are no weak teams in this league.

    Now that we’re all resigned to just hoping for signs of improvement going into next year, should we give Harv an aneurism by starting an “everything hinges on Noah” movement, now? Fischer’s gone. Who knows what’s going to happen with Hanner? I’d be shocked if PJ is even still around to show us anything at this point. Devin plays solid, hard-nosed minutes, but he’s probably at least a year or two from being a polished offensive contributor. Even then, he and Hollowell aren’t big enough to be our main post threats. What was a bright future is all of a sudden very much in question. Damn shame.

  7. It just amasses me how many people want to throw the coach in the dumpster, to decay, and never come back. Yes, we have struggled, but didn’t we all agree this year would be a year where we would win games we had no chance to win, and lose puzzling games? I admit, it’s worse then I thought, and wish we could never drop off like Michigan State.

    It’s true Crean’s seat is probably warm. If we are NIT or worse don’t make anything next year, then yes, I justify making a change extremely quick. Though, ask this. Would Hoosier Nation be in arms if Bob Knight took us to the NIT? Didn’t this happen at least twice in the 90’s?

    I think before we all want to run him out of town, we need to ask ourselves this:

    1. Down years happen.
    2. All major programs have been in the dumps for various reasons.
    3. If we fired Crean now, think of how our potential recruits would react? Probably would be in a tailspin, just like after Sampson left.

    I don’t know. Maybe I am settling for Sweet 16’s. As I get older, maybe I don’t like change. For the trolls, and Hoosier faithful who want Crean out now, I imagine you’re never satisfied, whether it’s Matta, Stephens, or Alford.

    I personally will support Crean. Again, if we are in the same boat next year, then yes, I will be crying too for change. Hopefully we don’t have a mass exodus after this season, but so be it if we do. Fix the problem now, instead of letting the cancer grow. This is Indiana. Support this team and coach. Don’t be fair weather fans. Fire back at me if I am way off.

  8. Why were you linking to Rico Chet’s picture?

    Yeah, after a bunch of Final Fours and 3 championship banners, I tend to think fans had seen enough of Knight to become intolerant of the winding down a career and some lackluster twilight years.

    Knight wasn’t real big on projects. You had to already know how to play basketball when you came to IU. And if you didn’t know, you quickly learned the window of your opportunity was going to close very quickly. If you were ready for the NBA? All fine and good…But I don’t think he would have ever sacrificed developing a team to become a training camp for NBA diamonds in the rough. He cared about team over anything else. I guess that’s why so many that weren’t the phenoms played to such abuses. And I guess that’s why so many of his formers players became stellar coaches and businessmen.

    And I’m pretty sure I know where Knight would enjoy sticking Twitter accounts and the puritanical posturing where anyone babbles in the pretentiousness to mirror any maker. He had no room for that judgmental garbage. He judged how you listened on the basketball court. There was no need for any of the other BS.

  9. I’m not a fan of projects either. This is Indiana. Maybe somewhere else, but scholarships should be treated like gold here. Elite, hard nosed players only. Nothing against Peter, but come on…

    Thanks for the feedback. I figured the reasoning with Knight, was what would be agreed upon. Just wanted to make sure. Indiana and Purdue sure don’t feel the same without Knight and Keaty, does it? I know things change, but maybe it’s because I remember good times during this period, like grandpa screaming at the TV, dad saying Keaty makes expressions like a wild monkey, ect. Who knows.

    I linked Rico, cause I met him in Fort Wayne years ago. Cool guy. Freaky strong too.

  10. A book I would recommend for those who enjoy reading. Especially those who enjoy when an expert takes pen in hand to discuss his incredible knowledge on a specific topic.

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    If you guessed Tom Crean – you are correct.

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    No. Neither is a headline from the National Onion. But I thought some might be surprised by ironic existence of both.

    I wonder how many Hoosier players have read the genius words of their Head Coach.

  11. It’s not about what kind of year it was supposed to be or this is a young team etc. It’s about coaching mistake after mistake. I don’t have a problem with losing a hard fought game where we play well and we just get beat. It’s where it’s the last play of the game, we’re taking the ball out after a to and we can’t get a shot off. Last play of the game after a to and the other team gets an uncontested layup…end of the game and we can’t get the ball unbounded after to’s. And there’s plenty more of these ” slip ups “..this yr and last. Last yr and the year before we were pushing the ball up as fast as we could. If we got slowed down look for hulls or Watford for a three..or zellar down low…this yr I can’t tell you what they’re trying to do. He doesn’t recruit for a system..He recruits the best players he can get than tries to put a system in place to fit the recruits

  12. Right on, Ben. The guillotine gang is getting way too far ahead of themselves.

    I’ve considered that maybe Crean is of the Larry Brown mold– a rebuilding specialist. (Except if so, Crean doesn’t know when to move on while he’s still ahead.) Crean is, after all, an outsider. He’s not a Hoosier native. He has no ties to the Hoosiers other than he got hired here. It wouldn’t break an overwhelming amount of Hoosier hearts if he left. Except then I think about Bob Knight. The man was an OSU grad who was part of their Final Four team. Hardly a hometown hero. It’s not like either one of them came from the Colonial Conference or the Pac-12 or the ACC. They were both Big Ten men that landed a good gig in the same conference they were raised in.

    Do we really think, then, that dumping Crean at this point will be any more beneficial than dumping Mallory was in the nineties? Are we willing to cut ties after the first sign of a downward trend? We haven’t exactly excelled for most of the last 20 years. Would you treat an Alford or Stevens or Crews the same way? Or would you want to blow it up and perpetually start over every couple of years? I’ve said this many times before, but it’s usually in reference to the football team: be careful what you wish for. Crean may not be the answer for bringing in a sixth banner and beyond. But if we make him walk the plank at the first sign of the natives getting restless, we’re no different than a Cleveland Browns team clinging to the past and repeatedly trying in vain to find the next Paul Brown.

    It’s been a disappointing year, for sure. The seat is getting warmer. But those that are calling for Crean’s head would be better suited to wait and see for at least another year. The next RMK is no more likely to take his place than the next Davis, or Sampson, or Dakich.

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