1. First things first, the still video picture of this videography is priceless! It fits perfectly. Pulitzer prize type good.

    Thanks to my DVR, I’ve now seen everything. Completely inexcusable and pathetic. Period.

    To recap, consider this;
    A. 3 failed inbounds in the last 3+ min.
    B. 3 different inbounders in those 3 failures. (Coaching) And 1 use of both Vonleh (why?) and Hollowell (WHY?).
    C. 2 prior 10 sec. calls earlier in the game.
    D. With 3+ min left here’s our lineup: Ethrington, Yogi, Gordon, Sheehey and Hollowell. Is this the 5 that got us up 13 earlier?
    E. Up 11 with 3:19 left.
    F. Up 9 with 2:00 left.
    G. 1:10, yes 1:10, of those seconds were spent standing around running the clock down.
    H. 3:19 – 1:10 = 2:09. We blew 11 pt lead in 2:09, in reality.
    I. Same basic out of bounds play in A. & B. Run Yogi around a screener. Gee, that’s innovative.
    J. 20 TOs.

    Simply and utterly inept. The Coaching Staff should all be fired. But now our fearless leader had a long term deal through 2017 is it? Congrats Coach, you rebuilt the program from the ashes. Aside from that, where are the results worthy of Indiana Basketball?

    Now does everyone agree with my Pre-Big 10 season prediction of no NCAA?!?!

  2. AwinAZ good recap of the collapse…choke. This was the worst choke in IU history. The worst coaching in IU history. But,this season has had a pattern on these let downs. They better beat Purdue….

  3. Competition has weighed, measured and found IU’s approach(s) wanting, exposing their lack to execute precisely against another team’s weakness. IU relies on the individual talents of their players, therefore when those are blunted they are less than marginal. Crean is a good NBA preparer for players, but IU Nation is looking for more than a stable master. Boy we really miss Fischer and his fundamental game. I have said since we lost in the Sweet 16 and two top 4 NBA picks plus two seniors, Crean will recruit with results lacking. I suspect that after next year Stevens will be jettisoned from Boston and IU Nation will be wanting to bring back a favorite son.

  4. Penn State was over playing so much on the inbound plays that the back door was open. Meaning a simple V cut towards the inbounder and go long. My son pointed out twice that that option was open and he is 14. He went to the screen and showed where it would have been open with just a simple V cut because PSU was overplaying there man to the ball side. Why NV’s attempt at that didn’t work was he didn’t throw it far enough and too much air underneath it. If he would have lead Sheehey, Will could have ran underneath it.

  5. A terrible loss! Up 9 with 2 minutes left. I watched it and still do not believe it. IU simply quit “competing” (as Dakich so often says about players). But lost in the angst was a truly “gutty” performance by an undermanned PSU! They earned the W!

  6. The use of personnel is terrible. Hollowell and Etherington have been turnover machines all season. Why are they even in the game at critical times?The margin for error is so slim for this team that coaching is paramount and quite frankly Tom Crean has made some very poor decisions.

  7. Oh boy. A day later and I still can’t rinse out the rancid taste in my mouth from this one. Since arriving on campus in 1995, there has been no single game that was more humiliating and terrible than I experienced last night. Close 2nd, when we lost to Kentucky by 7,000 pts after starting the season 6-0 and a #8 ranking.

    99% of the talk has been focusing on the last 3 min during “The Collapse.” I can’t really add much to what has been already said. But I want to focus on the a continuing problem that Indiana has had all year. While dominating the game for the most part, Indiana through turnovers allowed Penn State to keep within striking distance in high single digits, to low double digits. These were predominantly due to dumb turnovers. We still have too many guys who aren’t moving without the ball, then dribble into traffic and get the ball trapped.

    This team is relying on Yogi Ferrell to do too much. Yogi is fast, capable and the only one of the team that has the ability to shoot from outside. But the downside is that he’s enigmatic. He’s undersized and makes a ton of mental mistakes for a PG at this stage of development. He was gold against Michigan & Wisc, but wedged in there are a lot of low% shooting nights with too many turnovers (he had 4 last night!).

    It doesn’t take much insight to point out problems. Insight is what to do with this team. I’m at a total loss as to how this team is sitting at 14-10/4-7 and why were are not 3-4 games better than that. They should be. They play hard. Very hard. I like the individual kids on this team. JH has had his issues, but I don’t see any of these kids not putting out 100% effort. The skill sets are there. So, I’m totally at a loss as to how they can right the ship. I see far too many people commenting as if there is an easy solution.

    There isn’t.

    But it is inexcusable.

  8. can’t use the excuse of being young because our seniors and point guard make as many bad passes as the freshmen. in fact, I can’t think of another senior in the last 30 years who makes more stupid passes than sheehey. and crean often touts his basketball iq. no way. of course crean is the same genius who tabbed hollowell to be our backup point guard at he beginning of the season. hollowell is immediately double teamed as sson as he puts the ball on the floor because the entire league knows he can neither dribble or pass. this is the same coach who said he considered hanner to be one of his starters in dec of last season.

    I have been saying on here for years that crean can’t coach and finally everyone can see it in all its ugliness. I am certain that is why fischer transferred.

  9. Man didnt think possible but looking forward to IU football and the new defense coach.At lease a ray of hope!

  10. Great post, DD. This is the first time I’ve had to sit and read the commentary since immediately following Wednesday’s atrocity, but I’m glad you brought up the first 37 minutes. We were shooting at a high clip and for the most part executing well when we weren’t turning the ball over, while limiting PSU to a stagnant 30-40% shooting without many good looks except in transition. Almost everything suggested we should have been blowing them out. But turnovers, turnovers, turnovers kept them in the game. Some of it was their pressure, most mostly it was just our own carelessness. Sound familiar?

    As for the dreadful final minutes– well, I find it just laughable. We all know what went down, and most of it’s too absurd to revisit. Two things I don’t think got enough mention, though, are that a) if PSU doesn’t score on, what, 6 of their last 7 possessions, they can’t set up their press and we’re probably shooting free throws instead of giving up free possessions. Part of looked like defensive lapses, but PSU still had to hit the shots when they absolutely had to. Give them credit for that. b) Despite all that went wrong, PSU still gave us not one, but two chances to prevent complete disaster in the final seconds. I wouldn’t call the charge call a gift, per se, as AE seemed to have his feet set even though his arms were still moving. As far as I know, that’s a charge, even though the call could’ve just as easily gone the other way (or not all.) PSU also missed a FT that prevented them from tying it up. All we have to do is inbound either of those balls and we’ve likely got an 83% FT shooter putting us up 3-4 points, with overtime the worst case scenario. Simple, right?

    Oh well. I said a week or two ago that I’ve stopped worrying about the implications of winning or losing these games. Too stressful. I’ll just cheer for my team and hope the right one shows up… and stays. This was a once in a generation collapse.While I’d put money on us blowing another big lead at some point again this year, I’d also put down money that we won’t see anything near this bad for several years. We just witnessed a meltdown of epic proportions. It happened. It was so preposterous I can’t even be angry. Now we can just laugh and move on. Huge game this weekend. Go Big Red!

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