1. Thanks guys. I look forward to your summaries and insights. Now if you could have the sound in sync with your lips that would be perfect. Well, that and continued victories.

  2. Travlin,
    Thanks for pointing that out. I noticed that when I watched one of the videos and I wasn’t sure if it was just playing weird on my computer. I have no idea how to fix it, but knowing it’s actually an issue is at least a start. Thanks.

  3. Harvard for Hillbillies
    Monday, December 3, 2012 – 1:35 PM UTC

    Wow…Did anyone catch that Nik Stauskas kid in his debut starting role for Michigan? Kartje must be riding a real high..Michigan will give us all we can handle.

    Bring back Kartje’s Big 10 Power Rankings!

    Monday, December 3, 2012 – 2:32 PM UTC

    It was Bradley, for goodness sake. They have wins over UPPER Iowa and Texas-Pan American.

    Let’s wait and see.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Monday, December 3, 2012 – 6:57 PM UTC

    I don’t know, Chet..I saw flashes of Larry Bird. There was a presence you don’t often see from a freshman. I think that kid is going to be special.

    Flash forward 15 months…Stauskas’s stats today vs. MSU in a CBS game with a ton of national attention:

    25 pts, 9-13 fg, 3-5 3-pt, 5 assists. Yup, Harvey found the closest thing to Larry Bird that the Big 10 will ever see. And it took him all of one minute in December ’12 to see it coming.

  4. Harvard, I just checked my list of people who are allowed to talk about themselves in the third person. The checklist listed in “The Handbook for Acceptable Illeism” is as follows:

    Rickey Henderson
    Bo Jackson
    Muhammad Ali
    Bob Dole
    Jimmy from Seinfeld

    In Chapter 2, it says there are a certain class of people who should never be allowed to speak of themselves in the third person:

    Internet commenters

  5. Wow…Greg Oden putting in some meaningful minutes for the Heat against the Bulls. Never thought I’d see him on a court again. Such a massively large man. I never realized how big and wide he is. He shoved Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer around like they were peas on a plate.

    So much promise when he came out of high school…It’s nice to see him have a chance again. And what a place to get that chance..? He’s out on the floor while LeBron sits out a rare missed game. How strange it all was to see. I don’t watch much NBA, but this moment made me happy for a man that just looks like he found something of hope in the least likely of places. His Miami teammates appear to really embrace him.

  6. Double Down, I’ve tried to work on that with Harvard for years (3rd person thing); never could get him to stop.

    I was also surprised to see Oden out there. Thought he’d never see the light of day again in the NBA. If he’s lucky, he may be the next Andrew Bynum one day…consistent 15-game seasons.

  7. Completely false statement…During the days of Basketblog over at IDS, Harvard spoke primarily in the 5th person.

    And Harvard also alleges that it is far better to speak in the 3rd person as one commenter than to sneak around on blogs as multiple persons speaking in the singular…Harvard tried to work with Husky(a.k.a Double Down) for years to abandon the safety of playing games and taking jabs at Crean and fellow commenters while using different screen names.

    Harvard failed miserably in such a pursuit. And sadly, the use of multiple screen names is something Jeremy and Dustin feel no need of moderation. All they care is that the site is PG-13/Christian family values oriented. When it comes to slithery deceptions and dirty tricks by people that sneak around in the constant cowardly need of changing and hijacking of screen names, their morality and perception of right vs. wrong sinks to a sad very low bar.

    How honorable to let one commenter pose falsely as four snidely lowlifes so this defeated genius can attack Harvard’s writing techniques. How jealous they swim around in a clouded sea because they simply wish they could write and be as genuinely honest as me.

  8. Harvard,

    Do you seriously believe I’m….I mean, Double Down, is the same person as Husky Tom? I take it this is the same name as Seattle Tom?

    I believe a little interjection from the find moderators of this blog can confirm my identity as being the sole property of myself.

    BTW, on the note of your writing techniques: I’m not interesting in changing anything you do. But I do love to rib you about it. We all tease and make jokes here. One day you’ll learn how to dish in just as you so freely dish out, snookums. I’m going to start calling you Bruce Webber until then.

  9. However, I think Seattle Tom and I should start our West Coast Establishment group. That way Bruce Webber now has to fight on 2 fronts. While he’s trying to surround Jeremy and Dustin in Stalingrad, Tom and I will be out West planning the invasion of Normandy.

    Carry on.

  10. Washington Apple
    Friday, January 1, 2010 – 10:35 AM UTC


    Good assessment. I agree about Dumes. When Creek went down, I envisioned Dumes potentially being able to fill a chunk of that scoring void. WHile he does tend to brick a lot of ill-advised 3′s, he is a confident shooter and can get in grooves. I call him a poor man’s Rod Wilmont.

    One correction: it’s Jordan Hulls, so you can’t say “Hull’s” calm game. You have to put the apostrophe after the final s:

    Hulls’ calm


    Hulls’s calm

    Oops, I dared to not talk about sports…

    Hoosier Clarion
    Friday, January 1, 2010 – 11:06 AM UTC

    The next dissertation I write I’ll consult a thesaurus. But for a blog communication it would be a bit much.

    Washington Apple
    Friday, January 1, 2010 – 11:26 AM UTC


    What you need is a grammar textbook. A thesaurus is for finding similes or alternative word choices.

    Point taken, though.

    Hoosier Clarion
    Friday, January 1, 2010 – 11:33 AM UTC

    As I said I would consult a thesaurus.

    Washington Apple
    Friday, January 1, 2010 – 12:46 PM UTC

    Well, the thesaurus won’t help you with the Hull’s/Hulls’s distinction, so I’d save the trouble.

    It also won’t help you spell “confidant” correctly.

    GO Buckeyes- beat the Quacks!

    Hoosier Clarion
    Friday, January 1, 2010 – 3:51 PM UTC

    WOW! A blog English teacher.

    Friday, January 1, 2010 – 3:57 PM UTC

    Just following through with my part of the No Clarion Left Behind Act.

    Husky Tom
    Friday, January 1, 2010 – 9:27 PM UTC

    Jay, first, there is a difference between typos and simply not knowing correct grammar. I make sure to read my posts many times over if I am going to try to make a contentious point, because I know how much bad grammar can

    If I do make an error, I welcome the corrections. I don’t try to disparage or dismiss those who may correct me, or accuse them of being too intellectual. I have plenty to learn.

    Husky Tom
    Friday, January 1, 2010 – 9:31 PM UTC

    “…can ruin an argument. Case and point, my last post.”

  11. BTW, on the note of your writing techniques: I’m not interesting….

    You can say that again. Now you two grammar kittens may carry on clawing at every envied Harvard paragraph serving as your scratching post. It’s cute.

    No surprise that the cute scholarly geniuses of the West had to hire Steve Alford to relearn all forgotten from the game under Indiana’s Wooden. I guess the last remaining b-ball pyramid pop-up books were finally sold at auction to Bill Walton.

  12. That’s Southern California there, Bruce. Us folks north of that arid piece of wasteland feel sorry for Steve that he’s now stuck in Westwood. Granted, I live in a place that gave contributed Eli Holman to the Indiana family and arborists around the world are gnashing their teeth to this day.

    It’s fun to see you lash out. I must say, Bruce, your posts have gotten a lot better lately. Even worth actually reading. I knew you had it in you. Maybe you just needed to move to Kansas to find your voice.

  13. Jeremy has donned the rhinestone cape….

    Double Down- Be careful with the Double Verb(e.g. gave contributed). It’s a verb. Live with the choice and move progress on.

    1. Harvard,
      I’m not donning anything — wait, that came out wrong. This is the first time I’ve checked in for about 24 hours (my mistake). For whatever reason, your posts got caught in the spam filter again, not 100 percent why, but it happens. Also, I can assure you that Double Down is not Husky/Seattle Tom. Carry on.

  14. The mysterious “spam filter” again…You gotta hater somewhere in those Scoop offices, Jeremy. It appears they enjoy wearing your cape while you’re on bathroom break holding down the White Castle thrown.

    And Husky Tom has used numerous aliases in the past that you’ve allowed on here. Why should I believe you now? And have we not had plenty of commenters declare just how easy it is to create numerous IP addresses to prevent simple detection of commenting under multiple screen names? You’ve done nothing to prevent such breaches and your assurances mean very little to a guy that’s seen his name hijacked and also witnessed a commenter using multiple names to attack.

    But because I think you’re an honest man, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in giving an answer that is sincere and to the best of your knowledge.

    And was it really necessary to attack me for just a little patting of myself on the back for predicting how Stauskas was to be a future star of the Big 10?

    You gotta admit, there’s quite the jealous crowd of scholars on here. Then again, I guess you should thank Harvard for attracting so many scholarly world travelers and masterminds of hoops that simply want to operate in my hillbilly shadows. It’s often frighteningly dead around here until I bring out a bit of the mojo that gets under their brilliant skins.

  15. Harvard, my previous post was the first time I’ve checked in in at least 2 weeks (I missed you).

    And for what it’s worth, I haven’t played the shape-shifting game for many years now. Whenever you/Remora/Rico stopped pirating my name a few years back, I no longer felt any need.

    Finally, I’ve never ever used ‘Seattle Tom’.

  16. I’ve never pirated your name. Now you’re simply dealing with old guilt via a false accusation.

    But I do miss you too….Miss your passionate writing.

    Double Down has a very similar style in his adolescent attacks. The Weber reference seemed right up your alley(much like the EJ hating and “surrogate son” stuff you enjoyed using on me when I defended Gordon). I guess you’re just brothers of another mother.

    Wow…Why is UCLA only barely breaking into the Top 25 when they sit in 2nd place of the Pac 12. And they only lost to Arizona by 4 points. Is this the West Coast Establishment’s hatred for anyone with Bobby connections manifesting itself in biased evaluation what appears to be a pretty damn solid team? Is the Pac 12 that crappy beyond Arizona?

  17. Oh, almost forgot.

    And I thought the commenter on here using the name “Confused.” was possibly you. It was an unfamiliar screen name and they told me that they enjoyed my’ Top 10 new nicknames for Assembly Hall’ post. They finished their comment by closing with a “How are you doing, Harvard?”…It felt like maybe someone that actually cared. I thought it might be you. Guess I have a secret admirer from the old days. Who knows…Maybe Jeremy knows if that particular IP address is matched to an old regular…? I don’t get many compliments, so it left me a bit perplexed to the mysterious contributor.

  18. Thanks to Jeremy for the alibi.

    Once upon a time I used to care enough to write long and passionate posts. But those were different days of Hoosier fandom. Back then, it was easy for me to get wrapped up in the excitement of being new to the IU universe, and having new gunslinger heroes like Rod Wilmont, Earl Calloway and DJ White to cheer on. I liked those final Mike Davis teams that were good but not great. As a fan, they got you on board, but they didn’t set the bar so high that you’d cry in your beer after a narrow tourney loss.

    The transition to the Sampson regime was still plenty interesting, even though thoroughly unsatisfying. HIs teams’ underachieving kept me motivated to continue writing, especially when certain fans persisted in believing that simply having Eric Gordon on the team was a sort of championship in itself, no matter the mind boggling losses to Brian Butch, Xavier, UConn, ISU etc etc that his teams suffered. Then, when the scandal broke, the polarization that ensued left plenty of interesting stuff to write about.

    It’s been years since I’ve felt inspired to write a decent post about IU. Not sure whether it’s the milder and sometimes uninspiring nature of our teams, or whether I’m just tired of inventing battles where they don’t exist. Still, I have fun checking in and seeing what all the old Scoopers are up to.

    I wasn’t the “mysterious contributor,” but I share his sentiments. Hope you’re doing well, Harvard.

  19. It’s been tough times lately. No need to go into details here.

    How’s your new surroundings working out? I would imagine you’re missing Bloomington…Then again, new things to explore can take some of the mundane out of the nine to five we seem to most often be shackled.

    Let’s raise our glasses to the times we had rather than sulk on what the days turned to years has attempted to swallow unfairly.

    Hope you’re finding good health and happiness at your home.

    Take care Tom,


  20. Harvard,

    You amaze me. You associate everything with Rico. I feel so wanted. (((((Hugs)))))))

    Your friend,


  21. Harvard,

    Double Down likes to jostle with you because he thinks you can take it. Double Down in his deepest of hearts thinks you’re a decent fellow and enjoys the banter. Sometimes Double Down doesn’t read Harvard that well and sees he gets offended after the fact. Because Double Down was once a part of the East Coast Establishment where people regularly bust each others’ juevos, he thinks you can take it.

    In all seriousness, I mean that in the first person. Harvard, I really enjoy you around here man. It comes across sometimes that you are posting with your tongue squarely in the your cheek, but then you turn and I see that you don’t like it when I’m trying to get a rise out of you. I know it is no newsflash to you that you think a littler differently. It genuinely is funny to me and I enjoy flipping you some fecal matter about it. You bomb these threads with so much content, the rest of us need to find a way to interject somehow. Sometimes that means we have to work with the material that we have and you provide it by the truckload.

    I thought it was funny calling you Bruce Webber today, but you think it is an “adolescent attack. It does’t bother me that you don’t think it is funny, but I have to admit that it makes me laugh that you’re a little pissed off about it. Or at least you’re reacting that way. I mean no harm, Kemo Sabe. Seriously. Learn to take a few jokes. Don’t take it personally. You have a sense of humor, so allow it to channel towards yourself, too. Realize that when people are joking with you, they aren’t attacking you. Well, at least I’m not.

    Anyway, there is no way for us directly communicate, so this conversation will have to suffice in public here (my apologies to all other folks).

    Sorry for the side bar and I promise to get back to jokes.

  22. Double Down-

    Don’t take Harvard taking Harvard so seriously too seriously. Harvard is usually in more control than Harvard leads on. But thanks for the apology. Harvard also gets a laugh from how much Double Down flatters himself into believing he’s somehow royally pissed Harvard off.

    Harvard is usually whining just to keep himself in favor with the moderator king. Gotta work that Establishment crowd best he can. Making mountains out of molehills and acting grossly offended by spitballs is merely one of many methods to gain allegiances. Harvard knows what he’s doing. He’s an old pro at this.

    But thanks for your effort to smooth things over. You remind me so much of Husky Tom that it’s scary. You guys should hook up. I do believe Tom is originally from California. Went to some private school in L.A. before moving to Seattle. He is one smart cookie.

  23. And the following statement is completely honest and sincere….

    I thoroughly enjoy Scoop and all its contributors. I value all of your opinions and I love the sense of humor that many of you possess. So please don’t take my longtime friendship with Husky as meaning I don’t admire all of the family of bloggers at Scoop.

    And I’m grateful that Dustin and Jeremy have allowed me to stay.

  24. Downing-

    Back at you! I’m all for toasting to the times we had.

    New surroundings are fine. Too cold, but otherwise life is moseying along with out too many high highs or low lows. I definitely miss Bloomington….who wouldn’t? Leaving Bloomington is a good metaphor for youth finally vanquished; paradise lost. Sometimes one almost wishes he went to school in some drab place like Lafayette or Urbana-Champaign, so as to decrease the pain of departure when the sad moment finally arrives.

    I am originally from Southern California, but I ain’t no smart cookie. Actually I’ve met more smart people on this blog than any internet forum I’ve ever visited. Besides a few random insecure outbursts by the occasional wannabee academic (myself included, and Tsao, and that other dimwit that called himself “IU Fan Purdue PhD”) there is an abundance of honest, organic intelligence on this blog compiled from years and years of Hoosier life experiences. You first see it in the confident yet unpretentious discussions of the x’s and o’s of the basketball court, and it trickles in to all sorts of other topics: the cast iron fruit pies of Mrs. Clarion, the social issues of inner city Chicago, Chet’s bike rides in the Smokies…..

    I’m rambling when I should be working. That’s enough. Catch up soon and take care Downing.

  25. Husky, why don’t you also say something about Podunker too?

    Podunker no intelligent? Podunker no honest?

    (Podunker organic fo shizzle — right?)

    Tell us something about Podunker, man dude.

  26. Ramble on Tom, it helps push us through this short stubborn stretch of both pre-Spring, pre-Spring Camp and pre-NCAA. “Organic intelligence” is fantastic, I’ll probably use that appropriately to describe what I call midwestern common sense when I evaluate a fast laner with more degrees than a fahrenheit thermometer and a resume full of promises instead of accomplishments and goals. Hey, forgot to mention the Bride and I were in Cleveland the weekend of 2/8, damn some of the roads had potholes big enough to bury my lawnmower. This Winter has been especially hard on cities by the lakes. I read Lake Michigan is 85% froze over, Huron 68% and Erie 93%. If that had not occurred there would be much more lake effect show developed. Say hi to the Quakers of Salem.

  27. Last year they barely froze over. I read the same thing this year as well. I miss some aspects of Indiana, but can’t say I miss the cold. 77 degrees today.

  28. Great post, Tom.

    We all miss your ramblings. You are a virtuoso of the pen.


    What do you call a Kentucky fan sitting in Section F of Assembly Hall?

    Answer: The Blue Plate Special.

    Anyone else watching HBO’s ‘True Detective?’ Is Woody Harrelson not the luckiest actor alive? He gets enough steamy action in that show to unfreeze the Great Lakes. I’m ready to blame global warming on that bayou dinosaur somehow finding every college-age coed in swampland willing to share extremely heated moments. I’m nearly ready to change my name to Woody Harvard. The guy walks into a bar and suddenly every stunning brunette crawls out from under a pool table, melts into his eyes, succumbing to only their orgasmic intelligence. And this all happens while he’s belching up Budweisers into their ear…Do cops really get this much action?

  29. Clarion- right on! Yeah, I know about those Cleveland potholes. WHen I went there last year to scout out neighborhoods, they scared the crap out of me, until I realized that they do actually get fixed every year. Looked like Baghdad, though, last March.

    Harvard- SOOO funny you mention True Detective. I’ve been obsessing about that show all day, reading reviews, speculating about who the killer is…one of my many distractions for the afternoon. And yes, Woody is the luckiest man alive in TV at present. I don’t know about you, but I like the lady that plays his wife the best out of all of them. A stunning tall brunette beauty with a quiet intensity to her. Just enough age to give her that graceful sophistication and elegance that the younger bayou babes lack. I guess that means that in the last episode, Matthew McCaughnahey was the luckiest man alive.

  30. For sure….(in reference to Matthew McConaughey).

    I’ve been moving toward ‘Marty’ as the killer. Hell, he’s already blown a guy’s brains out. He’s far more the personality disorder than ‘Rust.’ He also appears to have very repressed issues when it comes to women. Called his own daughter a “slut”…Do you remember the flashback scene when one of his daughters tossed her little princess crown into the air and it got caught high up in the limbs of the front yard tree? I sorta thought that was symbolic foreshadowing pointing toward Marty. .Maybe that’s too simple. Maybe it’s the “damaged goods” wife….?

    I am completely obsessed with the show. I think the acting is phenomenal…I’ve always been a big McConaughey fan.

  31. (I also love this show). Marty’s too much of a mess to have pulled any of this off. Obviously, the point of the show is that he has a lot of issues, but all of his sins and crimes are sloppy. He leaves his phone out on the nightstand and his wife has photos of his latest mistress. He’s been caught cheating twice. His rage is not controlled. He doesn’t get away with any of the bad things he does (except in the critical circumstance when Rust bails the both of them out) because he never considers the next step before he makes the first one. The reason Rust is believable as the killer (and the scenes from the next episode don’t suggest that at all) is that he is capable of being several steps ahead, and obviously, if the killer has been getting away with all of this for 17 years, he’s calculating and clever. Also profoundly evil, but not prone to blind rage like Marty is. Marty doesn’t fit the profile of a decent human and he’s obviously quite capable of murder, but not sophisticated murder.

  32. Dustin, well-said and solid points.

    I think the show is trying to set forth compelling evidence why each could be the killer as part of its buildup of dramatic tension, and handing out all sorts of teasers to get us thinking – like the “crown caught in the tree” that Harvard pointed out, or the “swirly symbol on the cutting board” at Marty’s house, or the Reggie Ledoux murder scene (did Marty shoot Ledoux to cover up his own role? Or do we pay more attention to Ledoux’s “memory” of Rust right before being shot?) And then there is of course the scene in the prison when Mary interrogates the prisoner, who says to him “I know you”.

    My feeling is that the show has already given us too much at this point on both Marty and Rust for either of the cops to end up being the killer. It would seem too predictable or too “telegraphed,” like the Peyton Manning-to-Kam Chancellor interception in the Super Bowl. But then I also have a hard time believing that the Yellow King will be some random guy that we haven’t seen before. I read an interview today with Michelle Monaghan (plays Woody’s beautiful wife), and she said that the ending, in one word, was “stunning.” I figure that there is some twist we’re not seeing yet that will unfold. SOmething even better than Keyser Sose.

  33. I thought Dusty would like a dark show like True Detective…Rust just seems too obvious to me..He’s the Doparik of True Detective. But maybe that’s the intention of the writer. It is rather difficult to envision Marty(Jeremy) doing those sacrificial stick monuments in his attic.

    What’s in Rust’s locked storage facility?

  34. I honestly can’t think of two characters more different than Jeremy Price and Marty. It’s completely impossible.
    I have no idea how Rust reminds you of me, but we’ll just go with it.

  35. I sense an inner loneliness and someone that struggles to break out of preferred solitude. I see a man driven by passion to succeed. And much like Rust, there is the hunger for the innate desires without the complication of a regular soul mate. You don’t find the longevity of a relationship as a reality. Your cynical voice within maintains that love is only temporary and not worth the effort. And thus, as hinted to on LiveChats, you send signals that keep women at bay. And though you joke of not having the special mojo attraction to draw someone in that you may fantasize a mutual interest in a crowded bar, you prefer it that way. You prefer to obsess within your own passions and not waste time with the bothersome receptive effort it takes to feed the needs of a true companion.

  36. And you roll your eyes a lot at Jeremy. Sort of a superiority thing like Rust carries with Marty. …”I made you, Marty!”

  37. Do we really know what Andy’s been doing for the last 17 years? And I have no doubt that he’s responsible for the “spam filter” that mysteriously stops my posts when Jeremy makes his White Castle run(his form of cheating).

  38. Wow, psychoanalyzed by Harvard. Well, you’re not entirely right, but not entirely wrong either. Unlike Rust, I don’t have any divorces or dead children, and I’m less cynical than you describe.

  39. Most of that was just foolishness. And the rest was more Harvard putting himself on the couch….

    I think we all struggle with many of the issues that True Detective delves into with Rust and Marty. And more than the desire to figure out the true criminal in True Detective, the real hook in the show is how it taps into all human darkness. Not the murdering type…Just the wars within and the daily conflict of finding something redeeming in a life.

  40. The ship has once again hit a iceberg, and water rushing in. Tom Crean can’t swim, so better hope he falls in a lifeboat.

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